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RE: How to Add a Steemit Profile Widget on your Website?

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Hey @gmichelbkk! Thank you! Seems I have to take my old widgets project a little bit more serious again. :D I didn't really plan to support it anymore but... well... maybe I'll reconsider. :D

Oh btw... You just need to make sure you use a different id when adding multiple widgets.


Hello, do you have to tool that allow users to post from wordpress and it will reflect on steemit?

Search for steempress

Thank you for reading the post and commenting. Yes, please, continue this project because it is going to be useful for a lot of people. I think the widgets are awesome and what you need is more promotion so people are aware they exist. Thank you for the tip of using a different id, I will try that.

I was thinking about implementing SteemConnect to enable commenting and voting. But therefore I would have to change the entire technical concept... :/ maybe I'll find a reasonable solution someday. :D

I tried the id thing, but not sure how to make it work. Should I use element: 'steemit-widgets-profile', element: 'steemit-widgets-profile2', for the footer on whole website and then use the different ids where I want them to show?


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