New Media Platform, where Good Authors get Good Reward for Good Content. [Let's create it together!]

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Guys, I want to announce that I'm looking for like-minded people who are tired of the strange money distribution system in Steemit.

I have developed algorithms that will allow good authors to get a good reward for good content. I don't want to disclose these algorithms here, but I am ready to discuss it with anyone who wants to create a fair and beautiful media platform.

Who of you have heard of the turquoise company?

For example about Valve? After all, I'm sure many of you are using Steam. Perhaps one of you has heard about the Spiral Dynamics. The theme of turquoise companies and Spiral Dynamics are about organizational psychology and HR. Although in general, it's just about people and their attitude.

Well, if you haven't heard anything about it, I'll say a few words here. When a person realizes what he deeply wants, he discovers an incredible power. To realize your deepest needs and interests is a great achievement. After all, most people live in automatic mode, as programmed biorobots. They were told what they need to eat, how to sleep, where and what to learn, how to communicate, how to create a family, where to work, where to relax, how to dress and so on. And they don't feel like they really like this way of life. Do they really want it all with their soul?..

In most cases, their deep nature wants a completely different way of life. But being cut off from their feelings, they don't find it. They just do not feel the inner resistance that comes from the soul. The soul doesn't want to live that way. The soul wants to live differently, to communicate differently, to dress differently, to see and hear other sounds, other music, other speech.

What's in your heart?

The soul is the source of life force. Source of inspiration. This is the basis of life. Its support. Therefore, if the soul is heavy, if the soul is "closed", if the heart is in pain, cold and emptiness, a person can not be healthy, successful and happy. And he can't be a Creator. He can't work hard and create brilliant things. So in whatever company he came, no matter what work he did, all he will get bad.

Turquoise approach is when the soul, the feelings of a person are put in the first place.

When the deep feelings of everyone are important, the deep interests, when a person is not considered as a function or as a robot, but he remains a man. There are no positions or hierarchies. After all, people have not united to become cogs in a big mechanism. They teamed up to keep people. And more. To become more human, more feeling, more alive, more creative.

I'm creating a team, a community where the feelings of a person, his soul - in the first place. 

I'm looking for everyone who doesn't want to be a function or a cog. I am looking for those who want to create beautiful and useful things for people, for humanity. I am looking for those who know how to dream and dreams to realize their ideas.

Dear human, dear dreamer, in whom still lives the child, which still feels the soul! I'm looking for you! You're not alone! I'm just like you! I also do not want to be part of a soulless system, which was built by some soulless creatures, for some strange reason calling themselves "people". Together we can do more. Therefore, I urge everyone who feels life and creativity, who believes in the best, who craves freedom and self-realization, please respond! I have a lot of ideas that may be interesting to you! I am sure you have even more ideas that will be interesting to me! Let's unite! Let's unite and create something great and beautiful! After all, this is our nature, our purpose - to create something amazing and pleasing to the soul!

Money is a very important part of the creative process. 

Money is energy, a means to help realize the idea. So, all concerned people with money, I appeal to you! Please, if you want to be a part of the new community, new team, new amazing projects, please, respond! I need you! We need you! Let's combine our resources, our skills, our talents and ideas! Let us unite all the human that is in us. After all, our weakness is in the disunity. We can not be realized, because each of us individually just does not have something. Someone has no ideas, someone has no required skills, someone has no resources.

New Media Platform, where good authors get a good reward for good content.

The first project that I personally really want to do is an analogue of Steemit. It is a media platform and social network where good authors get a good reward for good content. But not like in Steemit. I've written about it more than once. The problem with Steemit is that the platform does not know how to find and maintain really interesting content. It was from the very beginning. Already then thousands of bucks received for the obvious trash, and for good articles many received cents.

I have developed algorithms to automate the process of content evaluation. Editors will evaluate the new content. The whole process will be automated. Both authors and editors will receive points for their work, due to which they will become co-owners of the entire platform. All profits from the platform will be distributed among its co-owners. That is, you do not need to chase the whales in the hope to beg for a little attention. And all participants, the creators of the platform will receive income even when they do not publish content, if they have already invested in the platform in one form or another.

Because everyone who has invested in the platform becomes its co-owner, who gets a share of the profits.

Many of us, those on the Steemit platform that were trying to publish content, were disappointed. Because even when we were publishing something awesome, we didn't get paid. And that stopped us from going on. In the platform, which I invented, this will not happen. There each article will be evaluated by editors, nothing will go unnoticed.

Let's create this platform for ourselves! After all, I understand that we all need money, we need this social energy to live, realize our dreams and be free. And to get money, you need to create something valuable and attract people's attention. So let's do it together!

All, whom my message not left indifferent, who wants to join team dreamers and creators, am asking write me on e-mail - [email protected] or telegram @captainpryanik

Our DISCORD server -

Write about yourself, your ideas, skills and resources. About what you want to do, what you know, and whether you can help with money.

I will be sincerely glad to each response! Love you all, guys!


Spiral Dynamics!!

Unless someone is friends with whales or funds their own account there is no money to be earned here. At least not how this platform is presently constructed. Posting quality stuff isn't always about money to everyone. But if money is the goal, most people are better off not investing much time into this.

Sadly, just like all of crypto in general, most people on here will never see any positive monetary returns. It's a good thing that other avenues in life exist!

there is no money to be earned here.

In the spirit of optimism, I'd like to affirm a bold YET. (lol)

just like all of crypto in general

Does the 'in general' infer that BTC is the exception? Sadly, as you say, millions put it all on the line at $16K only to watch it drop to whatever it is currently, with a loaded promise of 'to the moon.'

I agree, without a plan to grow the funds money isn't going to be a strong suit. However, I have to believe that behind the scenes there are plans to change this. I remember @ned's 'Freudian slip' or accidental heads up when he recently spoke of SMTs in past tense.

Either way, Steemit remains the only platform paying to post. I'm a witness that the pennies add up; and, can be spent, held, or invested in other crypto.


Yea, in general means all of it. I see both sides of it. Some will get big rewards, some ok rewards, and many nothing. I like this platform and still think it's worth posting on, or I wouldn't. And I'm with you on the pennies adding up, they totally do overtime. Especially as the value rises.

Especially as the value rises.

Yes...I usually don't put the effort to do as most whales advise: Take your gains.

I have to be ready to do this in the next helium pump. ;+)

Best regards.


I am also here to say, I earned pennies at a time, but I didn't take them out they grew! I kept posting and earning...

For sure! It comes down to what expectations are for everyone. As long as someone is ok with pennies and still enjoys to post and engage with the community, then power to them.

Most high-quality content in the economy of web content is worth pennies. Nobody pays to read content and everyone wants to be a blogger when they grow up. So, earning pennies or a couple of bucks for doing what a lot of people do for free is a big deal. Those pennies earn a form of interest with the inflation when we print new steem stakeholders get a bit of the new steem to offset the inflation. In addition, curation rewards go up, self-voting once a day goes up... That is how the system was designed to encourage people to hold.

For sure. They do add up.

Wow @whatsup. I have to say I've dallied with my pennies...put a few in BTC, powered down a few to sit and stare at me in my account as I haven't cashed out.

If you played the tortoise race, it's quite impressive to see your rank. May your post be an encouragement to many who are teetering on the precipice of giving up on STEEM.

Best regards.


I am guided by a deeper idea. When an author creates content, he creates the product. This product is hosted on the platform, similar to the retail store hosting different vendors. For example, Auchan. Auchan itself without all these suppliers is just a building with empty shelves and cash desks. People won't come there. It's obvious. However, thanks to suppliers and their products, people come to Auchan.

So vendors do Auchan. They create Auchan. However, Auchan does not pay these suppliers for the fact that they actually create it. Similar with Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter and so on. People create content, publish on the platform, the platform receives money for advertising. But without these people, without content, without filling shelves, these platforms would never have earned on advertising. This is obvious. Therefore, in fact, Auchan, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms should share their profits with those who have invested their work in them. This is true economic and human justice.

The more this justice will be implemented in practice, the more inspired will create copywriters for such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and so on. Moreover, the best product will be supplied by suppliers for such platforms as Auchan.

Everyone who creates the final product, who is involved in the creation of the company, should profit from the sale of this final product and be co-owners of this company. This is simple.

In this sense, hired labor is a fraud. But the fraud, to which all already are accustomed. After all, an employee does not just perform his little task, he creates a company. Without his labor there is no company. That is, as a result of the hairdresser work, for example, people will be cut, but there is another result of the work of the hairdresser - the company. The company, the brand that will be created, that will be known, that will attract people - this hairdresser has invested in the creation of this brand, this reputation. However, at some point he is fired, and the brand, the trust of people, the reputation that he has created thanks to his work and talent, he will not carry with him. The company is owned by the owner, or several owners. And this is also a fraud. People create companies, so companies should belong to people. How?

Through a system of co-ownership. Work must be measured and evaluated. From this assessment, everyone can understand how much work he has invested in the company. So he can calculate what share of the company he owns. That is, what part of the profit he is entitled to. That's how real justice is realized, which is able to inspire people to full creative disclosure. Otherwise, if a person feels that the result of his work (company) will be taken away from him, he will not try hard.

New Media Platform, where good authors get a good reward for good content.

The force is with you! You got a 3.54% upvote from @steemyoda courtesy of @steemyoda!

The problems are because Steemit is nothing to do with content, its only about making money. The more cash you have to invest, the more you make. The content thing is what whales tell plankton so they keep posting and keep making them richer.

Exactly. This is the problem of scalability (development) of the Steemit platform. To read (consume)its content is not interesting. Because it's mostly just trash. Therefore, the audience will not increase. Especially the reading audience. And without an audience, monetization, and the normal healthy functioning is impossible.

It was crippled from the start because to have a decent social media site you need to have people have the ability to choose content they want to see. Steem was never distributed "fairly" from its inception and the majority of it never went to entities that are interested in distributing the voting power outwards. Out of all the "curators" who receive delegations only surpassinggoogle retained his because he actually curated others.

I am assuming that people that care about content and a large userbase are just waiting to see if the scaling issues can be worked out on a technical level, at which point they will fork the project and try to distribute the coins in a sensible manner. And if that fails, just keep trying again and again and hopefully some team with the right know-how will distribute in a sensible manner that allows the platform to flourish.


Are you conceding your plan @omfedor? I thought you had a plan to grow the economy. I'm a bit baffled.

Steemit may not have an 'audience'; but, the pennies in the Wallets will always generate new users to 'keep the economy going'. That's all that's needed to keep Steemit legal; proof that it's a viable business, which can be written off as losses on the taxes.


"Especially the reading audience" True as heaven:-)

The fact is that a very less people are supported here. Few of the whales are up-voting themselves. How the hell this thing is going to work if an author who is writing here with the intention to feed his stomach , is not getting attention he deserves .A reader who is not getting support from the team to carry on his daily transactions. I mentioned before " Blogging on Steemit is like getting cents for your 2-3 hours job especially if you are not a marketing guy"

Absolutely! That's why I want to invite many wonderful authors who are tired of this swamp to a beautiful new world that we have to create together.

Let's do good for ourselves! And let others use it!

okay i want to join also it seems great media project.
i joint your discord channel

you should check out @yensesa they are also working to make steemit profitable for as many users as possible.

they have a highly profitable voting service that beats any bot out there. No Bids needed and they offer upvotes for up to a year!!


Steemit turned into trashflood because it has serious flaw in business model which was exploited by many.

Any discrepancy in effort/profit creates some kind of spam. In terms of effort, that means quality can be easily overrun by junk posting and self-upvoting.

You can clearly see it. Many people here can't write meaningful English sentence, their posts are impossible to read,yet they are extremly popular.

I understand there are people which are not native English speakers, their native language is really different from English (thus being unintuitive to learn), they didn't have good English teachers or started learning at high age by themself. Or they just lack talent for languages.

I myself am pretty bad at English (was quite good but my skills went downhill since highschool as the online communication didn't require strict grammar/syntax).

But I'm not text content creator. And if you like to be one, your English has to be good to succeed in real online business.
On Steemit, it doesn't matter. You can succeed with automated upvotes.

This is correct

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How depressing. I used to love writing content here. It was never for money, just seemed like a good platform... which it was, at some point. I dunno what's next. Maybe publish an ebook

Good platform? How is Steemit better than Twitter, Facebook, Instagram? Only that here people were promised to pay for valuable content. But that promise was not fulfilled. That's the problem.

Well I try to make good original content.. ain't for everyone, but I've met some cool people anyway ;)

There is really an easy solution for this. Just don't vote or follow people you know that are manipulating the system. Some of them I just mute.

Yes, I agree with your thought

All of the 25 Ranks in the comments section proves my theory that Steemit will always stay afloat, as new users will always sign up to keep it going. Some will jump ship instantly, some will give it their best, and others will love it and create a new path for its continued success.

Best regards.


If you are going make platform and connect it with SteemJS,
problem will be same as

Reply me on email or Telegram (@Kherwal)

New Media Platform, where Good Authors get Good Reward for Good Content. Sounds Good...
For new STEEMIANS like me, it's very difficult to make money.
Basically, steemit means spend money & make money.

In all fairness to Steemit, spending is a CHOICE; and, it's the only platform which content, good and downright lousy, gets compensated.


Yes spiritualmatters I totally agree with you But if you are new to Steemit and your Reputation is less than 30 then your post is hard to be viral. But if you want to get your post viral, first you need to promote it and you'll need to spend the money first And that's why I said Steemit meant to spend money first and get money in return.

first you need to promote it

In theory, this is an interesting concept. I won't discount it; however, I notice that you are new to Steemit, so it's difficult to believe your strategy is efficient long term.

Not trying to be trite; but, I've observed many people 'invest' in growing their rank using bots; but, ended up spending hundreds of dollars out of pocket without much gain. It's like they spend more than they receive on the bottom line. So, please accept this as just a word of caution.

Growing organically yields little for most; but, I think the STEEM platforms have huge potential for changing this in time.

Best regards; and here's a welcome to Steemit tip!


You are my senior and agree to you completely
Thank you for your guidance.tenor (1).gif

In my world, AWESOME is a word reserved only for God! ;+)


Exactly. I would even say it is impossible to get money. That's the problem. The stated advantage of this platform over existing social networks was just in this - in the fact that here you can get a cash reward for your creative work. But that promise was not fulfilled.

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This is not important what the steemit think about our content but important is that what steemian think, react and comment about out content.
This increase a mentality in our heart to write awesome content.
I really happy to read your whole content because it has a message i.e team work, now these days people forget this, they think that only when they grow the nation grow but my friend reality is that wgen all people grow then the nation grow.

I upvote and follow you @omfedor
I also resteemed your post

good initiative by you, and u are totally right that this platform is not able to find quality content.

Join my initiative, please, help me to realize it )

Sounds all real good, but... realistically speaking... what do you really want to see as good content? I had the same desire when I joined Steemit. Let's create a community of likeminded people, let's create great content and support each other... what I come to realize though is that it's almost impossible to be a content creator and consumer at the same time. When you're an author, do you actually have the desire to read other people's posts after several hours of writing? As a visual artist, do you really feel like looking at other people's art for several hours? You might do this to be polite or because you feel guilty because you don't do it.
How much content can we digest before it becomes a burden? It's almost like being a cab driver and after chauffeuring people around for hours you enter other driver's cabs and let them drive you around just to be fair. I sincerely think there should be creators, and then there needs to be a separate audience, And good luck with that because nobody wants to pay for content anymore.
I'm all about creating a parallel society, one that respects and appreciates the individual, one that encourages people to follow their dreams instead of conforming to the low and fearful standards of a bunch of knuckle dragging psychopaths. If I see a convincing business model for that, I'm all in.

Strictly speaking, good content is the kind of content that attracts readers. That's the essence of "good." How to get such content is another question, it is a question of the algorithm, the organization of the platform. Here on Steemit, the algorithms are not configured to highlight such content. Therefore, readers are not interested to dig into Steemit. Means its growth is limited. After all, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other media eventually grew thanks to good content. All these platforms have their own algorithms for selecting good content. Hashtags, reposts, likes, recommended video from YouTube. Everywhere were implemented some ways to separate good from bad content. And it worked. There was a large audience of consumers.

When you have managed to create a good product and gain a large audience, it is not very difficult to get money. Even through contextual advertising you can get a lot of money. However, it is fair to distribute this money among all participants of the system, especially among those who created popular and interesting content. That's the idea on HUMEX - new media platform where good people get good reward for good content.

I know your heart is in the right place man, and I like what you're trying to create, but I think there might be a flaw in the business plan and that's a certain confidence in people's taste. I don't want to sound like I lost hope in humanity but there's shit tons of track records that prove that good contents does not guarantee popularity. Look at the music charts. Look at instagram and FB, how many times has a silly cat pic outpopulared a post with good content?
Like I said, I don't want to come across pessimistic, I'm just saying don't put too much trust into common sense and fairness, because we live in crazy times in which people are over stimulated with information. And I can speak from experience when I say that sometimes one is just too exhausted to dig into something that requires too much attention or thinking, so in a spur of mental incapacitation one can absolutely upvote a stupid cat pic over really good contents. So when you write your algorithms how do you compensate for that? Trivial shit is more popular in general than something meaningful, and that is what good authors are always struggling with, because it's unfair to them. Your up against the human factor, the sheopleness of the masse. Good luck my friend because you're gonna have your hands full.

good for creative people

Yeah )) Do you consider yourself creative? ))

I wish you will touch your dream. Please Votes my post & best of luck

I think that is a better idea for an advanced level content writer not for an beginners and Looking Like very difficult.

Well, maybe, but I care not only about writer. But about the reader also ))

@omfedor What I feel to say that New media apparatuses, have moved toward becoming roads for organizations to fabricate inbound connections and achieve new prospects.

Let's get it done! Resteeming to 1200...
♥¸.•°”˜˜”°•.✫ B★E★A★U★T★I★F★U★L ✫¸.•°”˜˜”°•.♥

Good luck to you! Isnt there anyway to change Steemit instead of splitting the community?

Hi friend.... The thing that I like about your article is... Team work. Wherever you are on which platform you are working. Team work is important all around. Question that comes in my mind is.. You needs a team to make plateform for author's only. But at steemit every peace of art any idea is appreciated. What about steemit working!!!!so every work needs give and take strategy... Harder you work better you will get.

Agree with your post. It’s all about the Steem power that you have . The more you have it , the more money you make . If you don’t have then borrow it . At the end , it’s only money

Me quiero apuntar a este proyecto

As a author, painter and poet, I'm in. Let me know when you're ready. [email protected]


great concept and great idea, i am with you , kindly let me know how i can be part of this project m thank you for bring this team work of concept, lets do it

Upvote my comments and reply

i want to unit

Very Interesting, where I can join to new platform?

Very Interesting, where I can join to new platform?

Can I really earn reward from writing good content.

Is there is no problem like steemit.

And then there those classic posts that are just some guy throwing an article into google translate and putting it up....

Sometimes I read a post and am like, meh, the English is mediocre but the content is pretty good. I post a comment for fun, get a reply in which the English level drops and the understanding of what they originally posted crumbles to zero.

Or the Technical Analysis done a thousand times by the same person....

Good luck sir. Support me to grow like you. U are my favorite person in steemit.

I feel exactly the same. I find the following problems with Steemit-

  1. I see people writing trash with such unreadable English language, with reputation as high as 40-50 and still getting upvotes.

  2. I see people who just started today and has made 1-2 posts and has reputation of 40 already. It amazes me.

  3. I see people who directly copy pastes the news with no value addition and at the end give the news source and cheetahbot upvotes it. Can someone explain?

This is great but how fast and reliable than steemit will this be

Good point of view. I am a new user of this platform and did not find much good content.

I agree with you we should give importance to our soul and dreams instead of working like robots but today's major problem is making money so the people don't care about their dreams and work like robots....
Your point of view is good and difficult but not impossible. i wish you best of luck

I agree with you on everything you raise in your interesting article, once I wrote an article here in steemit with some similar questions, and although I am very grateful to steemit because it allows me to express myself without censorship, I can not say the same about the so-called whales that they have led steemit to be a democratic experiment to a feudal system, in which they decide on the life and death of the subjects, imposing sometimes stupid rules or placing flags or giving negative votes to silence the dissent and protest.
Honestly I like your project, and I hope to be there in the front line when you launch it to contribute what I can to the success of it, especially in terms of promotion through social networks. Successes

I like your openion on team worn in steemit,but finding peoples for making a team is little big difficult ,if we gather peoples in social media then it becames helpful.

Zdarova! There's a huge Social media movement coming up based on unconditional donations and decentralization... Very similar to your idea. Let's touch base on facebook for possible cooperation:
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 11.12.14 AM.png

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Let's get this done with, then.

really nice post

Great platform

believing in something and exerting the ability to succeed is the best way to be happy and conquer fear

Definitely most posts appearing as trending are trash and many of them plagiarized. I want some advice regarding to quality content. Please check my post and evaluate it.

P.D. Really enjoyed jour post.

Isn't there a way we can sign a petition to change Steemit?

Yeah sure we will start a platform

This is a beautiful intention, and I match you on this!

Hello, very good content, I liked it a lot, I gave you a vote in favor, I hope you follow me and give me votes in favor too, kisses

Absolutely fascinating!

I have steem in my heart


I was thinking of blogging on steemit just to release steam initially :) This is a great idea @omfedor, i like how you describe money as social energy to live and realise our dreams, I am in :)

please follow me and like my post

hi @omfedor my name is amirudin ,, i am new member in steemit. please uvote me

Plaese folow me and like my post

Nice idea seemit is very good platform

Can’t support in term of money but I am interested in this kind of project pls inform if it’s complete I want to be one of the early adopters of that platform @omfedor

I want to join friend what are the requirements?

Yeah bro. I support you. I can help you out with my ideas or can collaborate and do things together. And I appreciate your out of box thinking and an urge to think and act. Keep it up bro and ask us anything we are with you. Go ahead

Steemit is still on Beta, I think it's working on to fix this abnormal reward system @omfedor. I saw a comment got 246+for just 8 votes. But this days, it's impossible.


Many platforms have emerged.Steemit is not only a content creation site. Its a place for dreamers and believers. You might be starting the next biggest social media venture and its a good thing. I have seen several people who are enthusiastic about steemit and fallen off because of lack of engagement and several other reasons. I hope to see you do different.

When one good thing is created more good things follow.

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I am a noob and minnow on Steemit so your post is definitely something that will help me. I am very interested in the project.

Yes, I agree with your thought

Please include me in your invitation... What you wrote about is what i thought Steemit was supposed to be
I hope your algorithms take into considerations external readership (meaning views landing on the article coming from outside the platform) i think content that creates traffic should be rewarded too

Wow, man this is so cool. Steemit rewarding system is unfair. And you can buy it just like corrupted politician do to win the seat.

That's it. Exactly! So let's make another platform!

excelent, I hope that you will be in high with this project

It is a welcome development!

Great opportunity for all that people that are so creative by writing and telling the world they story

Check out my new post. It is about my first shoot i did 6 years ago. image

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