@dantheman My suggestions to the new reputation system--Downvoting/Curation Reward

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I just logged on steemit a few minutes ago and noticed these numbers, I had no idea where to look until I finally decided to check the profile of @dantheman for the latest update.

Here is the reputation system explained by @dantheman https://steemit.com/steemit/@dantheman/brief-update-on-reputation-score

This reputation system was needed to prevent abusive behavior within the community and I simply love it.

I have a suggestion to add to the algorithm of this new reputation system

Those with Lower reputation then you, cannot affect your earnings with their steempower.


If they can, their steempower need to have the same effect as the power of the reputation they have.
What I mean here is just like @dantheman said level 6 is 10X stronger then level 5.

For a level 5 to downvote a level 6 , It would have the effect of his steempower divided by 10.

For a level 5 to downvote a level 7 = Steempower/100

and on and on

But the contrary would not work

A level 6 will not have the 10X leverage against a level 5 or the 100X against a level 4

Why I think this is essential?

If we are to make this reputation system a good one , we cannot allow steemers that are mad because they have been downvoted for legitimate reasons to just start going berserk on everyone that have downvoted them at once and destroy any earnings they receive from a post. I have seen whales capable of taking away hundreds of $ in earnings in a single downvote and as much as I understand the power of a whale, I believe anyone with a lower reputation should not be allowed to affect your earning while downvoting you.

If they wish to grow high enough and gain the required reputation "power" to regulate " illegitimate posts" They will have to work it out with the community by following the rules that higher reputation levels have done since the very start.


I had another suggestion which I completely forgot while writing my first one.

The reputation system level could also affect the curation reward when it comes to upvoting.
Let's say I am level 6 and there are members also upvoting the same post and they are level 5.

Their steempower when it comes to the curation reward would only be worth a certain % depending on the level of the poster.

If the poster is level 6 and I am level 6 or more , my curation reward remain still but will have a bigger share in the loot since a bunch of level 5 and 4 are in it with me.

I Personally believe more in the first suggestion then the 2nd one , since the 2nd one might lead to inequality. But these are just suggestions that could be used to inspire a more equal system.

Let me know what you think!

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I am 100% agree with you. Some people have mindset of taking revenge, and to prevent this from happening, your suggestion might work well.


I think its a step forward in the right direction!

Reputation is done outside of blockchain consensus and can change / be tweaked at any time. It is a steemit.com feature, not a blockchain feature.

Maybe if steemit.com comes up with a good enough reputation system that doesn't get gamed we could tie it into rewards, but that is a long way from happening.


Well thank you for taking the time to reply here @dantheman Your great! I like the idea of the reputation system, since obviously it will auto-moderate the actions of the community knowing their bad acting could result in a downgrade, everyone will start thinking twice about what they do!

It's a good idea, preventing power abuse, and decreasing fear. But it might also work out to a natural equilibrium, might be too early to tell, and it may be better to alter one variable at a time.


Of course its just a suggestion and @dantheman know better, just a bit of inspiration he could take from here.

I like your ideas to prevent ragevoting, which has ruined many rewards. It makes sense to water down votes that have less reputation, but not exponentially increase effects of whales as well.


Yes your right, THe 2nd suggestions is a bit tricky but it's just a suggestion from which they could inspire themselves. Maybe it could affect only those people with a certain reputation level of 2 and - or those exclusively in the negative reputation.

After thinking about it again, I'd say, let the current system run for a week or two and see how thing goes. If someone feels like he is abused, then he can tell @dantheman about it and I'm sure he will do something if a person is really abused.

It's too early to suggest something but that's just my opinion.


These are simple suggestions im sure the devs already received a bunch of them, but I doubt they will want to deal with each case individually as the platform grow.


I'm sure they will welcome your suggestion for sure. They might keep it for future OR they might try it tomorrow. Who knows! Keep suggesting useful stuff mate. I liked this suggestion too.

Great idea!

I hope they can upgrade to a more fair system

You have a good ideas dude!