Please help welcoming Julian Hosp to Steem!

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Julian Hosp @julianhosp is one of the most prominent name in the German speaking part of crypto.

He also is a one of the founder of TenX and lives in Singapore.

Here is his latest steemit post about EOS.


He is the biggest German youtuber and a great evangelist for crypto in General.

He is also very active in the english speakig part but certainly “not quite as big” relative to others.

So it is important we see him here on steem.

Lucky for us he just tweeted this:


Here is a link to the tweet:

For me he was the first guy that spoke about crypto in a very comprehensive and detailed way in my native language.

He also is part of the most mainstreem bitcoin song

These rappers may not be know to you but they are litterally the most popular German rappers.

So having him be part of the steemit community would be amazing for us. So I suggest to give him a follow and upvote his post if you think they are valuable.

Follow him here:



Let me know what you think about him and his work here at steem and earn some of the bounty.

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Welcome to steemit @julianhosp. Its great for all of us if more and more people join steemit.

Just read his website. its pretty great liked the keynote speaker section a lot

I do hope @knircky and others in future share the rewards from these kinds of posts with the people in question. It would only make sense, right? Setting them up as a beneficiary should be a thing.

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just for thanks dear @fproductions

I agree with you , follow me on @imangwi , i share good news about all cryptocurrencies

dear /@fproductions
good comments

It would definitely be great to see him more active on the platform.

Even though sometimes a little bit too much of self-promotion is shining through in his videos, he seems realistic and is none of those "we all got lambos soon" guys.

In the last weeks a few of my friends are turning towards the crpyto world and he is the Youtuber I am referring them too gladly :)

dear /@theaustrianguy
very awesome comment

Greetings, knircky

Glad your friend can join the steemit and be part of that community. Honestly, I've never heard anything about him. Possibly because it lives in Brazil and the physical and cultural distance is very great between the two countries. I'm following you. From what I saw in the video, he speaks very well in public and is good at communicating. It's good to help the steemit grow up that we have people like that among us.

Welcome and thanks for your help to the community.

Have a nice day!!!!

I am nite quite so lucky to have him as friend. But I like his content and look forward to read more of it here.

I agree with you , follow me on @imangwi , i share good news about all cryptocurrencies

very awesome comment dear /@julisavio

Important talk new discussion in the post "Welcome to Julian Hospelle from Steam!" In the beginning, many important things have started with this and the discussion of post and posting is very important among the various discussions "TenX founder and one of Singaporeans." A great missionary, tweets, steem, etc. for the best German YouTube and the generic crypt, in a beautiful way, I think the posta looks good.

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Wow, another super star crypto family get on-boarded. Can't wait to see a celebrity like Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, lady Gaga do their very first post on this amazing community. Will definitely check his blog right away

Julian was one of the first crypto-blogger I followed. I'm looking forward to read his blog posts here on Steemit. Even though there are many resistances for TenX, I still trust in the project.

Also as a fellow austrian I like his attitute towards things :D

Yea for me too

thank so much dear @knircky

Crypto is my life, I am very Happy if He will be active on Steemit.
I always to like to read and follow instructions of Crypto what he wrote on his tweets and articles.

I agree with you , follow me on @imangwi , i share good news about all cryptocurrencies

I think you have not share much material, that will be beneficially to me.
But i will still said to keep it up, that's a big knowledge you are sharing.

thank you for informative writing dear /@vieanna
so followed you

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very useful post dear /@steem-bounty

Welcome.....@julianhosp. It's good to have you here. I love you hardwork, and i hope to see more of you here on @steemit. Keep it up!

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Good to hear he will be more active here, gonna check his EOS article now, but frankly speaking this song is crap, even if you like hip-hop. And those guys might be popular, but by far bit the best what German rap has to offer.
Well just my humble opinion 😅

excellent comment dear /@maxinpower
so followed you

this so delicious sir this app

Lake Titicaca.....Nicaragua! Aqua! For my bunghole....

Very cool to see so many influential ppl adopting Steem :)

I agree with you , follow me on @imangwi , i share good news about all cryptocurrencies

@julianhosp gained another follower here.. not really that significant but a follower nonetheless.

Well EOS that was very helpful. Thx for touching on hype and pump. That can really be deceptive. I looked into EOS deeper and I'm going to take take more caution. IMG_3225.jpg
I guess this means I'm going fishing. This is my friend I took fishing and this is his first Salmon he's ever caught. We had a blast
Oh sorry off topic. Look me up if you ever come to Victoria bc, we'll go fishing ")

I dont know how to fish, i love to learn some day

well come dear /@cliffpower
go ahead
so followed you

I like that even if his opinion isn't popular, he lets it fly.

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Vielen Dank für diese Info! Tatsächlich hätte ich Julians Account derzeit ohne deinen Hinweis nicht entdeckt!

Na dann hat es sich ja geloht

He’s not new, his account has posts frI’m 9 months ago

Sehr schön, Danke für den Link! Folge dem Herrn jetzt :-)

hi dear /@surfermarly
look at me some time please

Cryptocurrency is also popular in Germany. I am happy to hear that person like Dr. Julian Hosp will be more active on Steemit. He is our inspiration.

I agree with you , follow me on @imangwi , i share good news about all cryptocurrencies

He is the biggest German youtuber and a great evangelist for crypto in General.

You see when one posses the weapon of a social medeia star then one has forgot the greatest weapon when it come to crypto gospel. This man as I could see through his through his tweets has been doing a lot promoting crypto and educating his followers both on and off steemit. Educating and updating Steemians about crypto is a great service rendered to humanity of steemit.
Having such on steemit means more people will definitely hear about it , I mean steemit gospel will spread farther . Thanks

It's really nice to see such educated people in the on the platform. Hope to see more user like them and their such helpful post. Good luck to him.


I am really glad you shared this link @knircky. I am following him on Twitter and Steemit now.

I just watched his video on EOS and it is a great discussion of the pros and cons, the challenges and opportunities of EOS.

Welcome to steemit @julianhosp. Would check out your blog in a bit... Hopefully, some content in English

Dr. Julian Hosp will be a great help to steemit platform if he brings his ass down here, this will be great having a personality like him on steem...

It's great to see people promoting the blockchain technology! Not just cryptocurrencies but the whole blockchain as a whole. I like to see that the space has became multilingual and wide spread across all continents.

It is always great to have prominent voices within the steemit community. I will wtach for your posts.

Wow, very welcome to Steemit @julianhosp!

Well what a great addition to the Steemit community! I think getting all the big crypto minds onto the platform is a HIGE help for us minnows who have managed to get a few grand in coinage with posting here on Steemit and for me personally mining coins with my two Radeon 7850’s back when bitcoin went up to $1,200!!! I was minin Litecoin and stopped because it has tanked from $30 to $3 and I didn’t see the point. So I mined some DOGE instead and traded them and yada yada long story short ... crypts stole all my DASH, my 0.2 BTC, my 1.3M DOGE and about a year of mining. Now I am Steeming my way back into crypto and need minds like his to help me in my journey to financial liberty through decentralized EVERYTHING.

I'm not sold on EOS but it's cool he is on steem. He did do a nice post on converting crypto into money though.

thanks for this useful information. I also liked the link that you sent:

Wecome to Steemit @julianhosp

Welcome Julian Hosp. I follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Hammer! Finde ich mal richtig geil das "Coin" Video von den Berlinern Atzen und der Herr Dr. mit im Video.... das ist cool 2 be conscious!
Cryptos, let's go!


he will be more active here check his eos article.frankly speaking this song is very nic even if I like hip-hop. And those guys might be popular,by far bit the best what German rap has to offer.

Welcome Julian Hosp. Been following the guy, he seems to be really interested in explain people , HOW crypto works instead of just bla bla in front of or scamming around town. He is definitely the biggest guy in Germany so far.

He is for me a appreciate source when it comes to cryptocurrency. I would love to see him more active here but he has so many things to do :)

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I have to admit that i did not know of this person before you posted the article. Well, now Im aware. In that sense, i feel compelled to say something.

This is a guy who Obviously made A successfull business.

When I read his story, I like to imagine that in every Julian there are probably 10.000 other Julian’s, who almost made it, but through some strange coincidences, bad timing, wrong nettworking, wrong tone & place, wrong zeitgeist basically. They failed when he made it. Or, maybe it wasn’t just his turn, based on karma or whatever/however you explain it.

When I read about this subject, For me, there are many analysts that have criticized the cryptocurrency space and have cautioned about the possibilities of risks and contributing in cryptocurrencies. Example, According to some high profile critics Bitcoin market can crash soon because nothing or no one understates their worth. It goes back and forth...

For me this reminds me of some history lessons about «basic understanding of Economics» or/and basic understanding of human behaviour.

Usually what We learn is that Its pretty darn difficult to predict significantly the outcome of human behavior or the economics, for that sense.

Why is that you may wonder?

Well, it’s because both dimensions are embedded
In each other in such a way as you cannot Analyse the one without the other. And I addition to that, you have the volatile and uncontrollable factors of modernity in itself, which makes it completely unpredictable. If you knew, you would have been God.

Therefore, I think it gives him some credibility That this guy, who inherently are biased in the sense that we all know that he takes a cut of the profits with the card issuers- in that sense obviously are economically motivated to speak pro crypto currencies, and in spite of that, puts it out quite frankly (my interpretation) that he basically doesn’t have a clue of the crypto currencies going this way or that way (prediction).

they say You need a hipster, a geek, and a hustler to make a dream team. For me he definitely sounds like the first.

He’s a business man. A smart and successful one.

welcome to steemit @julianhosp. It's great to have you here cheers :)

Great! 'Be nice to have him on board.

welcome to the steemit community

I just hope it is not pumping another whale...

Welcome Julian Hosp! Nice to have you here.

Good music, addictive rhythm, nice video... even if I didn't understand a word, LOL!

I'm following his simple explanation video on EOS... I'll I tell you my opinion on him when I'll have investigated enough!


I liked your post very well, in a very good word. I have learned not to know much from this post. I will follow them now. Tkanks for you.


I think it's a bit funny that his username contains "Dr." in it. I mean i have a PhD myself but never felt the need to use this title online anywhere. It sounds pretentious af

He is actually a dr. As in someone that heals people.

  ·  last year (edited)

Be welcome to steemit Dr. Hosp.

, follow me on @imangwi , i share good news about all cryptocurrencies

Welcome Julian! :)

Great Article hope to get more soon !

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great job

This person is very important and best effect on coming to steemit

hi i'm a newcomer in steemit. I am glad if you can help me to grow in steemit

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Never heard bout that guy before :D
but will have to check - and nice public relations ;-)

not really good reputation here in the financial sector (a medical doctor, by the way - no mathematician or financial "expert") - just found:

Cool dude, gave him a follow and hope to see more content from him.


oh! muy bien, saludos!

I think he is very authentic and I like the way he simplifies even very difficult themes - welcome to steemit!

welcome to steemit,,german rapper @julian hosp..
best of luck

Sorry to have spammed your post. I do have a whitelist to prevent me from replying to comments on your posts like this.

Would you consider removing your flag? I've already updated my comment.

welcome to steemit sir.

your most welcom julian at this great steem communit

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Good job sir

giphy (24).gif

Awesome....will for sure support him..

This is very nice👍

We hope to benefit from the experiences of others until we achieve good profits in (steemit)

You are welcome, hope to read more from you, I'm sure you have lots to offer with the way you are introduced.

Can't wait to see you blending YouTube with


He is not german, he is austrian.

He is German speaking. If u correct, correct correctly.

Great job sir vary goood

Great job sir vary goood

Julian was one of the first crypto-blogger I followed. I'm looking forward to read his blog posts here on Steemit.

Plz follow my profil with steemit
I love ❤️ steemit

Cool rap!

Really good job [email protected] for sharing

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This is really very special thanks for the valuable participation I liked this excellent publication very much
This will greatly help the community. I am grateful to you for your support of my community development

Welcome to Steve Jillian Hospital!

Steve Jillian is a very good man. So I want you to go further and pray.

Change is only thing that constant..... All we all wish for is that the change should favour us and bring more development to the Steemit community. @steemit

you are welcome @julianhosp
I will be very aware of your blog

Well, I read in full and saw the word Dr. in this post. I will warm welcome him, if he is active in forum and help others to understand crypto more.

Hello friend, excellent publication, I liked it a lot. Count on me, I invite you to visit my profile and count on you too, Regards

Very good News, yes he is a very smart guy and a very good value for the German Steemit community and as well for Steemit as a whole. Welcome @julianhosp to the Steemit community!

@julianhosp as it is very interesting to follow, thanks knircky may you bahgia always👏👏

Great to see more activity from him here. Lets see what the will post here on steemit

seemit is the best platform..

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Someone who is not following anyone doesn't deserves being followed. Yes, I am talking about you, @julianhosp.

Thanks for sharing! I had no idea who he was until today.

good luck

Welcome to [email protected] still a new member hope u show me some love too and i must confess ur website is fantastic.

Welcome to steemit @julianhosp. You will like it here.

Thanks @knircky for providing more info. This information might be useful to have more knowledge about EOS and crypto activity.

Better late than never. 😎

very useful post

Thanks for the heads up that Julian is on Steemit. I love the way he passionately talks crypto on his videos and I’m a big believer in TenX’s ability to bridge the gap between mainstream payments and crypto payments in the real world.

I’ll definitely be giving him a follow! 😎

Welcome. I wish you all the best.

Wow itu is very interesting
I like it
the best for you