Steemified Series: WordCloud for the New Steemit Logo - Five Options (FREE)

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So exciting! With the recent reveal of the new Steemit logo, I figured it would be good to share the new Steemit logo in WordCloud format. Why the new logo? Because Steemit is the platform that allows users to access and publish to the Steem blockchain. It's so great to have the differentiation now! Feel free to use them. Enjoy!

New Steemit Logo in WordCloud

Option 1 - All Black

all black steemit2 .png

Option 2 - Green with Black Background

black steemit green others3.jpg

Option 3- All Black with Steemit in Middle

steemit middle black2.png

Option 4 - Black Logo with Green Steemit in Middle

steemit middle green2.png

Option 5 - Green Logo with Black Steemit in Middle

steemit shape only green2.png

The Official New Steemit Logo

new steemit logo.png

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I like the second option. Something about the shade of green. I think you should take the black "Steemit" out of the logo words and put it inside the bubble, like in options 3 and 4.

Your wish is my command. I actually already created it like that but didn't add it since it seemed like too many options. So, here goes... Option 5 is now on the post!

You are such a beautiful soul, my friend <3

Thanks for sharing these! I am going to use one definitely :)

Love you sweets!!!

Thank you, kitty! Ditto! Double the love back at you!

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Thank you for making this available to everybody. It is very kind of you Karen. I hope many Steemians use it as they look great. :)

Have an amazing day. :)

Thank you for that awesome word of encouragement! I do hope that lots use it to help spread the news of blockchain blogging!

Great Logos karen :*

Awww, thanks so much!

ur welcome my friend :D

great work. you are an artist!

Thanks @detlev! I actually used They are normally really easy to create but with this batch of logos, I had to tweak them to accommodate the steemit font.

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Option 2 for me :) Beautifully done

Thank you! Appreciate you!

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@karencarrens hi there, i will go for the option three, its the best certainly

Glad you like it! That's kind of my favorite one too! Feel free to use it. :)

I can use it? Wow thank you, im Josediccus

Im following you

Thanks @josediccus! Another person to follow is @dandesign86 because he has awesome 3D illustrations that he creates for all of us to use.

Absolutely! And, anytime!

The last one is my favorite. Can you make one with pink color? I know it was suppose to be inspired by the new look, but I really like pink

Hi @kubbyelizabeth! I'm so glad you like the last one and yes, here you go!...
steemit shape only pink.png

Going forward, if you ever want to create your own with WordCloud WordArt Tutorial post.


You just made my day!

This is awesome, now I have to go try this! Beautiful art! :-)

Awesome work @karencarrens, more people need to become aware of your awesome job. Its post like this that add a lot of value to our community. Keep up the great work

Thank you so much for your incredible encouragement! Will do!

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Your design should be the logo! you're really good, finding cool jobs like yours are really inspiring

That is such a sweet compliment! I'm so happy you stopped by @the01crow! Feel free to use any of the logos. )))))

I actually like the top one. It might be good to have for people who may not know that steemit is a website :-)


Glad you like it! I appreciate your feedback! I kept the officially released logo look of just steemit with the lowercase s and nothing else. :)

That's fun. So you made the new logo into word format? Looks cool :)

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