Lack of Content: Why and what's going on?

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Greetings folks. Today, I wanted to take the opportunity to explain why I haven't actually been posting recently.

Explosion of Success

Well, there's not a huge science to it. As you guys know, I'm part of the privex hosting team. And recently, there has been an explosion of activity.

Just this monday I spent over 14 Hrs working on billing, support, and even server provisionings.

Privex is still very new, and we're working on getting all the new systems up and running to help automate and provide better ways, but until then It's been an all hands on deck situation.

Privex is the best company I've ever worked with, and it has my 110% commitment. And we're poised to be one of the best new hosting providers on the net.

It's unclear when these new systems will be in place and I can't really tell, but I can say that they are definitely being worked on day and night. Just like our support tickets.

One big problem.

That being said, there is another growing issue I would like to share with my readers in regards to my content.

I've been haemorrhaging support. Some of my bigger followers have been decreasing their amount of vote strength, which is totally respectable and their right to due so.

But as a result, I'm not being able to sustain my projects anymore. My posts are averaging about 30.00 SBD

And then Steem and SBD dipped down in price. With SBD at an all time low of 2.38. Devoting time to posting is just not viable anymore.

I can't even commission creatives anymore because any kind of post equity is just not worth their time.

I'll be continuing to post here and then, but for now. Steemit is very inhospitable place right now, and Privex will have to take priority over doing content.

I hope everyone can understand where I'm coming from.

Feel free to leave comments below.


I was going to message you on the Discord channel to see how you were going. I knew Privex was going gangbusters but wanted to make sure you were okay...

We understand dude! My Warhammer 40K posts are averaging $0.50... so 30SBD sounds like a dream... but it's also not really enough to buy more miniatures or set up tournaments... so totally get the problem.

It's a shame there isn't more 40K enthusiasts on the platform, I was really hoping for a tight-knit community of awesome players. Still, there's hope in the future...

Yeah, it's not really about the fact that it's about warhammer 40k enthusiams, it's more or less the fact that the content isn't really getting enough support to spread the word of steemit you know?

I'll still be pushing out content, just wont be able to do thing like supporter ranks unless steem/sbd makes a big recovery.

I'll also try to gain more support through patreon but, that's pretty iffy, and I'm not sure if it will be successful enough.

Hmmm. On one hand, I'm working on a total successful project, and on the other my personal project is failing. feelsbadman

Best of luck @malicered for your Privex project, Keep updating us

Congrats on the success of Privex! We’ll still be here when you’re less busy. Relax a bit and enjoy life!

congrats on the success @malicered.
thanks for sharing.

Best of luck friend

I liked your post!!) Subscribed. Subscribe and on me, support each other

Patient, friends, up and down prices, and embossed support, it is a test, continue to do good, because hard work never cheats results, thanks

Great job @malicered thanks for coming back. hard work is key to success. may your privex project comes up. keep iit up.

I would be happy to see my posts average at 30 SBD. Posting is like mining, some make money better doing other things and that is okay!

Right now, I am exploring other ideas that the Steem economy is missing at the moment. It's going to be great but it wont be "trending".