Can we start banning and completely removing known scamming accounts? I am being threatened by downvotes for exposing a scammer.

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Today I exposed a plagiarist and it appears that she/he even faked her steemit "verified" picture.

@smooth had upvoted him and because he was exposed, smooth took away his upvote and he went back down from 300 to 0. You can guess he is pretty mad right now.

The exposed scammer ended up downvoting my comments, how to know this won't affect my reputation score even if it is a little? Here is the scammer threatening of downvoting which he is doing now with multiple accounts

Like you can see on this post :

Yet all the system does is to give the account a negative rating. But why should we even bother keeping these accounts around allowing them to keep on posting even if they have negative ratings? Why don't we clear these accounts and allow more members to sign up "when" the sign ups are closed.

Here is the known plagiarist and identity theft

This steemit photo have been photoshoped from this service given on blackhatworld

Looking at the plagiarist profile all the posts are copied

Can we simply delete these accounts completely from the platform? Why bother having them hang around with a negative 5 reputation?

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Hopefully your account stays strong and this is another way to combat users with multiple accounts. Those who spam and troll usually have not invested a dime and will quickly become bored when their posts don't show up. It's funny to see that you actually have to click a button to reveal trolls and spam bots comments at the bottom and that their content is grayed out to warn others. People who have been jerks and demeaning others are now reaping their rewards.

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Im glad to see so many positive responses to this. Thank you bendj.

If I understand Dan's post correctly his downvoting can only influence your payouts, but not your reputation. If he finds that he isn't making money anymore he'll go away.
Keep up your good work!

Thank you!

Easy cool kid points if you flag the piss out of every post on that account.. ;)

That's actually CCarter in the pic.....

No idea who she is, but it just show how easy it is to photoshop a photo.

She's the owner of

well lol you guys are well informed it appears!

sad that this kind of things is happening.

Good catch on the fake writing. If you look closely the letters 'e', 'l', and 't' and the number 1 are exactly the same.

accurate observation

Minus reputation can't vote anyone if nothing wrong ....

But it can have an effect on the payout apparently. Let's say this user had some significant steempower, shouldn't we address the issue?

I think you should be ok seeing his reputation

Thats what I understand but apparently he can affect my earning, if he had enough steempower of course.

We don't need to. I think a free market without centralized control is good. In the long term plagiarists etc. will only loose, because they will be automatically downvoted.

Actually we need too , because this scammer has multiple accounts and has started downvoting my posts. If his accounts can actually affect my score rating it doesnt make sens.

According to @dan:

Those with weaker reputations are unable to harm the reputation of those with strong reputation.

So you don't need to worry!

Don't worry, all accounts the scammer has will be connected to him if he keeps downvoting your posts, and more people will know about his accounts. So in the long run he will lose more and not affect your own rating cause weak reputation accounts can't affect positive ones.


He's leaving Steem. People who have little to loose also have little power. His downvotes won't matter too much. If it becomes a problem, you could ask for help from someone powerful in the chat.

In which chat exactly? I am pretty sure it will affect the rating even if its close to nothing It wouldn't make sens that I end up losing rep over me exposing a scammer.

Check out the menu in the upper right corner.