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Thanks to Dan Larimer and Ned Scott we no longer have to worry after raising capital for our business or whatever endeavour we wish to invest in. The uniqueness of the Steem blockchain makes it possible to users to get rewarded for their blogging efforts so that eliminates the worry of how to raise capital on which our wealth will be built.

Now that the right mechanism has been set in place it's up to us to utilize this opportunity to the best of our abilities. Increase your input on steemit,

  • post more - quality posts
  • Interact more - read and reply reasonably to other users posts
  • Participate in as much contests as you can - besides the rewards this will get you recognition.
  • Join communities

When not on Steemit, get to know about Steemit. Try to read the steem white paper so you understand how steemit and the rest of the apps work, study the charts and try to read the FAQs in the drop down menu.

Yes, everything is money driven and this might seem like a purely financial move but it's aim along with that of the next lesson is Personal development.

  • Refining the skills that you already have,
  • Building networks of friends and business partnerships that are goal-driven and
  • Gaining knowledge, as you know knowledge are power.

And these are ingredients you need to have to be a major player in the money game!

This is the first lesson in multi-lesson course as part of the project first million campaign that was officially unveiled earlier this week.
All lessons will be straight to the point and detailed, written in simple English for easy assimilation and comprehension.

Lesson 2 coming soon.

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Hi @kabolo. Me and @dimimp really like the movie ticket and other communtiy promotions you are running. Your an inspiration to me. Allow me to share something I have come to use even before loging on to Steemit each day:

I grew accustomed to:
Just add the handle of any Steemina. This one is mine:

Same thing for our block explorer. I do not use this one as much, but a whale recently encouraged me to give it another try. I am finding some neat uses for it.

Please feel free to contact me about any promotional Steemit venture or other topic you care to discuss.

I very much was uplifted to see your effort here:

God bless.

Thank you so very much, your input is invaluable and we are very glad to have you here.
You seem quite knowledgeable on these things and we would love to share in some of that knowledge If you don't mind, you can write articles for us too, the rewards will go to you and you will be credited.

The central goal here is self-sustenance and reliability powered by steem, developing our online and offline communities. There's so much talk about youthfulness and time, @kabolo aims to channel those scarce resources to life changing outputs.

Finding good communities is kind of the problem tho. It’s difficult to find them

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