Daily Steem Stats Report - March 3, 2018 - 17,795 new accounts yesterday

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A lot of new accounts have been activated yesterday. Steemit Inc. probably had a large backlog to clear. We now have over 800,000 Steem accounts :-)

Welcome to my Steem Stats Report for Saturday, March 3, 2018. All data comes directly from the Steem blockchain and is based on UTC time.

1. Daily number of Posts (including comments)


2. Daily number of votes


3. Daily active users

DateActive users

4. Posts + Comments per post

DateAverage # commentsPosts

5. New accounts created

DateNew Accounts

6. Daily Amount of Steem Powered UP & DOWN

DatePowered UPPowered DOWNDifference
2018-03-02173,864 STEEM157,495 STEEM16,369 STEEM
2018-03-01154,746 STEEM113,167 STEEM41,579 STEEM
2018-02-28171,384 STEEM203,390 STEEM-32,006 STEEM
2018-02-27128,437 STEEM227,577 STEEM-99,140 STEEM
2018-02-26268,047 STEEM175,869 STEEM92,178 STEEM
2018-02-25143,885 STEEM165,025 STEEM-21,140 STEEM
2018-02-24148,035 STEEM112,650 STEEM35,385 STEEM
Average p/d267,000 STEEM315,637 STEEM-48,637 STEEM

Largest 'Power ups' yesterday

Date & TimeFromToSTEEM
Mar 2, 16:20@blockways@blockways20,000.005
Mar 2, 17:06@blockways@blockways20,000.000
Mar 2, 03:34@thally@thally14,001.741
Mar 2, 01:58@gaman@gaman6,700.000
Mar 2, 02:29@neworleans@neworleans6,096.511
Mar 2, 23:15@introvert-dime@introvert-dime5,178.033
Mar 2, 20:41@dan-bn@dan-bn5,177.765
Mar 2, 16:51@supergiant@supergiant5,000.001

7. Daily Steem Transfers from and to exchanges

DateFrom BittrexFrom PoloniexFrom BinanceTo BittrexTo PoloniexTo Binance
2018-03-02234,263 STEEM0 STEEM30,337 STEEM39,650 STEEM0 STEEM125,504 STEEM
2018-03-01185,827 STEEM0 STEEM40,934 STEEM24,655 STEEM0 STEEM80,345 STEEM
2018-02-2896,445 STEEM0 STEEM30,996 STEEM42,923 STEEM0 STEEM102,845 STEEM
2018-02-27106,532 STEEM0 STEEM73,560 STEEM28,386 STEEM0 STEEM62,096 STEEM
2018-02-26605,101 STEEM0 STEEM55,229 STEEM86,910 STEEM0 STEEM103,705 STEEM
2018-02-2558,644 STEEM0 STEEM24,909 STEEM20,862 STEEM0 STEEM54,922 STEEM
2018-02-24100,600 STEEM0 STEEM55,558 STEEM29,337 STEEM1 STEEM69,415 STEEM

Largest transfers yesterday

Date & TimeFromToAmount
Mar 2, 17:20@bittrex@blocktrades30,000.000 STEEM
Mar 2, 16:10@bittrex@blockways20,000.000 STEEM
Mar 2, 17:03@bittrex@blockways20,000.000 STEEM
Mar 2, 22:10@deepcrypto8@binance-hot16,994.924 STEEM
Mar 2, 15:36@bittrex@genemk15,603.453 STEEM
Mar 2, 17:26@bittrex@blocktrades15,543.001 STEEM
Mar 2, 16:00@deepcrypto8@binance-hot14,675.889 STEEM
Mar 2, 08:30@deepcrypto8@binance-hot14,225.525 STEEM
Mar 2, 04:38@myupbit@upbit-exchange14,152.085 STEEM
Mar 2, 04:33@bittrex@myupbit14,069.095 STEEM

8. Steem Price Update

¯\___(ツ)____/¯ Follow me @penguinpablo for daily Steem statistics.

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Here's something baffling. We registered nearly 18,000 accounts yesterday. Forget ALL OTHER transactions, we did nearly three times as many transactions just for registering accounts as Dash did any transaction.

What is the reason behind it? So many daily users joined.


I have read that Steemit confirms new users manually for few months, but it might be a rumor. Previously few thousand users joined every day, then it went down to few hundred. Now latest numbers show that it seems the problem is being fixed and maybe they are confirming users who signed up previously?


Thank you for clarifying the related information. It would be very nice if the signing up process can be automatic and preventing spammers. Great Steem!

Thanks again for the stats...

Huge spike in new accounts created yesterday. 2nd largest some in the last 3 months. Let's keep the momentum going. Daily average users have seemed to flatten out around 60k. Would like to see that steadily increase to 100k+ and beyond.

steemit is the go to blog site for censor free blogging

Thanks for the stats! I appreciate your hard work and your support of the community!

Holy Satoshi... now that's a lot of new accounts!


Dang! Another one - how does this comment self-upvoting work for you? Why do you do it when you don't upvote the post?


My apologies, I usually do, just forgot today.

Yeah, I got my account verified yesterday. I'm so happy that I'm part of the community. You did great job making this post.


Welcome on Steemit! Here's 0,11 as a small reward for your comment :)


great idea, i also waited a month or two to get my account suddenly verified yesterday. steem is very exiting. and i am very excited as well :)


Welcome too :)


thank you very much. now i realy start understanding and enjoying steemit :D


Hey all pls help me i am new on steemit but i my post are amazing see my post and upvote me and follow me ❤❤❤

Steemit is about to grow exponentially with all of the censorship hitting the mainstream platforms.. Long live STEEMIT!!

Great to see Steemit on the right growth track again. Nicely climbing the alexa rankings. Facebook better watch out decentralized social media is coming to each your lunch.

Does anyone know if Steemit is going to partner with brave browser, the more potential rewards for posts the better? Not sure how the distribution system would work but still I think it would be cool.

As always, thanks for your updates

Great stats. Exactly what I was looking for. Bought steem power with Litecoin and seeing the community rise helps me feel comfortable with that decision. :)

omg! I am one of those whos steem account was born yesterday! hahaha ! I am so glad to be here.. this world is amazing.. I have my own space for content creation.. couldnt ask more for that.. This community seems pretty positive as well! =) I think i will enjoy my stay here =)


Welcome to Steemit!


Hello penguinpablo! Nice avatar! Did you draw it yourself? Amazing! hahaha i wish to have like my own HunterCat avatar as well some day. Thanks for the warm welcome and wow u have a high reputation!! Did it take you long to get to level 72? haha =)

Thank's! Very usefull information!)



Very complete informations


This is a really bad place to give your three word comment a fat upvote without even upvoting the post.

Interesting as always. I think there's more analysis to be done. At a glance the number of accounts is rising much faster than the number of daily active users - though I could be wrong about that. I'd also like to see some qualitative analysis of what's actually going to the posts as our numbers grow.


I use steemengine and they have an autovote service that I do not use. But I do get maybe 200 votes a week from there by baby accounts with 15 sp and 5% power. I think many people come in and set up accounts only to save the name in case they want to work it later. Just these few are trying not to waste their account time.

I look at @arcange daily reports too and you can see the overwhelming number of dead accounts over there.

acrange stats.PNG

Wow! I am amazed how do you manage to get this data.

yeyyyy...this will be a big platform, happy that new ppl are coming !

giphy (7).gif

yup. I heard average wait time is now more than 5 days for account creation, or might be they are creating accounts in a single big batch after every 5 days.

Good, @penguinpablo can always summarize it well. Congratulations and success for all colleagues. Success with Steemit.

And the number of accounts is increasing every single day..The percentage increase is huge

Wow, I am impressed by your commitment to do this. Great job. I am new here and I hope to understand the complexities here soon.

We will takeover Facebook



sure but it take time man


we will then ban facebook related ads, just like how they ban crypto related stuff ! evil laugh hahaha !


Lets keep it simple, 5 million accounts before the end of the year, not a easy goal by any means, but if it can do that, facebook and youtube will finally see they cant go against the peoples will and expect they wont pay the price. At bare minimum we need 4 times the accounts year over year. based on steem doubles each year.

17,795 new accounts yesterday that's phenomenal. I hope one day Steemit is huge and worth $100 per Steem! Awesome post @penguinpablo, followed you brother. Peace

yes lots of people got their steemit account approved yesterday. Will it make any positive impact on Steem coin rate? @penguinpablo

Thank you for your effort !

Thank for statistics! Useful and reassuringly!

Can anyone help us....still struggling in steemit

Does anybody know of any advertising campaigns for steemit, and does Dtube count for those numbers or is that different?


All posts and comments on Dtube are on the Steem blockchain, so they are also included.


Thank you for getting to that question. I expect everytime youtube screws up, we should see a bump in the sign-ups.

Good post 👍👍👍

Thank you! Keep up the good work!

wow you done the great analysis
good job by you sir
Steemit is growing day by day thats the good sign
its a good oppertunity for the people

very good and useful information~~

Bright future.

Looks like @haejin is about to have another 10,000 followers lol. Sock puppet accounts are on the rise again. He's at 25,418 followers as of this comment.

Good job,,thanks for the analysis,,,we are really growing!!👍

great post, thanks for sharing

Follow me @thunderland

This is amazing, i'm hope this event increase price Steem token.

Nice! Now I can start saying 800k accounts instead of 750k :D Thanks!

wow unreal foil11.jpeg

I'm no expert on these statistics but when do you guys think will the price of steem will grow again.

No wonder why it took so long to get my account :)

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nice post
daily steemit new thanks for sharing

thx for putting the stats together penguin!

These stats are really interesting!
I can see an upward trend, but also, fluctuations in new users joining the platform.
Steemit is an extremely big Game Changer in the Social media world, and linked to a blockchain with it's own SMT, it will only help it grow and grow!
Since I started on the platform just 41 days ago, I've seen numerous new accounts appearing in my feed!
There's some really well thought out and worthy posts, but Unfortunately, there's much more worthless content, and begging for attention from the glory hunters and delusional cryptomaniacs, as I like to call them...Ha Ha...
The way in which Steemit is operated is great, as it sieves out the worthy from the worthless, and that's why I'm here and a big fan of the platform.

Thanks again for this set of stats, they're very informative!
I hope you enjoyed my 2 cents worth?

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Thanks for the tips and facts, penguins can be friends 😻 Meow Brrrrrrrr....


@peguinpablo The phenomenon of steemit.com goes to the moon and beyond, Thanks for the statistics. Best regards

you are so brilliant. this type of details i needed few time . thanks for great share.

Will it be best to buy Steem, before or after the possible
reset of our U.S. Coinage...???

COIN MAN by @pocketechange ...A penny may cost a dollar...

Thanks, @penguinpablo! There has been problems with new signup's recently - people are waiting weeks or even months for their account confirmation. If I'm looking your daily new registrations then it seems like issue is being fixed. Any ideas where to find more details about this issue? Thanks again, great job!

Loving the Steemit stats

Great news Pablo, thanks for keeping track of the pulse of Steemit!

Thanks for the stats...very interesting. Also, the wait was certainly worth it. I had been waiting for about a week or so to finally get my account here verified. I'm so glad that I'm able to post here and be part of this awesome and insightful community!

measure power steam power

good post, I really like, good luck, hope we become good friends
voting complete
follow @hidupsehat

Thank you for a great post! I would like to introduce it to everyone in Japan.I am glad the growth of Steemit!!