Dead Followers - How many Steemit followers do you really have?

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Followers Vs. Views

My most recent post has me thinking...

Say you have 500 followers on Steemit. Does this mean you will have 500 sets of eyes viewing each post?

Probably not...

To help answer the question I created a tool called Dead Followers. It is a website that allows you to see how many and which of your followers have gone dark using various different metrics.

See how many of your followers are dead!

The Dead Followers site can be seen in action in the gif below..

If you enjoy the site I would love to hear your feedback.



Super useful tool! Thanks!

This is brilliant. I would love a tool that did the opposite too and showed which people you are following that have left.

Good idea! I'll try to knock that out next week.

Yep, this is a good idea!

If you use eSteem you can get unfollow notifications

OK good to know thanks:) In this case I'm talking about people who have actually left the platform though. I'm not necessarily concerned with whether they follow me or not.

Oh duh, I see what you meant now! That would be a great feature

Yes. Would be great if we could eventually get all this analytic tools on our homepages.

Good idea. Mine are half dead. Maybe some will be back when the Steem price hits $4 again?

And when will that be? $4 that is?
I'd really like to know :)

i thought mine will be closed half but the other question is how much live followers support is a question. Will have to see how this match up with steemvp or steemdb.

I really liked that song. Gonna check out some more Turbonegro tomorrow!

Hey, @mynameisbrian, Thank You! for this very cool tool!
Bookmarked, and following you now! ;)


I saw those stars in the comment image preview and thought it was a shot of Xmas Steemit Pond.
Fun gif though. Merry Christmas!

Thank you...

Wow, your Xmas Steemit Pond is way cool! Another bookmark!

Neat tool. Mine shows a clear patter - a whole bunch of people who joined when I first started talking about Steemit - joined and were excited and made a few posts and got distracted, bored, no or low rewards, STEEM price fell away = gone.

Reminds us like all things, we do need to keep talking to our disciples to keep them true.

Cool add to the tool would be to list the Vesting Power in the dead followers list - would want to encourage the ones with high power to come back

Great idea to add vesting power! I'll try to do that too when I get back to it.

I have 420 true followers. Awesome! Thank you for this!

Now...why aren't my true followers voting on my posts? I'll be watching...

[EDIT] - I'll mention this in my price analysis post tonight. Good job!

That may explain where the 146 dead followers have gone.

lol. too funny. And thanks for sharing the post!

As it turns out, my dead followers may be less. If I go by voting, then I only have 97 dead followers...and 469 true followers.

Amazing work Brian! RS and UV for you!

I am going to do a post on this shortly and direct everyone to the site and to you.

I really appreciate all you IT crafty computer people who make magic happen every day for us unskilled types in these departments!!

Here is what mine showed and this is the graphic I will use in my post -- I hope my ahem...."followers" -- see it and add you and follow you -- you are a great source of info.

Thanks for the work!

Lots of options and tweaks for similar things like others have mentioned here also!

Very cool! Have an upvote.

105 true followers out of 134. Pretty good, I think. A lot more than I expected. Not that a number of them ever read anything I post, but still.


Thanks for the re-steem!
EDIT: 105 - That's pretty good. With the default settings I have 108 dead followers!

It reminds me of Instagram and Twitter followers. Only on tenth of them are actual engaged participants. The rest are the bots. Such is life in the new millennium. :-D

it says i have 40 followers which is not true ; thats exact 2 times my folowers

Think alot of mine have gone. Will go check this out now. Good work :)

@mynameisbrian, i have 153 dead followers. Steem On Dude!

And now 1 more live follower 👍

What a fantastic idea! I am blown away!

Thanks @rigaronib. That's a great complement coming from you.

You bet, bud!

Wow this is awesome!

I HAVE always wondered...

373 - 98 dead = 275 'alive'

Nice! Looks like I have a high frequency of dead followers compared to others :(

Help. How can I bring my dead followers to life?

Your given link is dead

Posted using Partiko Android

77 total, 27 dead.

plays taps

This is great! I was just thinking about this last night, how many of them are they active.Great job!

This is really great! I've been wondering for a while how many of my followers have gone inactive, and now I know. Using the default options, only 26% of my followers are inactive lumps of driftwood, which seems encouragingly low.

However, I don't really care so much about a follower's posting history (unless I follow them back). What matters more is how often they vote. So I switched the toggle to "vote" instead of "post" and the percentage went down to 21% dead. Even better!

I think you should have weeks on the time scale too, in addition to months. I'd be curious to see how many numbers change when it's just the last week or two.

My poor followers :(
Thank you for your site. It is very useful!

This is a good idea. I used it and I have 25 followers, all still steeming along which good.

One challenge I have is finding post from the people I follow. I use my iPad most of the time and the beta doesn't show the links like the website shows when I use a computer. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this?

Thanks for the post.

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4 dead followers...
Excellent work on the site

Most useful tool I have seen in a long time -awesome.

Thanks that was fun.

Now here's a late reply!

Would it be difficult to add the number of my followers who haven't voted for me in a month? I would be curious about that statistic. It seems only about 10% of my followers ever look at or vote for my content, making the number of followers you have rather meaningless, because many, well, aren't.

coool! do you know of an app that can sort your followers by how long they have been following you? There's an idea for you if it doesn't exist! Useful to check on new followers and see if you want to follow them or not. No dead followers for me yet, but I just did a manual check of my followers today, seeing if I wanna follow them or not.

Very cool. Thanks for the post.

Thank you, @mynameisbrian, for this useful tool :c)

Its really helpful to know when a person last posted.

As a matter of curiosity - does it also consider comments to be posts?

One thing that I feel would be a logical continuation to this would be to check which persons that one follows that also classify as dead users.

In this way a user could optimize both followers and followees. :cP

Thanks again!

You deserved way more than $21 for this. Many thanks. I'll be following you.

amazing work and looks pretty accurate.

Nice idea but unfortunately the website is down. Does it changed to another place ?

Awesome tool. Thanks for creating it for the community.

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