Newcomers and Minnows: how to write a "quality" comment.

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Hello steemit Friends,

Lately, after i wrote my post "Newcomers, minnows and spammers.. this post will save your reputation!", many users (mostly newcomers) asked me how to write a "quality" comment.
It's not easy to explain, because I wanted to know too.. :p

But I can share some tips with you.



Basic tip, isn't it? But everyday i see people commenting something of which ignore everything.

My advice:

if you don't understand what you are reading, close the webpage and go reading another post.

Sometimes it is better to remain silent and appear stupid than open your mouth and remove all doubt (O. Wilde)



Another mistake of newcomers and minnows is to read only few lines of a post and then thinking to write a meaningful comment.. with this behaviour it's highly probable to write something stupid or outside the scope of the post.

My advice:

take the time to read the post carefully and then to write your comment. A comment well-written will receive more upvote than a comment written in a hurry. Quality is always better than quantity.



Very often, to write fastly, there are a lot of inaccuracies in comments. In fact to venture in very technical posts, require accuracy.

My advice:

When in doubt, made always a research to make sure to write correct information.



Why a reader will be interested to view your link if it isn't closely related to the content of the post? It's a behaviour that goes into a sure downvote.

My advice:

To put a link in a comment isn't wrong, but be sure that it's closely related to the content of the post.



It's a very frequent error and very often punished by downvotes. An upvote means appreciation for your comment, so reader are the ones that can upvote your comment. It is assumed that you believe in your comment and you'd always vote it!

My advice:

If you write a good comment you be assured that it will receive some upvotes.. so don't waste your work with your upvote which, by the way, is worthless due to your low SP!



I know it is frustrating to write a good comment and don't receive any upvote, maybe because your reputation is very low. But be perseverant.. at starting is all difficult, but writing a lot of good comment will highlight your work and then you'll be taken into account receiving upvotes..

My advice:

Try to choose authors with your own thought and ideas. It will be easier to write comments which attract their attention.



If you have a past experience strictly related to the post content, share it! It will be highly appreciated.

My advice:

A personal experience could be a very added value to your comment, that creates a new discussion in the comment section and which could be as an opportunity to write your future post on the subject.



It will be useful to give new opportunity of discussion in the comment section and it could add some extra content to the post.

My advice:

This could be a really good way to interact with the authors of the posts, receive upvote and make new friends/followers.



It's my last advice but i think it's the most important: if you don't have fun in writing comments, will be apparent in in your words. I think that interact with authors is a way to make new friends and at the same time, to grow in the steemit community! It's nicer to give an upvote to a friend, keep it in mind!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

If you like it, please upvote and resteem!

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I would totally agree with all the points mentioned except the self voting part. I feel it is not a grave thing to do if one has enough SP to maximize rewards on self voting. As a newbie myself, i've been doing it as it was taught by the seniors. I think they have to officially make it a rule for no self voting, otherwise people will just take advatage.

Is English a second language to you my friend? It was a good post I'm not giving you a hard time I am just asking a question based on some wording that I saw in your post.

You are right though. Commenting correctly is a very important part in becoming a good Steemian. I don't really understand why people make comments that have nothing to do with the post content. Why they think it would be upvoted is beyond me.

Nobody likes it when people upvote thrie own comments. Luckily for everyone Steemit has just implemented a new feature where a comment is now treated like making a post. You can set the rewards to:

Power Up 100%
Default (50% / 50%)
Decline Payout

I think that if someone really wants their comment to be at the top of a post and they want to upvote it. They should select the decline payout for this.

I think that this is a good guide for newcomers commenting careers! :)

Hi mate! Yes i'm italian and english is my second language.. i'm using steemit to perfect my english.
I fully agree with your comment.

You're doing great!! Your English is really good dude.

Thanks, you have no idea what this means to me.

:) Keep on Steemin!

We have a really nice English teacher here. Check out the page of @majes.tytyty and join in to the comments. He will help you improve your English and there are a lot of other nice people learning over there. Good luck!

Thanks! I sure will.. followed ;-)

You didn't miss any of the basics. Good job. Resteemed!

Thanks mate!

The post is magnificent. I barely read it, I can imagine how difficult it was to write it.
I can consider myself a commentator with experience, so that I can not hold out and leave my own advice:

  • nor when do not comment, without reading the articles,
  • nor when do not insult the author with your comment,
  • nor when not writing a formal comment.
    Remember, your comment should be the most unique !!!
    Thank you, @miti, that you make our platform better. Good luck to you and good.

You're welcome! Thank you for those words, @cramium

I didn't understand but this is very useful post. Please upvote me. Please.

Just kidding, seriously it's irritating sometimes and sometimes it's unberable.

Nope, you guys should laugh at those. I am very new here, but I have already noticed that the system is working. Members voting power performs a wonderful, natural selection - those who try, those who want to contribute something, will stay and be rewarded, and those who only seek to ride the system, will sooner or later leave, for it wouldn't be worth for them to stay and keep on looking for something from nothing...

Ha ha, here I am, a newcomer trying to make a smart comment about Steemit, meaning about something still outside my SPHERE OF COMPETENCE, which according to the article I should not be doing 😉

I just tried to make the smiley bigger, according to this post

and... it is not working, any advice please:


LOL, how strange, it worked this time


This post contain some tips for newcomers and minnows... i don't think it's ncessary any competence to comment it :p



Dear friend. Money fucks everything up. It fucks things up to the point that you have to make posts about 'how to make a good comment'.
This is ridiculous and ever so weird. In a normal environment people will say what they mean in comments. Sometimes it is, 'hey, i like your ideas', other times it is 'dude, you are a gowdumn idiot'. Both are totally valid opinions and we have learned that they belong in the internet ecosystem. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you get actual good response with interesting points of views.

But here on steemit, people comment to make money. Or to gain followers. They are not participating, they are maximizing their value. So you get very distorted field, with most of the input looking like a shitty middle-school essay: 'i agree with this post. It had many good points and showed some very nice pictures. I like it'.

People are so careful not to say anything controversial, because that could mean they dont get their 25 cent reward.

And damn right I am upvoting my own post. Otherwise it will get buried under a mountain of steeming crap.

You have forgotten to upvote ;-)

And... I think you are going too strong, in spite of the "25 cents reward", the comments here are not so senseless. I wonder, what is your motivation of being here, what are you trying to accomplish on Steemit...

I was thinking of writing things for the web for some time now. Steemit seemed interesting concept, so I explore it. For sure I have learned a ton about blockchain and crypto during my couple of weeks here. And for sure I would neither write nor read here if the platform would not sit on top of a cryto. The portal is crap if you objectively compare it to any competition. But we are here to invest into the potential, not the present situation.

The ecosystem is strange. It is obvious. People act differently and it is obvious that the only variable is the potential rewards.
But also I'm not a shiny crusader who saves people from the mountains of spam. Yesterday (obv also today)I just felt like ranting, even though I understand it is pretty much pointless. The ecosystem will heal itself, or die. My rants, or the countless ones who ranted before me, make no difference.

Thank you for not snubbing my question.
To tell you the truth, you have pleasantly surprised me with your answer :-)

I wish you success with your writings here and also with the monetary rewards from it ;-)

And, if I may, I have advice for you... if you truly want to write on Steemit, try falling in love with it. Just concentrate on the positives and graciously ignore everything else, at least for your first months :-)

Sorry, I know that you are here longer than I am, but LOL

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@miti, I'm a newbie here and I didn't completely get the logic of steemit, then I read your post. At first I saw people upvoting their own comment so I feel the need to upvote mine as well because most are doing so. Thanks to your post I'm enlightened. Muchas gracias!

You're welcome! ;-)

From now on, will heed your advice.

This is a great post, but at the same time this seems like common sense to me. I suppose the biggest question for me would be, in an environment such as this, how would one retain a sense of integrity and sincerity while having the ability to thrive and prosper? It appears that for one to uphold this code of morality easily becomes lost and buried in a vicious sea of banality. If you ask anyone that is successful, they'll never tell you that they never had to get their hands dirty you know? At the same time, I wouldn't condone that behavior. I suppose I have to ask what's the alternative?

What is common sense to you, is not for someone else. A lot of people signed to steemit and then don't know how to do to survive in this community.. Then they ended writing spam comment. My intent is to give some guideline to don't incur in downvotes.
How to have success? I don't know, and i don't know the answer to your question..

That seems fair enough :) I think it is only reasonable to establish a socially constructive form of etiquette that is applicable to everyone. After all, humanity has been doing so since the dawn of time right?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes, right.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow! This is wonderfull, you have just guilded me alot. I think all newbies need to read this and get well educated about the scheme.

Nice one bro. I appreciate.

You're welcome ;-)