2000 follower milestone and -- 5 SBD -- Giveaway , thanks for you all.

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First of all, I must thank all the steemians for the great journey and experience that really changed and Enhanced some skills that were very useful to me.

  • I am really amazed how things changed starting from the price of steem that was worth - 0.89$ - from 9 Months ago when I joined steemit.com.
  • And the journey began many websites interfaces for the same blockchain, earning money $$$ I was amassed and still.

    Really steemit need a (Steemit for dummies) Book cause it is not easy at all for the new joiners and minows generally.

  • Reaching 63 reputations was really an Honor and I am looking to reach 73 reputations and of course With help from you all.

  • You are really the best community I have ever seen, really thanks to you all.


    Now we will talk about the SBD Giveaway if you want to be one of the fortunate winners.

  • all I will ask you to join the Giveaway is:
  • 1- leave a comment (a must so I can drow to there account names)
    2- resteem this post (optional but will help in spreading the word- will give you  extra point )
    3 - follow my account @omar-hesham (optional but will give you more extra point )
    4- upvote this post (a must)


    Some words to the new joiners and minnows :
    Do not give up, or think it is too late, not at all just start on posting and try to choose something that you Can write good posts about.

    And try to help others follow steemians cause what goes around comes around, that means that every Good and positive action you can help the steemit community with, will help you to cause you will fined Who will help you too.

  • And for the dolphins and wails please try as many small steemians as you can buy guide or votes.
  • U5dqvfxVs6posSgRSeKBArP689DbNAF_1680x8400.png



    And I want to give a special thanks to my biggest supporters

    thank you all


    @d-pend, @rensoul17, @violetmed, @rusty-jernigan, @cosmicvibration, @overkillcoin, @josediccus, @dobartim, @cabbagepatch, @lexiconical, @nikez452, @taliakerch, @mineopoly, @reko, @runicar, @tag2017, @amiramnoam, @yoo1900, @stackin, @ripperone, @newhope, @redes, @fabiyamada, @jrcornel, @brian.rrr, @bigram13, @mangos, @teamsteem, @fyrstikken, @epan35, @nainaztengra, @mahdiyari, @doctorjohn, @luckyfellow, @penguinpablo, @cecirod1218, @spaingaroo, @pardeepkumar, @crimsonclad, @wandrnrose7, @clayboyn, @torico, @spiritualpower, @carterx7, @onceuponatime, @vlemon, @bitcoinman, @beginningtoend, @msp-creativebot, @hopehuggs, @robyneggs, @mamadini, @sammosk, @juliakponsford, @himshweta, @dana-edwards, @michaelmorcos, @lukakorba, @yahialababidi, @moeknows, @evernoticethat, @jerrytsuseer, @dber, @piaristmonk, @macbaren, @geke, @macchiata, @theaustrianguy, @bitland, @valorforfreedom, @randystiefer, @aftabkhan10, @dragonking, @michaelwilshaw, @louielowa, @kaykunoichi, @nicholas83, @jamesgetsit, @amvanaken, @thethreehugs, @mother2chicks, @poeticsnake, @madushanka, @tastetwist, @magnata, @hyacinthesin, @reynakarina, @blessedben, @fireandspice, @syzmic, @braxton101, @steem-samiam,

    and so many others!

    sorry if i forget anyone...


    Thanks to you all.
    And have a nice day.



  • ⇝ Some of my posts: ↯↯

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    WhaleCoin-- Can it be the alternative for --Ethereum --to the Miners.??

    You always can use -- Busy.org -- (Facebook like interface) instead of -- Steemit.com --

    I made a facebook page and i called it SteemitArabia!!

    Web programming contest---40 Steem--web based user interface contest.

    All you want to know about Steemit !!!

    Follow up on steemfollower Website??

    You must use this feature for steemit upvotes$$$ ???

    كيف يمكنك الحصول على نقودك$$$$$$$ من ســــــتـــيــــــــم

    افضل برامج التعدين للعملات علي الاطلاق ؟--

    To All MY Friends in Steemit be Aware of the big scam and account hacking from @optimisticguy and @flenn.--

    The Hidden Secrets of Steemit--

    اهلا بك في ستيم ات-- شرح مختصر يساعدك كثيرا في فهم الموقع--




    You are killing it, keep growing. upvoted and followed.

    congrat ;) Hope to reach 2000 soon

    Congrats on your journey and you will accomplish a lot more here, followed

    i hope so, thanks my dear friend

    hi gan please upvote my comen okay. please do not forget my friends

    Congrats, looks like I'm 2004! Hope I win the contest and good luck getting to 73 Rep!

    thanks and i hope you good luck with the giveaway and your path throw steemit

    Congrats for getting 2000 followers milestone. Looking forward to be as great as you.

    i hope that you get even better than me good luck my friend

    I am student of CS too, congratulations and I appreciate all your hard work for steemit community. Followed you :)

    great for CS student Steemit will be your playground, and i hope great life for you my friend

    Congratulations for your achievement so far

    thanks indeed


    The sky is your starting point⚡

    and you too my friend

    You have a really nice blog omar. Keep it !!

    thanks my friend, it means a lot to me

    it would be a pleasure for me when you kindly resteem this wonderful story from our homeland Egypt. This would help me a lot to find more Egyptian Steemians here.
    God bless our homeland:)

    Congratulation! Great achievement, I'm on the beginning :)

    thanks my friend, and do not warry stay on steeming and you will get there soon.

    Congrats man for the accomplishment , you are the few one's , who are giving away something without expecting too much (like book reviews, comments , etc.). you are doing a great work for arabia , keep going.

    Congratulations for this achievement
    wish you reach 73 rep soon

    thanks my dear friend and i hope you get there soon to.

    Congratulations, @omar-hesham!!

    You're totally right about the Steemit-for-Dummies explanation (I would need that too).^^

    But I won't resteem your post, because I think I have better chances if this little give-away doesn't get too much attention;-)

    Keep up the good work!!

    thanks my friend, and about resteeming this post no problem at all.

    Congratulations for 2000 +followers. Great achievement.

    thanks indeed

    Congratulations.. Keep it up

    مبروك على 2,000 متابع, تمنياتنا بكل التوفيق لك عمر!
    حصلت على تصويت من
    @arabsteem curation trail !

    شكرا جزيلا لك ولكل المجتمع العربي داخل ستييم

    Congratulations sir for achieving this huge milestone. I am still new to the platform and your guidance can be a real motivation for me. Resteemed and followed you.

    Thanks and I am here for you or anyone wants any help in steemit and in the past post I tried to shed some light on many of the steemit aspects

    Thank you so much, sir.

    Congratulations on the milestone! You've earned it!

    I've been enjoying your posts, and I appreciate the efforts you have put in to make Steemit more understandable for minnows just starting out.

    I hope that you make 73 quickly, and hopefully I'll meet you there! Peace!

    i can't tell you enough how i appreciate your kind word

    Congratulations on reaching this milestone! Looking forward to more growth in 2018

    Congratulations, and followed you.

    Congratulation for your goal

    Great job.. Congratulations buddy... Youve done so well... Contimue yoir journey and spread the great world.of steemit to your community..

    Congratulations for 2000 +followers milestone.

    Congrats, man!! I'm pretty new here and still figuring everything out. I hope in 9 months I'll be anywhere close to what you have achieved. Well done!

    you will if you want

    congratulations! i hope you earn much soon.

    thanks, i hope for you the same.

    Congrats on the milestone!

    Congrats on your Achievment !

    Cheers to the next 2000 followers :)))


    thanks indeed my dear friend

    Heartiest Congrats Omer....
    Love for Egypt.... From Pakistan

    i am very happy that someone from Pakistan commenting on my post love for Pakistan great people.

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