CONTEST 2: GROW with MoMoGrOw - It’s a WIN-WIN!!! --#2

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Let's grow together here on Steemit!!!

I love all the contests, quizzes etc. here on Steemit. Therefore I decided to create my own. This challenge is to truly see how social we all can be on this social media platform. Should be easy - right?

I appreciate all Steemians who take time out of their busy lives to read or scan my posts. Those that take the time to get the gist of what I spent time putting together – then making a comment. These comments are truly appreciated and I respond to every one of them – out of gratitude.

I left Steemit for 9 months but I am now back!! I realize that engagement is the name of the game. However, I am spending more time on Discord that on Steemit. I love it there as I am meeting some great people. However, I would love to bring some of that chatter to Steemit. In my humble opinion, "conversing" more on the blogs is important for the continued success of Steemit.

WARNING This Contest is not for everyone. I know that this will not be the most popular contest because people often comment on post where they get a large upvote. Do not forget that you earn when you make a comment.
To entice you to engage with me –I do a giveaway for this contest and will do random giveaways in the future.

What you need to do?

Rule #1. Always respond to my posts with a legitimate comment. (nice post etc. - does not qualify)

Any other rules?

No - Rule #1 is the only requirement.
It might make sense to follow me, in order to know when I make my daily posts. I will make one post daily but sometimes 2 when inspired!! So it might be good to pay attention.
Upvoting and Resteeming will be appreciated but its not mandatory - however the more I earn the more frequently I can do a giveaway and the more participants - the merrier.


🏆Winner – 1.5 Steem - @ifeluwa88
🏆2nd place – 1 Steem - @resuscitate
🏆3rd place – 0.5 Steem - @ogine

Many Congratulations to all the winners, but especially @ifeluwa88 - you have commented earlier than the other winners, @resuscitate commented on every post and @ogine all but one. Everyones engagement was top rated and added value to every post. Close contenders were @chiknows, @zyx066 and @botefarm.
I am so pleased with the engagement - > The Contest continues!

**What is the prize? **

The follower who engages the most with me for the next 7 days will be the winner but the top 3 will be selected. The contest starts with this post.
🏆Winner – 1.5 Steem
🏆2nd place – 1 Steem
🏆Third place – 0.5 Steem

IMPORTANT - To keep things equitable – numerous comments on 1 post will still count as 1 comment - so first level comment only - the rest is engagement. 😄
The contest will end at 11:00 GMT+1 on the 8th day. If I decide to continue the contest, it will start with this post which also announces the WINNER(S).🏆 If there is a tie - then the time of the comments will determine the winners.

BONUS - I will randomly give good comments an upvote if I have the Voting Power - so not always.

I am a humble minnow or red fish or whatever you call it – but just call me Momogrow; the point is that I would like to grow and so do you - we can do it together.
Ultimately, I would to have real followers - not the ghostly type who visits me for a contest and never again. I would like real followers who appreciate what I share and stick around.

I am looking forward to engaging with you!!!! 😄😄😄

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You finally did it @momogrow.. great


@burlarj - hmm - cryptic? :-) - please explain.


I mean you finally did the contest and it was good, I bet you will have more contestant and people engaging with you now since it is still ongoing

I joined for the money and stayed for the friends


haha - that is the spirit. Hope you will be succesful with both.

@momogrow i would say this is the funiest contesr i have seen on steemit. Wow, you giving out steem for just comments on your blog? Great idea but then like you said people ars motivated to comment when there is something in it for them but still it wont be bad to appreciate those who find time to read your post and drop meaningful comments. Nice one @momogrow, lets grow together.


I am happy you see the humour in the contest.😄 I am making a point. Engaging makes Steemit more fun. I am trying to encourage real engagement while hopefully gaining real followers. Absoluitely - let's grow together.

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Thank you MoMo....I am so happy....this is really great..I chatted a whale up some days ago, about helping me submit my post for curation. she told me don't go looking for is right beneath you, make use of it..well i got confused and asked what that means.. And she said interaction brings about awareness..Thank you for this opportunity, i have some personal question for u when i see u in d city...Till and peace until the next post


You are welcome. See you in the virtual city. Love and peace to you too.

Thanks for the prize. Your posts are informative and anyone that truly goes through them would have something reasonable to comment. Thanks


Thanks so much @resuscitate. I do not always write on these topic but I feel inspired to at the moment. All the best to you.

This is surely a beautiful idea: you can build a great feelings with your followers just posting and replying. This is a strong WIN-WIN relationship and I appreciate your will to do that. I would like to suggest you something too: you can make something like a contest in the first episode of the series, where you ask to your followers to decide a theme that you will have to talk about in the next week. This could be an easier way to choose the winners in case of ex-equo. And also the feeling could be stronger. You could suggest also a theme, for example sport, and we, followers, would choose what about sport.
Thank you for you attention!

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@moncia90 - thanks for your nice comment and suggestion. This is week 2 of the contest and it is nice to see an new contestant.
I want to be sure I understand your idea. I ahould run another contest and ask people to choose the theme for my posts for 1 week. if I choose a theme and then there is a tie. The person whose theme I chose is the winner. Did I understand correctly?
However, if 2 people chose the same theme and also engaged on all the same posts, I think I will still have a dilemma- right?
By the way, I had a tie in Week 1. For 3rd prize I chose the winner by finding out who commented first.


I probably do not understand how your contest works, but this is not a big problem because I reply for my and your happyness, not for SBD. Of course if I win I am happier.
I have tried to suggest you how you could make working your contest (I do not think that you should do another one, this is good!)
This second contest will be over in the way it starter. From the third episode you can ask ti your followers to choose a theme and you select a reply where someone suggest a theme you like. You will post during the next week an article where you talk about that theme. You could give an extra price to the best reply there. At the end of the contest a new theme will be selected and so on.
I hope I am clear now. If you like some suggestions or help you can write me in discord or steemchat. I am @moncia90👍

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@moncia90 apologies I missed this comment.
I coulf not find u in Discord - please find me there @momogrow.


Look for this in discord:


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It's a pretty awesome contest you have set up here! I always try to catch your stories. If I miss some, I go back and read it, but now I have added your account to GINAbot on Discord to get remainded about your posts. I even have a list of quality authors on paper. Imagine that ... despite all tehnology, I sometimes still use pen and paper. :-)


@zorank - thanks a lot for your kind comment. I hope I will get and keep followeres who like what they read. Like you for instance.
This is the nicest compliment any blogger could receive. I truly appreciate this feedback. Wow - thanks so much.
At the moment - I am not travelling but I am inspired to write tips for life. Hope u like the posts.
Yes - I still love paper and paper too - I know how you feel. :-)