Why Are There So Many Abandoned Or Inactive Accounts?

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Hello Steemians,
I have noticed that they are so many abandoned or inactive accounts on steemit.
I believe steemit is a wonderful platform that has a great future.
Many joined the platform with a lot of passion and zeal, then after awhile they stop posting.
At first I thought they were only accounts that were not making money that were going inactive, but I am noticing more and more even whale accounts that have been abandoned.
In this article, I am not trying to give the reason why, I am only trying to create awareness to this phenomena.
The accounts that are not making any money we can understand or we think we do.
But now when we see a car like this in the middle of nowhere, we begin to wonder, what could have caused the owner to abandon such a magnificent piece of technology?
How did it get to be like this?
Where is the owner?
Why such waste?
Oh the things i could do with a car like that.
There are many steemit account that are like the car above.
Enormous value abandoned.
The question remains;


Their friends, we need to have an idea, because it will be supid for us to work so hard in developing our accounts only to abandon them like this someday soon. What's causing this strange phenomenon? Can the ownera be heed?
What kind of help can we offer?
What about the minnow accounts that never made even $1 despite having posted many articles in the hope of being paid some nice author rewards but got disappointed and left.

I may be getting all this wrong.
You may have some light, you can share on this matter please do in the comments below.
Do you personally know of any steamians who have abandoned their accounts? Do you kmow why?
Someone please say something, any thing you know about this can help the entire blockchain.
I will be checking the comments below this post hoping to find anything on this subject matter.
Thanks for your loyalty to my channel and your comforting support always.

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The problem is expectations of effortless gains vs the reality of daily work.

there is also the aspect of luck in any economy based on popularity.

Thanks for responding,
I see that you are all aware of this situation.

Thanks for this deep opinion.
So you agree that you too are aware of the phenomenon.

I try to read new articles, post replies to articles, and reply to the people who reply to my articles. It helps to get good conversations going. I think the problem is that people on steemit don’t read a lot of other peoples content, they just post with fingers crossed that people will upvote it.
Also it is not easy to find reply’s to your content. For example, if I reply to someone, then I have to really work to keep up with that reply, if others reply to me. There is not a way for responses to be flagged, sent to you somehow, or like on Facebook on the top it’ll have all your likes, reply’s etc flagged.

In short, if everyone was actively engaged both with content creation AND reading and replying to content, with an easy way to flag conversations you are having, it would do wonders for steemit. Two of those can be fixed by us users. The last is a fix by the network.

its like you already have a deep understanding of all these.
i agree with you on all counts.
i think flaging on steemit is too severe. we need a lighter penalty, a simple indicator of dislike or disapproval. thanks again.

Hi dear you done very good job
Deep study
Many people i think most of people need fast money without posting
And keeping patients this is the main reason for that today lots of inactive account are there😊😊

As if i get you well,
many who come here come to make money fast and not just to have a social media experience.
So if the money is not coming as fast as they expected they get discouraged.

Maybe they've forgotten their masterkey (password) therefore can't login

That may be true too.
For some accounts.

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I think inactive accounts should be burnt to restore the value to the rest of the community.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for responding.
But your solution is a bit drastic, don't you think?

Ha the whale accounts aren't inactive, they have lent out their steempower and earning while they "sleep"

You are right. With some accounts.
But does this delegation of sp produce as much as you would have with an active account?

If I'm rich, I have other things to do than sit on social media. If you have enough steem power to delegate you could make a decent profit and save time, the Steem would be working for you, not you working for the Steem.
So yes, delegating can make much more sense than being active.

you are very right, my friend.
i agree
it makes perfect sense.

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Another reason those who come here to make money fails

But the platform promised that they would make money.
Post vote and earn, right?

I mean earning less amount of money

By the way do you know any whale accounts that abandoned?

Yes We had come across a few.
It is just that is even impossible to reach them out of steemit.
Somif they don't log in to steemit.
And then check their wallet entries they can notince your memo.

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Because there are too many bots and not enough people. The payments are too heavily stacked to popular people that have poor posts and make little effort. It is too hard to gain followers and its too hard to view peoples work

no one can argue with that. but would the solution be to abandon the accounts?
remember there are many social media platforms that don't pay anything.

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So I've been on here for almost a year now..ive made long insightful post.. Short post.. Just pictures.. Memes.. Comments replies.. Always looking for that thing that catches people's interest.. So far..in all my post.. I've only ever had a couple really ever make any money and then I'm only talking a couple dollars.. But with that being said.. It seems like in today's society of instant gratification and" something for nothing" beliefs .. The kind of effort and work that has to be applied to this platform is to much for a lot of the people who come across the ads for "make money for your post" .. I stopped for a minute when I 1st started.. Wasn't seeing the returns I had envisioned.. But then I was seeing the follower building and a few more votes here and there.. I'm still low on charts and returns but I see potential for something better . For some.. They probably lost their account numbers since it is soully on the user to remember it..

Thanks @rloriaux
you have been patient with steemit for a year now. congratualations.
i pray you have a break soon.
i am encouraged by your story.
i see i have a lot to learn from you.

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@mwanjo don't mind why of this post reason ?

Hello my friend!
How are you doing today?
This matter really bothered me a lot.