Steemit's Got Issues! - User Friendliness and Site Functionality - Take 1

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Steemit's Got Issues!
User Friendliness and Site Functionality
Take 1

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For those of you that have not followed since the opening post This Post
will give you insight as to what these discussions are and how they are intended to work.

Ok, so as you can tell this discussion is about user friendliness and site functionality.

Site functionality and the lack of user friendliness on Steemit make this site a big turn off for new users.

There is such a large learning curve here that many new users just drop off or simply don't start once they've set their accounts up.

Personally I enjoy research to a certain degree but if I'm being honest I still got to a point that I just stopped looking for more to learn about the site or how to use it when I first started.

So, my intention was to make this discussion on a different topic then yesterday @fknmayhem introduced me to This Video of @sneak, the leader of steempunks discussing new and upcoming things for steemit at steemfest 2 this year.

I have to say, I love this guys enthusiasm!

You can genuinely tell that he loves what he is doing and what he is involved in here on steemit.

It's also clear when you watch it that they are really working on a lot here, even if it seems from the front end that they are not.

In the video he mentions that we, the users are steemit, and that they, the creators actaully want our input on how to make the site better. He even asked for people to blow up his email ([email protected]) with their ideas for how to (sounds like a lot of reading lol).

To save this guy some time and focus ourselves into one voice as opposed to the email version of everyone talking at once I'm thinking our discussions will help.

He also stated that they are updating the notifications here and will be done with that soon.

This was a big eye opener to me that also strengthened my idea to have these discussions.

@sneak, kudos to you man!

There is a lot of informality between users and creators here. This can lead to people being lost on the site, not knowing where to go for issues, not knowing how things work in general.

I know when I first started here I was enthusiastic as much as I was horribly confused (and often still am lol). I don't think that the majority of this separation is intentional.

Maybe once we have this discussion I/we can get some of this info to @sneak or his team. Or, if we are even luckier, him or one of his team members will join us here in this discussion or at least peer in to see our opinions. :)

All that said, let's get to the real meat of this.

Issues faced daily by users involving site functionality and user friendliness.
(Please feel free to add to this in comments.)

I personally believe that most of these issues are beta 1.0 and really should have been added in the first round of development.

  1. Communication
    • Most of us have moved to discord to communicate.
    • Steemit Chat is really not cutting it.
    • Direct messaging should really be right here, on site. Click and ship so to speak.
  2. Notifications
    • They... don't actually work lol.
    • They should show us mentions, upvotes, transfers, replies, etc...
    • Perhaps even settings so we could choose what notifications to see.
  3. Feed is a mess
    • Filters, filters, filters. We need filters to sort out feed on all pages (search page, all tab pages (trending, new, hot, promoted), personal pages, tag specific pages, etc...
      • Filter ideas would include: Posting Time, Value, Alphabetical, Relevance, etc... and would be able to be changed between descending and acceding order.
      • Filters will also help users to gain more exposure from people interested in what they have to say specifically as will the next one, feed searches.
    • A search option that is within the feed list you are looking at would be super helpful!
      • Real world example: I saw a post i want to find later but now it is buried somewhere in feed. I remember what tag it was under and part of the name of the post. If I could just search this tag (or persons resteem tab) for the part of the name I remember I could find it and show/read it very easily.
  4. External apps are great but ones that are best should really just be here on site.
    • For basic/advanced user functionality of the site we really should not have to (and many of us do not want to) go to another site or app.
      • I'm not saying to steal the thunder of these wonderful coders that are developing these apps. My thought is bring them on board. Help them to integrate their wonderful ideas into the site itself. A great example of the type of app I'm talking about is Steemit More Info by @armandocat. If anyone is frustrated with the issues I'm listing in this post, give this app a try, it's a really cool app. It does help overcome a lot of them. My point is that it really should be just a part of the site instead of an external app.
  5. Resteems
    • Resteeming is great and should be seperate on our pages. Perhaps its own tab in everyone's personal pages. (This would again be a tab that would have filters and search built in.)
      • This way you can see them and their posts without the clutter of all of their resteems getting in the way.
      • This will also make it a matter of choice. If I like this user I may want to know what he/she also likes themselves and could just go to their Resteem tab to see.
      • This also prevents me from clicking a really cool post on their page that I think is theirs only to find out it is actually some other users post.
      • As a writer, painter, photographer or other artist/person that just wants to brand yourself in any way, you don't want all this clutter because it takes away from your brand, IE: you. This is preventing like minded people from sharing other like minded peoples posts (not very community like of us).
  6. Customer Service/Support
    • A clear path needs to be presented from any page to someone that can help solve site issues.
    • @timcliff was gracious enough to let us know that there is an unofficial support in the help channel of Steemit Chat. Personally after 6 months of dedicating my life here I never knew that lol. Thanks for letting us know @timcliff!
    • Writing [email protected] has in my experience been hit or miss.

Ideas for site appearance that users might like.

I do not consider these things to be necessary. I just think that users would like them.

  1. More formatting options for our personal pages.
    • It would be nice to at least be able to choose things like text color and perhaps even font.
    • Page colors and background may even be cool.
    • This could go a long way toward helping users brand themselves.
    • It could add greatly to the uniqueness that each and every individual on this platform has and most of us would love to let shine.

Ok, these are not all of the site functionality and/or user friendliness issues that we face. This is however all I could think of that really stand out off of the top of my head while making this post.

Please if you have any other issues that fit today's discussion that you want to bring attention to, add them in comments below.

Again, my intention here is to bring awareness to these issues and get that awareness into the hands of those that can help/change them.

It is not to bitch or complain.

This community is growing steadily and correcting any issues we discuss in this post, or future posts, can only help that growth and further our great community.

Thank you all once again for joining this discussion and adding your input to it. As a community we will grow and with one voice we will speak and create necessary change.
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This is such an important discussion for the decision makers. I work in UX all day, but nobody talks about Brand Experience (bx) ... The points of surprise and delight. Being on the block chain has it's limitations for now, but imagine Steemit as an emersive experience with Easter eggs and unique experiences created for your account level. Ideas are endless.


It is a very important discussion indeed. I'm happy to see so many people joining it.

Love the easter egg analogy lol.

Glad you joined our discussion. :)

I just started using @armandocat's chrome extenstion and it's freaking awesome! Thank you ✨
I absolutely agree with the learning curve of steemit - it is really steep and unless you are tech-savvy, it is impossible to continue on the platform.
In the past months, I have had some of my musician buddies and content creators join the platform (@rohitvasudevan, @mistavirus @donnacharlie) - they make amazing content. But since the learning curve was so steep (inspite of me giving them day long tutorials) they are not posting anymore or are very irregular.
Even my own academy's account @muziclub has been stagnant since it is difficult for me to maintain two accounts with all the other work and it is such a task to train someone to do it.
The other social media companies are working since they make it very easy for the user to put content on their platform - post a link, write some stuff about it, put filters on a pic and hashtags, take small videos and make stories and voila! Anyone can do it.
But for steemit, you have to learn:

  • blogging with markdown: this itself is a great deterrent for people. A potential solution might be to make this as easy as possible like you are using MS Word.
  • learning to promote your stuff. You have to spend a loooot of time here to understand how this actually works (and it's again a separate issue which you have discussed in your first post and I am sure the topic will arise later).
  • it is just not easy to browse and find stuff you like. More user-friendly browsing options are needed.

These posts of yours are such a wonderful idea @michaeldavid - they are going to bring about some real change. Thank you for doing this. ✨ 🙏🏼
Will keep participating and giving my two cents (quite literally as well) where it helps. 😁

Awesome @hardikv. This was a wonderful response!

Everything you said here is spot on. The real key to getting people here and getting them to stay is making it easy to understand and use. Rewards can be difficult to get if it is easy but both being hard is a huge deterrent.

Adding new things to this platform before correcting these usability issues is pure folly and could even prove disastrous.

Blogging in markdown is quite limiting and does add to the learning curve. I think most of us have learned what little we need and kind of stick to that lol. I know I do.

Learning to promote here is just a fuckin bear man! This is probably the most elusive and difficult part to learn. Once you do learn it even seems super unfair.

Thanks for putting in your 2 cents! We definitely need more comments like this to get conversions moving along.

oh yea, that app is awesome! best one yet in my opinion! Wish it were all here though

Give us right to left formatting for Hebrew and Arabic! For the love of all Gods out there, it's not that complicated. Sure, we can build a plugin to fix the display for UTF-8 but much like Steemit More Info - it's patches on patches trying to fix a website that can no longer serve the needs of a growing community.

There are plenty of gifted designers and developers here. Many of whom would love to help make better. Is there no way to unite them and have them give the condenser a little lovin?

And I agree with pretty much all your points. Except I don't think feedback should pile up in the mailbox of the @sneak . There should be a better way to organize feedback and feature requests to prioritize them properly. Because right now the priorities are set by the developers. Not the community.

(comment self-upvoted for a bit of visibility above the spam)

Communities have often started UserVoice communities, without waiting for the site’s operator to offer such a solution. Maybe, it can be an option to facilitate, and even simplify, things?

UserVoice communities?

I just want to be sure we are on the same page.

Yea, actually that was kinda my point about @sneak's email. That if we can get some points refined and send them onto him or his team, or other developers here, in a single email or contact it would be far better than his email blowing up.

Also, in his video he did actually talk about making steemit available for more languages and ask people to help with that I believe.

I've sent an email a couple of month back about Hebrew translation. Never heard back.


well fingers crossed and enjoy the ride i guess. lol

No really though, that is just the type of thing i've started these discussions for so maybe we can appeal to someone else associated.

Toatally agree:
I want everyone to love steemit, but I show it to my friends and theyre like - okaaaay....
It's like facebook - only you cant message anyone, follow your friends, or get notified when people respond to your posts...
It's like twitter - only no one will ever hear or respond to your tweets..
It's like instagram, if instagram was browser based in 1998...
It's like soundcloud - but way slower and without the abity to discover anything or connect to music/artists you enjoy
It's like youtube - well actually DTube is kind of killing it :) Dtube is probably the best thing going for steem right now, and it really might be the youtube killer...

The biggest problem I have this week with steemit: I am typing this post in a small white box that is four lines high with a huge GIF button placed in it.... Seriously - how is this functional at all??? No font options, emoji options, but you give me this huge GIF button?
I have actually never clicked it - le's try

HAHA!! nice man you hit the nail on the head with everything you said.

I can help with one thing for you though.

Please bare in mind that after 6 months on this site i just figured this out about 3 days ago...

the box you are writing in...

In the bottom right corner there are a couple diagonal lines...
if you click and drag on them you can expand the text box.

Oh Wow





Yea, it was a revelation for me too!

It's one of those momenta steemit users cherish

I stumbled upon it when I first got started - I never thought to tel people about it. doh!
Woe is me!

I could have saved countless thousands of people the mental anguish of 'the small box!'

haha, yes you could have lol

OMG - I am in love with you now. My life has changed beyond belief with your wonderful words. They could not have made those two little lines and less visible if they tried. TYTYTYTYTYTY

haha! Great to know I'm not the only one that didn't know lol

lol, that was one of the first things i noticed, but then again i used to build websites that had those nice little lines, but I do get your point. I've been on here a little while and am SLOWLY learning the ins and outs.
what I found being the worst at the top of my list was actually just getting an account. my wife had to use 3 different email accounts just to get it right, same with my 2 daughters!
what a freaking pain in the arse! but i can see some of these bots on here have acquired 95 accounts no problem!

Could it be that you use the Steemit More Info extension? They offer the .gif button. But you can deactivate it on the settings page (in your profile).

All my problems are getting solved on the thread! Thank You @fknmayhem

And it just posted my comment instead of giving me a GIF lol total fail

I will stick with giphy for that, thanks...

haha, seems giphy worked better lol

Sometimes I feel like I spend more time on my page figuring out who has replied or upvoted me than I do on Steemit itself.

Features I'd love to see:

  • Ability to hide posts after viewing
  • Ability to view from more than one tag at a time
  • Filter by time (last 24 hours, last 12 hours, etc.)
  • Merge resteems (What happens if 3 people I follow resteem the same post)?

I love the idea about merging resteems.

Filters for sure! They will have a major impact on the site.

By hide post after viewing do you mean once you have read it you would be able to hide it in the sense that you would no longer see it in feed?

I'm not sure what you mean about viewing from more than one tag at a time. :)

Yes - hiding after viewing. Or at least minimize. Sometimes a post might stay near the top of Trending for hours, so hiding after viewing would free up a lot of real estate and potentially drive viewers to more posts.

For viewing from more than one tag at a time -
Currently when you go to you see all posts tagged with steem. It would be great if you could go to to see all posts tagged with steem, steemit, or steemdev. There are tons of very similar tags and it would be great to be able to aggregate them.

Being able to collapse posts after viewing would be really neat.

I see what you mean. That would be cool. What I do for that myself is open up a browser tab for each one. Then I can travel between them in browser. Having it here somehow would be easier.

great points.

for now i think the incentive to actually earn crypto is simply too overwhelming. i haven't seen much competition in that regard.

it also seems this is the only system that integrates blogs, videos, live content, and blockchain all together.

but if the things you mentioned are not fixed and either fb/youtube/google or some other new comer shows up with the similar type of incentives, it might be gameover.

(i'm quite new here so lemme know if i'm wrong)

You're absolutely right. I wrote about that about a month ago actually.

If someone with deeper pockets were to steal this idea and just fix the issues in this post alone it would be over for steemit. People want things to be easy not difficult.

Loved all of the ideas, especially improving the methods of communicating with other users! I find that most of my time developing friendships is made on discord which is truly a problem.

I think that improving how we receive notifications as well searching for content is a must!

Another great post @michaeldavid! But I'll doubt you get that mention haha

Haha, actually I PAY minnowbooster monthly to get mentions LMAO

Meaning though, that it will send me an email lol.

Thanks man, we'll get this ball rolling. I think that at least some of the creators do really want our input so let's find out!

If you’re already on Discord... @GINAbot can now provide you with constant Dopamine kicks, also for mentions. GINA actually has solid settings to keep the noise limited. :)

I've paid a little attention to her. It seemed they were working out some kinks last i was looking. does it dm you on discord or how?

I dropped a note a while back on @timcliff's post and some of the resteeming will be much more efficient soon. Notifications is big on my book. Those need to be working properly. I like eSteem and all, and that's what I have to use for notifications because they don't work here and right now, eSteem is not even working right. Having to manually go through replies is a bit much and I don't know who mentions me anymore and I know people do, so I pray they don't think I'm some pompous asshole that's ignoring them. Because I'm not. Anyone that sees that has called me out on a post, please let me know!

There is a lot of activity in GitHub related to notifications. I’d expect to see some major changes to them in the coming months.

Dude, you dick, i've been mentioning you for weeks in my posts man lol jk...

I know what you mean. I pay minnowbooster to get them in my email and steemit more info from chrome will show them also but they need to be accessible to everyone including those that don't know about those apps.

Good to know about what tim said.

Son of

This is a good place to find your mentions:

Thanks, that's helpful. :)

Brings me back to making that just part of the site though lol.

Reality bites

So much agree with the DMs and notifications.

If you'll gonna message someone in Steemit, it should be also HERE in steemit we send/receive the messages. A one stop shop. I think that's a no-brainer. ;)

And the notifications are a mess. Sometimes they work, most of the time they don't. @[email protected]

On a positive note, more room for growth and improvement.
It's a WIN-WIN! :D

Definitely more room for improvement! lol

I think the biggest issue is still the lack of an official mobile app. Many of the issues described could be resolved in an app.

That is so true. Seems they have forgotten about the very popular "mobile first" pilosophy

how would a moble app help?

There is esteem...

Similar issues.

I want to be able to subscribe or follow tags, rather than people. I heard steem plus is supposed to do this, but the plugin doesn't work for me.

I want to be able to see what is new on my favourite topics without having to click them one at a time.

I like that idea, I've definitely added that one to the list I'm building.

steemit is a joke not having any client support and no way to resolve issues , also when i block someone i want them to not see my feed anymore. I am here for the long haul but it is very difficult to see other musicians and artists using this to promote there arts.

It was hard for people to see 15k Bitcoin when it was 8 bucks.....people said the same thing. It's not built for the long haul, what a joke.

Solid point. We will get there.

That is another good one.

We should be able to block someone like you can basically anywhere else.

In the state it is in it hard to see people using it seriously to get themselves out there.

This is part of the goal of these discussions. :)

Before i read this i already want to talk :). I'm so interested in the deepest truths of where steem/steemit is/are right now, and whether or not it makes any sense to develop within this ecosystem. And if so, how do we help solve those problems. I'm stuck ATM on the fact that it seems a huge portion of the steem in the world, is held by a few whales, while thinking that any UUCC [ultimate use caseS coin] would always start pro bono and be egalitarian AS FUCK.

There is obviously a great coin coming where there is just one for every person on earth, and they are only added when someone is born [and their parents register them lol].

The price we try to determine is what does it take to save a FAMILY. To take a family that might otherwise unnecessarily suffer a ton, to instead access a means of INTERACTING WITH THOSE OF US IN THE FIRST WORLD*,



Or by taking steps that ultimately lead to near consensus and BloodLess Revolution.

I'm trying to finish "Kid Vision Aries™" the children's story about how Aries are the greatest sign of all time. It requires smoking a bit more weed than the very small amount i've consumed most of the days of my so called "adult life".

Long Story.

I much prefer telling it, and making it better, with the assistance of those types of people who are easily otherwise bored. I need a bored of directors essentially.

Love, Alx

Glad to have you in the convo.

I think many of us are asking similar questions. lol

Lol I’m going to try and start streaming the entirety of my work on dlive. Something called 24Ever™️. My vote is worth 1 cent lol. Love. Alx.

I will get to your post in this stream as soon as I’m done smoking, which is gross and not something I would ever recommend!

No... definitely something not to recommend haha

Of course not lol

Can't wait to see it.

I didn’t get to it yet lol. But I got a lot done. I would love to talk about how to make this a potentially GREAT place though, and soon. The next few days are so busy though, and I’m seriously hoping I don’t forget!!

I feel ya there man. I never seem to stop lol

I would love to see a way to do an iframe window in order for all these talented people with existing presence on other outlets to share it with their steemit community too. I know it is controversial when quoting material from outside of steem- especially lately. I feel that if I have written a great and worthy piece it isn’t plaguerism when I personally copy some of the text from my original work into a post here, so long as I link back to Original and state the fact that it is my content ... but it would be so much less daunting if we had a way to link up by using the original url and having it appear in our posts - like it does with youtubes. I don’t know if anyone agrees, but I am sure many disagree. I JUST LOVE my job and I love the concept at steemit. I wish I could more easily combine the two. Hmm.... Maybe I could simply approach the @steemit gods and ask for a hall pass to get cross content plugins or something. Is this possible or do I sound like I am speaking in jibberish? Thanks for the thoughtful, extensive post and all of your comittement to steemit. You always share incredible insight and I am a fan @michaeldavid.

There is one thing that I know of that goes the other way. It's

You can use it to send rss feed from here to your facebook, twitter and others.

I'm also not sure if there would be a markdown code for an Iframe like there is in html but there may be.

I would seriously be ever thankful for any information to make that happen, if in fact a way already exists. I just now followed you and I can’t believe I wasn’t already. 🤓 Thanks again for all the time and quality added to our second home- steemit.

This Post from @jerrybanfield actually explains how to use zapier for that. It's a free service for smaller amounts of zaps then pay subscription if you do over an amount.

I used to use it to send recent posts to fb and twitter myself.
I did however find it to be a little glitchy and not always work correctly. offers rss feed, so you get it from there. Sites like zapier use that feed to post your posts from here to other sites.

Excellent thanks very much! 🤓 I appreciate the info. I will definitely utilize the tools if I can figure it out. ⭐️

I would add to your list: better tag support. Tags are very confusing for a new user. You've got a list of tags on the left that are the most common, but if it's not on that list, it's like it doesn't exist. Some type of auto complete of tags or other way to suggest "Hey, other users used a tag that was mostly like yours and it is X" would be very handy. I was struggling to find the right tags for posts.

there is a link at the bottom of the tag list for the complete list of tags.

You are right though. Perhaps just a way you could search tags might work. It is really confusing and hard to find a tag you may want.

Toatally agree

It comes down to dedication, people who come to this site have to know it's NOT going to be a walk In the park starting from (day 1), you have to be willing to work to change that, and take a few simple steps such as exchanging ideas with each other, communicating with fellow steemians, and take a little time to create something interesting that expresses your viewpoint and creativity, or maybe it's just information you just want to share with those who are interested, and want to learn more, they're endless possibilities, but they have to give it a chance before they give up on it entirely.

It really does take dedication to make it here.

With a few minor changes the site could be much more inviting to newcomers.

It would also be much easier to exchange ideas, communicate and things also.

Great input man, Thanks!

Uploading a photo in the comments should also be considered. It took me a while to figure out how to put in photos in comments.

This could bridge the gap of confusion for new users

Yea, there should be something that shows us how to use the site a little better in general. Like just something that says, here's how to upload a photo and here's how to bla bla bla.

Right now you have to search for posts that show this.

I just pray constantly that all of you who moved to discord can find your way back out here and start commenting on posts where you can make a difference. The minnows are dying and it does not take much for you to help.

How about for every 10 comments you post in your chats, you come out to steemit and comment on 3 minnow posts below 55 rep. The alexa rank will improve and the minnows will feel they are not posting to the black hole of doom.

Less chatting - more steeming.

Minnow here haha. Not really familiar with discord although ive heard about it. So thats where the people are? Lol

But i do agree. It is a bit disheartening when you do not feel the support of whale. I am aware tat I am solely feeding off others but thats what motivates me to keep on steeming - to be a whale someday and have the power to upvote others's hard earned efforts in Steemit

Yes, unfortunately a high percentage of active steemers prefer to talk in chats for free. Discord is not the only one. I highly don't recommend it lol.

Look at the posts of @arcange - there are only about 8000 people here with votes of any value and of that - less than 40 are whales and less than 300 are in the next fish level down. All of them are pursued by pro butt-kissers and those with great talent and they already have friends. We have no chance so don't waste time unless you are in one of those categories and think you can succeed.

It's not worth your effort as a new person. Go for the interaction at your level and some reps above you - not too far in the beginning. This is one of the tips I have in an old post that might help you like it helps me :) Keep trying - it is totally worth it without the whales.

Make Money Blogging on Steemit Top Tips and Checklist for Better Results!!

But doeamt that go againts the whole system? I mean I though whale get their steem power over time and are supposed to share that theough upvotes. That's to keep thw currency in circulation.

Moving into groupchats sounds like a convenient way but also defeats the purpose of communicating in the platform and help others out.

Its realy difficult to earn money in my place and this is just one way for me to use my spare time into something worthwhile. Being in steemit is an investment while maintaining the fun factor in it

actually there are some of us that do both :)

I'm sure that has slowed down some commenting though. I had not really thought about it.

All the more reason to get communication fixed asap.

check out #thealliance. Many of our members go out of their way to comment and curate.

It's nothing about an app. It's about opening 5 posts and commenting on three. I get 1/3 of my rewards that way since few others do it.

Comments did not slow down - they dropped off a cliff in June 2017. This is a main reason why the alexa ranking stalled. Interaction is the only way to gain rank unless we get a flood of millions. We need the comments to make steemit rise.

What are you guys curating at that tag? Is it sci-fi?

hmmm... I see.

If you mean thealliance tag. It is our tag for a group we've started.

Cannot agree more. Thank you for your post . I am here new. Its a bit confusing and also no notification who upvoted etc etc and i have seen a lot of quality vote from the newbies who get little recognition and its extremely hard to find a post once you lost it. I love steemit and i love to be here. I am encouraging my friends to be here, they come with lots of interest, then because of not getting recognition then just quit. Salute to you sir for writing this article.

I know just what you mean. So many of us have stories just like this.

There seems to be lots of bugs that need fixing. A few weeks ago I was getting the "transaction error" every time I posted. The post then disappeared but didn't show up anywhere. I moved to until they seemed to get that cleared up but it wasn't really fixed. After that I'd get the "transaction error" or some other red-lettered error notification but my post would appear in the New stream and on my blog. It wouldn't, however, disappear off my posting page and I'd have to manually delete the post if I wanted to create another post. That problem magically disappeared one day but now, when I post, it does not show up on the New stream at all for sometimes up to an hour. This has happened three times in a row now and my posts simply aren't getting seen. I've found them way down in some of my followers feeds but not all. I've seen them in a couple of the 5 hashtagged feeds I'm allowed but not all. I don't think it's intentional, but it's a form of de facto censorship. I've told them at #help and #tech-support on Steemit Chat and they're looking into it and have told me there's a fix coming, but I've been hearing that line for awhile now. Anyone else having problems like this?

I know what you mean. I was getting that error and it was still posting lol

As far as the feed issues. Sometimes they are very low in the tag feed because of the reward system and how it places your post in feed.

I've had to go many pages down to find my posts in feed and sometimes they were so far down i never found them.

As far as the feed issues. Sometimes they are very low in the tag feed because of the reward system and how it places your post in feed.

I thought this was time based, not value based.

I've had to go many pages down to find my posts in feed and sometimes they were so far down i never found them.

If you didn't find them they probably weren't there. There was a time lag on mine, sometimes over 10 minutes.

Well, actually it is value based. I've proven that many times over. The only time that time comes into play is this:

New feed is entirely time based.

Hot feed is entirely value based but posts must be no more than 4 hrs old and the user that posted them must have a reputation of over 45.

Trending feed is entirely value based for post no older than 7 days (still within payout) and user must have rep over 45.

This structure is definitely one of the main issues of this site and is on my list of future discussion topics.

It makes it very hard to get noticed here.

New feed is entirely time based.

That's the only one that doesn't work for my posts.

I figured out a workaround, though. If I use #created as one of my tags, it shows up immediately when I post. I'm not sure how important that is, whether the bots focus on the new feed or the tags or whatever. That's all a mystery to me. Therefore I don't know it it's worth giving up one of my 5 allowable tags to simply get on the /created feed. It's a bug that needs fixing and I'm not sure who to report this to since the last time I looked, they were ignoring me in Steemit Chat. #help just blows it off and #tech-support is practically a dead channel.

That's really strange. When I make a post, If i have a second tab open for new tab. I can go there right after I make the post and refresh and it is there. If I wait a few minutes it will be buried though because of so many new posts being made right after mine.

I'm actually wondering if your internet connection has lag? I know that when mine is acting up I will notice all types of weird bugs on steemit.

If not, that is definitely something that needs looked into. I've just never experienced this myself.

I'd maybe blame it on the internet lag except the only place it doesn't show up is on the /created feed. Maybe I should sign out and then back in again. Could be a browser problem, I suppose.

Does Steemit have a "suggestion box" where anyone can drop an idea that might improve Steemit? Nobody would need to answer, necessarily, but some of us might have a workable idea to improve the platform.

haha, that would be nice but as far as I know they do not.

I guess it could be a glitch then. One more thing to the list lol

Great post!! Loved all of your ideas. Let’s make this more community oriented from your perspective!! That would be amazing!!

Thank you!

That is the goal!

There is also lack of proper explaination of STEEM Currency in a simpler terms! I still didn't understand it properly! A shorter video guide would have helped!

If you go to the welcome page there is explanation about what they are. Plus the white and blue papers can help as well.

If you still have trouble understanding it, i get it. There is kind of a lot to know.

Many of us here could possibly explain it further if you still are wondering.

Right you are. I've been on Steemit for a month now and somehow that didn't register to me... not sure if that is a take on their UI or my powers of observations :)

I think it has to do with how much research we end up doing to figure the place out makes us just overlook it. Not totally sure.

each user must have his own creations in giving color. hopefully it does not look bad.

I'm not sure what you mean?

It does lack some features however it has come a long way from where it once was. I also have a feeling they dont want to add to much to steemit and perhaps rather have 3rd party sites do it instead but I could be wrong.

It really has.

In the video I mentioned sneak referred to notifications as being something we should have had right in the beginning. I think some of the basic stuff they are likely to include. Thing is if they don't then it will not appeal to the masses.

In fact I was just talking with a girl on facebook about 10 minutes ago. I told her i was on steemit and described it, leaving a link...

Her first reply was "Interesting, it looks complicated. I like my easy ones like fb and insta"

If we want more exposure and more people joining it can't "look complicated" to the average person. Especially not on first glance.

I can remember when FB first came out. I had many comments about it but none were ever that it looked complicated cause it never was. It was very easy to use from the gate.

I think the functionality has been excellent post-SF2 / Peace

Thanks for your take on it.

Better than before perhaps.

Its hard to get new people to accept it when it is this way though.

Big issues! I was down voted for no reason a few weeks ago, and it really took away my enthusiasm for STEEM temporarily.

I know just how you feel man. I've been there. Downvoting is on my list of topics to discuss in future posts.

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hey I love this post and you got from me upvote

Thanks, pay attention to the conversation there is a lot going on here.

it would be great also to have an option to plan posts.. I would like to post every day, but sometimes im out of home and have no chance to connect steemit..

I think this feature should be built in also.

You can do that now if you sign up with a account. Be sure you use the email you signed up for steemit under.

Awesome ideas in this post. Upvoted and resteemed!

Thanks so much.

Feel free to leave us your input :)

Hey you! Where ya been?

Miss you too :)

This is great work for making Steemit better! Thanks!

Thanks we will keep it going. :)

Good job i upvote u please vote me back we can help each other here !!

This post is very valuable and useful for steemit users.That's help many of person.Thanky so much for knowing us community discussion.

Thank you for joining us!

feel free to put in your opinions as the discussion unfolds

You are absolutely right. But a site and updates that are already in beta will definitely be done. Because it's a fast-growing site. I'm here 19 days, I'm active for 10 hours a day .. And I actually need support from strong people like you .. I hope I can develop myself with someone helping me.

We can't just assume they will fix really basic things like this that they have not fixed for over a year already. That's why we need to have these discussions to bring these issues to the attention of developers.

Keep paying attention to these discussions and I'm sure you will learn quite a lot.

thank you very much .. i try not to follow and i will follow in sebi. Thank you for your suggestions.

You're Welcome.

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