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11 / 14 / 2016 - 11:25 AM EST STEEMIT NEWS FLASH :
STEEM not invested in SteemPower henceforth referred to as : LIQUID STEEM
Liquid Steem at all time highs today .
The total Liquid Steem soared today per my records to a record 17,494,784 total Liquid Steem . ( see chart # 1 )
We also see the increase per day per my records in Liquid Steem today of 1,084,179 . ( see chart # 2 )

RED LINE : Steem Price


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The 64 thousand dollar question is when the hard fork is made on the 16th will Steemit the company start powering down 7,444,501 Steem every week instead of the now 1,089,439 Steem a week .

If they indeed do power down all of it in 13 weeks, would it be good or bad for other investors looking to get in?

In my opinion it might be even better for the greater good if let's say they would sell all of the steem on @steemit cheap to other investors looking to get in.

Same question

A group of the largest whales have already stated they will not power down and cash out immediately following the hard fork. I can't give you a direct citation or any more details, but I know I came across this a couple of times since the announcement last week.

The liquid STEEM is waiting for the price increase of the hardfork.

won't be a price increase. Too much selling...


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Thanks, this is something to keep our eyes on.

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