Voting is Now Open - Meet Our Week 9 Candidates!

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Voting Is Now Open!

Hey @minnowfund community, we need your help! Last week we received 5 submissions for MinnowFund delegation and 4 of those met our requirements and are eligible for the voting round. Now it's time for you to vote on who you feel should receive our delegation. This week is going to be tough because we have some great choices here. The person with the most votes will receive 100 SP delegation for a period of 45 days!

Once you've gone through the list of candidates, visited their profiles, and read their answers, we welcome you to submit your vote. Voting is open until Wednesday night 11:59 PM EST.

NOTE: If you submitted an application and are not listed as a candidate, this is due to your account not meeting our requirements. If you have any questions, please review the requirements again, and feel free to reach out to brandonfrye on

Meet the Candidates

Candidate #1



Start Date:


Primary Niche:

Motivational stuff and poetry

What Brought You to Steemit?

To make money and meet new people.

Long-term Goals?

To build a steempower to help myself and the community.

Link to one of your best blog posts

How Many Posts Last 4 Weeks?


How Many Followers?


Amount of Steem Power?

72 SP

Why Should We Pick You?

Well, the desire to build a greater community is what interests me through my piece and upvote.

Candidate #2



Start Date:


Primary Niche:

I think that's one of the areas I'm still developing. I do speak a lot on health and fitness.

What Brought You to Steemit?

I saw a huge potential for people to be able to advance themselves financially by sharing their knowledge with others. In addition to this it creates an environment to make friends around the world who have similar interests. I'm also a challenge driven person so it's been amazing to be pushed to step out of my comfort zone and share areas of myself that normally I may hesitate to share. I've also learned so much more about the crypto world and how everything works together.

Long-term Goals?

This is a tough question to answer. I think all of us would love to have 20k followers and average $1k on every post haha but for me it's more about self growth. To have a definable goal they need to be measurable and quantitative so I would say by the end of 2018 I would like to have 2,000 followers who I can inspire and educate in the various areas of my knowledge. Thus far I have posted about my family and different life experiences. I have gained more confidence to be on camera to share my fitness knowledge as well. What I've seen a lot on Steemit is that as people grow and become more involved in the platform, their goals become more defined and solidified. I think I'm still in the process of learning for myself what my aspirations are. But for now let's say by the end of 2018 I want to increase my level of engaged active followers, travel to a different country to meet someone I know on steemit, and attend 3 more meetups or conferences (I've already attended two, Steem Creators Las Vegas April, and DLive Meetup NYC May).

Link to one of your best blog posts

How Many Posts Last 4 Weeks?


How Many Followers?


Amount of Steem Power?

15.01 SP

Why Should We Pick You?

I'm sure that every applicant to your initiative has a vast array of knowledge to share with the world. What sets me apart is that I'm more of a jack of all trades. If you were able to read the post I sent for my "best blog post" I've experienced many different things in life and have a lot to share with the world that could maybe help or inspire them. I was a model then was a female in the military then a national fitness competitor and now a business owner. I also think it's beneficial to choose me as I can inspire other strong females to get involved on the blockchain and share their own experiences and knowledge. I have so much to offer to help others succeed and grow in their own personal and professional ventures I can guarantee that your delegation will not go to waste. It will be used to empower other amazing content creators and support the growth of this amazing community!

Candidate #3



Start Date:


Primary Niche:

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain

What Brought You to Steemit?

I am a frontend developer and always likes new technologies and trends that help transform the future like AI or Blockchain. As Steemit is using Blockchain platform to create such nice blogging platform and it transforming the blogging future so I completely convinced with to join Steemit. It also rewards you for your content and no other platform currently offering such kind of features.

Long-term Goals?

Currently, I have created a open source tool for Steemit user just to help them to get more engage with other by using this tools. It is steemit recent post widget you can embed your recent post feed in you new post very easily. Take look here for more detail

If you think this is helpful project then you may consider some initial help by selecting me. Currently I am working on developing some new features like most read posts, most upvoted posts, most commented posts etc.

Link to one of your best blog posts

How Many Posts Last 4 Weeks?


How Many Followers?


Amount of Steem Power?

28.39 SP

Why Should We Pick You?

Currently I am planning to create more open source projects that would be helping steemit users to get more engaged with other steemit users. For example earlier I had launched my first small open source project called Recent posts widget, which help user to get a their recent posts in embedded form so they can easily use it in their new post. This widget will help to get more engagement with their followers or readers. I have described my whole idea in this post:

I haven’t seen that anybody offering such free widgets. I have lot of future plans to release more features that create some value for the platform and their users.

Candidate #4



Start Date:


Primary Niche:

Technology, life, travel, and participating contests.

What Brought You to Steemit?

I was looking for earning money from online. And then i saw a facebook post about steemit. After that i have signed up for steemit.

Long-term Goals?

I want to encourage peoples by my blogging so that they can be success. And i have also a goal for doing business in steemit.

Link to one of your best blog posts

How Many Posts Last 4 Weeks?


How Many Followers?


Amount of Steem Power?

15 SP

Why Should We Pick You?

I want to do something good for me and also for others in steemit. So this delegation would be very helpful for me.

Ready to Vote For Your Favorite Candidate!?

Once you've read through the answers and visited each person's profile, please vote on who you feel best deserves our delegation. To vote, simply leave a comment below with the username of the person you are voting for. You will have until Wednesday night 11:59 PM EST to cast your vote. We will announce the winner this Thursday!

Comment Example:

I vote for @username

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only vote once. Candidates are not allowed to vote, even if it's from another Steemit account that they own. If you are caught voting for yourself you will be automatically disqualified and banned from our initiative.


I vote for @faiyazmahmud

My vote goes to @adeyemidrey

thanks brother

Gotta support the poetry votes goes to @adeyemidrey

I am voting for @faiyazmahmud

My vote's for @faiyazmahmud.

My vote for @faiyazmahmud

My voting goes to @adeyemidrey

I vote for @bunnymoney

Yayyy! Thank you so much Reseller!!!

I vote for @adeyemidrey

My vote goes to @adeyemidrey

supporting @adeyemidrey

That's my wife!! Vote is a hell yea to @bunnymoney !

Thank you hubby!!!

Sweet. I love the support!!! :-)

Looking at this, motivation and poetry suits my style, i vote for @adeyemidrey

My votes goes to @adeyemidrey ! Good luck!

Hey hey ! 9ja for life my humble vote goes to @adeyemidrey all the best bro! keep shinning.

I REALLY wish I could vote for more than one this week, but I'm going to give my vote to @bunnymoney. Best of luck to everyone. Some really great candidates this week!

Thank you soooo much Brandon! You are so awesome! It means the world to have your support!

I give my vote to @adeyemidrey! We win together! Steemschools!

thanks, I really appreciate.

no problem 👍🏾

Please delete duplicate vote. Thanks

I am casting a vote for @bunnymoney :-)

Thank you @inthenow! You rock!

thanks madam, I really appreciate.

thanks, I really appreciate it

Im sorry...
Please forgive me. I do not mean spam.

Please delete your comments or they will be flagged for spam. This is not one of the candidates. Thanks.

Please forgive me

It's okay we just wanted to let you know that this wasn't a candidate so your comment would be viewed as spam. But I can see that you didn't mean to. No worries. Thanks for editing the comment so we don't confuse anybody. :)

Awesome!! Thank you so much Jimmy!!

My votes goes to @faiyazmahmud ... Good luck to you friend ...

@bunnymoney is one of our best curators. She gets our vote!

Thanks Thunder!!

I support @bunnymoney. My vote is for her.

Go team @bunnymoney!!! I was lucky to meet her at the Las Vegas Steem Creators Conference. Her and her husband @entrepreneur916 are awesome people doing great things for the steem community.

Awe! Thank you so much Scott!! I really appreciate your support. It looks like I'm getting my butt whooped though lol

Well... we know nobody is whooping your butt in real life, lol! Have a great day!

I’m voting for @bunnymoney.

Thank you for your support @nikema! So glad to have met you!

Same! It was so cool reading a little bit of your story. Good luck ✨

Thank you @newageinv! It means a lot to have your vote of support!

Thanks to all who are supporting me.. ♥

Thanks Dynamic!!

Anytime your welcome

I vote for @bunnymoney and that's my final voting!...

I'm not eligible. Only the 4 candidates in the post. Thanks for the thought though.

You are so awesome! Thank you!

Sorry. I think all the candidates are good. they have good goals and ideals for all of us in steemit.
but how to choose it.
Maybe number 3.

Other candidates engage well but @techstack I'd vote for you, given you have shown us the Recent Posts Feed Widget idea. It's brilliant!

@adeyemidrey all the way. Asin the guy takes and carries every minnow along and I believe he can do better with more.

@adeyemidrey deserves more

I vote for @adeyemidrey

thanks brother

What a difficult choice! They're all so great, I think I'll have to abstain.

What a difficult
Choice! They're all so great, I think
I'll have to abstain.

                 - trumanity

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Now, that's tough... I vote @bunnymoney

Thank you for the support @aubreybits!!

You're welcome!

I vite for @drqamranbashir. I think he deserve it because he is posing very beneficial health related content.

They're not a candidate. Please take the time to read the post before posting comments.

My official vote for @adeyemidrey!

thanks brother.

i am vote for @faiyazmahmud

I vote for my friend @adeyemidrey :)! We win together :)

thanks sister, I really appreciate it.

My vote is for @bunnymoney!! I got to meet her at the Steem Creators Conference in Las Vegas and she is seriously awesome! Definitely an up and coming Steemian!

My vote goes to @faiyazmahmud. Best of luck.

Thanks a lot. ♥ may Allah bless you.

You're welcome.