Third Test Livestream; Steemit Update

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Reposting today's livestream here

, in case you missed it or would like to leave feedback in the comments.



Ned, I watched your livestream today. You should know that I've spent a year (officially a year in 10 days) sharing daily on Steem blockchain. I've invested my own money and time and kept up with the speed of the dApps released.

The video reminded me of a relationship where someone has been giving too much and is angry at the other person, but the odd thing is that the other person wasn't asking that you do it all. I think you think we expect Steemit Inc to do everything, yet we really don't. One of the reasons I'm here is because I'm fucking in love with this community -- and you've never even replied to any of my comments to you. I say this to help you see that my experience here is on Steemit Inc's blockchain, but it has nothing to do with you.

You have no reason to be mad and edgy at us. I understand that's a part of releasing tension- to be mad at the other person, yet we have sat back and patiently waited for your releases, your updates, your communication and we've gotten little in return.

I thank you for today you spoke real talk-- last week you were playing your guitar and there was no freakin' substance to anything you shared. I turned it off halfway through. What is this, I thought. Yet today, even with your edgy tone, you communicated SO MUCH of what we have been longing to hear.... Plz keep it up.

We don't expect you to do everything. But, as in a relationship, we do expect you to clearly state what is yours to do and what we shouldn't expect you to do. You started that process of honest transparency in this livestream today. Please keep it up.

I have a feeling that even if Steemit Inc throws in the towel or is too fatigued to continue, this community will not die. I have made dozens of friends here and many of them have not only invested their time and talents, but also their hard earned money. These people are everything to me and I can't imagine my life without them. That is Steem and I hope you realize that. The power of what is happening here rests on your blockchain, but we will take it from here and we can give you a breather if you need it. Keep up the honest communication. We're all better with it! I hope you get some much needed rest and can hear some of the words I've shared -- As someone who loves Steem and wants it to continue!!!

The problem is as @RichatVNS said "@Ned is not a leader or even a Boss" he is a guy that has an idea and followed it down an technical wormhole.

He has no previous experience growing and running a company for years. He was able to use his looks on social media to be the face of the product. And get buy in.

The same thing happened during the Internet boon of the mid 90s, which had the bubble burst in the late 90s. The gen Xers all thought they could run companies. They either: (a) learned to listen to people with more experience and affect changes to both themselves and thier business, bring in better managment or (b) essentially went belly up in bad ways screwing everyone around them investors, employees, users, customers, and most off most members of the management team who usually fall into multiple categories.

The question is not that they are down to a company of 9 to 12 people.
You should be asking why are there 2 employees doing the recording of the video while 2 others are in front of it. This is a waste of 4 resources time. doing a vlog takes a cellphone done.... .

One of the reasons I'm here is because I'm fucking in love with this community ...

It's great to create new DApps, hope for SMTs as a 'game changer' or to be 'proud' of having such a fast blockchain. Yes, technological progress does matter, BUT we schouldn't forget that the unique feature of STEEM in comparisen with all other crypto currencies is already existing: the community. The users who are building strong connections and friendships with each other, their dedication to STEEM, their investments of time and money and their skills!
Are popularity and high value of facebook resulting from any especially advanced technology? No! Only the huge amount of users being connected there with friends and family are the value!

Thus our main aim should be to allure (and retain!) new users!

And concerning this 'we' are simply just too 'arrogant' in my opinion!
Do potential users need us (STEEM) more or do we need the users? I think we need them, not reversed. So we should care more about that succeeding here as a newbie will be somewhat easier in future.
For example we should make the effort to seek more, read more, comment more (not only send bots) and upvote more manually!

Also, aren't there just enough STEEM to make it possible for smaller accounts to earn some decent money? As long as the user with the highest reputation in the whole STEEM cosmos earns more than 20000 dollar per month by self-voting (and he is not the only one), and as long as there are no serious efforts to restrict that kind of behavior (I have made many suggestions how one could do to do that ... but never ever got any reply from any Steemit Inc. member), I think we shouldn't tell newbies there were just not enough STEEM to reward them somewhat better ...

I think there is a similar discussion when it comes to the inability of new users to upvote and comment more than a few times per day. "They simply should understand that every transaction is eating resources."
Yes, maybe, but we should understand that new users simply don't need us. :)
If they are having problems to create a STEEM account, they will create one elsewhere. If they cannot comment here, they comment under their friends posts in facebook - simple like that.

If new users are not even able to comment on replies in their own blogs because they have no resource credits they will leave that platform, post somewhere else and steemit will not survive. There were many auction platforms, but in the end, ebay has prevailed, although the highest fees. Simply because someone who put something there for sale knew it was seen by many. In Germany there were f.e. "Who-knows-who" but they simply could not keep alive because people went to Facebook. In my opinion, Steemit will only be successful if it appeals to people and inspires them. If it scares them off and this is happening at the moment, because new members can not actively participate in the community due to lack of resource credits, the new members will turn their noses over and leave - they will be lost forever!

This info given to me by fellow member of the steeminati @richatvns

ebay is the largest because they cheated. They bought out there competitors, bidbay , bestbay, and then dangled a buy out in front of yahoo. Which made them change their auction listings from free and commission only at time of sale to charging a listing fee.
Then after the negative affect of the change destroyed the community, they pulled there offer back.

They did the same practice that Microsoft did with IBM related to OS2 and Windows 2.0.

Not to mention what Microsoft did with Windows 3.x/386 screwing over Lotus and WordPerfect.

I have been in the industry at the time of what was really going on.

The point is not that people use it, not because it was better, but because the management made smart moves to move the product line forward and they aggressively supported the User Base.

Ned does not understand that! The best asset he could have is his user base, they would champion his product and the underlying technology, the SteemIt Platfotm is the way to spread the word. He should drop every developer except a maintence staff for the Block chain. Then go out the community and offer future locked up spd's (version 2 and very small stipends) to programmers, designers and project leaders to work in an agile Open Source Group to improve SteemIt and the Steem Blockchain. I'm sorry but being a witness in most cases are admins, not programmers, social media experts, system archs and developers, qa and documentation writers.

Groups of stakeholders could easily be created to oversee the spec and direction of both STEEM the blockchain and SteemIt the community app. The same way android, OSA, Ansi, Mozilla, and are all done.

Then way later (many years) the Mozilla team could give up on Netscape which the took over from AOL, and then a couple years later the Netscape. Because of the Existance of versions which use it's engine that exceed the user basis and capabilities like firefox, chrome, and safari.

But the team at Mozilla never said they were going to drop Netscape as the other browsers were starting to use the database, they partnered and built a strong vibrant community.

Instead of the FUD he has done, This is a path of a CEO


thanks calvin....We will wait and see if @ned gets his head out of the clouds...The idea is good otherwise I would not be here, but I'm seeing some things that need to be addressed.

Yes, right, the idea of ​​Steemit is very good. But from my point of view some things have to be changed, e.g. At least allow answering replies in your own blog and if you say that you need 1-2 weeks to set up a new account, then it should be ready after latest 2 weeks

I think you see it right. Steemit is giving away a lot right now. I know, for example of new users who registered more than two weeks ago and was told by Steemit that the process needed to be controlled would take 1-2 weeks. The two weeks are over and the users are still not released. For other sites you can start immediately if you have registered, with Steemit you have to wait for 1-2 weeks according to their own statement and then they do not keep this maximum of 2 weeks.

It is not only the onboarding process, I think there is a whole lack of business administration and a fundamental understanding of economy. The blockchain and Steem(it) itself is an ecosystem and a very special one.
Ofc there are great minds in the company itself, but the main part is the community and for that we should include and develop it. Ppl claiming this is the era of decentralization, then every1 has to put effort and his skills into this, not only post, also cleaning and think about how we can make this system better togehter(also the witnesses have a high responsability here!)
I hope and dont want this to end(at all), but there should be clear informations about what is going on and what is going to happen.

stay tuned for the next episode of... survival of a community :P

We don't expect you to do everything. But, as in a relationship, we do expect you to clearly state what is yours to do and what we shouldn't expect you to do. You started that process of honest transparency in this livestream today. Please keep it up.

Yes, those are very true words. I know not all that is being said and done is visible to @ned, but 'behind the scenes' I see many people willing to take on challenges, tasks, costs - but clarity on what Steemit Inc will be doing is going to help tremendously in understand what Steemit Inc will not be doing which in turn will make people realize/understand/start embracing where they can 'pitch in'.

Todays livestream felt like some tension had to be let go, which is okay, and understandable, but by doing them regularly I believe we can create a very healthy way of understanding where Steemit Inc stands and what 'we' as a community should do to contribute to a thriving Steem (network).

yes @soyrosa, very true words. and i really was inspired by your post on taking the lead and seeing oneself as a leader. i've been sitting and ruminating on many of the "goings on" since this announcement and I've been enjoying seeing leaders emerge. Thank you for being one and for raising a potent war cry of sorts that many of us can respond to.

this "pitching in" of which you speak is really the core strength i see from this community. i am completely understanding of their tension and i'm happy to see the energy move. for too long i feel we've been kept in the dark. we all have some stake here and i continue to believe we are a part of a radical and amazing community concept that has been rewarding so many of us in real life terms.

by doing them regularly I believe we can create a very healthy way of understanding where Steemit Inc stands and what 'we' as a community should do to contribute to a thriving Steem (network).

I love this... and I say a full YES to it! let us be very clear with what our roles are and how we can empower one another and ourselves to move into the future with wise and skillful action!! thanks!

This has been a thoughtful comment that I wish I could replicate. I'll just ride the waves on this comment. Great one @mountainjewel!

I'm almost completely lost when I saw his update about laying off 70% of his employees and he followed up a post mostly playing his guitar. I got a bit more worried because for a year and 5 months now, I have been spending almost all of my time Steeming.

I have not finished the video today and I'm positive to look forward to it :)

I got a bit more worried because for a year and 5 months now, I have been spending almost all of my time Steeming.

me too, man... and there are so many of us who are similarly invested. if i can say one thing, however, it's that the rally that i've seen as a result of this announcement really lets me know that everything's going to be okay. it's clear the community is strong and really won't let this blockchain experiment die easily.

this video and the information therein is long in coming, in my opinion... but at least ned has finally said the true words hiding beneath the surface. i think we have a bright future. this is just a reassessment phase!

thanks, i really appreciate that! i'm glad @ned addressed many of your excellent points during the vid. it's a time of reckoning, to be sure, and i'm glad there are so many intelligent longstanding community members with not only the historic perspective, but also a grounded vision.

Well, I for one quite liked the guitar :0)

:) i did too... but i was looking for a bit more substance.. or at least felt a little confused as to the point of the livestream...

I thought it was just me that thought about that "lacking of substance".

One thing more, why the call to subscribe in Youtube really when this account can just stay here ? Well, I can't help but think, it's abandon Steemit ship already. I just wish there's an assertive announcement to that and a clear plan of what's next.

It’s Steemit, Inc.

Glad that’s all you took from it.. i changed it, but what about the rest of the post?

I so agree. I had the same impression of the edginess and resentment that comes from worrying about the expectations people have of you and being unclear on them yourself, and the same relief seeing some real communication about the vision, values, and strategy of steemit, inc.

Everybody that wants to have an awesome Steem system needs to think of how they can provide digital services they can charge for, bring revenue in, and make a real business out of. Should be fun!

In the meantime if Steemit can add two ops create token, and transfer token to the code base and make a real easy way to see those buggers in a wallet then I think we can start funding businesses locally and organically in the steem ecosystem as well.

Agreed. @Adept would say the same.

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I plan on promoting Thys3lf for Entertainment spinning fire for all to enjoy. Just have to start up me structure and plan out.

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I'm happy the discussion about simplified tokens made it on air!

Please consider both types when designing the simplified interface: fungible and non fungible (NFT) tokens.

For non fungible tokens we need to be able to group them by issuing account. An example: all steemmonsters monster cards would still be unique tokens, but they would be grouped under "steemmonsters" market (for query and listing purposes).

Nice presentation of @smooth TOP-500 thoughts and proposals !!!


First of all, respect for the candid communications at what I'm sure is a difficult time.

This was a great communication of your vision and mission of distributing cryptocurrency to the masses and Steem's social and content features as being a means to that end (what took so long?!). I'm confident that the community will (and does) see the value in that vision now that you are starting to effectively communicate it. Please continue.

I'm glad that my comments were helpful in contributing to the discussion.

Hey, where's your partner in awe, @abit?

Not sure but apparently less involved with Steem than in the past.

I hope to he's gonna spring into action mode soon. What you and him did (among others) is still the hands down most radically all around positive thing this community has been witness to.

I second that. Both @smooth and @abit are tremendous assets to the project/community.

As far as @abit he spends most of his time with Bitshares these days (afaik) but he is still active in Steem behind the scenes. When the Steem blockchain halted a few months back due to an unexpected glitch, it was abit who debugged the issue and actually developed the patch for the fix.

Thank you

Great job on the live-stream today. I'm sure you probably already know, but these things go a long way in building confidence with the community. It was great to see publicly what some of the thought processes are behind the restructuring, and how Steemit will be shifting focus going forward.

I appreciate you taking as much time as you did on my (and smooth's) comments.

I wanted to respond to a few of the remarks you made in the video:

  • First of all, I think that it is excellent that you are trying to narrow Steemit's focus, and I agree 100% with the assessment that spreading yourselves too thin was one of the big problems. You are right, that my suggestions came with a lot of "expectations" on what Steemit, Inc. should/shouldn't do, and that maybe it is the expectations that should change. I'm 100% fine with that, although one thing that will help (not just with myself - but with the community as a whole) is if we continue to have the conversation on what those expectations should be. If we know for example (just a hypothetical example) that Steemit is not going to focus on marketing to investors, then it will be clear that the responsibility for that falls on us (the community) if we want anything to happen with it, and we can stop looking at Steemit, Inc. to make that happen. TLDR: It will be really beneficial for us to know what Steemit will and won't be focusing on, so we can align our expectations accordingly.
  • I think there was a slight misinterpretation in my comment about delivering changes that investors will be excited about. I definitely was not advocating for any type of "hype" where we are just performing gimmicks to attract investors without adding any real value. I was more getting at the fact that over the past ~2 years, there have been very few changes delivered that would cause people/investors to be interested in Steem. Part of this goes back to the spreading too thing argument, but I think part of it too has been to focus on very long term goals which have been taking literally years to deliver (Communities, SMTs, Mobile App, etc.) and there hasn't been much substance that shows we have really done much in the meantime.
  • Lastly, I would like to challenge the sentiment that was expressed in the video, which was it seemed you didn't care about investors. Sorry if I interpreted that wrong, but that is how it came off (i.e. it almost made you sick). I would argue that it is possible to still hold true to your core objective of bringing the benefits of cryptocurrency to more people, and at the same time have the expectations of investors in mind when deciding where to focus. It is not to say that we should make decisions solely for investors at the cost of sacrificing core principles, but I believe that evaluating what does and doesn't make Steem as a blockchain and STEEM as a cryptocurrency attractive for investors is a very important thing to be doing.

Regarding the last point, it is important to keep in mind that what makes a cryptocurrency blockchain work is that the token has value. If the value fades away, then everything else (nodes, developers, users, even reliable witnesses) fades away with it. And conversely as the value grows the entire ecosystem becomes stronger.

Value and the investors who play a huge role in determining that value are incredibly important, and that in turn depends on effectively communicating the work being done, the goals, and the progress being made (and what better way to show progress than actual releases at a consistent pace?). The difference between marketing and hype is that marketing communicates the actual value of the actual work and hype is based on fabrication and exaggeration.

Yeah, market, but don't go "full Tron".

We got an original whitepaper and bluepaper at least. :P

While we are on that subject, do we have yellow and green papers?

Great comments Tim.

The community on Steemit is unique but that in and of itself is not enough. The tech, however, is amazing. I also feel that the social platform on Steemit is a stepping stone of sorts. It has allowed for the showcasing of the Steem blockchain and just how strong and powerful it is.

This is what ultimately attracted the attention of SteemMonsters and soon to follow other projects that will embrace what Ned and team have created. These types of projects, not SMT's, are the natural next step. These projects have their own advertising budgets and goals, and all of their efforts will directly increase awareness and use of the Steem blockchain.

There are different ways of looking at this platform, and each way will attract a different audience.

For example, all types of companies spend money on promotions and advertising. One way of showing the power of the blockchain is to show companies that they can power up X amount of Steem and create a never ending promotion with 10 payouts/winners a day for the cost of 1 regular promotion.

That is just an example but the bottom line is what is already here is AMAZING and we can put energy into focusing on those things.

Don't walk away from this beautiful beast!

What was my favorite quote in today's show? (72).gif

FAVORITE QUOTE - On appreciation of the process
“There’s a whole evolution to get the set right - to get the cadence of dialogue right – to get the topics right - so a lot of these things need to evolve.” - Ned Scott kwhalect.gif




Listen @ned .... Steemit is already AWESOME ..... You don't need to become a Youtube Sensation. HOWEVER. get up to 1,000 Subscribers on Youtube and start earning Youtube / Google AdSense Dollars that you can use to pay for Stuff. I have 4,000 Subscribers and earn about $10/mo .... Imagine how much you could make

Steemit and Steem are Beautiful .... I think that Steem and SBD provide absolutely EVERYTHING anyone ever needs.... I just want to be able to build up my Steem Power, Build up my Steem and SBD so that I can use it to buy anything I want on Steemit. That is all .... no other Smart media Tokens needed ever.

  1. You both have nice hairs again! Great!
  2. Am I watching this on Dtube or YouTube? Can some1 tell me? Have we failed!??
  3. Voting for new CEO or still want to keep Ned, people?

Am I watching this on Dtube or YouTube? Can some1 tell me? Have we failed!??

My assumption is that the video is on ThemTube for long term storage and access.

I don't think you should call it a "fail". You fail when you give up. Until then, it's only a setback.

What you are seeing is "maket forces" a.k.a. reality. It costs money to save and transmit all those videos. and the IPFS that is storing those videos doesn't have the ability to save everything for ever because it costs resources. So after x days it's removed.

I'm looking into setting up my own IPFS node. A PC and a 1TB HDD doesn't cost that much.
I get to be directly part of the solution and guarantee the long term storage of my videos.

That's what a truly "Free Market" looks like.

Nice livestream. Honestly, it’s about a year and a half overdue but I applaud you for finally being a little more direct and honest while addressing the entire community.

You’ve finally illustrated to content creators like me what steemit has been doing and why things are the way they are now. I’ve never been a huge fan of @ned bashing despite being pretty underwhelmed with the evolution of steem and steemit since I joined around a year and a half ago.

I am a bit confused about your statement that the fair distribution of rewards based on quality content was an afterthought. This sentiment certainly explains the overemphasis on dapps and lack of attention given to keeping a strong community of quality intent creators...but then what is proof of brain and why is it important? You say you wanted to help as many people as people get involved in this space, and start with an app like did you originally envision the rewards being distributed then?

I appreciate your insistence that communities matter to you and after a year doubting this, I finally believe you. The only problem is that the fair distribution of rewards based on quality content was your greatest tool for gathering and empowering such communities and its fallen apart. Obviously what is fair and what is quality is flexible and algorithms are not perfect but if you really care about community you would have done a lot more to foster community by putting dapps and content creators at the same level.

If you want dapps to take on that role that’s fine, but then providing the dapps with massive delegation allowed them to create communities based on a sentiment of “oh, I’ll use this app cause they give me big upvotes if I use them”. This is not how you build community, this is how you appeal to opportunism and create a poor distribution of wealth. If you didn’t want a content based community, was a mistake.

You had your best shot at building communities and empowering them with the promise of rewards for quality content, the communities (and dapps) would have formed naturally around that. You blew it. The way SP is distributed now leaves no room for the healthy growth of communities.

I think your proposed solutions aren’t the best chance you have but I don’t share the same kind of blind faith in the integrity of free market competition. Good luck. I’ll be spreading my attention to different blockchains (including Steem) and slowly focusing on the one that is distributing the reward pool in the most effective way to encourage quality development AND quality content.

I hope you pull things together. You’ve opened up a world of potential. It would suck to have it fall apart


The last few days have given me a lot more confidence in you guys, and the first chunk of this video did a lot of that. I definitely support the idea that working on RocksDB and cost reductions is the right priority right now.

Phasing out some of the infrastructure seems like a very good idea, but if you phase out, I hope that a way could be found to keep the Condenser open-source project viable, possibly by transitioning it away from Steemit Inc. toward a more community-driven model somehow. I suppose if you just left it, it could always be forked, but it would be nice to have more of a transition.

I wonder if it might be possible to move some of the responsibilities for the broad base of things Steemit Inc. has been doing to outside parties, and maybe generate some revenue for the company at the same time, through more refined use of the @misterdelegation account.

I hope that a way could be found to keep the Condenser open-source project viable, possibly by transitioning it away from Steemit Inc. toward a more community-driven model somehow. I suppose if you just left it, it could always be forked, but it would be nice to have more of a transition.

Good points.

I wonder if it might be possible to move some of the responsibilities for the broad base of things Steemit Inc. has been doing to outside parties

IMO for the most part they just need to stop doing them (in an orderly manner with good communications and sufficient advance notice). There are already people willing to operate nodes as a fee based service, which would be far more sustainable. They haven't done it because Steemit undercuts them by running nodes for free. It was done with good intentions, but the outcome is still bad.

With that last bit I wasn't thinking so much of node-running as marketing, running front ends, and so on. The things they've decided maybe they should never have been doing themselves.

There's an interesting discussion of fee-based nodes going on over here at the moment.

Yes I agree with all those others too, and similar comments apply. For example in the case of running front ends, others struggle to get traffic with steemit capturing most of it by default. If they/Steem offered a neutral directory page of third party apps it would be easier for others to compete. Likewise, apps (which could include condenser deployments) that want to try to use a small beneficiary tax as a business model would have an easier time without undercutting them (I think they'd still struggle but less so than with the status quo).

That's both radical and at the same time been done by other chains, I'd vote for this, maybe this is the purge we require, a power vacuum that will give people an opportunity to do it better, make it smoother.

Don't worry, I'm consciously off topic, I just wanted to talk about it being here, but I'll read it right away, thank you for sharing.

I keep saying that a hybrid system would be needed to allow mass adoption. A half-centralized system at least for new and small accounts. Because we know that a small account is useless, they are limited in everything, comments, votes, they earn nothing and these small accounts are only used for spam or to inflate the stats of dead accounts.

We need a system where people wouldn't even see that they don't have the ability to act on the network, we can do it with a front-end that does it.

We live here on Steem behind closed doors, articles with hundreds of thousands of views collect only 3 comments (I had the bitter experience) from Steemians and the others look but can't comment.

The keys are too complicated to manage they would have to be intended only for people who have an interest in using the blockchain and who will therefore pay attention to this and therefore the 4 keys (posting, active etc...) will no longer be a barrier for users.

In short, there are plenty of solutions and no problems, except those we invent for ourselves. For example,, which is ranked among the most visited sites in the world, does not benefit from advertising. While with a good organization they could have done it and with the profits bought from the Steem so raise the price and redistribute them to virtuous projects and we have tons on Steem with all the Dapps that exist today.

Unfortunately, the Steemians with whom I speak persist in the wrong direction and those who think like me need a way forward but they don't have them. I can't do anything because I don't have enough time and energy, but fortunately there is time and energy to do it and I'm sure that one day or another it's this kind of application/front-end that will make the network successful.

A simple example, Medium has launched its partner program. Those who wish to (and only those who wish to) can register and publish content that will be visible only to Medium subscribers. We must do the same with Steem, without charging (fees) anything. Because we have the technology to offer such a service. A Steem account should only be given to those who wish to do so and should not be a requirement for interaction with Steemians. Okay there will be spam but all social networks are doing fine today, right? It is up to us to think and act.

Sorry for my English I translated via

Am I mistaken that mrdelegation does more harm than good by favoring the select few at the cost of the common user?
By taking hundreds of stu's for themselves they deprive 1000's of users even a tiny slice of the pie.

The pool is only so large, the top ten voters take 30%, how much is left after the top 100 vote?

I agree with you. I consider it a terrible model in practice for various reasons, in addition to being illegitimate and slimy. The ninja-mined stake was promised to be non-voting in order to avoid competing for influence, and in fact there was even a feature implemented in one of the early hard forks to enforce that social contract, but of course they never used it.

Its like they dont want steem to succeed,...

We run a not-for-profit bot that cleans up the abuse on the platform and we actually believe that "fair rewards" is not an incredibly convoluted concept as you seemed to have suggested.

Here's a list of most of the categories that the @steemflagrewards bot uses to reward legit flags. We address these things and that improves the "fair rewards" you mention. I believe it is pretty cut and dry but just requires a bit of discretion from folks with some measure of integrity. These things ought not to be rewarded, right?

'bid bot abuse': You bought votes to increase the rewards of your post above the value of its content.
'collusive voting': Definition TBD
'comment self-vote violation': You left a comment favorable about the post, you didn't upvote the post, and upvoted your own comment.'
'comment spam': Your comment has been repeated multiple times without regard to the post.
'copy/paste': Your post mostly contains copied material from a source or stock content and is not your original work.'
'failure to tag nsfw': Your post should be tagged NSFW when it contains nudity, gore, extreme violence or anything inappropriate for general public viewing.'
'identity theft': You are pretending to be someone you are not.',
'manipulation': Definition TBD
'phishing': You are trying to steal account keys, password or credentials.
'plagiarism': You are posting content that is not yours by copying it without sourcing or manipulating it to pass plagiarism tools.',
'scam': This post is a scam, designed to trick or defraud others.
'spam': You are repetitively posting the same content or recycling contents after a period of time.'
'tag abuse': You used tags irrelevant to your content or used the introduceyourself tag more than twice.'
'testing for rewards': You claimed to be testing but did not decline rewards.'
'vote farming': You're churning out content (often low quality), in quick successions with abnormal number and/or upvote size.

I think we do more to address these things and we will thus encourage more talented users to participate in positive ways and be rewarded more fairly. I won't ever be perfect but we have much room for improvements.

He clearly said rewards are on the chopping block.
What becomes the game to play when that happens?

The first fork that takes us back before linear rewards has my attention.

This is my advice for you @ned:
Take criticism, understand why everybody is mad, learn from your mistakes, adjust and improve.

In the end, we all are part of and we all wish you success :)

No. See, that's the entire problem in a nutshell. Steem is not Steemit, Inc. Don't expect Steemit, Inc. to solve anything but blockchain. That's probably the way it should have been from the beginning.

We are the Steem Community. We document. We market. We implement solutions.

Steemit, Inc. does the blockchain. And if they don't do a good job, we take that away from them too. So far, I'm extremely happy with their work in that regard. My investment is safe.

Thank you Ned. We'll take it from here.

See, that's the entire problem in a nutshell. Steem is not Steemit, Inc. Don't expect Steemit, Inc. to solve anything but blockchain.


You contradict your own statement within one sentence. This has been the communication problem since day one. STINC always says, "We are not Steem." Yet they focus almost entirely on "developing" Steem while their namesake is forsaken.

Which is it?

STINC != Steem, or

STINC wants to assume the primary/leadership role of (poorly) "developing" Steem while ignoring their own onboarding interface,

And you think you’re a witness?

Uh-oh...little snowflake got triggered again. :)

No, but seriously. Are you actually baffled by my original point?

It is weird, though, that the name of the company is the same as the website that they they are starting to regard as a ball and chain (my words, not theirs, but it's all right there in their body language).
Over-reliance on steemit detracts from their real focus, which is Steem.
Why not just rename it to Steem, Inc and stop confusing everyone?

We didn't get very many definitive answers to many questions here. I was hoping for some specifics considering this was supposed to be Q&A session.

@ned also we need to look at what projects look to do well across the crypto space and see whether Steem has the potential to also create sites/dapps that offer similar things... #photochain #publica #peepeth #choon #nexo #propy #ravencoin #factom #revain .. There were many attempts on Steem Blockchain like Steem books (i think?), and Steemgigs (for freelancers).. why did these not take off? Why did these fail?? We need the opportunity for new Steemgigs-type websites to arise when market picks up again... People will want to develop again on Steem... Otherwise they will just find an alternative blockchain... EOS....



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IF @ned SOLD 1.5 Mil STEEM just AHEAD of announcing a 70% Lay Off; wouldn't the SEC want to know about that?

Isn't STEEM functioning under the SEC regulation and all STEEM holders are Investors?

Don't CEO's get prosecuted for knowingly selling AHEAD of a bad news?

Isn't that abandoning all FIDUCIARY TRUST of the CEO position?

You are a complete failure. Go back to @dan and beg him to come back.

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Thank You for sharing @ned ...
If your video has enough description, I am very satisfied and able to understand what you are talking about in the video ...
Thanks ... good jobs.

Thanks for the livestream. Just a quick point, you need a company name change, Steemit, Inc - it's no longer relevant, maybe just Steem, Inc.

I still have the same questions that went unanswered on the original post:

  1. Can Steemit Inc survive a prolonged period of .04 - .06 USD priced Steem?

2 . Have you done the math on cost for DApps to use steem or said another way how much steem are Dapps going to be required to have to operate on steems block chain?

3 . What skill sets does the company still have on payroll and how many?

4 . What skill sets were let go and did they offer them to work for crypto from home on future projects? Were any attempts made to help these people transition into something new or were they just given the boot and told good luck?

5 . WHO IN THERE RIGHT MIND FIRES EMPLOYEES DURING THE HOLIDAYS !!!! Ned had to have known for months what he was planning, he has been selling tokens like mad for months. The time to down size the ship was 5-6 months BEFORE he sold out NOT after ... VERY POOR TASTE

Lastly, Is steemit inc interested in matching offers for larger projects since there is so much price risk atm, say I put up 100k and they match with 100k worth of tokens? I have an idea to help steems price, long term.

What is your plan for raising prices?

I think worrying about $0.04 STEEM is a bit... pessimistic


In business it generally pays to be prepared for the worst. It does not mean I think the price will go that low but for that matter I would have sold some of the companies 100+ million steem tokens during the several months steem was $5 - $8 and have a nice pile of fiat for dev costs .... but hey what do I know.

So, if I understood correctly @ned pretty much says screw you to and all those bloggers, artists, painters, educated folks etc. who have spent thousands of hours contributing quality content in this platform for a few Steem tokens? Wow!!! Just WOW!!! I was right all along after all about Steemit. Quality writing platform my ass!!!

He didn't say that. He said that Steemit the company needs to focus on doing what it does best and others can use that foundation to build apps and communities for bloggers, artists, painters, educated folks etc.

The alternative of Steemit running out of money and shutting down altogether does you no good.

It is time to face reality that unsustainable economic models do not continue. If you want to take that as a "screw you" that is your choice. But it is still reality.

I was being sarcastic, but to answer seriously: Fair enough, but bottom line is that Steemit is an investing/financial business and that's how its founders CLEARLY see it. This platform was NOT created for talented creators of quality content really, but for already wealthy folks who could either invest real money, or sleazeballs who are willing to kiss ass 24/7 of every community member with some SP in order to make a few dollars through auto-votes. No problem with me at all, but there were some clowns, who claimed that Steemit hosts quality content that you won't even find in GLORIOUS (no shite) websites as BBC, Ars Technica, Ancient Origins, Smithsonian, Gizmodo, Ozy, just to name a few. Just because some literally untalented opportunists made a few dollars on this platform they baptized it the "Bible" of quality content. At least now they know their place in this world (not that deep inside they didn't already), which has been reinvented and "verified" by the founder of this platform!!! Seems like poetic justice to me!

Cheers for editing this out, since you and I both know you were lying when you wrote it and I never said any such thing =)\n\n

Posted using Partiko Android

OF COURSE, you said all that and we both know it! Maybe not in those exact words, but when you ARROGANTLY (for no good reason either) preach to someone and claim that something 100% original that was good enough for Ancient Origins or Gizmodo (can't remember right now as I've written for over 30 major media online), wasn't good enough for Steem-Stem, where 95% of y'all copy and paste from other websites and just because you put it inside brackets you baptize it your own content. You and the clique you name Steem-Stem is the EPITOME of why Steemit failed as a writing platform.

The only reason I edited it out is because I remembered that it wasn't you who started the crusade against me, but two sleazy Greeks who were hiding behind their puppet (that would be you). Their jealousy and envy over my professional career and success couldn't be hidden though. To you it wasn't personal, neither you knew anything about me. You operated just like a puppet with no personality after you took orders. So, I can only show sympathy to someone as passive as you. One way or another, cheers for taking the bait! Mission accomplished.

PS. I have made over $18K since July and my work has been published to Gold Visa Japan, American Express, Ars Technica, Today I Found Out, Ancient Origins, Pens and Needles, and History Collection. Where have you been published? On Steemit? BWHAHAHAHAHA! How much you made? A few dollars for copying and pasting and putting inside brackets things other peeps wrote, claiming them as your content? Mr. "coulda" "woulda" "shoulda", just learn to deal with your position in this world and the new prices of Steem ;)

I didn't really take bait so much as I just got a notification that I was tagged. Though, clearly the humiliation you feel for being caught out as a plagiarist has been hauting you for so, so many months - I even forgot your name the last time I brought up the memory of conversations with you.

If it helps you put to rest whatever it is that's bringing this aura of embarassment, perhaps we could just copy-paste the entire conversation on the blockchain? I'd be more than happy to. We could even share the cost of bidbots to promote the cause so lots of people get to see things from their own perspective! This is the beauty of the blockchain, after all =)

PS. I literally have less than zero f**ks about how much money you have earnt, are earning or will ever earn. I get that you need to keep reminding yourself that you're important but no need to drag me into it, bro!

Also, my position, as far as I recall, is precisely the same as it was when I first became manager of SteemSTEM. Still manager. I guess the difference is I'm less active posting content cause I got a full time job that takes up most may day now, but other than that, pretty much the same =)

Though, clearly the humiliation you feel for being caught out as a plagiarist has been hauting you for so

I feel incredible shame for "plagiarizing" MY OWN content from a major website and posting it on Steemit. I am so ashamed of it that I just did it again a few minutes ago with a new post promoting my new article at History Collection. You are a pathetic clown who took the bait and didn't miss a chance to come in contact with someone you OBVIOUSLY consider your superior in order to feel some doses of self-importance. You don't get that chance too often after all! By the way, I am sure you meant "haunting" right? he he he

If it helps you put to rest whatever it is that's bringing this aura of embarassment, perhaps we could just copy-paste the entire conversation on the blockchain? I'd be more than happy to. We could even share the cost of bidbots to promote the cause so lots of people get to see things from their own perspective!

Daymn!!!!!! I see you don't give a shit, you don't give a fuck about me (let alone remembering my name), but you want a crowd too for our "long-forgotten" conversation on your precious blockchain???!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You passive puppet, I do not know who should be more ashamed and for what! Me for "plagiarizing" my own content from another website, or you being a native English speaker (you are a British "can't" aren't ya?) but not being able to spell "embarrassment" or "haunting" correctly. Do not try to edit them out now....too late as I got your illiterate ass LMAO. Imagine if we had to debate in my native language how upset and humiliated your passive self would be right now :)

And hey, clown! Why you got a full-time job? Being a "manager" on Steem-Stem doesn't make you enough to make a living? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I have to go make some hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars now clown. Cheers and I wish you the very best (which is mediocre at best by your poor standards).

Chin Chin :))))

Hey it was just a suggestion, you seem to be seriously bothererd about our conversation. We don't have to lett the truth out, chill.

Bows down and prays in front of the Tkappa statue in my bedroom

It is time to face reality that unsustainable economic models do not continue.

I agree.

This plan I've been working on as things fall into place is coming along nicely. There are still a few holes and of course I can only think, I can't build it; but it's still worth some attention.

It's not hype, it's sound logic coming from one of those blogger/artists who gets the art and entertainment industry; me.

Phasing out (which is not a 'certainty', just something that is being discussed) would simply mean you would reach your content through one of the other condensers like I never know if many people try out all the other apps available, but your profile looks pretty neat on Steempeak for example, don't you think?

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 00.31.02.png

DAMN!!!!! That's COOL as fock. How you did that? I want that look for my profile ASAP!!!

Here you go, this is the one from the screenshot:

You have profiles all over:

You use the same Steem Credentials on all these websites.
Every app is built on the Steem Blockchain, and is just one of the 'flavours'. You can check out all these websites (there are more) and see which interface of features you like most.

That's why you shouldn't be worried about 'phasing out', this only means (in simple words) they don't want the worry of maintaining/developing this website so they can focus on Blockchain Development.

Enjoy your new adventures, there's a lot of exploring to do on the Blockchain ;-)

Thank you very much :)

I don't have the time lately as I work 10-12 hours per day for American Express (and some other projects) but I promise to take a look during the holidays (hopefully). Again, thanks :)))

You're welcome :-) Good luck with those crazy work hours!

yes, the problem for too long has been putting steemit on a pedestal, it's been confusing for a lot of people to understand the big picture.

Keep it up, @ned.

Thank you @ned. I hope SMT delivery dates won't be affected

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Sometimes they say you look for something so hard and despite it's right in front of your face you don't see it. Exactly what does the other social media platforms have that Steemit doesn't that makes them so popular? A group of moderators or managers who decide when things get censored or removed. What you don't have is the ability of other posters to literally strike down another poster because they don't fall in line with what's been posted. Until the day comes that Steemit develops a system where flagging consist of a call for a moderator or manager to take a look and make a decision on the content provided to make a unbiased decision to remove, strike or take rewards away from it Steemit will never, ever, never, never compete on the same level with sites that do. Never. It's purely that simple. Open debate must be allowed to flourish without fear of retaliation that not only can just consist of someone flagging a comment or a post but that person can run over to your blog site and flag everything in sight making a person lose rewards past what got them upset with you in the first place. It can even get worse then that, they can then call in all their top dog buddies to flag you to....people you never even heard of or spoken a word to flagging you just because you made their buddy mad. This is what hold Steemit back, any pro blogger will tell you that. All's it would take is a simple adjustment to have a moderator or manager or a group like steem cleaners to be flag to come look at a comment and see if it violates terms of use or is so out of this world it warrants removal, loss of rewards and not just based on I have a different opinion on the subject you just wrote about. You can develop all the stuff in the world you want but it will always fall short if freedom of expression is allowed to be abused the way it currently does.

Define unbiased.

Open debate must be allowed to flourish without the fear of your words being marked for a "call for a moderator".

If you honestly think that a committee can be formed to decide what content stays and what content goes on an IMMUTABLE PLATFORM you might be confused as to why people have been leaving FB in droves and why you hardly find a good debate even on Reddit or any other forum, and you must be really naive to think that there is any other venue on the Internet that has the same level of discussion and freedom of expression and the high intellectual concentration that makes up these discussions than steem. Take for example the numerous comments in this thread.

Those would be moderators and their safe spaces will never provide the incentives OR the environment to have the level of creative, critical and constructive exchanges because even if they have incentivez it will probability quickly manifest as an echo chamber where more and more dissent is simply marked, and erased, without anyone to challenge it or extend some forgiveness and gesture of a concern or that someone actually read it, even if they don't agree with it. That's why I don't think much of Oracles and SMT.

In essence, WHY are you not on facebook, so it seems when you have the option to flock to those successful spots, instead you come and expose the fundamental confusion you hold on why steem exists (no ADMINS/freedom of expression/no way to censor) and how (decentralized, immutable ledger) by your suggested "solution". There isn't a problem with expressing oneself on steem, there is only the false idea that if someone curates you or your account negatively it stops one from expressing themselves. Retaliation with negative curation for saying something unpopular or otherwise for saying anything challenging of the mainstream should almost be expected. Expecting that people will be unbiased on the other hand is naive, as is thinking that rewards alone, without punishment or reprisal from the community will encourage open debate, or that you can encourage open debate when the threat of having your remarks erased is looming with any "marked for summary extinction" call, or how you will solve the problem of the committee policing itself.

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Maybe you need to get out more. Disqus is one of the worlds largest suppliers of forum based discussions boards across the world, it works and flourishes based on that everyone has the opportunity to speak without fear of retribution. The forums have up to ten moderators that can be assigned, site owners or media outlets can assign mods, these are usually volunteers. Yes it's true a particular media outlet could pick all volunteers that fall in line with their views and potentially ban users who don't fall in line but that doesn't seem to be a problem on a whole as most will pick people who will balance out the equation. What basically has happened here is there are stuck with a low number of loyal based users, they are a mixed lot, you have those who genuinely respond on a intellectual level, like yourself to me, showing your disapproval of my idea....with some that could have gone an entirely different route and they could have just flagged me for even proposing such an idea, in others words they want me to fear even attempting to have such a debate about making such a change. That's where the problem lies. It happens way more often then people realize. Especially coming from those who have figured out that making a bunch of sock puppets that comment and upvotes themselves leads to a better profitable outcome to themselves then if they waste their upvote on someone else's's a win-win for them and a big loser for steemit. They upvote their sock puppets over and over again until people realize it's a waste of their time even reading this persons stuff because they upvote their socks not you. If you happen to come along and not agree with something they've written they didn't want anything to do with you to begin with let alone have to sit and argue with you, they don't have time for that they are to busy making money off themselves. It's one of the most silliest farces I've ever seen. Having a moderating team isn't going to "make them" upvote a comment from me but it sure will eliminate their ability to just destroy me or send me a message by flagging my blog post never to come back. Open debate must flourish, go over to and see what a flourishing community looks like, you will be hard pressed to find postings over there that have only half a dozen or less comments on them, most range into the hundreds. This concept based that each individual will monitor the community as whole for checks and balances doesn't work because in a money based system most individuals will chose that which benefits themselves over others, including the survival of Steemit as a whole when their behaviors send people packing off the site. Consider this if you take a peek at a thriving community....most of them over there know Steemit exist, there are very successful blog sites over there, most have a loyal following, most have been encouraged to bring their communities over here or create a branch community over here....and why do you think that doesn't happen? Because they try it out and find that the system is set up to punitive to opposing views.

So much for the aura of "everyone has the opportunity to speak without fear of retribution".

I want to bring the discussion back into where it's relevant. You see, the system was created to remove ANY chance of censorship, and to give the community the power to police itself. It cannot be subject to ANYTHING punitive like a Committee or Admins, and certainly not to remove data or alter it.

Not to leave it at that, when SMT's and Oracles come to fruition you will have "safe spaces". Curation can also be retributive, but it's certainly not on the same level as having your words altered or removed. I don't disapprove of your idea, I pointed out that you don't seem to understand how counter to why steem exists and how it functions on a fundamental level. I actually addressed the problem of malicious flagging by suggesting that a separate flagging system be implemented along side curation/removing rewards, but which is in reach of all members, and doesn't create a class of rule makers and guideline setters, as the threat of their position is monumentally more capricious than any flagwar or retributive curation.

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This system is way more abusive then what any moderator system put in place would be, it goes up and way beyond the level of censorship when someone can strike down not only your comment on a post which is the only thing that should be allowed to be struck down but it allows for the flag system to be used as a tool of retribution and a person can strike down everything that wasn't relevant to what they struck down as a comment. They can and they do then move forward to strike down your post and continue to monitor and strike to everything you proceed to do for as long as they like. What's your alternative in a situation like that? You can complain to steem cleaners what basically amounts to a moderator, maybe it gets settled and maybe it don't depending on how swamped they are. If you had a system where people know if someone can be brought in on a more adequate basis to take a look this flagging out of retribution would stop. The way the system is set up now is what is killing steemit, you will never have a world where every man can be the sheriff, it just doesn't work like that. This article itself is a perfect example of what's wrong with the system, they didn't like something Ned presented, that's no reason to flag. Luckily for him he had more power then them and could remove them, that isn't a option for the majority on this site. Then some went on to flag people for basically not hating on Ned like they choose to do. Talk about driving narratives, it suppose to be perfectly okay for some on here to drive narratives while the current system in place allows no place for those being drove to seek help in protecting their views.

There is no way to show that this system could ever be more abusive than a centralized system that removes content and otherwise censors. It doesn't follow that people should only be allowed to rate certain things, especially not if we consider freedom of expression and freedom of opinion.

My alternative to someone autoflagging me, as I did so each time it has happened to me, is to embrace their ratings and the mystique they give me and it has worked in the past to the point that people invalidated those autoflags. It could be worse but ultimately it's not stopping me or anyone else from expressing ourselves.

Steem cleaners still, unlike a moderator, cannot remove anything or alter it.

If you compromise the integrity of censorship resistance by introducing centralized control over what others can and can't do, it will be only a matter of time before the people that remain will fall under the thumb of the moderators, because not only will most if not all who joined directly because why and how this place works as it does end up on a mass exodus to other decentralized platforms, but those in the committee will never be able to scale with the traffic that they have to face should this be mainstream but before they have to do that, they will probably never agree on the definitions of terms for the guidelines let alone the guidelines themselves and once they have an agreement there is no way to challenge their authority which affords them immunity and if not at the very least if they're not compensated well will probably result in bad, and very biased calls, and excusing those that pay them, and if they're paid too much they could simply grow fat and unconcerned and worry only about making more.

You didn't really consider anything I said as far as why steem exists and how it functions, and you didn't offer any solutions that could work in that framework. You can claim that steem is worse than blatant censorship and shadow banning elsewhere because people have the freedom to reward as they wish but those that truly value why and how steem is working and what it means to keep those reasons and methods integral in everything will recognize that while they can flag you, remove rewards and otherwise rate you negatively, they can never shadow ban, they can never remove your worse or your ability to speak and those that recognize that generally have zero issues with what others think of them or how they rate them because those things they have no control over and they shouldn't.

You might consider your solution as imperative to steem but it goes counter to everything that steem was built for.

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You are so far off base it's unreal. Steemit is a centralized platform, all the power and decisions are made at the top. It doesn't get anymore obvious then that. It's the most censored, abusive site on the internet, it requires everyone to be a yes man to every written word to be rewarded. I am hoping when Ben Swam finally gets his platform up we'll see a truly free platform that rewards people for blogging, until them Steemit will continue it's decent into the abyss. Moderators would only be removing post based on the same reasons they'd do that now, flagging would drop dramatically just based on something someone said and people wouldn't be afraid to turn in people whose power is higher then theirs for abuse of the platform rules like they are afraid to do now. But go ahead and keep riding on that horse blindfolded.

It's not centralized. The data doesn't go through any centralized point, the validation doesn't go through any centralized point. The data doesn't get queried through any centralized point. It haz ZERO censorship and saying it's the most censored abused site is redunculous beyound any measure. Saying that the site requires everyone to be a yes man to every word written to be rewarded is equally perplexing and it's obviously not in the realm of how a lot of the interactions work, as I am by far the most outspoken and critical of almost everyone I have meet and I obviously got rewarded ever since I've joined, if not outright through curation then directly through the thank yous and gratified validation or simply through genuine responses.

There is no platform that has rewarded anything comparable to the ammount of blogs and people, let alone the ammount of interactions period like steem has.

You keep putting forward an inconsiderable suggestion that was designed to be rendered OBSOLETE by the premise steem is built on. You keep thinking that blatant shadow banning, censorship and a committee are viable options. You have not offered one thought of how that could be implemented, what it means for the people here, and how will it police itself. You are so mistaken that you spare absolutely not one iota of brainpower to consider calling the largest validated, verified and decentralized, censorship proof, bastion of freedom on the internet the most censored site.

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I signed up specifically because of the censorship resistance and lack of moderators. I was happy to know that flagged comments were NOT removed and I could look at them if I wanted.

However, I do look over my shoulder and worry about getting in the crosshairs of someone like butthead-bernie and I'm ashamed (as a steemian) at this "flag-war" BS. GROW UP ALERADY!

I don't have any answers to the "out of control" flagging problem but I cringe at the idea of having some other person deciding what we do or don't get to see.

I think the slippery slope to censorship problem is worse than the childish flag wars.

However I never considered this:

that person can run over to your blog site and flag everything in sight making a person lose rewards past what got them upset with you in the first place.

What if "flags" or downvotes cost twice as much (or more) voting mana or you were only allowed x# per week or month. Children would still be able to flag someone for childish reasons but maybe it would encourage more discussion and debate. Due to the cost of a flag it would make more sense to make a comment and discuss your disagreement rather than flag or downvote.

I'm on steem because of the FREEDOM possibilities it represents.
Freedom isn't free there is a cost.

You can't remove stuff put on the block chain even if it's done by a moderator, there wouldn't just be one moderator. I am only talking in the same means as steem cleaners works now except they'd take a look at a comment and determine if what the person said violated terms of use instead of just disagreeing with someone. If it's a terms of use violation it would still be handled exactly like it is now but moderators would be forbidden to keep a flag on a comment because someone disagreed with you, that's stifles free speech, that stifles the grow on the platform and that's the biggest threat and use of censorship I've ever seen.

The amount of moderators needed for the scaling up of the site would be forever increasing. Nobody wants to be a moderator. Nobody would do the job for free. If you remove poor curation then you censor people for curating as children if they want. You think that you're protecting people but you're only resorting to the same absurdity of authority figures that steem was built to invalidate. Do you consider that by removing data from the blockchain, especially through a committee, invalidates the functional premises of ledger technology?

If you consider curation and rating things as the biggest threat to free speech and subsequently the biggest use of censorship, you might want to really think hard how you even convinced yourself of the words you've written, because I have heard it before and I came to the conclusion such these people are about the prettiest and most obtusely conflicting people, regarding a review, a rating, curation itself, an expressive freedom, the same as blatant systemic suppression, outright removing or altering of information, or otherwise labeling expressions as illegal or subversive and punishing people for it.

Is it any wonder then that you don't think that's not censorship itself, regardless of the moderators as if someone flags or removes rewards for any reason they want, invalidating their actions by force is censoring their expression, is stomping on their freedom, and saying "you have no right to booo, to jeer, to mock, to insult" in 'the guidelines' won't hide that.

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These discussions are healthy. We need to remember the big picture about being decentralized and why people around the world were getting excited about STEEM.

@ned can you please assign an AI robot to keep the steemit hardware plugged in while you take a much needed vacation in the Bahamas? I love steemit and dont want to see you pull the plug on the whole thing. I had to wait a while for my bandwidth to recharge before I posted this. If you decide to merge the platform with Amway’s new blockchain, can you request that they lower the bandwidth requirements? The rumor in Austin Texas is that you have been working too hard and need to recharg your own personal bandwidth.

Keep it up, @ned.

I'm happy that you communicated with us and please know that it will get easier each time.

While watching, I wondered who your audience was. I assumed it was mostly people from Steemit and they should have been told that nothing major in their blogging environment would be changing in the short term. Those who don't understand the difference between Steem and Steemit might be alarmed at talk of sunsetting Steemit. That is when you are supposed to reassure them, not frighten them away.

It's great that you recognize the company has been spread too thin and I applaud your efforts for cost saving and streamlining. RocksDB is a great idea. If you want out of the interface business, you will need to support the alternatives by communicating about them on Steemit and by supporting them. I'm new to Dtube and maybe I'm missing something but why didn't you use it? Walk the talk.

The company and you personally have just gone through something very difficult and it's not over yet. Some of the discussion was good but the video could have been more concise and a written statement or a few written points would have been useful. With some forethought, you might not have said you were in survival mode (and I winced each time). You may feel that way but don't show it and don't say it. As CEO, your very words and body language can affect the Steem price. And, of course, you don't want the press or your competitors quoting you on this.

I hope you will clarify things for the Steemit users.

I have a background in both software development and product management. If you think I can help in any way, please let me know.

I'm new to Dtube and maybe I'm missing something but why didn't you use it? Walk the talk.

See my comment above.

I just realized.. Why doesn't steemit Inc have its own IPFS node?

I'm trying to "Walk the Walk"

Thank you.

here's the full video transcript for those that prefer reading, abit messy though -

suggestion : would be good to have key summary pointers for future video updates

PS :
Autopost post from instagram to steemit EASILY, new dapp share2steem | Get daily upvotes from s2s and 287 users who activate unique double curation! | Let’s onboard 1% of insta users, and show them the possibilities with steem !

Firstly, thanks for this livestream and for your efforts to improve communication with the community.
Although I know you don't want to be a YouTube sensation the video could have done with a bit of editing. I didn't see the need for three cameras unless you were planning to cut out all the dead air. (You could maybe make some saving on video equipment). it would have also been nice to hear from the Co host.
These criticisms aside, thank you for your honesty. Your plan of trying to downsize sounds like the way to go and focus on more manageable aspects of steem blockchain.
Looking forward to the next one.

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Thanks for the livestream report for today. We really appreciate.

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to me.. one of the most important Q&A and status report sessions i ever seen here on Steemit. Months and maybe years went by and the community always asked or demanded more transparency of the company behind Steemit and for a huge part also of Steem. Only a crisis brought us to the point of really opening communication channels..

Now i slowly get a sense of what is on the horizon, in terms of a real life project. The first step was to reveal a roadmap months ago.. now we get more connected like a decentralized community should be, thx @ned and @andrarchy, even if we currently just rely on some important central nodes, this is a step forward.. especially concentrating on the most important things which hopefully will not just let us survive but thrive.

This was the most down-to-earth stream so far for one of the most appealing blockchain projects and i hope it is just the beginning for more connectivity between community and Steemit Inc. and maybe we can just use the term community for everything in the future.

hey ned i saw your last video on youtube, I think I can help you in this conditions, connect me i will help you to save steem ecosystem.

@ned Simplify.

Everybody still wants a model like this and an ecosystem of Steem blockchain to be successful.

With correct governance everything can move forward.

SP is a valuable power online, because it can be used to get traffic and attention for users and companies across the web. Let's think of how Steem can benefit people across the web, who run other sites and want to integrate SMT's and stuff into their sites.

It's very possible that the social media site, should be just one separate aspect of what Steem can do ,no essential relationship with Steem blockchain. So if Steemit fails, other Steem dapps and social media and creativity should power on and gain new users. Look at Trybe, Narrative etc.. huge interest in social media with crypto.

For example, can we have a Steem social media dapp that gives lifetime rewards?? Like a decentralised with Steem.

It's v . clear anyhow that people want to integrate their existing contacts and send each other crypto. Eg.

I got a question? How da fuck do you still have a job? I mean seriously any other company would fire your first.. you're obviously out of your league.. a piss poor leader and probably a crook.. What'd ya do with all the money @ned? Cocaine? Strippers? Hair gel? You should have used it to buy a clue... #worstCEOever

Greetings from Ilorin, kwara state Nigeria. Well-done @ned we love you. Thanks for the steemit update.

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did you listen to it? I think not.

lol takin care of business...