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What is SteemFollower?

In short: it's a voting ring. (but a good kind)
Voting ring means a group of users who vote on each other's post. This therm usually have a negative tone and referring to a closed circle of people who abuse Steemit rewards system. On the contrary, SteemFollower is a program, anyone can join and take part of the fun.

The main reason why you should try

If you want to be "somebody" on Steemit you must write good articles, (that's very-very important) and you have to make sure that as many users sees your post as possible.

Why is it hard, can be more clearly understood, if we take a look at what's happening on Steemit after you finished writing your latest article, and you press the Send button:

Your post gets registered on the blockchain and becomes visible to other users in the created feed and also in each feeds regarding which tags you have used. Keep it simple, I'll only talk about the created feed for now.
The average number of posts created on Steemit is 1500-2000 every hour! Which means, your post gets lost very quickly. People who follow you, can see your post in their own feeds of course, but the rest of Steemit users don't have the chance really...

If you want to test it yourself, here is an experiment for you:
1 Go and check out the created feed.
2 Memorize the title of the article on the top.
3 Wait 1 minute and refresh the page.
4 Now, try to find the article you have memorized. I bet, it will be very difficult if you even succeed at all.

Ok, that's clear now. This is one of the reasons why some people are not making anything even they write very good blogs. If you choose the right tag, that can help, but the tendency is the same, eventually your post will get lost.

The Upvote Exchange

SteemFollower is different. It is a unique opportunity for any writer to get noticed. Unlike on Steemit, here you only compete with around ~2,600 users and not with 300,000.

How does it work?

Most importantly, you have to vote on other's posts. Why? Because SteemFollower based upon the something-for-something principle.
To be more precise, something-for-something-MORE!

If you are new on Steemit and you have little SP, (less than 50) you can get two times more worth of upvotes than you give. Example: If your vote worth $0.01 you will get $0.02 in your SteemFollower account. Yes, you heard me right, 2 for 1! You can see your actual SBD balance at the bottom of the page:

It is called points, because this is not actual SBD but a promise that your latest post will be visible on the site for others to vote on, until your post(s) received that amount of SBD in rewards. It can be received on one post or multiple posts, always your latest blog article will be visible on SteemFollower.

You can adjust your voting power and vote on more posts if you like to.

The Follow Exchange

This is really simple, so I won't waste your time too much here:)
You can follow 30 users every day. Every person you start to follow, you get point (again).

Each point you earn, means a potential new follower. Similar to Upvote Exchange, your profile will be listed until you run out of points.

Referral link

If you advertise SteemFollower and you share your referral link and someone decides to join under your referral, you are rewarded with three new followers. Not only that but you will receive 5% of your referrals upvote as well. It does not affect your referee's rewards. Example: Your referee's upvote worth $0.10, you will receive $0.005. Doesn't look too much but you can have as many referees as you want!

Speaking of which, here is my referral link:
Please use it to register on the site, it cost you nothing, but helps me a lot:)

That's it guys, if you have any question, feel free to comment below!

Thanks for visiting and have a nice day!

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Hi @neander-squirrel, would you know what happens if I don't vote 5 times on one day? I used up too much of my voting power and its at 50% now, so I was planning to be conservative with my votes for a few days.

Hi @allenaxie,
That is a very good idea, you should keep your power above 80% to have maximum effect on people you really want to reward. I know there is so many but we must prioritise. :)

A good rule of thumb to cast 20 votes in 24 hours so your power will always stays above 80%

You can slow down of course there is nothing wrong with that and now it is the only thing you can do to get back in "shape" ;)

Wow thanks for the advice and upvote! I really appreciate it :)

Hi @neander-squirrel, but the earned SBD cannot be transfered from steemfollower to my main account steem wallet?

Hi @anbannathan,

Points are not earned SBD yet. It's just telling you how much upvotes you can get before your post is no longer shows in SteemFollower.

It becomes real SBD as a reward, when people vote on your posts. Than it is in your wallet.:)

Hi @anbannathan,
The #SBD you earn is transferable kindly check again

@neander-squirrel, we want to advice you that @jvsmsjeevitesh
has copy and re-posted your work on his account!
His plagiarist post you can find Clicking here

Im not getting upvotes even though I am upvoting at least 5 per day
Any ideas why?

Hi there @che-pup,

I can not tell you exactly why you're not getting upvoted. It can be that no users saw your post (less likely) or they are not interested in the topic you wrote about. (more likely)

As I've checked your feed, I suggest you try to write something less political...
Life is so much more:)

How very strange. Suddenly today on that very same post I received 36 votes.
So nothing changed from your end?
Curiouser and curiouser...

I'm happy to admit that I was wrong. Maybe steem is a good platform for politics.

Should I be at all suspicious here?
I contacted you because I hadn't received one vote in all my months.
You tell me it is likely content related which I am not sure I believe really.
The very next day I receive 36 upvotes in one day. Which is extraordinary.
But now we trail off back to one vote per day. Which is better than zero but still not reaching my promised amount.
I will post another story shortly...I wonder?

Yesterday Votes Received From Steemfollower: none

why does this happen , one day I receive my votes, next day I don't , and I put a lot of effort in all my posts and half don't get any visibility

I'm sad to hear that @alexandravart!
Unfortunately we can not control how people vote, a good content not always being noticed, not even under the best conditions.

On SteemFlower you have a better chance to be noticed (so far) but this is not guaranteed. I said so far because as it grows, the amount of posts grows with it so eventually we will end up same as on Steemit, good content get lost in the noise...

I have no idea how to solve that. Just keep writing if you enjoy it and don't worry about the upvotes or money. If you can't change something, worrying just only makes it harder to write next time.

If you are a good writer, people will notice it over time. There are users of Steem who were here from the beginning and when the Steem price was only a few cents (a year ago or so) they were just kept writing. Now they are the ones with reputation 65-70. The work and effort they have put in when it was hard, just pays itself back now.

Hold on:)

Thank fir your reply 🙂
I am not worried about the money but the visibility as I know the content is the same quality because I put a lot of efort into it, I don't post just for posting , I post to make my art known.
Sorry about the frustrated tone,but no one was replying to my questions and , I noticed it is a pattern with the votes so I must do someting wrong or it is a detail about steemfolloer that I don't know

My voting Power is going low. is it a problem?
or how can i get rid of it

That's because you are voting too many times. Voting power is the way to control people's voting behaviour.

If your power is too low, your vote worth nothing.

You can slow down and wait. Maybe vote once or twice a day until your power recovers. It takes 5 days to get 0 to 100.

When you recovered, make sure you don't go under 80% each day so your power always remain strog.

Ok. I wasn't aware of these. So now i have to wait 5 days to recover it :(

also will like to know mire about steemfolower market :)

Sorry, I don't know much about the markets, please join the SteemFollower Discord channel and ask the guys there, somebody can explain it I'm sure! ;)
Here is the link:

I got 0.2 upvote received for each 1 given.
I'm not sure how honest is this platform. I'll give it few more days and I'll write a review :)

any updates on your findings, I dont think I am getting nearly enough votes back for as many as I been giving about to give it up

Does n't work for me. My upvote counts I never receive upvotes myself.

I am not even getting 1 for 1 vote, I have been doing 10 votes a day for two weeks give or take, I stopped voting in and I really do not think I am getting a lot of votes from steemfollower. I am trying to do some research to make sure I am doing it right, Might quit steemfollow in a few more days If things do not turn around.

ok I get it, you are not guaranteed any upvotes.. basically, since there are fewer users on steemfollower you have a better chance to be visible longer and not get buried like in regular

meh ok ill keep at it, I put alot of work in my posts and never see those huge numbers people seem to get from less effort. that makes me want to work even harder!!!

i would like to follow people on steemfollower, but when i click on it I get this:
Following Section Removed. Points will converted to Upvote points.
i do not really understand that?

Same thing here, i really dont know how to go about that now @neander-squirrel whats your take on this

why i don't get any upvote for two days since yesterday..any idea?

i have a question @neander-squirrel, i've already made an account at, so when i post an article in the my steemit account, my post will show in the steemfollower?
also, you state the "something-for-something" rule, will it reflect in my steemfollower account if i upvote any article in steemit or there should be specific articles that i'm required to upvote. thanks

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

THank you for this. Still trying to understand how Steemit works, and your explanation helps.

Can I say that SteemFollower is like an aggregated service that summarize what need or important, so get more visibility amont the SteamFollower circle ?

Thats pretty a good one my dear. Thanks for the information.