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RE: How to invest into steem power and how to buy steem

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Nice one...does this work like auto upvoting...some bots do offer auto upvoting steem power at a you need to have upto ,500sp to be able to use this service? Thanls dear...


it is like auto upvoting but not through your own account. You invest into the bot and it upvotes for your stuff every day by buying steem power for you.

Ok....what rate or amount can one see reasonable returns... 4steem @ 150 so looks little...

Well 150 SP upvotes will be worth $0.23 per day for 10 votes (which thanks to a pool will be in one vote from @minnowpowerup). For 28 days of delegation leasing, it will be $6.44 in total. It scales up linearly so the more you put in, the more you get back.

You have been very helpful dear...sorry for my too many what's the minimum investment one can do for a month...say 20steem ok? FFor a month and what's the roi...and does it count for upvoting comments or only post

It's 4 STEEM minimum but can go as high as you want. Over 20 is probably too much as they still need to receive the delegation from minnowbooster and this depends on the marketplace.
ROI is around 20 days and then the other ones are just extra. And it upvotes both comments and posts (but posts are preferred).

wow... you did very well... so will try out 4 x 4 steem or 4 x 5 steem making it either 16 or 20 steem for a month nd see how it works
do you use delegated steem power for upvotes? where you list users to be upvoted,,,

Interesting. Is it similar with minnow booster right? I'm using minnow booster. Would love to see their comparison.

Hi, this sounds great, how many days you start with the system?

I have been using it for 10 days now

That means, you're a new user like me, but you definitely have more experience than me. Nice to meet you and best of luck!

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