Essay Contest. 100 SBD to Someone who needs it, but it's not for YOU! (I'm so EVIL, I know :))

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This is very simple. We are living in unprecented times in history, where the ability to help others in need is so immediate, and so near, right NOW.

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  • Write a short essay in an original post on your blog telling me who needs help. Who needs food. Who needs medicine. Who needs help, right now. Anyone, anywhere in the world. Post a link to your essay in the comment section of this post!

  • The winning candidate proposed by the essay will be sent 100 SBD for this need.

  • Payout will be at the time of payout of this post.

That's it. Steem and cryptocurrencies, regardless of what the future may hold for these technologies, can help, RIGHT NOW.

Happy Steeming, and may the best essay win.



Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as Tube Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)


What a great idea, very philanthropic.
It never ceases to amaze me the kindness and generosity of so many on this wonderful platform.
You're a great bloke Graham.

Honest 😂😂😂

Hello Kafkanarchy84, I present to you my entry titled "FAR CRY"as requested,kindly get back to me on this for clarriffication if need be. Thank you for the opportunity.thanks again for being patriotic.

Great job friend, you are always fantastic you had helped me last year for the help of flood effected people of my locality. I wish from your great effort the most needy may benefited. Good luck guys the host of the contest is a very kind hearted and most energetic person I have ever met in steemit world. Thanks you so much @kafkanarchy, My friend.

Thanks for organising sometime like this to help the world around us. just go through my little contribution to my immediate world where hunger and want is the order of the day.

This is my entry i hope you find it as sad and depressing as i have.. The internally displaced people in the north eastern region of Nigerian will be very grateful for this great help coming from you... THANK YOU

Hello @kafkanarchy84.
I thank you from my heart for your beautiful initiative.
This is my essay.
A hug

Thank you @kafkanarchy84 for such opportunity you've created in order to provide help.
Below is a true life story of a family I know and think need help. Thank you.

ey @kafkanarchy84 This is amazing of you! I'm sure I wont win this because of more deserving people, but I've been blogging about my dog Floppy. He had back surgery in December, we couldnt afford it, charged it, and now Im blogging on Steemit to try and pay for it. Here is a link to my blog and a pic:


If I dont win, perhaps a small donation anyhow?!?!?!?!

Eellent context, this is the right thing

Just like you sir!

I think this is an amazing idea. It's impossible to save the world in one big chunk...but person by person, village by village, city by city, we can reclaim our human heritage and rebuild our communities back into what they were meant to be. Just a little heart goes a long way. Thanks for being more human than the average human! :)

great post. inspired. I'm sure everyone knows someone who could do with 100SBD. I'm going to leave it to someone who really needs it, because I reckon somewhere in the world, there is a need which would be satisfied greatly with that amount of money. Best of Luck to whoever gets it. You're a kind person

Hi @kafkanarchy84!

It's a wonderful initiative on your part and I thank you very much for doing it. There are many people around the world who need a helping hand, like the one you offer right now.

I'm from Venezuela and the crisis that my people are going through is unprecedented. I will tell you their stories and if you think it is convenient, they will receive many smiles thanks to your contribution.

However, I am sure that whoever is the winner will do so for a noble cause.

Again, thank you very much!

Have a nice day.

Truly, you are an evil for not giving it to us. But, I am pretty sure right now that you will be welcomed in heaven.

People are born kind. Thank you!

@kafkanarchy84: nice #contest! I can't compete with 3rd world problems, but I can help them disappear by supporting my

I put my heart & money in it:

Awesome Idea! I know a steemian who would use it very well. I'll write a post about his story and what he could do with the money.

Commented so I don't forget :)
Also should I link you the post here or use a specific tag so you can find it?

Yes, please link the post here! Thanks!

I am truly wowed with people like you!

yes some kids at our village need some help,if it's viable they can get help.
Unfortunately when i write an original blog chances that you will see it are minimal though i follow you.
On Thursday i was going to give them some good time accompanied with some food and some steemit t-shirts.
These kids have illiterate parents, they are illiterate as well.
I wanted to make a post about them but i waited till i make steemit t-shirts to give them.
Am in Uganda Africa.
How am i supposed to do this?

Please write a post about this contest on your blog, and about your village, and then link it here. Thank you!

Alright, thank you

Have you made a post, @tesaganewton? I can’t seem to find one.

Nice i like your post

Love your giving spirit... Living in a third world country I can't think of anyone I know who doesn't need even 10sbd. I would do some soul searching and see who probably needs it the most.

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Hey, I got some people who would need it for sure.


If you check his vlogs, they are really great. He spends 7 hours a day making those video's...he doesn't have a job and he believes in steemit with his heart and sole. So he dedicates all his time to the community.

I'm sure he will use 100SBD for something good like this community.

But, if there is someone really in need of 100SBD who has no food or a place or anything else then forget about this post and give it to those who need it more.

Great post by the way! And extreemly generous of you to do this.

Okay! Please write a post about him on your blog and link it here.

You're very right we need to help more people. Good post!

Wow looks amazing man your post very nice I like it thank you for sharing bro carry on man

When it comes to needy, it's obviously the people outside of steemit. People using steemit are one with phones and laptop and internet. So, comparatively, people in this platform are all privileged one.

This, however, is a beautiful thing to come up with. Indeed, a post for the needy.

I ain't the needy one. So, I resteemed so that someone working for the poor may find this post.

And, you are always doing a fantastic work @kafkarnarchy84.

Feels great to see this evil side of you. :)

My name is Felix Rodriguez, 36 years old Born in Merida Venezuela, I am a nurse by profession, and a specialist in critical care for the patient, married and father of two beautiful daughters, like any person with a profession full of dreams and projects , for which I have cried and fought to achieve them, but the staircase is becoming more inclined every day in the face of the serious economic situation and hyperinflation that plagues our country, it is alarming to see how thousands of Venezuelans leave our country, in search of improvements and tranquility in other lands, going to the supermarket and not find the food that supplies the basic basket, and where they are are exaggeratedly high prices for the salary we receive, every time I collect my salary the tears of my eyes do not stop sprouting and that this only reaches 30 eggs, this situation is exasperating I'm still fighting here in my country, in my land next to mine, I'm still attending my tra low although the little I earn reaches me for a single product, now with my vocation I do it for help and assistance to patients who come to my service in the pediatric hospital I work, and spread the benefits of steemit if you want to help me A Thousand Blessings For You….

@kafkanarchy please check guy called @cryptopie on Steemit. I would make longer post about him, but don't have tehnical abilites to do that because I have only old PC right now which crashes all the time.

@cryptopie is dude that have hard life because of his medical problems, but he never give up. He is posting updates about his medical condition and life on Steemit. He is one of most inspirational people I found on Steemit and he deserve our support. That support don't have to be financial only.


You didn't mention where should people post their essays. Here in comments or write post on their blog and than post link here in the comments?

Here in the comments, yes. Thank you!

nice contest
community is great on steemit i see here
every on is free here
carry on dear

I don't know anyone on Steemit that needs that much money enough to enter this contest.


Though I know some people that needs help, but how will you know if someone made an entry post? what "tags" should they use? or they will just write the link on comment? just asking haha. But I like the idea of giving I just hope the prize will really go to the needy.

Sorry! Yes, just link in the comments!

Firstly, help can be voluntary or involuntary. So going for who needs help, everyone needs help but in different dimensions either mentally,physically,financially and even the world needs help because we dont really have a pronounce source of all our problems. So i suggest the everyone needs help .
Secondly, food is energy and life in summation but those that needs food, i opined that every living thing on earth needs food no matter the process, animal,man,plant... because energy is generated from it.
Thirdly,medicine is either a substance that is liquid or solid that is used for prevention,curing, and treating diseases and from my point of view all living things are opened to health danger so living things does need medicine no matter the means.
In conclusion help in all ramifications is needed by all living that fight for survival in their own habitat be it plant,animal,human or microbes.

please vist my blog sir..encourage me.. i request you sir..

Amazing. It's contest gonna be so tuff for everyone.

If this kind of help is needed either for anyone who will receive it because it will be very helpful in this life your idea is very interesting to help someone so mean thank you for sharing.

This is a wonderful post and am glad to have come across it, the caption of this thread say it all and who can I think about other than a friend who lots his job and in need of cash to feed his family, I did my part to my ability and I also believe he would be grateful for this kind gesture from steemit which he known nothing about.

Hope you like it and decide to help the Chori kids.

Let's help the children of Chori

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