Blog 2: Last shift at work...

in steemit •  last year

This morning I finally said goodbye to some of the best coworkers I've ever had (and friends!). What a crazy night to end a shift! I will miss working with these people. It's a very hard unit to work on, but with some of the best teamwork around, we always made it through. Saving lives is even better with a good team behind your back!
Time to look ahead and move forward. I'm very excited to be moving on to PACU. New experiences wait ahead and new people to work with.
I'm also nervous at the same time. It's gonna be back to square one and I'll be the new kid on the block again. I should be able to hold my own. Wish me luck!

*This is my first post without a photo and my 1000th post here on Steemit. I'm definitely resteeming this a year from now!

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I am sure you will do great in your new job, its always a big thing and can be hard when you move jobs but soon you will be in the flow in the new position and be doing great