Hots or Shots is seeking steemians in Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas & Louisiana

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Hots or Shots
is currently seeking steemians interested in being a guest on the show.

Hots or Shots
is a video series created exclusively for steemit.
I'm traveling the world meeting steemians in person and you could be next.

The show is a sit down interview, that consists of 10 random and open ended questions.
Before we get started, a coin flip occurs that determines if said episode will be
Hots...or Shots.

If the coin flip is Hots, before each question, we will eat progressively spicier foods.

If the coin flips shots, we do shots of bourbon before each question.

If you would like the opportunity to be on the show and are a resident in the following states, please let me know in the comments below.

North Carolina
South Carolina

The following steemians have already taken the leap and it's been a true honor to have them on.


Please check out the following posts from a few of my guests regarding their time on
Hots or Shots

If you haven't yet seen the show, new episodes air every Thursday.
Here's what you've missed so far!

~Episode 1~

~Episode 2~

~Episode 3~

~Episode 4~

Come be a guest on the show.
Hit me up down below.

"Let's Get Sauced"

(photos by @liberty-minded)

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Choose Wisely....... I hear that there are Steemian Livers that need some punishment! ;)

Hmmm.... I'm thinking that @clayboyn, @drewley, and @buzzard need to see this.

Also, in Florida, @merej99 might want in! After all, she enjoyed eating my peppers!


Just dropped a comment on all of them.
Thanks bud!


Got called out by @papa-pepper himself.. I'm game! Bring on the Hots or the Shots.. It's having to answer the questions I'm more afraid of.. :)


Thankfully, since I'm interviewing complete's not "personal" questions.
All random open ended stuff.

This was by far my favorite highlight since joining Steemit! I had a blast filming the episode and cannot wait for it to air!


Two more before you.


It can't come soon enough! The URL for episode 4 is pointed to episode 3!


That is what I am here for!! :D

Let's get the word out bitches!

Who's gonna be next?


I'm probably going to do @kubbyelizabeth next and a few steemians over her way


Ha ha, amazing and unique kind of interview and in my opinion these 10 people will have fun either way and more we can hear great inputs from the Steemians and as you know the Steem is an great project who knows one slip of tongue can bring some innovative ideas on the Interview. Thanks for sharing and keep up the creative and awesome work. Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

I like how you have the bottle of Tums next to the hots. LOL

love this show
it is amazing to see different steemians sharing their experience and views
this will really help in strengthning of this platform
this show will be one of the best in steemit history

Love the series so far. Hope you find someone in these areas. Resteemed for exposure.

Looks like it is going to be a great hit.......#HOTSorSHORTS

information that is very important and useful. thank you post @jonny-clearwater. I like your post.

sounds fun! wish i was in the area.

I live in Estonia but this is cool :)

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You are doing a very great job and really wonderful to make a good choice, my friend
You are a special person

An event which is very nice @jonny-clerwater! I am very interested in becoming a part of it, but too bad, I'm from Indonesia, thank you for sharing ...

OMG @monchhichi23 this could be you!!! I would love to see it :D


I happen to love New Orleans too!

This post has been 100% Upvoted and Resteemed for exposure my friend.

shot shot shot shot :D lots of that today seems like a perfect day : )


I'm looking for new guests.
Where ya from?

these are so good!
i'll be keeping an eye out for when you're in the Chicago area.


Dude... You'll be the reason I come to chi town.
Find me some steemians there and it's on like donkey Kong


Unfortunately I'm on the other side of the country, but you know I'd be game otherwise.



Well lucky for case you didn't missed it.. I'm the one that does the traveling.
Hots or Shots comes to you buddy.

Hahaha!! Looks like a cool idea! But daaaaaaang don't know I could handle all that hot juice!

Lotsa steem people in Eastern Kentucky! If interested in going there get up with me and I can introduce you to a few, my little brother included. He's @tommyinthesun

Dude! You've been busy!

Yo come to colorado and I'm in!!!! This is so cool. I'll be watching you

Thank you

Minnow here found ya by resteem, love the vids. Id love to help with any thing here in Charlotte NC. Spread real voices!


Please tell me Asheville
That's my favorite place in NC


Charlotte is close, but not as nice for sure.

Jonny, I'm near Seattle, if you ever looking to interview Oatmeal. That is me. I was in Vietnam teaching English for 5 years. I was going to never return to the USA but then came back. Keep up the goo work with your show. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.

Hey @jonny-clearwater I'm in North Alabama and would love to be on your show good sir! Looks like a lot of fun :)


To make a trip...I need at least 5 episodes to film.
Know any other steemians in or around you?


10-4 good sir! I am not familiar with anyone currently in or around Huntsville AL. I know some folks doing some really cool things here in my friend circle: 3-d printing, aquaponics, off-grid in the city. Trying to convince them to get on Steemit still haha. I'll ask around in the homestead-online community. I'll get back to you if I can gather some folks up.