500 + Followers! Steemians Are The Best ! Thank You.

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Thank You 500 + Times!

It's been an interesting road for sure. Amazing what can be accomplished when one actually continues to story post.

For those just starting on this platform... you too can do it with hard work and perseverance! It won't always be easy. Some days you can spend hours on a post and it bombs in regard to payouts.

Thank goodness money isn't the only reason why I'm here because if it was, I would have been gone a long time ago when posts were only receiving 2 cents.

My #1 advice: Story post about what you are passionate about and be real.

I truly love this community

I get to share my passions and weaknesses in life and people actually read what I have to write.

Some have even told me what I post about has helped them personally through my stories.

Who would have ever thought people would want to read about a broken war vet recovering from alcoholism and his family with the occasional article about technology or crypto thrown in the mix?

I now know the answer to that question!

It's been an experience that has truly changed my perspective of the world.
No longer do I get up every day thinking "Well this day is going to suck".

Now it's "How can I improve myself and the world!"

...So Once Again, Thank You For The 500 +

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Article explaining inspiration

If you enjoyed this post, please upvote and follow if you desire! I mostly story post about my sobriety, family, effects of war, and the crazier parts of my life. However, if it interests me I may just Steem about it! Steem on Steemians!

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Congrats! :D



Congratulations on all the followers.

Woot Woot Grats on 500 followers!


Thank you!

Hey, congratulations! Hitting 500 followers is a great milestone! Keep it up and you'll hit 1k in no time :)


Thanks @deadspace! 1000 would be mind blowing.



I appreciate it!

wow, way to go!

hey man congrats


Appreciate it @bearbear613.

Way to go brother! 500 followers is a big milestone and a testament to how much work you have put in. Moving on up! 🙏


Lol! Oh that made my day.


Just reached 200 followers just earlier. I am happy for you dude..let me add to your followers.


Congratulations on 200 Followers!

congtrats @lexikon082
do ur best for you followers ^^


Congarts <3


thanks a bunch.

Congratulation!!! I saw your [ follow me image and button article ]from Japan. Great and I follow you. Please feel free come to my steem. I write down In Korean, Japanese and English as a newbie.


I write down In Korean, Japanese and English as a newbie.

What a skill! I will check out your page.


Thank you.. I have to do my best..

Wow brother that is awesome!! 500 dude. I am not one to ask a favor and I know that you are busy but would you take a look at my contest? I will link it below. If you could help me out on this a tiny bit maybe with a resteem it would be greatly, greatly appreciated!


Regardless brother keep up the great work and thank you again for the last contest!!! You are actually the inspiration for making a contest myself.

The Last Sage


I will look at your contest @thelastsage!

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Congratulation my dear friend @lexikon082


Thanks @bibek. Sorry I haven't been over in a while. I am sure you are probably up to 700 or 800 followers by now.


You welcome @lexikon082...its okay..near to 800...:)


Lol, I know! I went and checked right after I left you that comment earlier. That is wonderful.