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The Google's motto ‘don’t be evil’ is said to guide many of google's decisions and is said to keep it from taking potentially harmful decisions (like creating Skynet). Steemit might be wise to adopt a similar motto otherwise it might quickly find itself with a lack of fresh content as most authors will abandon it.

What prompted me to write this post was this article:
This is a brilliant post, written by @alexgr, which talks about how good of an investment steem power is even if it is “monetized” solely through curation rewards.
The problem here is that if the majority of non-author Stemians play the STEEMIT game only for the purpose of gaining curation rewards most authors won’t get any upvotes at all.

You see the logic behind playing for curation rewards is to upvote only those posts which will gain a significant reward. Currently it is quite simple to predict which posts that will be:

  1. the author has reputation > 60
  2. the post has at least one picture
  3. upvote within first 30 minutes

The above first two conditions are not 100% accurate but they are close enough to earn you decent curation rewards every day without having to spend much time on steemit (or even reading the posts).
But this is a bad practice for STEEMIT as a platform because this means that the top 5% of authors will get ever stronger while the rest will slowly fade away and give up. Upvotes need to be more evenly distributed if STEEMIT is to prosper.

I won’t say how to do that because i don’t know, but i urge you to give a portion of your upvotes to those posts which you know will not bring you any curation rewards. As only with continually fresh authors and content can STEEMIT succeed on the scale Reddit did.

Thank you for your time & have a nice day

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it's good to know but for me it's more important the content itself than the user :) so all my votes are based on originality and good content and i only follow people that i like what they post ! Besides that since i only started about two weeks ago i believe that in long terms , content is the most important thing in here so i will keep on voting based on that ! thank you for your information, i found it really useful and you got my vote cause i totally agree with you :) Greetings from Greece


Wow, you have built a mighty high reputation in just 2 weeks! Keep it up, it'll be a pleasure to keep seeing your posts.

Thank you for your comment and warm regards to Greece :)


thank you more :)

I'm more likely to vote up posts like this that I enjoy to support the author. I am earning a bit from curation now, but it's no big deal for me.

Support the minnows!

Yes I only upvote information that helps me in some way... and follow because I liked it enough to upvote it, there would be more good content coming from this individual. I know many just upvote and follow to build their numbers. But people see through that, the cream will rise to the top... if you do not rise, you need to improve your quality.. .a simple recipe I think.

Thanks for the post - I love reading and hearing the evolving views on steemit. I have been on for about 10 weeks - some interesting weeks and even more interesting posts


Glad to hear that :)
I totally agree with you, it is so interesting to see how oppinions and STEEMIT itself is evolving before our eyes.

It's sad to see so many people looking for so many ways to game the system. How easily they forget the laudable intentions of the system. I suppose we could see them as grey-hats who find holes in beta so they get fixed before full release.


well to be honest gray hat is ok with me, but the problem is this could sink the platform if it is not stopped. I guess the main owners of STEEMIT know what they are doing but i wish they'd at least offer us some reasurance. I hope we'll be out of beta soon :)

Thank you for your comment :)
Have a nice day (it's allready evening here)

I am still trying to figure out things, but I simply upvote what I like, try to comment on posts that make me think, and support authors whose content I like. But I have to be honest, I save my votes and thoughts for people who I follow.

What that means is my circle only grows in fits. I am sure I am missing 100s of authors that I would enjoy. The question becomes what can we do to find each other?


A good question, I've been meaning to make a post about it for a long time now, but I haven't gotten to it yet.
Thank you for reminding me and thank you for the upvote :)

Great post. Thanks for sharing. Happy to upvote and follow. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Cheers. Stephen


Thank you, i'm following you too

Do you think that having curation rewards in Steem Power, and because that takes a long time to withdraw, does this have any impact? At least it's not cash in the hand. It doesn't appear to make much difference at the moment.

But as for me, whilst my curation rewards have been going up steadily over the time I have been here, I have a rule I try to follow - I only upvote what I read, and like. Preferably fellow minnows.


I'm not sure howe the steem power vs. cash in hand effects people. i hope it will have some more effect when more people realize steemit is an investment as opposed to a quick bank robbery XD

Good post, but you follow 1194 people...
I just wonder if you ever looking at your feed ;-)


twice a day and there are surprisingly few new posts. Often there isn't even 1 per hour.


Oh, really? 0o
I can't cope with 370 checking the feed many times a day!


Are you sure it's your own feed btw? ;-)


I guess you are following more active people - or i sleep when steemians are the most active