Does the community still exist?

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Hi, good to see you again.

Actually today I idly opened and read a number of posts, one of which was @penguinpablo's steem daily report. nothing was strange until I realized that the steemit community seemed to be getting "boring" and we were starting to be apathetic, as we know that was not the greatest achievement of this community.
I remember when the first year Steemit platform was launched, the Whale and Minnow supported each other to build this platform.
Whale gives support to Minnow both votes or even comments, while Minnow gives the best work to the community in like post, videos, news or even tutorials, there is a symbiosis of mutualism in this community and I really enjoy it and take pride in steemit.

But what now?
Does the community still exist?
What's wrong with the community? we need to remember that the steemit community is one of the big communities that we have known to this day and it seems like this community has evolved to what we know today, yup I'm just trying to convey what has been posted by @penguinpablo and review it yourself or you can also go directly to the blog and see for yourself .


March 03 2020 report

7,000 to 9,000 posts with an average comment each post is 2.3 and not up to 2.8.

March 04 2019 report

88,000 to 99,000 posts with an average comment each post is 2.5 and not up to 2.9.

March 03 2018 report

64,000 to 86,000 posts with an average comment each post is 2.1 and not up to 2.4.

Juli 05 2017 report

31,000 to 40,000 posts with an average comment each post is 2.5 and not up to 3.2.

You can see, not that this community seems to be developing every year but each of the links between platform users is decreasing every year although there has been a slight increase in the last few years, it is seen from the comments on each post.
but keep in mind also that on average each post has 1 comment from the bot and the current phenomenon that occurs is that platform users only care about their own posts without reading the posts of other users.
It looks like this community will turn into a bot community and this platform will end on its own, but it all comes back to the community and platform users see it from which perspective.
and back to the original question "what is community?".

**Regard @kharrazi **


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