Steemit More Info 1.5 - Chrome Extension + Firefox Extension

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Steemit More Info 1.5 - Chrome Extension + Firefox Extension

A simple Steemit extension that shows more info on

This is version 1.5 with some bug fixes and a few new features added

New features

  • Search on steemit directly in the navigation bar!


  • Mentions tab! You can easily find posts or comments where users tagged your name. Thanks @furion for the SteemData API.

Other features

  • In the profile page of any account, you will see a Vote Power indicator on top (next to the name and the reputation), with the reward that a 100% vote from that user will give in SBD ($)

  • In the profile page of any account, you will see the number of votes that user has done today

  • A new tab 'Votes' is added, where you may see the latest upvotes done or received by that user.
    It shows the estimate of the votes in $ too!
    You can filter the votes between incoming votes and outgoing votes

  • Added a dropdown menu with links to external tools to get more info about the steem account. Please let me know what tools you'd like to see here ;)

  • When you click upvote and the Vote Weight slider appears, not only you see the percentage of the vote, but you also see the amount in $ that upvote will be valued

  • For downvotes, it shows also the total reward of the post after your downvote

  • When you are looking at a post or comment and you click "votes" to see the list of people that voted that post, you now also see what was their contribute to the total reward!

  • You can see the posts with two different layouts: list (default) and grid! You can change to grid layout using on the buttons on the top-right corner of the page.

  • On the blog page of an user, you now see an histogram of the posts of that user based on the creation date. You can scroll horizontally to go back in time.
    Posts made by the user are shown in blue, reposts in green!

    By clicking on one of the bars, you can open the list of posts made on one specific date. This makes it easier to look at old posts of an user!

    You can choose to show the histogram automatically on page load (default) or if you prefer to load the histogram on request if you find it to be too invasive. To change this setting, hover on the histogram title and select "On load: hidden"

  • The followers and following pages have been updated to show a table of the followers/following, with more informations (Reputation, STEEM Power, Upvote Worth). You can sort by the different attributes by clicking on the table's column.

  • When you read a post, now there is a floating bar with the tags, date, author and upvotes of the post, so you can easily access this informations and upvote the post if you like it!

    If you prefer a less intrusive way, in the setting you can choose the small floating bar layout

  • The markdown editor used to write new posts now shows the preview at the right side of the editor. While you write the post, if you scroll through your textual content, the preview will automatically scroll to the right point. This feature is available for screens with at least 900px width

  • If you want to better see the avatar of an account, just hover on the user picture to open a bigger version of the avatar image

  • GIF Picker for your posts and comments! You can search by keywords or see the trending gifs of the moment. Powered by Giphy

  • Boost your posts easily with the Boost button next to the "Promote" button. You will be able to easily transfer SBD to @minnowbooster for an upvote of the whale!

    You will be prompted with a confirmation form where you will see the estimated worth of the upvote you will receive. No more copy and paste of the url in the memo field of the transfer and risks of sending a wrong transaction

    Special thanks to @reggaemuffin and the @minnowbooster team for the support in making this feature possible!

  • Filter wallet history by selecting the type (transfers, power up/down, rewards, conversions), minimum amount, or by textual search.
    You can now click on a link or mention in the transaction memo field!

  • You can open a gallery of images in a post by clicking on an image.


  • Steemit More Info Settings. You can now choose to enable or disable each of the features provided by Steemit More Info! Just go in your account settings.

Future development

I'm planning to add more features like:

  • Trending of up to 5 favorite tags in one page. You select your favorite tags and you'll see the list of the top trending of all the tags combined in one list. I'm not releasing this feature yet because it still has some bugs.
  • Notifications, for instance if somebody replies on one of your posts or comments, if you get an upvote, ...
  • Image resizing in the post editor
  • ...

Privacy and security - Do I steal your data?

I do not access your private keys. The only way I could do it, is if you go to your wallet page and click on "show private key". But I don't do it!
Should you trust me? Well, I believe is better not to trust anyone. That's why the source code of the extension is available on github and you can (and you are encourage to) look and study it!

The way it works is by scraping the webpage and the url of the page you are looking at to extract your username and the username of the user you are looking at. Then it uses steem-js to get informations about that user.
This process doesn't involve any private key! In fact, you can see informations of other users as well, even if you obbiuvsly don't know their private keys.


The extension is now available on the Chrome Extension Store

The extension is now available on the Firefox Extension Store

You can now have these features on mobile as well! Look here for more information:
SteemApp - Android (iOS coming soon)

If you prefer, you can choose to install it yourself manually:

  • Download and unzip the extension. LINK:
  • If you are using Chrome
    • Open the Chrome Extentions page by typing chrome://extensions in your Chrome Browser.
    • Drag and drop the root folder of the project you just unzipped (steemit-more-info) inside the chrome extension page.
  • If you are using Firefox
    • Open about:debugging in Firefox, click "Load Temporary Add-on" and select any file in the extension's directory.
    • You will need to do this each time you close and reopen Firefox
  • Go to Steemit!

When a new version of the extension is available, a popup in the top right corner of the page will appear with a link where you can read about the update and download the new version.

Manually Force Google Chrome to Update Extensions

  • Head to chrome://extensions by either right-clicking on an extension and choosing Manage extensions, or just typing it into the location bar.
  • Check the Developer mode box on the right-hand side.
  • Click the "Update extensions now" button.


Bugs and new features requests

Please feel free to comment here or contact me on if you have suggestions or features requests!

Please help me spread the word by resteem and upvote this post!

I'm doing this project in my free time. The more interest I get from the community, the more I'll be devoted to improve it!
So if you like this project, help me in letting everyone know about it.
And follow me! I will post any update on this extension and other projects I'll work on! And you will also see some beautiful picture about myself 😹🐾



Hey man, could you create a direct download for the firefox extension or reupload it to the store? Thanks

id like to make one request on a small change.. WOULD it be possible to display the Rep score to one or even two decimal places? does it to one and its really nice to be able to see how far we are on to the next level.. As the REP gets higher it can take quite some time to move up and its great to see how we are doing..

Hey @armandocat, I really loved this extension when I first installed it on my firefox. Since then I completely overhauled my laptop, banishing Windows in favor of Linux, and it seems like this extension isn't available any more. Do you have any info on that? Would it even matter if I have linux? Or could it be that Firefox got rid of it for some reason? In any case, I can't put it back up, and was wondering if you had any good advice. Thanx!

I'm sure it's a Firefox problem. I deleted the old versoin and went to the Firefox add-ons site and the new version isn't there. Chromium works well with linux and doesn't have the Google issues. I might start using another browser just for steemit.

Hi @armandocat thank you for the extension. It's very handy indeed. Only problem I have is that every time I start up steemit in firefox I have to redo all the settings as they don't stay saved. Can you recommend a solution to the issue. Also as an idea what about a button to sort my followers to find the new ones quickly would be a great thing as it would save a lot of time. Cheers.

so good

Hey @armandocat, great contribution to say the least!
Would be neat with a countdown timer to when you are 100%.
Here's a link where you can do it manually for now.


Hi @reko I'm no sure if this will help you or others but it gets replenished at a rate of about 1% every 72 minutes or 1hr24min every full 100% upvote. Your idea would be very handy if made available.

what a great extension, now it don't really matter if steemit inc will improve because we have people making/developing apps or extensions like this.

Great updates and features.

Very well done!! Keep up the good work!!

what a great extension

Totally agree!

now it don't really matter if steemit inc will improve

I disagree with that. Extensions are temporary solutions. They are dangerous from a security point of view.

Security does not seem a concern because "Steemit has the most secure hosted wallet on any blockchain."

If you do it right it don't matter if you get hacked you are still safe, as the above link will point out.

I completely agree with you! Just opened this post to say that. Using it everyday now and glad there are more and more new options arriving!

I lost the ability to see post payouts and to see how many posts I did on each day. This happened yesterday and is still not working. I installed and re-installed the extension. I miss these two things so much. Thank you for making this tool and I hope it is just a momentary problem :)

Very helpful! Thanks!!!

Hi @armandocat this looks like a fantastic extension, BUT, it does not seem to be found in the latest version of Firefox for mac. I could download and install in for Chrome with no problem. With Firefox, I just get a "file not found" message. A search in the Firefox extentions for anything with the name steemit-more-info gives nothing and with the name steemit, I find several steemit application extensions, but not this one.

I am using an iMac running macOS Sierra version 10.12.6 and Firefox 57.0.1 (64 bit)

Thanks for the great extension. It makes my experience on Steemit much better.

I have a small problem with it, though. It is too slow in calculating $ values of votes (in my vote value and in the list of upvoters). This awesome feature basically does not work. Please try to make faster.

My my, you have been busy. This is fantastic, it adds visibility of a number of steemit metrics that really should be present in the native GUI, like votes/voting power/actual vote value (how accurate is this? no offense intended)/mentions/wallet history...

The media gallery is a nice touch, and so is the integration of the markdown editor - I've been using HackMD and StackEdit for this, which editor does your plugin use, does it draw it in from github or is it embedded in the plugin code?

Any chance of the following?:

search engine choice

external tools dropdown
Possible to check current user account aganst steemcleaners db?

in-page post datetimestamp
Often I think it would be great to be able to see when an article was posted without having to go look it up somewhere.

This contains some great @OriginalWorks , upvoted & resteemed.

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Special thanks to @reggaemuffin for being a supporter! Vote him as a witness to help make Steemit a better place!

actual vote value (how accurate is this?)

The vote worth is computed using the same formula steem uses to create the rewards! So it should be the same exact value as it will be.. However, remember that the value changes continuously so what is worth 1$ now could be worth more or less in an hour

search engine choice

I see no way to change the search engine now, because I'm just using the same engine built in in steemit

external tools dropdown

The website you suggest is confusing. For instance, go here:

in-page post datetimestamp

If you hold your mouse over the "X minutes ago" text near the post title you will see a tooltip with the exact time of posting

This is great, will update it now.

This is a very helpfull add-on. Thank you! Love it!

I like how @armandocat pops on the screen when you mention his name. Wait what other keywords do things like that? @ironshield

Looks like the updates and new features are simply AMAZING! Like, honestly - what are the STEEMIT devs doing? You guys should push to have all of these awesome features implemented into the actual Steemit website, for new users, for presentation and marketing purposes as I feel like only experienced users are currently using the extension and all these nice features!

Great work! Thank you so much!

as usual another nice update
I am using this on all my devices and I really adds an extra dimension to steemit that makes it so much nicer to use (even though it takes a bit longer to load sometimes)

I'm going to look into the loading time. It's strange btw, because all the things added by the extension are done asynchronously, so it should not impact the loading time of the website.
I'll keep you updated

might it be that we are behind the firewall at work and that that might restrict certain functions of the extention?

I love your extension this is super doper.

i am not getting this feature :(

your vote is worth a cent.. No reasons to have the vote weight slider. You will have it when you reach 500 Steem Power

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woow this was already an awesome extension and it just keeps getting better. Seriously you are my hero, this is amazing enough but the fact that you are a 3 year old cat and you are accomplishing all this is just blowing my mind. Also, I mentioned you in a comment and got a good chuckle out of the cat that sprang up from the bottom of the screen and said something to me about mentioning your name. It kind of made me jump a little! Cheers - Carl

Love it. Having these new features make browsing steemit more user friendly.
what about a Favourites Tab ? I see lots of posts I would like to read later but I usually find another post that gets my attention so any posts I previously wanted to read are long gone sinking deeper into the sea of steemit posts

Awesome work! I really like the new "Mentions" tab, especially as it differentiates between "posts" and "comments".

Might you do something similar for the "Replies" tab?

The use case: often, when people reply to one of my posts, it's a few-word comment like "nice post" and it's not quite as important that I read and reply to those.

Versus, when I comment on someone else's post, I very much want to know about replies to that so that I can continue a discussion.

So, "replies to my comments" should be significantly higher in my priorities than "replies to my posts" -- meaning, it would be great to have an interface into each.

Really very cool post and knowledgeable love it

for the info.. added the extension..!!!! :)

Cosaaa? Sempre meglio!

Thanks for sharing and developed this extention, we really like it

Fantastic post!

@armandocat great work. On the Future Developments, I would like to suggest if it possible to add a scheduled post option. An option that could enable the user to schedule his post at a particular time when he might not be available. It would be a treat for some of us.
I really love your your. Makes steemit look more detailed makes posting espcially very easy. The preview of post side by side is waw!.
Thumps up... ll send you a tip for your good work. You are awesome!!!!!!!

@armandocat your extension for Firefox is not available ....please check it

But I don't see any new update in Firefox browser for this Extension. My last update was on 15th October. 👼

I'm totally geeking out about the Mentions tab right now, @armandocat! If anything is going to help make Steemit a more social place, that is it right there. Really great work, and thank you! You certainly deserve all of the success coming your way.

Thank you. That was helpful.
PS; You have a cute Cat

faultless, follow up

Would it be possible to add the Resteem tab, maybe even with sorting options, like favourite resteems, latest resteems, etc.

Really awesome! I really love your work! Keep it up!

triumphant, follow up

This is great! I love that you don't need any key access to use this extension - security is like the one thing that makes me totally hesitate to use any of the great chrome extensions that are being made. Nice work, I can't wait to use it.

@armandocat Amazing extension! made my life as a new steemer so much easier. Thank you for this great tool and keep up the great work! Kudos

It's amazing how fast we are growing.

Keep up the good work!

*PS. Sometimes when I refresh my blog, search bar remains open even if I hadn't touched it.

there is one major feature that you have missed it out and I am sure thousands of steemit members will use it and it is to make the cpu faster in opening the blog page.
this feature is same as, to hide the resteemit blogs from the uathor original blogs.
in it is called reblog page , it is on top
i can see my original blogs in blog page
i can see the rebloged or resteemit in another page.
i have old laptop and when i open the blog oooommmmggggg it will take 2 minutes to download the older blogs with the resteemed ones..
i think this clarfication is clear of what i have in my mind. my english is not too much good
thank you

amazing project, congrats @armandocat

Hey, I absolutely love your addon! Until now I always used the external website to check out, who is talking about me, so naturally I love just clicking on the tab and have it right there.
Unfortunately the mentions tab isnt working for me... I use the newest firefox on win10 and the tab just keeps loading until the loading sign disappears and then its just a blank tab. However it works sometimes if I check out other users! There seems to be a connection between loading time and number of mentions, but for me and for some other accounts it just keeps loading forever on my device. Do you have any idea what might be wrong?

I found that sometimes there are connection problems to the steemdata servers that I use to get the list of posts/comments. I'm going to talk with @furion for that!

Thanks for the quick answer I hope you get it fixed soon, would be a great feature!
Until then ill just use the website from the link list :)

Just some more feedback:
I found a typo in the settings page, where you can choose the view options for the blog histogram it says "Alwasy show". Just a small typo but I thought you might wanna know about it for the next update :)

very useful explain thanks a lot for update

This is an excellent extension for Steemit. Keep up the good work!

Wow! I know it's not much, but just wanted to add my comment to congratulate you on this amazing piece of work!

I upvoted and comment for you. Please upvote and comment for helping me grow @mdfoysal

Very cool...bravissimo. Saluti al gatto...

awesome, thanks a lot, I have been using it already and its really great!

This App is greatly enhancing my Steemit experience and making chores and research much easier, thank you!

I'm Loving it. Great extension

Wooooohh The markdown one and the minnowbooster updates are neat !! Great job on that and thank you for making our lives easier =D

I'm a bit reticent on adding extentions... do you think its safe?

just a question - is it possible to limit the extension to only one container in FF ? May be this is a FF specific question too!

A very useful extension, thanks for the work done.

I really love your extension. I have a question. I am not seeing a vote slider. Is there a minimum that my vote has to be worth to activate it? It do I have to activate it? please advise.

Love it! So glad we have the mentions bar now, that's definitely something I've been waiting for. Thanks so much!

Great extension, enjoying it.

This is AMAZING !!! thanks for ur hard work @armandocat excelente!!

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Keep it up!
All the best!

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Excellent extension, thanks for sharing


Excellent work @armandocat
I hope you one of the steemit witness ...if not do enter and let us know for a worthy support... I need this feature on scheduling I own a page on Facebook...any day am less busy I can write 10posts and schedule them at a given date and time I know i need the posts published...
I think it will be a good idea...
What of more extra security like 2FA using Google authenticator... Will be a nice idea for extra security...what's your take...

Un ottimo lavoro come sempre, ottima la barra per la ricerca, se ne sentiva la mancanza :D

Wow!, I swell to Jah @armandocat you really try at this... This as really make Steemit more fun to be use for me...thanks you and Steem on boss!

Amazing job @armandocat Followed...

Just awesome. I get everything what I want to have smooth journey in steemit. I love this feature and keep telling others. Expect nothing less from you.

FEATURE REQUEST/IDEA: The number of comments are tracked for each post. But is it possible to flag that number changed.

I look at "Replies" to know if someone is writing to me in one of my posts, but there is no way for me to know if someone else is responding to someone else's comment. Sometimes I want to insert myself into the conversation, but if i'm not aware of the conversation that is hard to know if one is even going on.

There must be a simple solution to help flag that the comment total increased (when it increased doesn't matter as much). and once it has been flagged ..maybe a function to turn off the flag.

What do you think?

Game changer! Thanks man!

You put the New features on top of post, no need for TL;DR this time, smart move. 😄 Let do it anyway, just in case:


What's 655926ba30.png:

  • Search on steemit directly in the navigation bar!
  • Mentions tab! You can easily find posts or comments where users tagged your name.

whoooaaa nice job dude...

supper bro.....

Mega-Tool on Steemit!

Awesome Feature I use it daily. Any way to add a setting to Block Bots from posting on our posts?

steemit now come to trancperency with more new feature which is round in my mind, thanks the team for upgradatio.

Hello….not sure what happened but this version does not allow me to see the Vote Power indicator on a profile page anymore. I also can’t see the number of votes made today, or any of the additional information for the list of people that voted for a post. The histogram of posts doesn’t show either, neither does the additional information about Followers. And lastly I was never able to get the Boost button to work, white box opens with 3 moving circles in it. Any ideas on why I might not be able to see this information? I have tried both Chrome and Firefox with the same results. Thanks for the help as I have really been enjoying these features!!!

Hey super, vielen Dank für eure grossartige Arbeit!

I love this extension, with the issues on and off with Steemit,com, I was wondering if it would be possible for this extension to work also on

I love this extension it is so handy, but I wonder with all the issues with at the moment, is there any chance it could be modified to work on as well

Thank you! My one problem is that I have to turn off the extension in order to see who my new followers are that I don't follow yet. Is there anything that I don't know about that I could use for that? I really appreciate your work @armandocat

Thanks @armandocat found this yesterday and am too late to add an upvote so sent a donation instead.

Keep up the brilliant work on this tool, nifty!

guess I'm late to the party... but I tried to get the firefox extension, and followed the link you provided to 'page not found'. Then ran a search for 'steemit more info', and got nothing, at least not version 1.5.

Can't find your extension!

Same happened to me!

@toofasteddie and @valued-customer I had the same experience then went to GitHub and did a direct download, fast and clean. Just remember you have to use a document from the file each time you log out of Firefox as per the instructions given type into blank URL about:debugging it will bring the extension up and load one file from the original documents and it works till you go out again. Here is the link from above in the article
Download and unzip the extension. LINK:

Hello! Should we wait for updates? When?

I do not know, I myself wonder

This is fantastic!!!!

tried to find it on the firefox store, i'm using the new quantum. presume it doesn't work for that browser yet right?

please check the title on show 1.5 and I get only 1.4 extension
please update your chrome extension.

Excellent work, thank you for your effort!

I loved your extension.It is very valuable.I installed it on my firefox. Well done. keep it up.

Various parts of this extension have started to break recently. I hope you resume development soon. This was a great extension!

When I look in my wallet in night mode, the lines in white have also white text, so only visible when selected. Can you change the color of the text (or the background)? (steemit more 1.5)

Even though I get notified on telegram when people mention my name, I always wanted to have a list of people whom been talking behind my back. Thank you for the awesome work. :D

I was about to suggest adding the silent boost option when boosting with the boost button but I tried it first, and it gave me much less than I've spent, guess there's no point using boost without goats invading the comments ^_^

Hi! this looks like amazing stuff... Is it available if I use Chrome on an Android phone? Or can I only use this only if I have a desktop PC or laptop?

I love the addition of mentions - thank you. I forget to check them and this makes it so much easier!

Resizing images in the post editor - YES!!!
& please can we have a centre button for images and text too!

Wonderful work - thank you! :)

This version is not working with the new Update of Mozilla firefox, Please could you update us with a new Addon updates. That will work with the Quantum Firefox 58.0b13

the Firefox link is broke and can't find steemplus for Firefox in their add on list