Echo of The Past: How The Small Internet Proved To Me That Steemit Is Alive

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Recently there was a funny event, that made me remember about Steemit (and no, it is not the bitcoin pump).

I came here 3 years ago, a long time ago… It was the Golden age of founders ' presence. There were many whales and big fish in the seas, and their voices couldn't be bought. Hundreds of new authors came here every day. They tried to meet the high demands of the community in order to achieve success.

One of the unwritten rules of the time was the creation of a post about yourself, under the tag #introduceyourself. (One of the most interesting tags, in my opinion). Like many other authors, I’d decided to seriously prepare for the conquest of the platform, and spent quite a lot of time, effort and passion to create my first post. Here it is:

Why is not cool to be a space booster developer. My intro post with life story.

The post went unnoticed, I do not know for what reasons. I remember how much I was upset, because it was quite a personal story with a good plot, that reflected some of the realities of life in my country. Matter of the past.

So why am I writing this post? a week ago, thanks to an article that was written 3 years ago, I realized that not only the World is small, but the Internet too!


My best friend sent me a curious link to an article with a vaguely familiar headline…

How loud I laughed! After all, this is my introduyourself translated into Russian. The sincere story of a man about how difficult to work as an engineer in Russia! Quite funny the fact, that I always write big posts first in Russian (I build a structure).

Those. One of the editors, by some miracle, found my article, which I wrote in Russian, then I translated it into English, and he translated it again into Russian with corrections, and published it in the online magazine with 700k subscribers. Life is a strange thing :)

But, most of all I was struck by the fact that my own article "found" me after 3 years. As it turned out, a friend of my best friend recognized him in the photo in the article (here), and sent it to him, and my best friend sent it to me. It took only 3 "handshakes" to get to the original source.

And you may not agree, but for me the appearance of the article after such time in another online publication, with a large number of subscribers, means that Steemit is alive! And if will live not always, then for quite some time, bringing benefit not only to steemians (in the form of rewards), but the entire Internet community.

Undoubtedly, the idea called Steemit was a success. Thanks to the creators. Further fate is in your hands, my readers.

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that is fantastic! I wonder how the two Russian versions compare :). Small world indeed!
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That is awesome.