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2018 has been a wild year for us, the ups and downs, climbs and tumbles, mistakes and lessons and we are still up.

 2018:  (+) - (-) = +. After you take out all the negatives, we still have a lot to be thankful for. 

Our outreach has been enormously successful judging from the odds we had against us, a bunch of university kids with no income, no godfather, having nothing but the zeal to be the change we want to see.

Throwback December/January 2016, our first real glimpse of a better life, ponzi schemes. Long story short, we ended worse than we had headed out.

Then we found Steemit, by then we had almost convinced ourselves the internet is not the best place to make cool legit cash. Never say never, we were back in, but only to test the waters - at least steemit doesn't need our capital.

Five (5) months down the line, we'd rather show you than tell you how much we have done for ourselves and for the people around us. Convincing people to join an internet business when they just got their finger burned is scary, we ourselves and our bank accounts are the only advert we have but then it's the only thing we need so why not?

April 15th, 2017

  *  100+ accounts registered and activated
  *  3000+ steem and Steem dollars generated. 
  * Over 3 million naira cashed out by members. 

What more can we say?

Our stories have changed, we don't speak of hunger anymore, no more school fees issues, no more house rent issues now it's time to talk about the future.

    Thinking bigger

We are still young and our futures have never looked brighter, this is the age of dreaming and pulling out those dreams from our minds to reality and that's what this is about.


Having your first million. (Naira or it's equivalent in your currency. 360 naira = 1USD).

This is not making your first million but having it in cash or investment.
This project is meant to encourage youngsters like ourselves who have started making money off steemit to invest these earnings properly in both offline and online ventures,

this is to encourage long term thinking as opposed to short term mentality

For a start, we would continue hosting our normal seminars where we would be......

  • Teaching people how to make money from steemit
  • Suggesting investment ideas that will yield long term returns
  • Exchanging ideas
  • Open grounds for members to share their business plans
  • Analyzing and investing in members start up.

Our only goal is to have all our members be worth at least a million by the end of the year either in cash, properties or investments. ( Not money they have made).


If you want to know more about us and the project please do leave a comment.


This is great stuff brother and I owe my appreciation to God who used @chukwunalu @udembahenry and @tudors to bring me to this point. We are not just friends but business associates. I’m glad for fate that brought us together, and I believe this is just the beginning of our success stories.

Nice one man. The future holds alot for us all


It really is nice how Steemit promotes business contacts in a casual atmosphere. Linkedin saw the potential in Facebook but I think it forgot to leave room for creativity. Steemit certainly sees this. Maybe its just the innovative atmosphere of blockchains. But I doubt we are all here as a matter of consequence. I have heard the voices and felt the writing tones of the most influencial people here. There is a sense of water cooler chatter (about company business :) rather than the grey overtone of the doldrum-monotony of everyday business operations of some other blockchains. Let me know if there is anyway I can lend a hand.


Thanks fam, that’s a lot to sink in. Nice words and strong point too, personal and collective growth of the Steem currency is the sole aim of this community and we intend to see it come to pass

"Our only goal is to have all our members be worth at least a million by the end of the year either in cash, properties or investments. ( Not money they have made). "

This is the best thing I've heard all week long, and who better to say it than the boss. We're on this train together.

We all looking forward to making this work

First thing first, we need a plan tho.

yes i want to can i? @kabolo

Thank you so much for your feedback. Seems you're not in the same country as we but that is not a problem.

We will be holding courses on how this can be achieved, those courses will be uploaded here on steemit for those who are far away and can't make it.
You can also leave your email here so we can send you messages If you don't mind.

Great stuff, there isn’t nothing as good as the whole squad being successful

Hey, let me know if I can be of assistance in these courses.

I AM so interested in this!!

It’s a good place to start off, learning the crypto trade would prove more rewarding with time

M in for this

Sounds great.. I'm so interested

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