500 Follower Celebration and Contest - 25 SBD Giveaway!

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Hey friend! Will you help me in celebrating the Steem milestone of 500 followers?

I've been on the platform for 5 months and wasn't consistent at first. But lately I've been starting to pick up momentum and have hit the 500 follower milestone.

I'm truly thankful for you who decided to hit that follow button, and for any other Steemians that are coming across my page for the first time.

I also want to celebrate the fact that I turned 33 about a week ago. Time sure does fly when you're having fun. My family and I had a fun get-together where I cooked Salmon on the grill. Mmm, so good.

The third thing I'd like to celebrate, is the fact that I am working on and developing kenmelendez.com. I have decided on the type of content I want to display on there which includes exclusive self-development coaching, books, products, services, and loads of videos to help you take your game to the next level.

Of course...there will be A LOT about Steem on this site so be on the lookout for that coming towards Q3 of this year.

In light of all that...LET'S CELEBRATE with a contest! 25 SBD is on the line for one lucky Steemian who participates and follows the criteria. Please pay attention and don't leave any steps out.

To become eligible to win the 25 SBD, you must complete ALL details shown below:

1. Follow @kenmelendez if you haven't already

2. Upvote this post

3. Write a thoughtful comment below to join me in celebrating

4. Resteem this post

5. Create a post of your own that tells the community something about your Steem journey and how much Steem means to you. It can be about Steemit, @dtube, @dlive, @dsound, etc.

This post MUST be a minimum of 500 words and well-thought out. In your tags, you must also tag "kenmelendez" so that I know which posts to look for.

This content begins right now which is Saturday May 19th, 2018, and will run through Saturday May 26th at 11:59 EST.

To be honest, you guys can complete this in an hour or less, especially if you are used to producing content on a regular basis.

So there you have it! Time to celebrate!

I will be picking a winner a day or two after the contest ends and will be creating another post that shows me picking the winner. I will then tag that person in the post and also shoot them over the 25 SBD, providing they have met the above criteria.

I love you. I appreciate you. And until next time, remember, as always...YOU ARE AWESOME.

Take care and good luck!


▶️ DTube

Hello @kenmelendez I hope you are very very good, I tried to find you in the discord chat but I did not find you. I had some doubts so I'll do them around here ... I hope you do not bother.

Anyway, I noticed that there was a drop in your followers which I really do not understand ... and well my question was if you would continue with this contest since I am participating but as you did not mention anything good ... and another doubt was from continue with the contest, when you would select the winners ...

Of a person, informality but there was no way to find you ...

I send you a mega greeting and many kisses from Somewhere in the world.

@norihany no worries!! This contest is still in full swing. The last day to enter this one is Saturday, May 26th. I will be picking a winner 2-3 days afterwards. You are in the running so good luck to you!


Go you answer fast ... jajajajaja It is worth many thanks greetings ... Much success

@norihany Also, in regards to the drop in the accounts I follow, that is due to some accounts not having any activity for months at a time. I don't follow accounts that don't have recent activity. Thanks for noticing :)

ammm ok, if I also had a confucion regarding your celebration I thought you had reached 1000 followers but then I realized that we celebrated the 500 followers. Soon, soon there will be 1000 jjajajja

Absolutely @norihany. I am looking forward to spreading as much love as I can to the Steem community that I am so passionate about serving.


nice comment ... <3 <3 <3 i loved it

Posdata: I saw that you were doing another contest jajjaj congratulations for your 60 ... yeahhh hahaha ya restimie and you vote. Many success.

Hello, @kenmelendez what's up? To start I wish you a Happy Birthday ... Following your celebration, it seems to me that although you have been on the platform for a short time, you have worked hard to create quality content to get so many followers, of course the goal is much farther away ... The idea is to keep growing and improving every day and more.
I liked very much the idea of holding a contest, something imnovador that surely will make you meet great people on the platform.
I really hope you continue growing as a person and as steemiats. A greeting from Venezuela. I wish you very much success.

Wow @norihany! What a thoughtful comment! I appreciate you dropping by. Let’s keep in touch 😊

It would be a pleasure ;)

Hello @kenmelendez I hope you find yourself super ... here I leave my entry to the contest I hope you like it. Thank you so much for creating this contest it was fun :)


Wow , what a milestone , more greese to your albow , this is just the begining of your sucess , always remember WHEN YOU FAIL TRY AGAIN FOR YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE UNTIL YOU FAIL TO TRY AGAIN.....Expect my entry soon...

Right on @blackempror! Wishing you good luck in the contest 🙌🏻

Hello friend, I have 269 days in Steemit and this platform has changed my life in every way, I have approximately 847 followers of my blog, I know how it feels to know that so many people are waiting for your publications, I will try to do this contest and tell with the blessing of being among the elect, congratulations for this whole project. regards @kenmelendez

@ecxiquia04 what a thoughtful comment! Glad you have chosen to participate and that you love Steem. Looking forward to reading your post!

Congratulations on your this platform.i am new steemian now I am follow you and resteem your post

@nazrul7557 Appreciate that. How are you liking your experience so far?

Congratulations on your this platform.i am new steemian now I am follow you and resteem your post

Congratulations on hitting the 500 follower mark , 5 months is a little time but this just shows the effort u put towards steemit and building relationships .
And happy belated birthday .

@moonprincess Thank you for your support! What type of content do you like posting?

One word: WOW. Congratulations on your 500-followers milestone! That is indeed something worth celebrating! Steemit is a very challenging platform and being able to reach that number of followers is just amazing.
I'm still on my first month here and I've also thought of giving up, but posts like these are inspirations for newbies like me, that success takes time and it'll be all good in the long run if one doesn't give up.
Great to see steemians being successful!
Wish you all the luck in your steemit career and in your upcoming journey. Cheers for your achievement! :)


@khiera don’t give up! Stick with Steem. You won’t regret it! Let me know how I can help 😀

You already did! :)
Through this post, you're fueling those tiny sparks in every newbies that something great awaits for us here in steemit. Thank you for the inspiration. :)

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