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RE: I Am Telling You For A Fact, "There Will Never Be Another 'Steemit'". Any Doubts? Read This Post!

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Why am I not surprised??? Everybody loves you. Infact the whole world adores you and they can go all out to do the unexpected.

Wow this are really cute pictures with the young ones. Mehn Terry you're so tall. No wonder so many ladies are tripping. Hahahahahah
Wow bless God for the huge success.

Keep shinning bro. The sky is your starting point. You aint seen nothing yet


The boy is good.

Yes o, @surpassinggoogle na our man

Wait o if a boy is tripping for him is it bad? Cos I think I .......

trip jare

Hahaha you are tripping too. That's good to know and because i like him a lot, the tripping is allowed. Hahahaha

Really ? There are people tripping? I didnt know. Tell me

Awwwwnnn are you sure you didn't know? Lolzzzz. I can't count the numerous number of ladies even guyz, who sing your name in their mouths like you're their personal known boyfriend. Hahahahahah

i dont think so. Read this

That is one deep heart pour from @aderonkemi

No wayyyyyyyy... I couldn't breathe while reading. What???? That was the bomb!!!! Jeeezzz so much love for you man. Na so love they be?? Hahahaha woww my mind was blown. Gosh!

Some are tripping? Really? Read this

Wow... This is getting interesting. All the girls are falling oooo. Hahahahaha Wow.. Now that we know the people falling, who is/are @surpassingoogle falling for? Lol

I am usually standing

Hahahahahah I love that. Simply put, you're for nobody, at the same time, you are for everybody. Lol