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RE: All You Need to Know About Your Votes on Steemit!

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Thank you @mistermercury for your comment and question. I am putting some effort into Steemit as I want to reach 10k SP, that's my goal. To do that I decided to write one quality post per day, not to do these mini posts like photo/color challenges. I see these posts as assets for me as they will be found in Google. I do not care about kissing the whales' butt if they have one, I just go regardless the number and value of upvotes I get. I use bots to help the posts be more visibles and this gives more curation rewards too. I have been discouraged many times too, but as long as my SP is increasing, then I continue. It's great when people follow me, but I'm not chasing followers. I'm not after fame!


I tell you what: if I ever make it to Thailand lets have a tall glass of juice together. Wouldn't that be grand to be able to afford to do such a thing and have the freedom to do it. Blessings. Took a long walk, feeling better.

I am looking forwards to it @mistermercury and take it easy with Steemit!

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