Can I Love You Any Less @surpassinggoogle

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There are some people that come into your life even after just a short period of time that you keep wondering where they've been all your life.

They place a footprint in you

All of a sudden, it feels like they came to fill an empty vacuum which you never knew existed before.

Not everyone makes you feel that way....

And sometimes, it feels like there were just made for you.

Surpassinggoogle is that one person who can make you feel like you just started living after having a contact with him.

You may not even have a one on one contact with him, as but his good deeds are overwhelming and his love, contagious.

Little wonder he's the heart beat of almost every lady Steemian and even the guys are not left out of this Love spell.... 😉


When I recently joined Steemit

When I just joined Steemit sometimes this year, I heard a lot about him.

It just seemed like it was overrated....

Everyone seemed to be talking either about him or his deeds and how he has helped them in a way.

Trust me, at first, I thought he was a bot or something.

You know, I couldn't just imagine a human this phenomenal, his generosity is totally out of this world and to think that he takes time out, despite his busy schedule, to encourage Steemians on a more personal level trips me.

I never for once thought I would one day be granted the undeserved privilege to have a personal chat with him.

Afterall, he was a bot for all I

Then Something Happened

I have always loved singing, right from when I knew Juliet Israel 😂

But I sing to me and me alone, in my bathroom.

Although, I've been tempted to voice out one or two times in a crowd or little gathering but I never actually did.

The few persons who's heard me sing would say....

Girl, you have a good voice....

And I just say "thank you" and wave it off saying....

Na wash.

Until I came across @surpassinggoogle's #untalented singsong contest....

And I was like,
Wow, since this is not actually about talent, I can sing off key 🔑 and still do something, 😂 lol.

I decided to give it a try.

And for the first time, on Steemit and in my entire life, I voiced out.

This time, not in my bathroom, not to myself, but to the world (of Steemit.)

The amazing feedback I got after then was awesome and I started believing in myself.

It was then that I decided to enter into @luzcypher's #openmic weekly contest and even though I have never won, I see it as an opportunity to express myself, doing what I love to do.

The Journey

I felt a sudden change, a positive vibe and I started believing in myself and in my ability to sing and I decided to say an "innocent thank you" to @surpassinggoogle for letting the light in me shine

I reached out to him via a personal message telling him of his impact towards me and surprisingly, I got a reply from him.

Sincerely, I was shocked. 😍

I never imagined a whale so busy as himself, still finding out time to respond to a mere minnow

It was overwhelming

I felt on top of the world

I felt special

And oh yes, my Terry has a way of making you feel so special. Because actually, you are. 😍😉

We talked about Steemit, life in general and came to a very personal level.

Each time we talked, my heart seemed to beat at a faster pace.

I knew it.

I was falling for this man....

I just couldn't help it....

I mean, who wouldn't.

Whenever I needed advice on something, he was there to give a listening ear and he was always very deep.

He touched my soul each time.

When he started the initiative of....

5 SteemHumans; 5 Questions; 10 Pieces of Advice. (Related To Steemit & Life Success)

I was opportuned to be among the first set of people interviewed by him.

He made me search myself, my soul, to find the inner me, the real me.

He gave me world best INTEL and each time I read it, I am just amazed at his immense show of love towards me

You can read it here as it also applies to everyone as long as you're human 😉

Yesterday, Discord was shaken by the multitude of Steemians who came to hear him speak.

For over 4 hours, he spoke....

Answering questions of Steemians, both on a personal and a not so personal level.

He was ready to pour out his heart to everyone who had a problem / issue brought to his knowledge.

Here's a little insight on some of the questions treated by him on the channel.


He made me talk....He knew I loved him, but he made me declare it openly 😂.


I wouldn't ask for objections because I know there would be lots, lol....
Especially from the likes of @feebiefull, @mermaidvimpire, @sn0white, @sunnylife, @tonie, @wakkylon, lol and the many others not included.....

Love is about sharing, giving and I know this man has a heart of gold.

He's willing to give as much love as possible to any and everyone.
He was made for this.....

So you can go ahead and love him.

Don't love him more than I do 😜

Yesterday was a preamble into the display of his kind of person, his philanthropic nature, large heart and generosity.

More of that to come and I really wouldn't want you to miss out on this because I care

Join us on steemgigs discord here for the next INTEL Discussion with @surpassinggoogle.

It's definitely going to be pretty soon.

Dear Terry, you believed in me when I thought no one did, you made me believe in myself and now, I am doing so well.

From being untalented to talented....

I have come this far because of you.

Sincerely, I can go on to express my unreserved, unshakable love to you, but it would never in entirety explain it.

The entire words in the English dictionary summed up, cannot define your subservient nature in totality.

I love you Terry
We love you....

But I do more... 😜

"Join us on the SteemGigs steem-based website here. You know; "everyone has something to offer!"
Don't be left out.

Also support his @teardrops initiative......which is adding worth and value to every tear we shed.

Most importantly, support @surpassinggoogle by voting him as a witness.

His witness name is STEEMGIGS.

You are awesome.
Be You
Be awesome
But most importantly,
Let Love be your guide...

My name is Juliet Israel and I am awesome 😉


@julietisrael, we love Kuya Terry too! Is this a competition of (drum rolls)

Who loves Terry more!!!

I think I love him the most. I'm not tainted by previous bad relationships, I'm filled with the love of Yeshua to love my Kuya Terry. And there can be no greater love than mine...

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

I love you like crazy Kuya Terry! Mahal na mahal kita!

My mom said in another love letter post that this is going to start a new trend of love letters.

We are going to have a new hashtag #iloveterry

Hahahha talaga?

Opo Kuya Terry, mahal kita and my family loves you too. You give us unconditional love. We pray for you and your tatay everyday.

My mom thought about the #iloveterry hashtag because all the ladies are now all over steemit loving you and sending you love letters.

We hope to see you when we come. You'll see my 2 front new teeth!

Where have I been all along? Well better late than never.

Weldone @surpassinggoogle

I am a testimony of @surpassinggoogle's support for minnows
When I first joined this platform (Steemit), I didn't know how to properly do the introductory post and how to tag, until my brother (@blackempror) told me to tag @surpassinggoogle to my post. When I checked @surpassinggoogle's wall, I was overwhelmed with his rating; hence, I told my brother; "will this guy have time to read through my post and support a newbie like me?" and my brother replied by smiling; "just try and see". And, behold... I saw his comment on my post, welcoming me and even corrected some mistakes on my post.
His (@surpassinggoogle's) support (upvotes) and comment (corrections) really was the stepping stone of my determination on this platform (Steemit).

@julietisrael, permit me to join you in saying ::: THANK YOU @surpassinggoogle, MORE ACCOLADES TO YOUR SHELF

Wahh this is it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

HOw are you @surpassinggoogle ? Are u still in Cebu :)

WOAHH. I envy all those pictures resteemed in your blog. Hope you can visit Baguio too , so all of us teemians from baguio will be able to meet you and hear a word from you too Sir Terry 😀

He is mine!! LOL...

No! He's mine! Hehe


Yesterday hangout on the steemgigs discord server i waited patiently for the party knowing fully well that @surpassinggoogle will mention @julietisrael .. Guess what?????



Okay. Let's get serious. But can I be serious on this? Well. @surpassinggoogle is deeply loved by all. His kind gestures is super phenomenal.

I wasn't shocked when he said yesterday on the discord server... He didn't start now to show love to all who came in contact with him.

Hear the conclusion of the whole matter now oh @julietisrael. HE DESERVES SO MUCH LOVE!!

The truth is that @surpassinggoogle has been so helpful to alot of steemians, personally i haven't had a direct communication with him before (yea, though i hope to someday ), but he has been a strength to my journey here on steemit.

@surpassinggoogle my steemit success story can never be complete without you, thank you so much for all your support to me, (i know you know this username) despite the lack of communication.

I can't love you less too.

i wasn't shocked when he said yesterday on the discord server...

@surpassinggoogle is the first whale to reply a comment I made on his post. Although to most people it wasn't much but it made me feel like I wasn't invisible on steemit. I really appreciate this guy for his support and even though I've never said this before, he is the reason am a better steemian.


@surpassinggoogle You are really an angel sent from above who helped us here in steemit community. Thankyou for being humble and supportive

A long pretty long one but i read it whole, lol . And yes @surpassinggoogle is a great man I didn't see good person more than him on this platform. And yes why not everyone loves him. Such kind of soul is always loved. I already did vote him but now I got to know his witness name is steemgigis so i will correct it now. Keep helping sir terry keep rocking. Blessings for you

Wow so great for both of you

Ahhh. So sweet of you @julietisrael. I think everybody loves him @surpassinggoogle He's the man with a big heart. ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you alot. Your pretty note is still in my keep and the last part is in my heart plus the opening part. @aderonkemi wrote me something too. Read that, let's see

I love him too. :D :) He have a lot of angels now. HAHA :D We're surpassinggoogle's angels now. LOL :D

Thank you for the love. I love you back

Love is in the air. We all love and respect @surpassinggoogle a lot. He is a man of immense wisdom and strength. He is too adorable. He was made for this earth but not of this earth. The way he thinks and does his things is simply phenomenal.
To a man with the golden heart, on behalf of my cute friend too @julietisrael i say, we love you.

drops pen

@olawalium I think the kind of love going round on Steemit is becoming more intense, and am totally loving everybit of it!
@julietisrael your post did justice to who he is, my first 10$ i ever earn on steemit was from him and my highest pay out ever was also from him, he doesnt even know me, yet blesses me from afar, you are indeed and angel in human form, and your amala awaits you whenever you visit Ibadan, Nigeria @surpassinggoogle

Hahahahahahaha still on this amala treat. He is a lovely man.

Hahaha i so know you. You can't pull off my amala because you don't have the gbegiri to do so. See @aderonkemi's last post to see more

@surpassinggoogle Uncle Terry, hmmmmmm, I had to see @aderonkemi 's post first ooooooo
I don't think I have the gbegiri to do so after reading the post I will be observing from afar😲
Mehn!!! I think I can feel the butterfly in your tummy for you here😊
Love is truly a beautiful thing.

Hahahahaha butterflies in your belly. The love isn't from here, it is divine.

Heheheh from the most high😀

Yes cute Padi.

Hahahahahahaha this love is massive.


@surpassinggoogle is loveable. This post have been resteemed to my followers as my support to you on this community. Follow @giving-girl for more random resteem.

Can you just imagine?
@julietisrael i sat down up to 5mins reading this post words by words till then end....
Hmmm I reservee my comments

You better comment it before

lol don't worry we will talk about that one in discord

Wow this is sooo kool,, indeed the guy @surpassinggoogle have got a large hart of gold, my first $5 dollar i got two days after joinin steemit last year was from him.. Really hes part of the reason am still even on steemit till now, 😁

I love @surpassinggoogle, his doing wonderfully well, is someone that we can emulate in all our routines.

@surpassinggoogle is man for all i love him

Nice picture with sir @surpassinggoogle. I followed you.

please how can I vote someone as a witness