How to summon one of the biggest and most powerful Steemit Whales, @berniesanders!

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Today I'm gonna show you how to summon one of the biggest steemit whales for the best rewards and instant Trending Page Land.


"The blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) is a marine mammal belonging to the baleen whales (Mysticeti). At up to 6,843 m. Vests strong and with a maximum recorded vote weight to date of 97.55 $ (1,858,239.639 STEEM Power!), it is one of the most powerful animals known to exist in the vast sea of Steemit. No other information is avaliable due to it's rarity and mysteriousness, scientists are unable to provide more information about this whale and that's one of the things that makes this rare specimen so unique." - Source

Further research has found out that due to it's importance in the vast Sea of Steemit, this and many other whales are followed by a large group of: crabs, minnows, fish and dolphins. Sometimes these groups can count hundreds of members. But these groups aren't the only one's following these rare species, a few "smart mechanical fishes" are swimming with the whale repeating it's every move.


Because of it's rarity, seeing it in person Is almost impossible and a truly frightening experience, so we have developed a easier way to summon this rare specimen of the Steemit Sea. After many weeks of painstaking research and many hours spent in the Photoshop Lab we've came up with a summoning process. The summoning process involves a special handcrafted summoning card made just for this specific "Blue Whale" known under the codename @berniesanders. The ingredients of this card where collected from all over the world, from the new discovered grounds of the melting ice caps, to the ancient ritual tools of the Inca by a international team of highly skilled professionals in their respective fields.

Getting Noticed

With great power comes great responsibility, when you see the whale approaching your way, be calm and don't move, research has shown that this whale is attracted to "originality" and "quality", but he can miss sometimes. Scientists are still unable to specify more on the attractions of this whale, even tho that active tracking shows that it's activity is high. Another thing too look out is power!A whale this vote weight has great power that can benefit you and others, but if used incorrectly it may lead to destruction that takes years to recover from. So always proceed with caution when summoning him!

The steemit sea is big and these whales are a rare sight so, If you wanna know how this rare species affects information & informing, you can read more here and if you need some Professional whale hunter and some general tips read more here. The summoning card is free for everyone to use, everywhere thanks to the awesome science team who did all this job voluntarily and will proceed to do so in the future.

Use the summoning card to summon Bernie when you need him, but remember, use it with caution, with great power comes great responsibility!

Power UP and Steem On!

I am not responsible for anyone(including me) getting flagged down for using this special card in the vast Steemit Sea or any of the Internet Oceans & Seas, because whale behavior can not be predicted.

Note: Here is the link for the gif without captions, if someone wants to put different ones. Enjoy!
Update: Seems that a lot of people somehow miss the point of this post and don't notice the Satire tag. I have no intent to attract whales with this post. Even if i did attract @berniesanders himself he would probably flag this post....I have to emphasis on the following: I made this post just for fun, nothing else. I had some spare time, @anyx said something about summoning @berniesanders I thought why not have fun, play a bit in photoshop and make something & post it...Oh and I don't have anything against Bernie lol...


haha great post, i liked the content:)

so funny the magic bernie card, lol im sure that the whales read this give you a upvote, its a good writting

Ah this is just for fun post, read the 2 before this one, they are the good stuff. :)

Lol nice job on the bernie card gif that's great

You're doing this all wrong mate.

Bernie likes poetry, original artwork and watching youtube vids.
Ain't no one got time for for readin' walls of text..!

hahahhahaha...I didn't do this for Bernie mate, I just had some fun! lol
@anyx had an idea of summon bernie picture/artwork/gif, so I toght why not have some fun in Photoshop and make a satiric post...

on point, lol

A fun read! Anyone else in the deck?

What do Bernie Sanders supporters call their roommates? Mom and Dad! Lolz

I hope @berniesanders, @dan, @ned, @itsascam, @nextgencrypto and all the other uber whales upvote this. It was an enjoyable read!

This post is #venuspcsAPPROVED

I will not be upvoting many (if any) posts about me in the future, I'm not a money tree. I'm just another Steemian.

To literally quote @berniesanders, like last week...

Notice the tag satire
I know what bernie said...

Primary tag is steemit. Commonly-known NO NO for shitposts such as this...

I know what bernie said...

Still posts desperate ploy for attention...

Take a look at my past posts, I'm just having fun with this one. Is fun prohibited around here?

Primary tag is steemit. Commonly-known NO NO for shitposts such as this...

Is the tag wrong? No.
Is it a shitpost? Maybe it's my problem , why do you care, I had fun making it.
Please pay attention to the satire tag once more. Thank you!
Oh I almost forgot, let me summon bernie for you!

Summoning? That's right up my ally!

I laughed so hard that I snorted through my nose and scared my cat.

Hats off to you.

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