Unnoticed/ Unsatisfied/ or not a Creator. Who is taking your money?

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Other ways of making money on Steemit.

Un-noticed / devalued posts.

Your gonna make a post about, how you got yourself on the right track in life and you usually post about life in general or you made a post about how to do "Frequency Separation" in Photoshop. Now both of these got un-noticed, maybe got 20 up's and 0.01$ on them, you feel bad, now your waiting as the frustration keeps growing...But now comes Ned's and Dan's awesome idea, Google! All posts on steemit are indexed on goolge! So a person can search on how to get their life back together and on the right track and your post 2 months old will come up as a search result! The person will click on it, read it and Sign-Up on steemit! Boom!

You have a NEW follower, a person that will look forward to every new post you make! Not only that, after the person read's that post I bet he or she will go to your newest post as well and read it! Up vote it! But this person won't be the only one, it will be many of them! You see in the short term, you might get lucky and hit it big with a random post about anything, but in the long term, it's a win-win situation! If your here to shitpost and try to "win the lottery" your gonna get flagged and will probably leave Steemit in a week because of that, not to mention waste your time doing that, but if your here to stay, you will continue to do your thing and know that your making a great long term investment, are you here to try hard and maybe get 1000$ this week or the most likely get flagged all the way down to oblivion and never noticed again, or are you here to take it easy, make a few bucks here and there and in a month or two start getting 500 - 3000+$ per month thanks to your smart decision to play the "long term card".

Non Creator

But what if you "don't create something on value"(everyone can create something...) well than you can help curate and earn rewards that way. In the steemit chat, is a room steemitabuse-classics channel. This channel is dedicated to finding/researching, spam/scam/plagiarism/imposers, users here search Steemit.com for content that should't be here & will be flagged. You will earn rewards by finding & proving that something should't be here by commenting on the plagiarized post. You will get up voted on that comment so you'll earn rewards. Currently there is just a few of "us" doing this and we could benefit of some help, especially from people who speak a other language than English. We are not the only ones detecting plagiarism, there is a heard of bot "cheetah's", checking each new post and reporting plagiarism.

Why is plagiarism bad and how do You lose money because of it?

Even after all this and the talk about plagiarism, there are still people wondering why is it bad? You see, a set amount of Steem is created every day and distributed in rewards. Each day a new "pie" is made that needs to be consumed, but the share you get from that pie depends on others. So if today, say 100k is created to be distributed amongst 50k of us atm. So if someone goes on a nice blog copies the wonderful story and spend 5min's doing so, land on the trending page and earn 3K, that person made 3k in 5min's, for no effort. That person took 3K out of the system. I'm sure there are many of you out there who spend hours writing a post, who invest hours, skill, knowledge to create something and get rewarded a 0.01$ for it, while on the other hand someone is making 3k $ for 5min's of work, disrespecting your work & time completely. Not to mention taking work from someone else and reposting it as theirs. So that's why you should care about plagiarism, because all they do is take your piece of the pie for 5 minutes of work, while you spent hours & days working for yours. They only hurt the system and you and that's why you should care about plagiarism. Not to mention that they also hurt the value of Steem & Steemit.com's Google rank!

"Why do whales Up Vote shit?"

This is definitively the most asked question I constantly see people asking and hating on whales. Let's analyze the "Trending Page", I'm here for 2 weeks now and a pattern on what get's there Is clear as well the reason behind it, intentional or not, it's great! The Trending Page will mostly consist out of approximately the following:

  • 2 Introductions of Persons with "high reach"
  • 5 Steemit related topics (tools/stories/solutions...)
  • 2 Projects
  • 1 Crypto topic
  • 1-2 "content considered quality"

Ok, so it's clear all that there is shit? Right?

No, if it's intentional, it's amazing, if it's not, even more amazing! Let's put us back in the time prior to discovering Steemit and "re-imagine" that again. So you have stumbled upon Steemit and saw the trending page. On there you see all kinds of posts making big money! Awesome, right! You can make too! Now, Imagine if those posts where all scientific/crypto... related or projects that took months to make, art that took weeks to make...In sort a post that You can't make! If that was the case, you would say: "lol, I can't do that, I'm never gonna make that much money, I'm just wasting my time here" and leave the site... Now you see the flaw in that, but not only this, If steemit was like that, It would never grow this big, its user base would've been only top creators, so It wouldn't have this much value. Now that you understand why your quality is unseen and why "whales vote crap", go create and post for the fun of it, socialize and have fun.

Power UP and Steem On!
Have a nice day!


What a very great post. Steemit and google are the most powerful platforms if used right.

I think i understand. I'm hearing more and more about the whales - I just have to find a way for them to pay attention to me! I know - post more content. Great article; it's a good read.

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