Hots or Shots Episode 4 with guest @richardcrill

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Welcome back everyone!

was a great guest and a fun guy to hang out with.
This was one of two episodes I filmed on my birthday and I'll tell you now doing two shows in a day is rough!

Hope you all enjoy!


Well done, creativity
I liked your words .. Thanks for the tips we just need a little will
Thanks for sharing

Glad you liked it

What a dirty hippie! not you, Crill lol

Not gunna lie ,you actually looked like you cleaned up nicely for this show lol :)
Nothing but love for you man <3

ty, I had recently trimmed, lol ❤️

U look great without the beards bro. Are u a biker or something? Lol

Super writing......

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Hots and shots is stunning . Shooting with @richardcrill turned out brilliant. Richard is fun and I adored this scene. Hots and shots is transforming out into an impact with each scene. Well done, imagination

I enjoyed your words .. Much obliged for the tips we simply require a little will

A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing

Thanks for watching.
New episodes every Thursday

Wow nice comment. ........realy

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this is great. i love your post.

Keep it up..

You done well jonny.

Ah, the old, "C'mon kid, come into this dark New York City alley with me!" Hard not to fall for that one!

I'm LOOKING forward to you and JONNY C's EPISODE! I consider it the Super Bowl of Hot Or Shots .

I was that sucker

sweeeeeeet! great to see it going to the Moon but also with all the HOTS , to some it is Uranus
@richardcrill rocks
niiiice post! lol

I don't want to talk about Uranus or starfish

that is reserverd for the speak ez of steem

Oh man you know drinking water is about the worst thing you can do when dealing with hot pepper sauce as it actually only gives momentary relief then it steps up far worse ! But then I can well imagine that mentally that must seem like the only option left !! This was funny as hell, Johnny pleaase be careful dude ))) Big Ups to Mr Cargill )) Pepper On Boyz )

Call me crazy, but I dying to try that mad dog 357. I’ma have to order it.

Dope episode bro. Loved the NY story, you’re a real one for following the dude into an alley.

When you just gotta get high...

YES! @jonny-clearwater repping Blue Collar Bike Werks in the HDeezNuts Shirt! Fantastic!

Looks like the series is rocking and rolling. I'm gonna have to watch this one tonight. Still behind on shop work and online posting since we got back from vacay.

All the best, my man!


@jonny-clearwater that was great. I found you via papa-pepper, and really enjoyed this challenge. Bro, that was crazy...and he got it on his lips haha. Be well!

Glad you enjoyed it.
New episodes every Thursday

Great video buddy, love to see @richardcrill. We usualy just chat on Discord but it's fun to place a face on those names you chat with. Would love to sit at that table as i love both hots and shots! Unfortunately you guys are in the USA, maybe one day i'll be able to visit if we one day get to know each other better. Keep up the good work, you earned yourself another follower!

As the show grows, it will take me to international locations also

The video was awesome i'll love to see your video again!

You should totally watch it again

Awesome video! Be continued. I shall be the regular viewer. Have a nice day

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Awesome episode and great job Nice dialog betwwen both of you thanks for providing this video keep it up Hope you also enjoy food and drink with your friends

this was awesome man
each episode is turning into more fun
love the way you share these experiences
if i will get a time machine
i will definitely like to take credit of bitcoin
love this show

It wouldn't be possible without my awesome guests

Hots and shots is amazing and you are amazing too @jonny-clearwater.
Shooting with @richardcrill turned out wonderful. Richard is fun and I loved this episode. Hots and shots is turning out into a blast with every episode.

Glad you liked it cause I'm gonna keep on making em.
New episodes every Thursday

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Thanks for sharing a good post bro.
Great show, I like it!.......//////

Love your show man.. You are a Rockstar.. Good job

yes i am enjoyed @jonny-clearwater your video are really good

What if you like being a hippy? lololz

Amazing scene and incredible employment Nice exchange betwwen both of you a debt of gratitude is in order for giving this video keep it up . Well done, imagination

I love hot food! And crazy questions!


oh yeah

Watching live doesn't compare... it's just not the same. We want out-takes! :D

Some episodes will have outtakes

I didnt think this post would get such rave reviews.

Didn't find much entertainment value but it was interesting to see.

Maube itll grow on me.. i hated naruto at first bit it grew on me

It's probably because the community finds value in getting to know others in the community.
I don't expect everyone to enjoy it though.
Hope it does grow on you though, as I'll be releasing episodes every Thursday for the next few years

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the video is totally awesome . I also love to see it again

Super episode 4 with the guest Richar and funny thanks

Thank you friend. i will enjoy your vidio. hope we become good friends.

It's Looks like very hot , take care, #peace out

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