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RE: How to Make a Steemit Posts Directory in WordPress!

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I thought you might like to see this from your favourite witness:

Are you sure you want to have this guy representing our platform as a top 20 witness?


Why not @mazzle? Judging a book by its cover? What counts is new ideas, new changes for this platform that is far from perfect. Thank you for commenting and posting the link.

No... I actually watched 30 minutes of the video. This guy is very disturbed. If you watched it you would most certainly change your mind about him. If this doesn’t then he’s clearly got some sort of unnatural influence over you.

Oh and as for new ideas... are you a fan of Jerry Coin? That was one of the most pathetic attempts at a cash grab that I have ever seen.

Check the comments. He’s lost some big witness votes. And for good reason.

I will watch that video and as you are talking about cash grabs, there are also lots of giveaways that could be talked about.

Sure, but are they trying to be a top 20 witness? And one bad thing doesn't make another acceptable. That's like saying that if someone gets away with murder then we should all be able to do it.

But if you haven't watched the video then there's no point discussing it. Watch it and come back and tell me that this guy should be representing and marketing the Steem blockchain.

I have watched one minute and it's a stand-up comedy. I never watch stand-up comedies because it's humor I don't like with lots of cussing.
This remind me of an actor who became president of the USA, and another one governor in one state. I don't see your point. and no need to discuss it further I think, I can't agree with you.

That’s because you only watched one minute of the video.

It isn’t stand up comedy. If you watched it you’d understand my point. Instead you’d rather to continue your blind following of the creep that is Banfield.

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