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I Want Your Help

I want your help- not for me, but for a couple of people who are part of the Steemit Community. We are a community, right? At least that is what everyone says: "I came for the money and I am staying for the community."

I am asking for your help for a couple of Steemians who live in Venezuela. Before you say... but, there are so many that need help... I want to say that I know that. And my dream is that we can help many, if not all eventually. Even if we only have small voting and/or donation power. It all ends up.

Help for @cefralelo

@cefralelo needs an operation that costs $150 and her insurance decided not to pay for it. I asked her to write a post explaining her situation and asking for help. I don't know if she will do that, but here is a post that did that for her if you are in doubt if the request is legit.

Here is what you can do:

  • Go to her profile and upvote a post close to payout so she can get the money out.
  • Pay for a bot vote for one of her posts.
  • Transfer some Steem or SBD to her wallet with a note that it is for her surgery.
  • Write a post about her, the situation in Venezuela or whatever you want and donate the payout to her.
  • If she writes a post asking for help, share it on your profile.
  • Ask someone else to give her a vote - if you know someone with lots of voting power... but any vote counts!
  • Send her an encouraging message or leave an encouraging comment on her post.

We all can at least vote - that doesn't cost us anything!

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The liquid payout of this post will be donated towards the operation.

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Help to Buy School Supplies

@latino.romano is a very active Steemian and is one of the builders and supporters of the Spanish speaking community. A lot of the children in his neighborhood have no school supplies at all. We are talking pencils and notebooks.

According to him, the inflation is halted for a bit - mostly because nobody has money to buy anything. If you want to support his effort to get school supplies into the hands of the neighborhood kids - transfer any amount of Steem or SBD to his account with the memo: school supplies.

If you know of a better way to get the actual goods to him, please, speak up.

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Thank you for Your Support!

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Surely something we can achieve. We are not only writers, photographers or talented musicians, in Steemit we are also human, as human as the others ... thank you all in advance

I am hoping!! if everyone does just a little - it would be huge...

Amazon ships to Venezuela. I have been sending supplies to @denissemata in an effort to help her attend culinary school. The latest package was due to be delivered on Wednesday, But I got a notification saying that delivery was delayed.Denisse is hearing rumors that the Venezuelan government is cracking down on international shipments. We'll see if it ever arrives.

Dang. I wished I knew that earlier. Please keep me posted. If it arrives - I will send some as well.

The items that are allowed to be sent are limited. No food or medical supplies. ( no cotton balls or Advil) But I have been able to send Denisse some of the culinary supplies she has needed for school this year, like whisks and stainless steel mixing bowls. I have also been able to send toiletries and feminine hygiene items. Soap and toilet paper. You can send school supplies. Shipping is expensive. I'll let you know if her package gets delivered I upvoted your friends.

Thank you so much!!! I would be sending school supplies.

Try sending them. I'm sure Amazon is keeping on top of the situation and will let you know if they think it can't be delivered. My order status has suddenly changed to say that it will be delivered today. Denisse often has to search around to find where it gets delivered to...they don't have home delivery; she has to find the outlet that it was delivered to. I expect Amazon would refund your money if they can't get it into the country.

Let's make this happen. 💕

stopped by to support you!! xo

You are the best!

no, you are hehe

All the stories people from Venezuela make me cry.

I am at a complete loss ... All of our extra pennies are going towards my daughter's family. Maybe we should try begging on the street for Venezuela. ....

Although some whales could surely find ways to delegate voting power or ... Something! (older than 7 days)

Let's try a thought experiment. I'll start it. I'm going to start by asking a "what if I ..." question. Then someone else needs to say, "If you do that, then I could ... " OR say "Yes, you do that. I know I can .... "

In this way we can build off each other's ideas. Some of us will have ideas that start with ourselves, some of us will have ideas that we can layer on top of someone else's ideas.

We will have to think of everything from arts and crafts to organizations we know of to even political moves. Even if it ends up being just a few of us figuring a little more than we have thought of so far, it is more than nothing.

So here goes.....

I know I can easily create bundles of background art that I can try to sell for STEEM. I can then delegate that STEEM in one way or another or consider donating it.

I love that idea!!

I have some vague knowledge there's been some attempts to have an organized group for Venezuela in the past. I can do research to check current status. Does someone know already?

You are Hope @youarehope is one group that is helping orphanages and kids in Venezuela. And @ropavejero is also helping kids and schools. so, yes, there are many people and organizations we can support.


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Transferred some Steem to both of them and will be resteeming this post.
We are indeed a community, so we owe it to each other IMO :0)

Thank you!!! I agree 100%!

Greetings @mariannewest, if many join, dreams can come true. The dreams are to make them come true and that is why, with the help of others, we are dedicating ourselves to humanitarian aid. I hope to contribute in a way with these Steeminians that you mention in your publication ... A hug and we are entirely at your service ...

Thank you so very much. I hope all of us together can make life easier at least for a few.

Voted and resteemed. Heading to her profile to vote. The situation in Venezuela is appalling.

It is! and I wished we could help all. But hopefully, we can make a small difference at least for a few.

Yes, I also donated sbd, too.

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Yes we are a community. Nice work. Have resteemed

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La Familia Romana se hace presente también... saludos

saludos. Thank you for stopping by!

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Thank you so much!!

Thank you for sharing this. I will try to help.

Thank you very much!! Highly appreciated!

Hi @mariannewest you could also try the @fundition. I'm sure they can really help you on what you are doing :)

Good luck, wish you and the people you are helping all the best :)

Join them in their discord channel

thank you so much!!!

Thanks for bringing these Steemians to our attention. I sent a small amount but wish it could have been more. Best of luck to them both.

Thank you so much!!! I think a small amount x the many of us is perfect. Thank you for caring!

Thank you all for your good works, blessings to all, Greetings on behalf of @cefralelo

Thank you for all you do!! I know you are helping to keep the spirits up of everyone in your country.

I went and upvoted all of her active posts. Hope all goes well!

Thank you so very much!!! With many of us doing that, she will have the funds for her surgery soon!

Thanks for letting us know! Have resteemed will go check out those accounts as well.

Thank you!!! Much appreciated!

Please consider donating also the vested payout for the same purpose. You can power down an equal amount to liquidate it.

I am going to make up the difference to cover the operation - as it stands right now, that will be way more than any of the posts will be making. Since I am not exactly rich myself, I do hope that the community will support this as much as possible - best with direct donations to her, upvotes on her posts that are almost at payout, or supporting the posts I am putting up. And, there will be need of ongoing fundraising for so many in need... the kids without school supplies are just one example.

I went and upvotes all of her active posts. Good luck👍

Thank you!! That is going to help so much! Even as a morale boost that people do care.

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