24 months ! 2 Years on Steemit !

in steemit •  6 months ago

What a fun journey!
I am on Steemit 2 years, thank you all my dear friends for making me feel welcome and loved!

Love you ALL !

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lol - Oleg, they lie or at least there is no equal sign between "moon" and "months." 🙂
I noticed the same discrepancies in my account too. It seems like the "number of moons" must be something else to them.

However, I'm going to congratulate you for your 24 moons (whatever that represents) of persistence and continuity on this platform, and I'm going to congratulate you again in 2 months for your 2 years or 24 months of being here. 😉😊


Hahahaa now I see it :) it is 24 MOONS not MONTHS :) Thank you for pointing me that out.
But still it is close :)


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Big ups to you
It must really feel good to be you right now

Congratulations my beloved, we all at Steemit too wish each and every one a more successful wins

Congratulations! Keep going!!

I hope to see myself one day there.

That is a huge milestone! I am just about to getting close to my second week, so I have still a long way to go!

Doing anything to celebrate your Steemit Birthday?

Congrat Im hope can do it @olegw

Great job! Many years more ;)

Uzeo sam još 50 SBI. To bi trebalo da ti donese 0.3$ po postu. Nije mnogo ali ne škodi :-)

Congratulations! I am almost a year! Time flies when you are having fun!