Help Me Promote STEEM on Twitter and Get Chance to Win 10 STEEM!

in #steemitlast year

I feel we need some marketing now so i have decided to do a giveaway on twitter, even if you dont need to win you can still promote it there so more people get aware of STEEM.

Since i know its not easy to make accounts on Steemit i allow entries with memo so people can use exchange accounts - all that matters is that the name is out there.

My tweet with random winner competition is here -

If you are not aware, Twitter is one of top spots for crypto traders as we all like short messages. This is also how i was running my crypto blog since start. I dont like reading long and perfect english stuff, i sometimes prefer one line that gives me good info.




i will run this until 8.12.2018 tehn chose a winner. and i think ill do some giveaways till end of year of various coins ;)

Hi Kingscrown,
I think this is a good idea! I am active on discord and I think that advertising on Twitter is a great idea. I will start advertising your post there and try to come up with ideas on my own to use discord to drive people to your post and this contest. I am on Twitter so I am happy to repost your article there and see if I can get big posters to repost it also.
Thank you for stepping up as a Steem leader to try and make Steemit successful.

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awesome imitative promoting steem on twitter lots of crypto ppl there ! @kingscrown

btw now there's a much easier way to create free steem acc for external users. Thanks to @oracle-d. recently share2steem dapp collaborate with @oracle-d to leverage on their RC via account creation api.

with that when existing steem user posting some on his linked twitter account its autopost to steem blockchain. followers or new ppl seeing that tweet who want to try out can easily create a new steem acc ! no more long waiting time.

PS :
If you’re posting content on instagram, give share2steem a look. It’s a new dapp that EASILY autopost your instagram post to steemit. Get daily upvotes from s2s and other users who activate unique double curations.

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can i still promote steem?

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I've done all the rules stated in the twitt.
I also hope to win the steem.

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Hi I just retweeted, I am on your discord already, I am just not sure what you mean by: 3 reply with steem addy ( can be with memo )??

Retweet & Tweet Awareness Shared

All Done

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A prize of $2.90 isn't worth the tweet

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seems like a swell idea to help bring awareness out.

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Yeah;-), free steem with free promotion.

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I've done all the rules stated in the twitt.
I also hope to win the steem.

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Dayum I hope those outside of Steem can get interested in dis bad boi right here! RT and fav!

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Is it too late to promote Steem ? I just saw this and i want to be part of it ? Thank you

Awesome! We're always on Twitter trying to promote Steemit whenever we can. You can check out our latest tweet here:

Thx for moving steem forward. Re-tweeted!

Done - I added you to my steeming twit list here.

I have over 400 of us on the list and rt from this feed :)

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