Voting Is Now Open - Meet Our Week 7 Candidates!

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Voting Is Now Open!

Hey @minnowfund community, we need your help! Last week we received 13 submissions for MinnowFund delegation and 8 of those met our requirements and are eligible for the voting round. Now it's time for you to vote on who you feel should receive our delegation. The person with the most votes will receive 100 SP delegation for a period of 45 days!

Once you've gone through the list of candidates, visited their profiles, and read their answers, we welcome you to submit your vote. Voting is open until Wednesday night 11:59 PM EST.

NOTE: If you submitted an application and are not listed as a candidate, this is due to your account not meeting our requirements. If you have any questions, please review the requirements again, and feel free to reach out to brandonfrye on

Meet the Candidates

Candidate #1

Start Date2/5/2018
Primary NicheCryptocurrency
What Brought You to Steemit?Curiosity of earning through blog posting
Long-term Goals?I want to have a 100k SP and use them to provide upvote services
Link to one of your best blog posts
How Many Posts Last 4 Weeks?28
How Many Followers?182
Amount of Steem Power?55 SP
Why Should We Pick You?I want to have a 100k SP and use them to provide upvote services, but primarily as a beginner I need some help. It's not possible for me to spend money for buying SP so I have a long way to go. Need help from the community to grow myself bigger. Thanks, waiting for the result.

Candidate #2

Start Date4/20/2018
Primary NicheSeparating bad projects from good ones
What Brought Your to Steemit?I always wanted to get into blogging
Long-term Goals?Create a group of active followers
Link to one of your best blog posts
How Many Posts Last 4 Weeks?24
How Many Followers?258
Amount of Steem Power?9.2 (+ 6.6) SP
Why Should We Pick You?I have been consistent in creating content and tried to be useful. I intent to use the delegated SP to run contests for rewarding good posts from new users and people who communicate and curate. This will also help by blogs get more eyes which are focus on helping new people like me in crypto and steemit.

Candidate #3

Start Date4/9/2018
Primary NicheAdvocating and addressing the needs of the underprivileged in society
What Brought You to Steemit?Income source, meeting new people and having fun
Long-term Goals?My longterm goals of steemit will be to take the community to a whole new level and attract as many as possible to this community so that they can have the same opportunities i did when i joined the platform. Also, i want to use my account in a voicing sense to advocate for those whose voices are not heard out there and to address problems in our society. My account will also be used to portray all they activities of my community GLOW which is one formed by determined youths who want to impact their communities with change and are doing so by reaching out to the needy ones. In short, where there is a need, we want to be present to address it. Plus i dream to become a whale someday here on steemit and my account will be a motivation and inspiration to so many with millions of followers and posts.
Link to one of your best blog posts
How Many Posts Last 4 Weeks?~30
How Many Followers?152
Amount of Steem Power?15 SP
Why Should We Pick You?I am a minnow here who shows promise and great potential but lacks the resources to fully develop them. Picking me up as a delegatee for this funding will be just the missing piece to creating a future whale here on steemit. Two things set me apart which are honesty and my zeal. I only voice out the truth and i live by the code of honesty and nothing can corrupt that. My zeal towards the things i believe in and want to achieve can be incomparable to anyone's.

Candidate #4

Start Date1/29/2018
Primary NicheCooking/Food
What Brought You to Steemit?People in my cryptocurrency forum were always posting here, and it seemed like a great place to post my cooking content, crypto content, and other random stuff like my creative dating ideas.
Long-term Goals?I would love to grow it long term. I love the platform and format. Excited to be here, and it is nice to add a little extra crypto a long the way.
Link to one of your best blog posts
How Many Posts Last 4 Weeks?28
How Many Followers?209
Amount of Steem Power?50.171 SP
Why Should We Pick You?I think my posts can really help people learn how to cook some amazing food. At least they have really helped my YouTube following. Also if they learn some fun dating ideas a long the way from my dating posts, that would be cool as well. haha :)

Candidate #5

Start Date3/13/2018
Primary NichePersonal Development
What Brought You to Steemit?I always like to write. A few days ago I did not know about Steemit. But I always wanted to learn something new. And I used to take good things. Naturally, when I got to know Steveet, I tried to find out more about it. I think it's a platform that can be helpful in reducing unemployment. And that's how I came to steemit. And there are many people whom I have encouraged.
Long-term Goals?I want everyone to come to this community through my writing and can contribute a bit more to this community. And I'm determined to give this community a better gift.
Link to one of your best blog posts
How Many Posts Last 4 Weeks?26
How Many Followers?382
Amount of Steem Power?15 SP
Why Should We Pick You?I believe that I can write well. And I have enough confidence.

Candidate #6

Start Date3/12/2018
Primary NicheEntrepreneurism, Smartcasting, Research, Innovation, Poetry, Public Speaking, Writing, Spirituality and Hip Hop Culture
What Brought You to Steemit?Several months ago, I was listening to an interview with Stan Larimer in which he was describing the concept of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and the superior transaction speed when compared to Proof of Work (PoW). He laid out some concerns to consider for the future of Bitcoin and talked about he son's creation of the Bitshares platform. That's when I began to look for Dan Larimer's work and discovered the Steemit platform. Around the same time, I began working on a new project called smartcasting with my co-hosts Ian Altosaar and David Schofield, and Ian suggested that we move our initiative to Steemit.
Long-term Goals?My long term goals for my Steemit account are to learn as much as I can about cryptocurrencies, build a genuine following of people who are sincerely interested in the ideas and projects that I will be seeking to create or have created, support other Sreemit accounts that provide quality information or services and develop a steady income from my creative and entrepreneurial nature.
Link to one of your best blog posts
How Many Posts Last 4 Weeks?20
How Many Followers?72
Amount of Steem Power?15 SP
Why Should We Pick You?I am already very active on Steemit, supporting great content creators and initiatives. What I'm lacking is enough Steem Power to have more of an impact as a curator. I also have a lot of ideas that need some funding in order to get them off the ground; projects like Steem Cloud, which is also oriented towards helping minnows and would require only small amounts of Steem in order to get it moving; something that 45 days of a significant increase of Steem Power could help me accomplish. What I believe sets me apart from others is what I just stated above, that I'm already in motion as a content creator, innovator and curator who has been dedicated to putting time and energy into Steemit, while having little to no influence and gaining little to no reward. I'm here for the long run! This delegation could really help me to boost things forward and hopefully benefit my family and those persons and initiatives that Famiglia Curione support.

Candidate #7

Start Date1/30/2018
Primary NicheLinux and Hacking
What Brought You to Steemit?A friend of mine told me about it.
Long-term Goals?I would like to be able to make some money from my account in order to pay for a server so that I can become a witness and run a full node server.
Link to one of your best blog posts
How Many Posts Last 4 Weeks?20
How Many Followers?251
Amount of Steem Power?17 SP
Why Should We Pick You?I really believe in steem and making a difference on the internet. I like writing tutorials and sharing knowledge, I also really like to interact with the community.

Candidate #8

Start Date1/6/2018
Primary NicheCreative Writing
What Brought You to Steemit?@nexrules
Long-term Goals?To be able to organise contests and give out rewards.
Link to one of your best blog posts
How Many Posts Last 4 Weeks?30
How Many Followers?251
Amount of Steem Power?5.302 (+9.711) SP
Why Should We Pick You?Consistence, diligent, creative and direction

Ready to Vote and Make Somebody's Day!?

Once you've read through the answers and visited each person's profile, please vote on who you feel best deserves our delegation. To vote, simply leave a comment below with the username of the person you are voting for. You will have until Wednesday night 11:59 PM EST to cast your vote. We will announce the winner this Thursday!

Comment Example:

I vote for @username

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only vote once. Candidates are not allowed to vote, even if it's from another Steemit account that they own. If you are caught voting for yourself you will be automatically disqualified and banned from our initiative.

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I vote for @anyasiemmanuel


Appreciate your support. Thanks


You're welcome. You should sign up for @dustsweeper.


Great suggestion. I just signed up.

I vote for @anyasiemmanuel.

i voted for @mdshahin786
All the best dear......

@anyasiemmanuel Has my vote.


Thank you sir, I appreciate.

@hermannsol gets my vote!

I vote for @hermannsol.

Oh what a nice work there @anyasiemmanuel.
I vote for @anyasiemmanuel

I vote for @anyasiemmanuel


Thanks for your support.

I vote for @anyasiemmanuel


Thank you, I appreciate.


I also vote for @anyasiemmanuel....

Wish you success.. I pray you win bro


Thank you for the support! And congratulations of winning last week's MinnowFund delegation!

I vote for hermannsol


Thanks Bro! I appreciate the support as always! This would have been a nice way to give a little boost to #exotericwisdom and my other projects but there are others who have a better support system and will have a well deserved victory. I'll try again next month if I haven't increased my Steem Power by then.


Have to stick together right! Good attempt either way

Great work minnowfund. I will be coming too.
For now let


have if this time.

@throwawayaccount has my vote! I'd like to see more Linux and Dev content.

I vote for @hermannsol
Good luck everyone.

I love the selection process. I vote for @anyasiemmanuel

Great stuff. I wish the delegation could be increase and there be two winners. But since i can only vote for one candidate i choose to vote for @anyasiemmanuel


I would like to throw my support behind @hermannsol


Thanks. I appreciate it.

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Hard choice this week with so many great contestants.. but I'm voting for @mrchef111. Best of luck to everybody!