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RE: Community Contribution: High Quality Flyers for advertisement and showing off steemit! (Lots of Content)

in #steemit7 years ago

Great Initiative. I will look into passing these out at many of the festivals that Austin has. Remember, Nike made billions with "Just Do It"


I have to really say, I struggled with what to actually come up with. Like, I'm totally aware that it's not as simple as sign up post and earn, but at the same time, I wanted to get key points across in a very simple way so that people passing by can remember it easily. If I went with something like "Signup, Promote, Network, Post and then earn" it just doesn't sound as appealing as "Post Earn". I had to put some major thinking into it. It's not easy!

It really isn't easy at all. Once I get some extra SBD, I'll send some your way. Mainly because I dig the avatar you have going! :)

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