Community Contribution: High Quality Flyers for advertisement and showing off steemit! (Lots of Content)

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Steemit flyer coverimage.png

Phew. You guys have no idea how long I've been working on these. Like, just trying to find the correct angle to advertise steemit on a giant flyer. It's like, looking at a giant piece of paper and deciding what you need to come up with. As a result, I thought the best way to take on this task, is by using different varied approaches and concepts.

I can't believe I finished them!

Here is my humble contribution to you steemit.

Advertising steemit and getting new users is the direction that needs to be taken with steemit. We need to get the word out there. One really cool way to do this is by traditional flyers and posters.

When I designed these flyers I knew of some very important points that needed to be accounted for their design.

  • Flyers will be printed
  • Flyers will possibly posted on high traffic areas
  • Flyers need to be very quick to the point, using minimal text elements
  • Flyers need to be remembered at once glance
  • Modern designs

These were the design goals that I had set based on the maximum potential for effectively advertising steemit on a larger scale.

With that being said, Design is speculative. Some of you will like what I came up with, and some will not. Which is why I designed so many based on the above design guidelines.

Check out this link to see the flyers

Flyer 4 QR.png

Now I know @timcliff is hosting a design contest for flyer designs. However, I do not do design contests no offense to anyone intended! I still offer these flyers for use in @timcliff's projects and advertisement projects free of charge. And really hope that these will help him get the word out on steemit. That's all that matters to me

Terms of Use:

Terms are going to be simplified. You can use these graphics and images in anyway you see fit. However, if you will be distributing them such as selling, you must also include credit @malicered with a fully working url to

If you are submitting these designs or images to a design contest, you must fully credit @malicered with a fully working url to

For everything else, you may freely use without credit attribution.


Each image is 2550x3300 px and should be fine to rescale as you need for printing purposes. If for some reason there needs to be a re-scale, you can use the Source files included to get the size specified.

The file attached is archived in a .rar file. Which means you'll need to install Winrar to extract it.

Enclosed in the file are PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, and PSDs as well as the QR Code that I designed which is in a .AI file format.

File is 200MB


Flyer 3 QR.png

Contributors & Special Thanks

If you guys are liking what I'm doing and wish for me to keep doing what I do, please feel to drop a donation. I am currently unemployed and I have to rely on these posts doing well to keep myself afloat and contributing to the steemit community. All donations will be highly welcome, and I will post your name as one of my top supporters in this post and upcoming posts!

For anyone else who wants to keep supporting me and make it possible for me to contribute to steemit for a living, please upvote, follow and resteem and also check out my other contributions and posts @malicered, I really can't thank everyone enough who has supported me so far and made this post possible.

I want to shout out to my personal friend @someguy123, @teamsteem, @glitterfart and @ausbitbank for helping me get so far, and of course every single one of you guys out there who are helping dreams come true, and helping me make my dreams come true. Together, we can make steemit the real frontpage of the internet.

Also, want to chat directly with me? I have a discord channel running now, everyone is free to join it, and I welcome any company here!



Deep heartfelt thanks goes out to these guys who gave back to me on a personal level. I really appreciate it guys, you didn't have to do it, but you did, and I am very thankful for it.

I <3 Steemit


Terrific work! Hopefully people will use these well.

@donkeypong! Thanks so much! Glad to see you back safe and sound! I'm really really eager to see some of this stuff in real life, I think I'm going to get all of these ordered on vistaprint

Seems like a cool campaign. Nice work!

I appreciate it very much @aggroed, thank you so much for the support! I really would love to see some of these flyers out there.

My measly upvote is yours at 100% and I will resteem

These are great. I will send a small donation to you.
Good luck

Thank you so much @gmuxx! You have no idea how much I appreciate what you're doing for me! I'll keep doing what I'm doing and do my best to help contribute to steemit as a whole with my skills.

My absolute pleasure. I wish it was more.

Thanks for the doing these awesome steemit Flyers and ads! :D It really means a lot. Just resteemed aswell.

Thank you for coming out and showing some support! You guys are proving that it's worth doing everything you can to contribute to the whole of the community.

It really does pay off! Thanks again

What's the message there ? POST and EARN ?
That's it ?

That's what @steemdrive used, and was very successful. Their's was "Blog, Vote, and get paid"

I love it!

Im starting new FB group for designers and design lovers on Steemit to post their articles and support each other.

You know, @transisto, I'm curious to know what would you put under one of the flyers?

Source files are included, so you can write in any kind of message you'd like. The point is promotion, and not every single flyer says the same thing. Thanks for your support.

great initiative here mate, great to see all fliers doesn't say the same thing! Love the idea of keeping it simple and short too, no yapping about.

Write, post earn, genius!

Great Initiative. I will look into passing these out at many of the festivals that Austin has. Remember, Nike made billions with "Just Do It"

I have to really say, I struggled with what to actually come up with. Like, I'm totally aware that it's not as simple as sign up post and earn, but at the same time, I wanted to get key points across in a very simple way so that people passing by can remember it easily. If I went with something like "Signup, Promote, Network, Post and then earn" it just doesn't sound as appealing as "Post Earn". I had to put some major thinking into it. It's not easy!

It really isn't easy at all. Once I get some extra SBD, I'll send some your way. Mainly because I dig the avatar you have going! :)

Very nicely done high quality flyers and graphics. Simple and elegant.

Thank you very much! It means alot, I hope you guys can get plenty of these flyers printed!

When I get rich I will advertise on the goodyear blimp and replace the print with steem logo. But very good contribution!

I happily award my upboat to you good malice, not in a position to donate, but will happily give you my vote.

Thanks for sharing, im sure folks will put these to good use.
Very generous of you @malicered who knows there may even be a steem market for folks needing graphics for their blogs.

I'm hoping! That would be very cool.

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