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The past few weeks has really been an unmotivated one for me as I feel apathy for most things I love, even WRITING. I lost my grooves and didn't know what was happening to me or how to even find it.

So I woke up this morning as usual, without plans, lack of focus, loss of motivation, feeling dejected and uninspired which has been my companion for a good number of days.

I quickly mumbled a short SOULLESS prayer which I believe The Almighty still lend ears to, even with my forlorness. I sat up in my bed to check my whatsapp messages(only chatting gives me 1/4 of the joy I used to possess now) and a particular chat caught my fancy and attention....

It was from the LOVE OF MY LIFE (LOML), Terry Ajayi....


It was when my heart started beating "komkom" that I knew there might be a problem.

You see, prior to today, I have always loved the notion of having this guy's attention and to feel his love and even if for a split second, kiss him. Sometimes, I wish I could lie on his sturdy chest to have him pour on me soothing and sensefilled annotations. Even his sweet-nothings would mean a lot to me. But wishes they say, are "wingless butterflies"(and If I decide to give it wings?)

I remembered one time when he called and we spoke for long, I was blushing all that day. We blush for whom we feel a thing. Can I even call that a Zing? Of course there has been consequent communication after that until he went AWOL again.


Man... Man... Man.... Even though the word sounds familiar to hearing and looks familiar to sight, it is totally ambiguous as simplified as it might look or mean. My @surpassinggoogle is a MAN. The fact that he is not "upcoming a man" makes me fall for him; it is safe to call him a standard man.


Otherwise, we love ourselves because we know stuffs we are made of which others might not be aware and we feel it is unique and worth self-love. What then can define your feelings towards another being who knows you in and out and you sometimes wonder if he knows you more than yourself?

Answer = Popping Love

Terry knows me sometimes more than myself and brings out the "Best of my Best" when I am even limiting myself to the "Better of my Best".... Need I say, I can do anything to have such man to myself?

Fast Forward to This Morning With Him....

I saw the message from him after a long while and as usual, I expressed how happy I was to hear from him, how I've missed him too. Viola! He missed me too and was happy getting back to his sweet friend( I must admit, I blushed like a 16year old here🙈🙈).


I went further to tell him how I haven't found a friend like him ever since he left me. I expressed how I needed his motivation in what seems to be like the worst time of my life. And guess what, more than even motivation, i got my heart racing for him all over again! He has done the magic again!!

My Terry always has a way of lifting my soul, spirit, body and heart. He delved into what might be the root of my hysteria and found that it was due to my many failed relationships. I always thought I was the problem but I understood better now. I am Rare. It takes a great mind to understand me. It takes a MAN to know me indepth as to fully understand my person. Need I be shy to say, even while Terry was explaining those life concepts to me, I was gushing over him and tripping doubly in love for him. I was such a bad student but I learned a great deal.

To my Dear Terry,

If there is anything I wish more in my world of insecurity, it is to continue holding your reaffirming hands and feeling your love for a very long time.

Can you even allow me be a comfort to your wounded soul? You need a lot of healing to do from the inside too...

Can I kiss you a relief to such life burdens on your tender shoulders? The role of a saviour isn't one too easy to bear alone.

Can I sincerely entrust my heart full of love to your care? You always remind me how safe you want the universe to be in your palms.

Can I even attempt to take things forward with you? I believe you've always accepted me any which way...

Can I just steal your gaze momentarily to my aching heart? I don't mind who are in a thing with, I meant no harm really, and if I do, it is a good harm.

No matter how controversial this write-up might turn or how many heads it will turn or maybe how many conversations it will spun or most definitely, the rumours it would churn, I would never and I repeat, NEVER feel regret for communicating how I feel about you to the world.


This has become your favourite quote for quite sometime and I would be stealing it as a basis to back up my intricate heart affairs.

If I am opportune to travel anywhere in the world, I would pick your location so I could come tell you in person, how positively you are affecting my life and of course others.

Your presence alone brings laughter to the faces of people and mostly when you are with me, emotionally.... I really want to make you laugh hard too every opportunity I have. You refer to me sometimes as funny, I can even be a comedian for your sake (hahaha, did I just hear someone mumble, this girl is crazy? I am not denying)....

"Nations are Mere Locations" and because of this, I don't care about the distance evident between us.

I would make this work!

You will make this work!!

We can make this work!!!

For your sake, I would keep my smiles for long.


Thank you for touching my life again and giving me the ability to live, love and believe again...

Please, Promise to never let go of my hands unattended for a long while again. If you refuse to do that, I would have to paste all over the place, my feeling for you, so that the world can solicit on my behalf.....

Nations are mere locations after all.....

You should know that,

When i look at others, I mostly see limitations, when I look at you, I definitely see the Universe!"

Stay loved always....

I remain your one and only baby girl, Aderonkemi 💛💛💛


Na so e dey be!

Na so love dey be oo, e no dey care about distance or tribe sef as far as the heart connect, everything else go arrange ☺

True talk

@surpassinggoogle, remain blessed sir.

omg! I am so happy for you @aderonkemi, love is good in life but it is sweet having it with someone who care and love in return, many that have this don't know how much they've got. But I am seeing this going on great. I pray you guys be with one another with much love more longer. Cheers 🥂 📣

Oh my word lady!!! Such LOVE and imprinted in the blockchain!

I loved how you poured your love letter to Terry.

Uh oh @surpassinggoogle, the floodgates have opened. I think after @aderonkemi's letter, there's going to be more love letters coming out.

However, ladies, I believe @surpassinggoogle is a man of God and you better be ready to be with him throughout even with the spiritual attacks.

We have our own struggles and this love letter inspired me. We all love @surpassinggoogle!

You are right @lovenfreedom, i could not agree with you less. more grace to @surpassinggoogle.

This is epic... Can I just represent @surpassinggoogle for a moment. Deep words, very expressive and highly sincere. I could feel the heart in this write up. @surpassinggoogle, this is overwhelming for me not to talk of how good this will make you feel. Thumbs up girl @aderonkemi, I wish you a good and sweet love life with the one you truly love and God's blessings on you both.

No one could have said it better.
Its really good to be in love

Love conquers all

These are really nice words... Thanks for being wonderful too @phait

you have a pass

This is so sweet @aderonkemi
If you find out something that brings you joy,kindly go after it.

@surpassinggoogle is just wonderful and he has a heart that cares a lot.
Keep smiling and keep the candle light burning dear

Thank you dear... God bless

so sweet

Beautifully written, the love of @surpassinggoogle is the beginning of fruitfulness, keep on going there, let him be your kpomo while you be the stew, make kpomo con enter stew and 2 go cut 4.

Happy blissful beginning dearie.

You and this your funny thoughts ehn... Which one is kpomo and stew now inside this matter? 😂😂😂

After your birthday, you made a piece to appreciate all your friends and steemians who wished you well on your birthday. But you omitted one person, and i told you that on steemnaira community whatsapp group.
I went ahead to send you a private message on whatsapp telling you that you omitted oga. You replied with lol and asked how i got to know. Told you we've been watching out for oga and you replied when oga comes we all we know.
Girl you did it, you revealed your man in a gigantic way. Your words are filled with emotions capable of moving even a die tree.
The indepth of our emotions can sometimes not be portrayed in words.
Thanks for teaching me not to hold back my feelings not matter the location, the distance, or for any other reason.
God bless your heart ma @aderonkemi
Now edwin now has a to be papa. Lolz

Good to see this nice lovely piece from you after a while. I remembered asking why you have not been active in recent times. Thank God you are back. Love is a beautiful thing. Many best wishes for you and @surpassinggoogle.

Oh so sweet Im sure sir terry was so happy for it

Wao! This is lovely @aderonkemi
There are many people that cross our paths in our life journey and out of which we find some that really impacted our lives positively and help us grow, we afterward find out that they are to be kept at the center of our heart and we always want to be with them.

I cherish what you put up there.
Go after what gives yo joy and fulfilment.

Mr Terry is a great man. I love this.

Terry knows me sometimes more than myself and brings out the "Best of my Best" when I am even limiting myself to the "Better of my Best"

I agree Terry is a great man... It is noticeable in his ways and the methods in which he imparts in people's life.... We are lucky to have him with us

Ok, i didn't know what to feel when i was opening this post but after reading i would say that hmm, my daughter 😂...i understand how you feel, @surpassinggoogle has been such an amazing person and the way he affects lives is phenomenal, i recently celebrated him here in this post. i haven't talked with him personally but he has sure shown me some love personally thru his untalented series and the @steemsecrets where he has successfully made me feel like a whale inside.
You even wrote this piece like he used to write.
Its amazing dear and also @surpassinggoogle, pls know that someone is also in another corner of the world who would love to hear from you.

Hahahahha... When did I turn daughter? Well it's all good... I appreciate how you've been a support too..

So sweet of you. How lucky is sir terry @surpassinggoogle :)

WoW 😍

Oh my goodness! I wish some one wrote this about me!!!

Thank you for touching my life again and giving me the ability to live, love and believe again...

I don't know why this words touches my heart so much.... After reading this post, it felts like there are so many hearts shape flying in my eyes. And i am so proud of you @aderonkemi for being so brave for writing this and letting the world to know what you feel for sir terry @surpassinggoogle.

Thank you for this soul lifting comment. It is evident you are full of love yourself

Love is a beautiful thing my dear
You even write like him,the lenght tho
This is lovely dear

Are you for real?? Wow... Thank you so much babe... This comment means a lot to me

This is just wow
It's ain't a sin to Love and this love has reached an extend that can't be control again which makes you let the steemians know

Just please take care of him he's one of a kind

God take care of us all... Gracias

vous êtes les bienvenus. @surpassinggoole l'amour

Is this for real? Wow 😍

Wow! This is so sweet 😘😘😘I just so wish i could be @surpassinggoogle for this moment. 💘💘💘

Lol.... What else can u say? Speechless....💛💛💛

Why will I be surprised if I see very soon that @Aderonkemi weds @surpassinggoogle..
Congratulations in advance #smiles

And you would be the flower boy my dear son 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.... Much love from here

Hahahahaha..... yes mom... it will be a great honour. #hugs

Just reading this, I remembered the song by D.Banj "Omo u don make me fall in love, you don make me fall in love oo".. I think the song was actually written for @surpassinggoogle and @aderonkemi.

Una make sense, no be lie

Hahahahhaha... Your head is there.... Lemme even go and play the song sef💃💃💃


You are one brave inlove soul! :) Stay inlove!❤❤

Thank you my dear @me2selah

Oh wooow!!!

"When i look at others, I mostly see limitations, when I look at you, I definitely see the Universe!"

That's like everything right there.. :) :)

You deserve him and he deserves someone like you. I admire women like you, who are brave to tell the world how they feel. You are the girl in the song....

Who Run The World... Girls!

I know he misses you more than you know. Best wishes to you both.

Im starting my drawing for you :) Because I admire your love for surpassinggoogle. You made a love letter here. Its something I do not see in here. I hope you will like it.

Wow.... This is grand! I'm sure I would love it!! 😀😀

I like the way you express your feelings to @surpassinggoogle , i'm flattered on how she show her love to him.

A man has to die once... I am glad I could take the plunge


Love wa chinchin

ife bi eji owuro latagbala eledumare loti seh wa, ife to gbona👄👪😍💝💜💛💚💙💗💌💟


Love is a river, and humans are fishes... @aderonkemi, you've found a reason to live on and that alone is the fulfilment of a mortal. Best wishes.

you are indeed in love @aderonkemi. Wish you both more love. There is a post I wrote 2days ago which says "WHEN A WOMAN FALL IN LOVE WITH A MAN, SHE LOVES HIM PASSIONATELY AND ARDENTLY"


@surpassinggoogle I'm speechless!
@aderonkemi no doubt these words are from your heart, I wish you both the best, this is
really sweet 😍


Oh Terry, please love her back, she's too sweet. And if you ain't feeling this, then you're in trouble, lol..... This can swoop the feelings of any sensitive man in a moment. I'm sure most guys want to be Terry now.....hahahaha...

These feelings are real! Even if they lasted a moment, they're the realest. I'm sure even if Terry can't be with you the way you want him to, he must have something cross his mind on your account every time you run through his head. Because Terry is all loving! His heart is that big!

I must commend your boldness and sincerity girl, it's adorable.

Dear Terry, BEAT IT!

How sweeeeeeeeeeeeet..!!!!!

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it's a perfect match!! 😍
Best wishes to both of you! 💕 💕

So much love❤✨ Stay blessed to you both

Eleyi gidi gan....my head was swelling as i read...love is a beautiful thing when understood and expressed the right way...it is good to love ... @surpassinggoogle is a wonderful person from all we have seen and heard..

Long-lived to admire bro @surpassinggoogle...

Ain't that too sweet? Awww! 💕💕💕

From your article here, it seems @surpassinggoogle have done something good in your life. Very well said. Keep the love burning.

Hi friend, I just followed you :-)
Follow back @romyjaykar

How lucky of you to have met the one you love that also love you back, It is seldom for that to happen in this cruel world, I hope you will last a lifetime :)


Oh my Oh my @surpassingoogle is the real Man Crush... Wowwww... I'm speechless... I need to breathe .... Jeeezzzz

The moment i saw this article yesterday night, i have not been my self because i am over happy because @aderonkemi is my sister while @surpassinggoogle is my blood brother.
I can't just wait..😉😉😉

Awhhh so sweet. I can feel your emotions and sincerity. Sir terry has been really a good man. And i guess everyone wants to see him so badly. 😊

I admired you sis @aderonkemi for being true to your feelings and being brave expressing your love for @surpassinggoogle to the whole world... NO OBJECTIONS!
This is the best part I like:

Please, Promise to never let go of my hands unattended for a long while again. If you refuse to do that, I would have to paste all over the place, my feeling for you, so that the world can solicit on my behalf.....