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Raising funds now:

Today I want to discuss the subject of raising funds for charity on Steemit. How it is done now, and how it should be done.

Lately we have seen a number of (do-good) posts requesting funds to help a cause or another. These are good initiatives, but we do not know anything about the posters or their real intentions. We do not know if these funds will be used for whatever reason they are requested for.

Myself I do not mind upvoting these once in awhile, but the way it is being done is not right, even if it is a noble cause.

Raising funds the right way:

Raising funds for charity should not be a race between a few do-good people or assumed to be so. It should be an organized and supervised effort by someone on the steemit team.

If someone has a cause, they need to submit a proposal which has details about the people involved, contact numbers emails etc... The person responsible for checking this on the team is the one to put the proposal forward and ask the community to donate and the funds are to be sent by the team, and a receipt from the beneficiary organization delivered.

If the team is too busy to handle this, then they can assign the task to a trusted member in the community to handle it. I recommend creating proposals for some well known entities like Unicef / Unrwa / St Jude Hospital or any organization that is registered and can provide evidence of the funds aew being used for a good cause.

I love helping people, but I also detest people who use noble causes as means of personal funding. As of now I will no longer upvote any of the "please help me do this or that" personal efforts. This could be the start of a deterioration in our platform. Do not take me wrong, helping is good, but is it for everyone to ask for such help?

If there is no such mechanism where we know for a fact the charity is really a charity, then refrain from upvoting such efforts.

Also for people posting these requests please refrain from using pics of needy people or people with disabilities for such efforts. The first rule about helping is not to insult the dignity of the person you are trying to help. Please use logos of your organization, and if you do not have an organization it's a good sign you should not be collecting charity funds.

You might choose to agree or disagree, but in the end we all know we will feel better that with 100% certainty we actually helped someone.

PS: I am not putting myself forward to handle any of that, handling charity is a big responsibility I have no time for.

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Finally some article on this topic. I've witnessed an increase of such inappropriate posts regarding the charity. It's becoming a slight issue on Steemit since you cannot know if they are true or false thus a downvote could ruin someone's future on Steemit. Posting behind a verified charity organisation would resolve this issue.


BREAKTHROUGH ! Ethereum Blockchain is Used By United Nations For Sending Aid to Syria:

read my story about it:



we need to be wary of the UN participating in cryptocurrency. as with many other institutions responsible for our current debt and war based systems of control, we can't neglect their past corruption just because we're excited about mainstream adoption.


yo creo que si amigo


I agree with you @freedomnation

We don't have an establish "check and balance" with regards to this donation requests. Who knows what.
I know this very sensitive topic to discuss, but we can't ignore this as well. Bless the hearts of willing to give.

Some seniors members should be able to "VET" or somebody or a bot, this request before any steemit members start pouring donations. But due to the rewards system established in this community, just reading, voting and comments an article already start earnings.

I guess if it is a DONATION post, the system should not give the AUTHOR and CURATORS a rewards. Though the community should be able to send a tip as donation. We need to start somewhere before we see more "sad stories" in this community.

If you agree with me, please vote up and follow me @Yehey



Good idea! If we can get a solid team behind this it can succeed. Now it's only a matter of finding people that are capable enough to do it.


Yeah, finding the right people can be pretty difficult. It is a big responsibility for the chosen ones, but also a whole lot of work. On one hand I think they should also be paid for their efforts, but on the other hand it's kind of bad taste to take a % cut of charity donations. Lot's of stuff that needs to be worked out and solved by to community before this can be a reality in my opinion.


yea we have a charitable giving platform (launching soon) on the blockchain and we don't want any cut from the donations raised to charities, just seems wrong and there is so many other ways a startup can make revenue without taking a cut from contributions. please check injii out in the coming weeks.


Agree with you here

Yeh I agree it's a tough subject to talk about as the majority of us really do want to help people in need. But it can be abused and will be abused and we need a procedure in place so that everyone will know what to do. Then once the appeal is confirmed as genuine I will happily and enthusiasticly donate. Also in another post I made I put forward the idea of having the choice to add a percentage of what we earn to a designated trusted charity. Did not get much response from that but I still think that would be a great way to give something to charity from us all here.

I thought about this for a long time. I also wrote about this.


I think we have to make it an ongoing process, not fund all at once. while the process is continuing we have to ask for the person who was aided to share the story, videos, make us believe to donate more..

Or; we may hire people or organizations all around the world as verifiers and pay them some of the donations to do actual work of verification.

I think first option is easier.

Fundraising on steem or a fork of steem or a subchain on top of steem is VERY DOABLE. We just have to coordinate it well. I think steem has such a great community and can handle this.

@joseph This is very good advice. Your post is very reasoned and logical. It's good to know that there are voices of wisdom and reason on steemit. I'm brand new and have wondered how much "hype" drives the bulk of the transactions on steemit. Reading this was a breath of fresh air. Thanks.


Well said....The truth is there are more people out there who geniuely need our help but some also would take the opportunity to amass wealth for themselves ...
Your suggestion is if taken seriously, i believe will curb this situation and people who truthly need help will get it

I strongly agree with the opinion @ joseph, should be in the matter of charity has a maximum accuracy.
Let alone charities in the general category, not personal

You got my support! It is becoming more difficult nowadays for fund rasing. But I saw quite a numbers of successful case in Steemit. But it is mainly about those case for personal, hardly see a origanization doing this. Hope you can get what you want here, and keep going on it! Cheers!


Hi @victorier, perfect timing. We started yesterday on Steemit as first big international NGO. Hope we can achieve something like outlined above. Will you help us promote the effort?

Hello Sir, you have raised a very important issue. We should always know that the money donated by us goes into the right hands or not. Ofcrs this is our right.

Your have very well adviaed the community to lay a guideline or to form some pattern for those who seek donation.

Here i would like to add that they sgould categorise this in two divisions.

  1. Help

If someone wants help individually then he or she should mention this and also the reason of the problem.

  1. Donation for Social welfare

Now here that person or organization should leave the traceable contact information. With this we would know in what hands our help is going to.

I appreciate and value your work and ideas. Keep going.

If you like my poats or work the please follow me at @honey chum

It is a pretty important issue to discuss @joseph although the world of charity is generally an absolute mess in terms of the actual funds reaching the right place without excessive 'friction fees' occurring...

In my opinion I would like to see a Steem version of gofundme, with the system taking as small amount of the fees as possible.

A good tip. The fact is stated that giving goodness will facilitate our life. Or ease and blessing. Our life is directly proportional to the good we offer. Even more said, the key to the happiness of our lives lies in proactively to us (to offer) goodness to others. But all of them must be on target and must be managed properly. Must be published by the person requesting a social request, the final outcome of the program

Interesting discussions, I really agree with you, Finally some articles on this topic. You should always lift it to the surface.

Yes, although there is a social assistance applicant for the private or for social community in any country, should be able to handle the administration by Steemit, so steemit must regulate the rules ..

hi there @srek and @joseph

let me know i am with you on that one i would like to do some stuff for disable children in thailand in my province of chonburi i start already by going every week end to give some language course and make them laugh with my accent and my scary mouth with out any teeth ahahaha
looking forward for understand all of this best regard @loooping

@joseph this topic is something I have spent a great deal of time thinking about. I agree with you to a point but I also believe it is yet another great opportunity and use case for Steemit.

Just think about it for a second, you can raise money and support causes by just voting for them.

A strong tradition where I come from is raising money for charitable organisations, this promotes a culture of caring and giving in the wider community and from what I have seen of Steemit, it's not that far from the ethos of many Steemians.

A Local Charity

Steemit is entirely different compared to local charities or causes because its an online anonymous community or is it? Local Charities and causes can work very well and even taking it a step further you could think of it as a form of Mutual Insurance. This is something that has helped people for centuries and if there are appropriate safeguards or practices built in can work very effectively. If a member of the community gets sick or needs help we can all share the cost for the collective benefit of the community.

Community and Trust

What is unique about steemit is the community and level of trust that you can build on the platform. Of course I am not going to give my money, or votes to just anyone but I feel there is certainly room on Steemit for Charitable organisations, events and causes. In fact it might be the most transparent platform for such causes that exists at the moment. Just think about it you can promote a cause, raise funds, follow through with posts about how the funds were used and at the same time raise awareness about causes and promote a sense of community, caring and help across the globe.

This platform has so much potential in so many arenas, there will need to be safeguards, and I would welcome official vetted accounts by major aid organisations but maybe that is not what this platform is suited to. Maybe its better to let the grassroots get community support for things they believe in, empower people to help out even if they are not part of an official organisation.

I will be positing some more ideas on this topic in coming days I hope you check out my post, and I have a big fund-raising event planned for next Christmas, I hope you will support it.

As long as the charities are certified and researched.

Being a bona fide charity in the US does not mean they are necessarily noble.

Many charitable organizations here have horrible track records as there is no legal requirement as to what percentage of the monies raised actually go towards charitable goals.

Many spend as high as 85% on fund raising, salaries and travel expenses for executives.

While Google does not auto complete for anything negative a "unicef scandal" search has some interesting returns.


Agree. For sure. @ironshield

I think it is quite easy and we just need to have certified charities on steemit people can donate directly to - that is one thing other platforms did well.

In addition an ideal item to me a proof / confirmation to see where the donation really went to in the end.

Having thought about it I think you are right. I'm wondering if there is some means of sorting this out on the blockchain or at least partially automating it and removing some of the trust.


Maybe if steemit can create some charity accounts for known organizations that they can handle. just an idea.


Yes or if the charities officially come on to Steem and make an account themselves (and verify it).


I really disagrer with this post my friend! I would suggest thst allowing registered, organised charities on steemit is a bad idea. Why is everyone so unwilling to trust the man in the street but ready to trust organisations that clearly don't provide the level of charity that they should be given the donations they recieve. I think people neef to give this some more thought!


The problem is we have had a lot of scammers on the platform and someone could easily take advantage.


I completely agree with you there @thecryptofiend (forgive me for getting your tag wrong earlier today) but the majority of registered charities in my opinion are scammers also. I replied to @joseph and made my feelings known, although not as eloquently as I would have liked and explained to him that I am currently working on my own charitable proposal and that to read his words feels like a slap in the face to me. I have identified some of these scammers myself and all I do is decide to walk away. We all have this ability. Perhaps my emotional response is muddying my view of this but I really don't think so.

I am one of the members that follow your work and although I may not comment and interact with you much I see that all of your articles are extremely well written and presented and I also see via my feed that you do a lot of work to support others and the platform itself so I know that your intentions are pure and I respect your point of view but I simply cannot agree that letting registered charities have a place on steemit is a good thing! To me it is the direct opposite!

I believe myself to be a man who is trying to become better. I will not say that I am a good man because I don'y honestly believe that I am. Maybe compared with the rest of humanity I could argue that I am but in my own self I know that there are a million things I need to do to improve myself. I would like to make a difference in the world I see around me and feel that with the idea I have come up with I can achieve that thanks to steemit and the community here and only because we have this platform. Without it I don't feel that someone like me would have this opportunity. I hope to make a post in the next couple of days to explain my intentions and I believe that I have found a way that does not follow the usual suspicious manner in which these things are usually done! I would urge you to have a look when I make the post and let me know your thoughts on it, not only because of the reaction to the post by @joseph but also because I do respect your input on such things as well as those of the other members here!


Hi @tonyr, you're raising a major issue when it come to bigger professional NGOs. One of our next blog posts should address this topic. When there is too much doubt our proposal will not be successful to establish charity on Steemit (please check our introduction post). Nobody wants to see money wasted. It's for the people who REALLY need it.


I agree that there are problems with established charities. Perhaps blockchain solutions can overcome them.


Perhaps you are right. My knowledge of these things is extremely limited so unfortunately I cannot make an informed comment! I hope you are right!

Thank you for the dialogue my friend and hope your day is going well!


its not just an my dear,its THE IDEA..nice one....voted and followed.

I agree that we really should find a system to handle all these charity cases that are popping up now. At first it was only a few, but I see them pretty much every day now.

I don't think the Steemit devs have time for this, but I'm sure we could find some trusted members of the community who would be willing to take this responsibility. They could be in charge of vetting which charities to give a seal of approval, and which that do not have the needed information to verify that it is a real charity case.

Writing about charity more profitable than actual fake charity confirmed.

What a great idea! Love this. Followed/upvoted/resteemed/appreciated. So cool!

you know bro i always thought about it like this,

you have your intention, they have theirs,
no charity really provides proof, they offer jobs at the end of the day,
only 1 charity in my life I've ever seen where the guy literally goes there himself with his own money to build orphanages, and whatever he takes is recorded for everyone that's donated, but my question is this, how do you really know?

how do you really know your vote was polled correctly?

how do you know where your taxes are going?

how do you know what color undies I'm really wearing?

what do you lose?

we are emotional beings, your emotions will dictate your clicks, no?

how often have you mentioned "I will never do this" and stuck to it, I never have, i changed moment to moment, even now I feel like this comment is stupid

we are the internet, we are looking for decentralization, not further governance,
why don't we all do our due diligence?

forgive me if I've overstepped, I like to stretch boundaries <3
<3 may we all be blessed with infinite love <3


hey bro, I do this with the best intentions to keep the debate going, I have made a more detailed response here


again, done with the best intentions, I am only new but your taboo post had me following you already

Individuals can be helped, but there should be checks and balances such as proof of bills, and the other measures you stated. I have been slightly spammed on Steemit Chat by someone requesting money. I'm from South Africa so I am naturally mistrustful.

Good cause? You fucking did 1000 usd in one hour.....nice

I think this problem could be solved by creating a charity fund etc. page on steem. This will mean you know who you are giving to. Pages could also post their projects and get people upvoted the specific fundraising campaign.

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Ive been considering making a series of posts to try and alleviate some of my student debt,.. im struggleing to make my rent and i have to start payments very soon,.

The value of 4 posts of yours would close to solve my problem.. just a thought, whales can save lives just with their SP. Id certainly try to spread it around and help if I had the steempower to back myself..,

Please vote got me $ 100 Follow and @herman2141

Lots and lots of fake fund raising campaigns we see daily online.
May be some are really true. Due to the number of fake campaigns, the real people who in need of helping hand are framed as "fake"
With this kind of initiative, and evidence.. every one can be sure that every single penny goes to the right people for right cause. If more people and master minds of community join hands for this cause....

I assume this platform will be the final roof for all charities to reach.

Wow, this is exactly what we are working on at Injii.com
Our focus is working with real 501C charities that make real change with their contributions. I have been brought on board to help decentralize the platform and incentivize people to help creditable charities. Everyone's comments are amazing insight and something for us at injii to focus on. We have been in meetings all week working on this so hearing your concerns validates our passion and commitment. Please reach out if this is something you are genuinely interested in. Amazing article!

Although I am skeptical about giving to charity and if they implement the idea you talk about. I'd never give an upvote, what you are saying there are website already offering those facilities. For example a fire took place in london so a controlled charity organisation did the collection made £2.3 million the company kept £115,000 how is that fair in anyway. This is hard earned money given for the poor.

Fund raising for charity on here yes we cannot trust people. Therefore, I recommend an I.D verification for those wanting to raise money but should not be limited to organisation. This just be for the whole of steemit community.

It's funny. I thought about this earlier; funding a charity through block-chain. While this is a great way to allocate funds we need to not forget the actual use of these funds. UNICEF was started by the UN. The UN has been caught trafficking children as sex slaves..
One example: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2017/04/13/united-nations-peacekeepers-caught-running-a-child-sex-ring-2000-cases-of-sexual-abuse-reported/
You do your own research.

It is really a big issue. Crowdfunding can be an alternative to it.

"Raising funds for charity should not be a race between a few do-good people or assumed to be so. It should be an organized and supervised effort by someone on the steemit team."

I totally agree. I'm currently running my own initiative to help support people in need. The benefit of doing this on Steemit is you can update your followers with posts that help you be transparent.

So when I do an ask, I'll follow it up by showing my followers that the money is going exactly where I said it would go. Thanks for the great post!

Good point which I agree with. Such topic should be treated with care and respect....good post indeed

that is really great to mention. especially in this specific time.
I was just looking to away to rise some charity to the refugees that suffer a lot since a long time.
UNICEF is the best gate for any charity as per now because there are no other means.
thank you for the good article

Excellent position! I fully support you. I can not tolerate people who lie about their illnesses and ask for money, but I also understand that we must be merciful and help our neighbors!

Steemit should not be a tin cup to rattle. The second the idea of funds were placed on the platform, you bring out the best in content, but also the worst in people. Entitlement, scamming and harassment are all going to be a continuous plague to the community. The bigger a fish you become the more Ahabs will come after you, and the more hands you bite (or legs😉) will only strengthen there resolve in finding away around you. As we add more hooks to the sea daily, more trawler bots come, the seas could become murky with the needy. I agree with your idea that any fundraising here should be legitimate and monitored, shut down if deemed illegitimate. Steemit is not gofundme nor should it be. Great post. Thank you.


Why don't we just shut up shop now and not let anyone else join, that way we won't have to share the rewards with any more people and we can just spread the wealth between ourselves.:(


No need for dramatics, for every one person who doesn't adhere to community guidelines, there will be three who do. I'm all for sharing in a cooperative that understands we all do better when the Steem stays in the community.


I think given that we have a 7 day period to identify whether or not someone is trying to scam us and structures in place such as downvoting, we are very unlikely to fall for scammers and even if we do I would rather be conned by an individual once than forever conned by a registered charity of which I believe many do not do what they say they do with the donations from the likes of me and you!

Thanks for your comment @bleedpoet!

Hope your day is going well my friend!


I understand. When you donate to many centralized charities your money may just be paying a secrataries sick leave instead of being given to the person in need, or worse, paying a fund manager or lawyer. Many charities have high overheads, whereas funding here can go directly towards the persons personal account, and can be cashed out in as little as 10 days. Still some money skimmed in the currency exchanges, but your not paying for staff toiletries etc. I agree we should be able to judge within 7 days if there is an actual need, but feel if steemit becomes inundated with requests, it will hurt the platform as it seeks to expand. It really is a tough call, traditional charities overheads are generally taking care of people to, though in a different way, and are in place to help those in times of need.

The more I try to argue my side, the more I see yours in a better light. There is a great transparency here that would serve most charities well, especially those who really need our help. A pleasure to debate you, a civil argument is one of the backbones of civilization.
Thank you my brother, much love.


Thank you so much for your thoughtful response @bleedpoet! Many registered charities see their overheads take up almost half of the donations which they receive and particularly for those that manage the charities. The excuse given is that by having these highly paid managers they are able to attract more donations which in turn pays for the management but I do not agree with this logic and would prefer to have someone in place who actually cares about the job they are doing instead of just concerning themselves with higher and higher salaries!

Steemit I believe can provide a better way of doing things all round I feel mif we learn how to use the platform properly for this purpose.

I will be making a post later today to explain my intentions for using steemit to help others! I would be very grateful for your feedback!!

Thanks again my friend!!


I look forward to it.

I have noticed that even in the short time I have been on steemit that many of the posts are asking for donations for something. Unfortunately I have little to give as I haven't earned in Steem Dollars Yet. Not even 7 days so far I guess.

Makes sense and totally agree here! I noticed, you have these things popping up everywhere. Internet takes away a lot of the barriers people have when it comes to asking things from others, and in the end even scam people.

It's less personal than doing these things in person, and even then there are people around scamming others...

Working with verified charities and providing proof you actually do, helps with this issue.

hahahahahaha, let me handle the charities......but will i get salary?so i won't be tempted to steal?

In theory I agree with you. Great idea. The ONLY concern I have is that sometimes additional administrative functions as you state can eat into the money available for the needy. However I do see you point and it will keep the corruption level down. Thanks.

Charity is a good thing for all, because you help a life and you make a persons life even better. So in this way you will also be happier. I think that all of us should join the charity programs.

I strongly disagree with your assessment my friend and would like to think that some of the earnings from this post do go towards a noble cause. I personally would rather give charity to someone directly into their hands than give it to an intermediary who will take a cut of it for doing 'charitable work'. Please do a little research into the annual salaries of the directors etc who work for some of the big name charities and you will find that they are on exorbitant wages which they are taking out of the donations of everyday men and women like myself and in many cases there is little left to make any difference whatsoever!

I think you are right in saying that there will definitely be some who abuse for their own ends but I personally would much rather trust a fellow member of steemit than have an organised charity that needs employees and administration costs. Many of us would like to use steemit for good causes and you have no right in making the claim that only an organised charity can be trusted. In my experience they are the least trustworthy. I myself have a proposal that I am working on and feel strongly about so to read your words now is like a slap in the face to me. I don't usually comment if I don't have anything positive to say but this has really angered me my friend. I respect your opinion but am diametrically opposed to it. Steemit has given many people including myself the opportunity to do something for the good of others that no other platform can offer and I personally intend to use it to help in this way. If you do not want to help then don't but please don't tell other people what they should and shouldn't be doing with their money, upvotes or whatever else. We, like you, are all big enough and ugly enough to make decisions for ourselves in this regard!

My apologies for getting so worked up but I think you are completely wrong in your assessment of the overall good will and good nature of the majority of users on the platform and also wrong in your assessment of our own ability to see a scam. You are not the only one who can recognise these things my friend!

I hope that your day is going well!

@joseph thats nice article upvoted can you look at my article and upvote its about support project for newbies


Thank you for your post I will make a donation :)

This is a perfect article, so many scam are posing and asking for help, it should be proper investigated before helping, is right to help those in needs but it should be done rightly.

You have a very good point. We don't really know who we're upvoting . I'm interested to see if Steemit can help setup a charitable platform or sponsor those charities and we can donate directly to those. Thanks for the insight!

What a great idea!! lets hope everyone jumps on board and helps out a great cause!!

I agree! Maybe it would be interesting for Steemit to form a commission specializing in donation proposals. This commission could verify the existence of the association or NGO, and also receive the receipts.

In addition, the commission could take responsibility for advertising. Well, we would donate only to authorized campaigns spela commission. This would prevent fraud ...

Guys please follow @joseph and help with the charity
I am your new follower
Best Regards Andrei

i believe dash have something called dashcentral where people put in similar kinad quotes or contracts. i too like the idea of cross referencing where the money goes too.

True, sometimes you need to differentiate people who are truly needy with the ones who are trying to game the system. or maybe something like a charity-trail handled by trusted people where people approach with their cause and the funds are provided.

Steemit look at this topic great idea bro ....deserve a slaute @joseph

Have been waiting for this . So many people have been posting about raising money for charities etc, but how can people give without any purpose ? We need to see the bigger picture first before the painting is painted

Totally agree! Remember that by donating money to charity:

  1. Makes you feel better
  2. Bring More Meaning to Your Life
  3. Improve Personal Money Management
    4.Realize That Every Little Bit Helps

Problem is..it goes to DIRECTORS and advertising for more money. They give around 10% away. UNICEF is a complete RIPOFF. NEVER GIVE TO CHARITIES!


I am from Kosovo where there was war 18 years ago and organizations like UNICEF have helped us with food, clothes, and shelter. I think every organization misuse a fraction of the money but, if you can help people in need directly it is the best way to send money or goods in the right place.


The worst offender was yet again for the 11th year in a row is, UNICEF - CEO, receives $1,200,000 per year, (plus use of a Rolls Royce for his exclusive use where ever he goes, and an expense account that is rumored to be well over $150,000). Only pennies from the actual donations go to the UNICEF cause (less than $0.14 per dollar of income).

Totally agree ! It is a subject to be treated with caution, sometimes on an attempt to help others we find ourselves supporting selfish heartless scammers that take advantage of our kindness.

It is logical to proceed with the needed awareness and as always in life, better to be safe than sorry.

Upvoting and resteeming!

this idea is very good..
i like..

I agree @joseph that we need this organization in steem it so they can do verify if its true, because we may not know if they are faking it or not.

But forgive me for this because Me myself alone have posted an article about my Grandma who is in need of help for her medical procedure endoscopy, we posted an evidence, a request from her doctor and her IDs. I didn't want to post this just to get upvote or save money for myself. I did this cause I have too.. This is one of the best way I could think of and at the end it is all for my Grandma.

I hope will have a Steemit charity that there will be some procedures to follow so all can verify if its true.

But I tell you this I will take photos/evidences or even receipt just to show that I did not fake it. I dont care what people say but my grandma need it. Those with good heart be blessed.



Upvoting and re-steeming is Okay for me

@joseph But every good deed or social help I think there must be strict supervision to be right on target. I totally agree with all of your opinions about this great and extraordinary post ...

Why Do We Have to Do Good?

There are times when this simple question is suddenly spoken by our child. And the answer is the same. That good deeds are noble deeds. And as humans we are obliged to do good to others. For peace to be created, living side by side, helping each other.

Good deeds are teachings given by God. Because human life in the world is only temporary. One time when the time comes, then man will die and return to the Almighty. Good deeds get rewards from Him. And good deeds will bring us to a good place when the Hereafter is Heaven.

And I hope that steemit community will continue to increase their concern for charitable help especially with this kind of fund raising to alleviate poverty is most affected countries.

A very good idea ! I'm happy when i see someone interest to help other people ! (Sorry for my bad english😅)

This is exactly what I am planning in #kr community.
Interesting, people's thought goes together like this

very good publication @joseph very interesting thanks for sharing

Good idea and I'm sure it will catch on.
However , seeing that you have UNICEF logo listed, I would strongly advise to check a site like https://www.charitynavigator.org/ before deciding to whom you wish to donate.
A big majority of these charities spend a lot of % of the donations on overhead and administrative expenses, meaning that only a part of what you give actually gets to who was intended.
For this reason when I want to do good, I try to do it directly not through an organization.


it's true the overhead for these organizations can be high, but they do have a track record of helping a lot of people. There is no zero cost charity.


I agree, however if I would donate, I would try to find the one with the smallest overhead. But that's just how I'm made. I would first look at overhead and then at what the actual cause is, lol


The best form of charity is to look around you and help those in need, that's how charity was supposed to be. But now we have grown way beyond the family, the tribe and the country. Charity can be a global effort. Yet if we even to stick to the original concept, there were will be no man in need.


Fantastic comment my friend, apart from the first part where you say its a good idea. I cant agree with that.


Thanks Tony for your input. Yea ..I'm a pretty skeptical person regarding .. everything. Is your name really Tony? hahaha j/k

I'm really curious as to why you think that what OP is proposing isn't a good idea; if you would care to elaborate


Thank you @kingmotan! I have a big problem with the registered 'charities' that we support in our society today. I responded to @joseph with a more detailed explanation if you would care to read it. It is a couple of comments below your own in the feed.

Thanks again!

Nice post, helping is very good but things must be done in orderly maner. Most people have one challenges or the other. If such is not checkmet, it might leads to bigger problem.

yes guys, the steemit community should immediately take actions for the fake ones, at least should make like a verification process or something .

I think it's a great idea. I can find some certidies charity linked with the people I'm looking forward to help, then address the efforts to it...

thank you


This is a great post, I and my friends visit orphange homes very often, we know what it means not to have, we want to improve the life of the less privileged.

I'm glad to see this topic brought up. I think Steemit presents a rather wonderful opportunity to create fundraising initiatives.

Personally, not a big fan of the huge charities, mostly because they tend to use a very substantial part of funds raised to cover their fundraising expenses.

What I would like to see more discussion on is how to best use Steemit in support of smaller private organizations. For example, my wife and I have a small non-profit we're currently to fundraise for in connection with creating an educational foundation... supporting those who wish to study and explore the connection and interplay between art and metaphysics ("soft") and conventional "hard" science. We're just four people in all, with local roots but global reach...

Anyway, my point is that we've been considering setting up a Steemit account for the organization... persuading our existing followers to join up here and supporting us through the basic Steemit ecosystem. One of the things we were talking about just yesterday is the notion of "verified" accounts (like twitter and Facebook have) for such ventures... to lend a sense of legitimacy, since pretty much anyone could create a Steemit account and claim to be a charity. Maybe some version of teaming up with @steemverify?

So dam true. I think charity should be for some sort of genuine cause and with actual proof. I have seen some people asking for funds for personal issues like medications. operations, etc. Well im sure today most of us have a mediclaim. Another issue is that if we ask for documents, emails and phone numbers, i doubt anyone would ever share it here on steemit post.

Its better we help some small organisations like animal shelters or poor people, rather then helping individuals, who are already doing well on steemit.

Very Good Post. We do something for our nature and our Ocean.There are some organisation who work better.They need donation for their work.
GreenPeace: http://greenpeacefund.org
Earth justice:
Earth Iceland Institute:

I am doing something like charity at #steemgigs . And I'm wondering do you think steemgigs also needs to be supervised or is this more for the posts asking for help with medical issues and etc? I see you cause for concern in some regards. Thanks for sharing. Don't know how I have not seen a post by you until this one, but I'm following now and hope to hear back from you!


I am not pointing fingers at any post or initiative. Posts asking for help with medical issues are not the problem neither. The whole charity concept should not be left unsupervised or it can run out of control.


I see some of your points. However I find this post extremely irritating. A post where you address abuse of charity, which could become a problem yes. It already is an existing problem in every centralized avenue of the internet, church, and state charity that already has oversight even. With the solution of centralizing a decentralized thing. Offering no help yourself since you have no time, making $1000 just for pointing out a problem that could arise and will as I mentioned. It is in every charity that exists.. And you suggest bureaucratic charity organization run it.

I personally think that if someone is abusing something like this they will become known. They will lose all followers, their reputation will go down. People will make posts about it, everyone will know. The other day some guy came on talking about a lottery, shot up to an unimaginably high rep, then was found to be a fraud. He didnt get any money, his rep is shit now. The system worked.
While people like Surpasinggoogle / steemgigs virtualgrowth hitheryon are out curating these good projects. Should the people creating the Steempark in New York have first filed paperwork with a steem version of Unicef? Are you donating the rewards from this post to Unicef?

As soon as I pay to have the little free steemit library built. I will refrain from ever doing a charity again, As you suggested, since I now know proof of payment posts are not good enough! And just wait for this team you spoke of, that is completely nameless, to spring into existence working for free to organize all of this every day! We need everything to be more centralized. 4 groups supporting minnows, none of the licensed with steemit. All of these rampant unsanctioned challenges! Where does it stop once it gets started?

I will leave this here now. Sorry if I was out of control or context. I know that you too just want what's best for steemit, but like the founding fathers. Everyone has there own idea of how to achieve that goal! Look at all the talk surrounding every HF for example.. Anyway best wishes man.


If you read my post carefully, I did not address any abuse, and do not know if any abuse took place or not, that's not what my post is about. While you tried to confine my post to what you are doing, you are not looking at the big picture. You also thrown in the names of four other Steemians as if I was pointing fingers at them. I do not consider Steemit park a charity it's a proposal. Your free library is not a charity it's a proposal as well. In both cases it's people acting on behalf of others to accomplish the task proposed, so why you find it insulting for you to provide information on who you are when making proposals? I am not saying you should get a Steemit license, I am saying if you are a good actor, there could be 100 other bad actors. Imagine if we have 600 proposals a day, what will make yours better than the other 599?

As soon as I pay to have the little free steemit library built. I will refrain from ever doing a charity again, As you suggested, since I now know proof of payment posts are not good enough!

You are taking this a bit too personal don't you think?


Hey thanks for replying so quickly and much more rationally than me. yes I suppose I was. Sorry aboot it! My first response was asking if steemgigs should be supervised too basically, I also expressed that I see your cause for concern (regarding the big picture) and you said

The whole charity concept should not be left unsupervised or it can run out of control.

And it was only this quote from your post initially that I was caught up on for the most part, admittedly..

Please use logos of your organization, and if you do not have an organization it's a good sign you should not be collecting charity funds.

Only that statement..

Really I concur with the generalities of your post.

And now that you put it that way I guess I am not accepting money for charity like the people you are talking about. I was basically paying for it, and if I got paid back some because people liked the idea, then so be it! and I do see the difference! Thanks for the dialogue sir, really I am! Sorry for being jumpy! and no matter what side of the fence anyone is on, everyone can agree with the last line of your post

You might choose to agree or disagree, but in the end we all know we will feel better that with 100% certainty we actually helped someone.

Enjoy your day!

That is an inspirational post great...👍 @joseph

Interesting post, hopefully fundraising run successful.

thankk you for good posting.

Good post and fortunate to come across the article I was looking for, I myself run a registered NGO and have a cause that I wanted to raise funds for in steemit. However, I was reluctant to just post an article having not come across a proper guidance as to how to go about fundraising on this platform.

My daughter runs an animal rescue in Alma Georgia and I have all the information you need. As soon as her aunt finishes writing all the important info with outcries of all the animals I will go through the property channels. Thank you for this steem because I was wondering how to go about.

Thank you for your good post. I understand little English and only understand what Google translates for me, but I liked this post.

Thanks for the post. Steemit is perfect for charities.

it is a very helpful Idea.

Having capable hands to take up the project on this platform will drive it home.

I agree that the charity should happen in a integer way and it would be a shame if all good intentions and Steemit's reputation will be destroyed by a few who would abuse Steemit for other purposes.

One of the possibilities is to let charity organisations post their own announcements after a screening, but guess we are not yet that far and also maybe organisations probably do not know Steemit yet as a possible way to gather funds.

Actually I was also thinking of starting a charity for a local hospital in Amsterdam, the Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Ziekenhuis, which is a hospital specialised in cancer and has the ambition to make cancer a chronic (not fatal) disease within 20 years. But the same time I want not create the impression that it might be a scam or to create again a new charity post.

For the ones interested in the hospital the URL is: www.avl.nl

i with agree with you on this one :)
Nice post

I think we should all take responsibility for what we do. I post my portraits of people I meet on the street, but never ask for a donation. The portraits themselves were made available for the people on the street to sell. It was a personal project. But I felt a moral compunction NOT to use a platform such as steemit to appeal for help. Rather simply to create an example of engagement between ordinary people and the extremely poor. I have seen some posts asking for help, claiming one or another story and I do think that this kind of thing can be destructive to the communicative and fair minded type of platform we all want. We should simply say no blegging. None at all. Tell us about what you did, your story of helping others, but don't ask us to do something. Be more like kevintmann, a new subscriber who is in the peace corps and describes so vividly the African province he has been living in. I must say though, that during the evolution of facebook's features, the advent of highly geographically localised groups brought about an amazing new potential for social change in our immediate environments. At that scale, all the members of a neighbourhood group or a whatsapp room can collaborate to make powerful changes for poverty, environment and other needs. SO I would like to see steemit still being capable of meeting those goals. It is after all about communication. Perhaps we all should simply maintain a high standard of integrity and require full proofs before ever helping anyone who appeals in this more or less anonymous type of format. The pitfalls are obvious and you're right, this problem has arrived.

it can be powerfull support for charities,
check my last posts , i also posted such thing.

Ya I like how he actually touched base on the issue is definitely a great idea

You are right. Supported. I am into charity work & this your option is the way to go so those of us who may have cause to ask for aid for our work can know d best channel.to follow...upvoted wit tks

@joseph hi this kid also need ur help i m a teenage dad who is living on his parents basement and i feel guilty for ruining the life of my 8 months old jerry i found steemians very mean they see my comments but cant upvote they aaare not paying from there own pocket if they upvote me they are helping someone raising his kid making that kids future more brighter
Please just one vote #voteforjerry


That's probably because Steemit is not a "please vote for me" kind of place. The idea behind this platform is to network with others by creating good content . What are your hobbies? What is your life like? What do you like to create? - these are all topics than can be turned into posts that will engage readers and earn you followers/money. If you are just begging all the time, you are not contributing to the community and no one is going to pay attention.
Don't give up! You'll get there! :)


Well that all starts by one step of encouragement which comes from ur one vote so vote for changing this lazy ass😂😂😁😀

I do agree with you lots of people try to take advantage of goodhearted people and use the funds for them self's

Great idea! I was about to wite a post about the same topic.

I think that steem opens huge possibilities for found raising and it will even better when EOS will be launched and someone will create a platform specific for charity purpose.

I am in touch with two onlus association ( http://www.axeitalia.net & http://www.pesciolinorosso.org ) and I will assist them in the process of joining the steem community and raise funds throught creating content. It would be a great experiement! Stay tuned!

Unfortunately many take advantage of platforms to take advantage.

Charity steemit = Upvote

You doing good Joab God give you lot earning

great initiative without team support its hard

I am really pleased you released this content because i love helping people in need and it makes me feel really good about myself. The only thing is i really do not like people who fake and i find it very disrespectful :( I am 14 years old and really want to contribute to helping people when i am older :D


Keep that giving heart, @ottostephens! We need more like you on this Earth. Teach yourself how to spot those who want to take advantage of your charitable spirit, so you can continue to help those who really need it. Good luck!

@Joseph are there any registered charities on Steemit?


Not that I know of. Would like to see a few.


There are a few charity guys that i know that i could bring here to benefit their charities but they kind of need something more official like an official badge to say they are legit etc


@joseph by the way ... incredible page you have. Im following you hopefully some of your steemit skillz will rub off on me. Would love some feedback on my page if you ever get the time.