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RE: All You Need to Know About Your Votes on Steemit!

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As per usual you provide some valuable content I will use. Thanks. But I have a larger question: I'm a little discouraged the last few days. Maybe I've just hit a plateau or something. Trying to find good people to associate with and good solid groups to be part of, and I think I'm making progress, but Steemit, at times, seems like some big giant butt kissing contest... all of us madly running around trying to post things others will upvote. Surely there must be some cat videos here somewhere? And then I spotted a dude on Trending who has purchased his fame by using JB's votebot almost exclusively. Just went back there and he is gone. Was up to over $700. Anyway you seem to be a mellow person, just tooling along minding your own business, helping out with good posts, supporting @jerrybanfield, and you have helped me with some good solid income. So what mind set do you have? How do you see things? Should I join the frenetic scrabble to get followers and make money? I don't know. I feel the energy band of all of this and it grates on me. What say you?


Thank you @mistermercury for your comment and question. I am putting some effort into Steemit as I want to reach 10k SP, that's my goal. To do that I decided to write one quality post per day, not to do these mini posts like photo/color challenges. I see these posts as assets for me as they will be found in Google. I do not care about kissing the whales' butt if they have one, I just go regardless the number and value of upvotes I get. I use bots to help the posts be more visibles and this gives more curation rewards too. I have been discouraged many times too, but as long as my SP is increasing, then I continue. It's great when people follow me, but I'm not chasing followers. I'm not after fame!

I tell you what: if I ever make it to Thailand lets have a tall glass of juice together. Wouldn't that be grand to be able to afford to do such a thing and have the freedom to do it. Blessings. Took a long walk, feeling better.

I am looking forwards to it @mistermercury and take it easy with Steemit!

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