The Steem Creators Conference Official Video!

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Welcome to The Steem Creators Conference Official Video! In this video you will get to see behind the scenes of the amazing Steem Creators Conference held in Las Vegas April 13-15! You will see some of the speakers, who was involved, some cool video of the Las Vegas strip and more! We talk about Steemit, Steem, Steem Dollars, and how to improve our amazing Steemit community! Not only that, but we also show you Dtube, Dlive, Utopian.IO, and many of the other Steemit applications the blockchain is using! Steem is the most amazing cryptocurrency EVER and we invite you to join Steemit today! I hope this video inspires you to hold one of your own Steem meet-ups, events, and hopefully join us at the next Steem Creators Conference!

A special shout out to IJ Maha @steemcafe @larrymorrison and @ogc and and everyone else for hosting this amazing event! Here is the official website:


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It's awesome how there's so many conferences now on Steem. Hope you had fun guys :) It's too far away for me but the spirit can be shared via videos like this haha.

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Really, I just did that. Now do the same and have a look at my posts. Yey!!

Even at some side meetings of the German Chambers of Commerce I guess it will be a topic.

Your @seelc

It's awesome how there's so many conferences now on Steem. Hope you had fun guys :) It's too far away for me but the spirit can be shared via videos like this

take it easy fellow

Thats a great way to make content creators feel motivated and focused . We will love to see such conferences happening al arround . And i am glad to see so many people are taking voluntary initiatives to make it a reality .


Respect ✊

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Invite me to your community.

Beautifully managed

Did a great job buddy

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good job brother

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great stuff joe

Thanks for sharing the video where some information about steemit.

we all love steem :)

How long did your video production take? Impressive! Hopefully I'm at the next Vegas conference.


It took a full day of shooting the video and another half day editing but it was fun and well worth it 👍😎

Probably would have taken me a week or month of editing. lol Came out great!

Wow thats great news.

15 people attending a private program called conferences. awesome

Awesome! I enjoyed the video and the music. It's so nice to see some view in Las Vegas ^_^

l will follow you, follow me back please


Yes it’s really awsome !

@joeparys .Hope you had fun at the conference ))

Amazing presentation, @joeparys. I appreciate your transparency... you are the same guy in your videos as you are in person. Looking forward to walking alongside of you on this amazing Steem journey we are on.

Thank you Ken! Was great meeting you last week as well! Excited for the future and thanks again for all of your support!

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Great event. Hopefully I can attend the next one. Well done. I will check out your Udemy course

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Thanks for sharing the video. The Steem Creators Conference Official Video!

Creating steem is one of the great works in internet technology. This conference, onviously, will reach one step more.

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There should be an event in Mexico and LATAM :)

you guys rock

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It feels so hard to become a real creator on this site. I was posting every day and just could seem to gain any kind of ground on the huge self upvoters.

everything that these guys have created is great, I am very happy to be part of the steemit community.

Fablous! Amazing video i enjoyed the video and music

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Auw Sweet!

What a bunch of lovely people together!
You guys are really so inspiring.
Thank you for motivating others.
Hope you enjoyed the conference and keep well!

I know right. I too feel motivated by these guys. Live long Steemit my friend, live long.

Is it really worth 1k?

@joeparys. This is Awesome. Really loving steemit. Let's steeeem iiiiiiit.

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Just what I have been waiting for!!
Loved it.
Thank you for sharing. Xo

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Amazing video i enjoyed this music.

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Wow this is outstanding. Great to see the team and moving steem forward!

The conference was truly amazing and very impressive
The scenes are really distinctive
You have achieved great success and you are brilliant
I wish you happiness

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Optimism, ambition and a bright future all gathered at

Thank You so much for creating this awesome platform. I am new here and I am really enjoying steemit 😍😍

all i can say is wow, i am still far from your steemit success guys but what i saw, just watching the video really motivates me. thank you...

Joeparys you are amazing.
I'm always try to watch your your video.Your video is too much help full.

Thanks again for being there and giving a great presentation. You're very inspiring and it was great to meet you.

Thank you @daveonarrival ! Was a pleasure and I am happy you enjoyed the conference! Keep in touch!

Vegas and Steem great combo !!!

Loving your Udemy course.

Thank you! Hope you are finding it useful :)

Yes, very much so. It answers a lot of questions. Thank you!

Rookie over here, great watch and great insight.

hi @joeparys, what a way to create value to people, this is an amazing initiative!
I hope you will be able to organize this in Panama one day =) Our steemit community is growing fast!

Many temptations in that city, you have to be strong and have very good concentration to give a great lecture there and not fall into distractions. Well, the creators of quality content at Steemit are used to dealing with various kinds of pressures and we almost always achieve our goals.

The truth is that Steem and SBD have turned out to be some of the best digital coins at the moment, we just need to correct some of the cracks in Steemit so that the power of Steem and SBD can also reach the small fish and all the communities that live on this great platform can have a consistent and evident growth. We have to make an effort to promote and make the correction because I think the potential here is incredible.

My guy Joe... Soaked up so much knowledge fr you... Appreciate your time and efforts good sir..a pleasure to meet you. Im sure it was the 1st of many! Much Love man

Thank you @wolfnworbeikood it was a pleasure as well!

This is great indeed. I wish this will make a lot of Las Vegas People join us in this long journey with Steemit. Especially at this Harsh time for Facebook. Steemit will get a lot of positive Buzz.
Keep it up and update us about everything.

@joeparys A shit promotion from voting bots :(

But did you win any money @ the Craps tables? That's what we really want to know!

Great job! But I'm currently very busy to watch your video.

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I feel great to be a part of steemit community. lots of love.

Saludos quien falta con ustedes es mi presencia, felicitaciones...

Cool people. A kind of technological hippies talking about tokens and financial utopias in the heart of the fiduciary money. Steemians of the world, unite... ♥♥♥

Well done :) may God bless you

catching them from a distance
nice one guys @joeparys and palz


What a bunch of lovely people together. I saw your video on youtube about steemit and follow you.
You guys are so inspiring. #Thanks for motivating others.I'm a new user in #Steemit .Thanks for helping me with your very important content of post and videos.

thats a nice creators show @

so glad to have steem creators here, this great platform helps and empowers the powerless. The inspiration gotten from this platform lead to the birth of @helpfoundation which is geared towards helping the less previledge in the society and very soon would grow accross the globe to fit in the best helping hand through great men and volounteers.
please support us as we grow..
the birth is Today!

The Steem Creators Conference site very good....
alreday visit this site.....#thanks_sir

There seems to be lots of conferences these days on Steemit and I think that's impressive because lots of people are embracing this. Good work

Disagreement on rewards

Your udemy course always good. I remember the time we visited there. I didn't feel bored at all just by walking in the midnight and the price of commodities are cheap. Thanks promoting Steem @joeparys Good job.

Wow! Thats great idea. Very difficult to all other.

I saw your video on youtube about steemit and follow you will guide best but one thing i donot is too much community build for steemit should i follow and put or post link there...

Nice vid Joe!!! It was great to meet you and chat with you a bit at the steem creators conference. I really enjoyed your presentation, thank you for making it out with hospital gear attached you beast

The Steem Creators Conference blog video amazing.From this bolg see Las Vegas city amazing.I love Las Vegas city.Anyone like this city, like me.Loudly tell with me..only las vegas and Steem Creators are real!!

you'r lucky man..and wonderfull blog..

This is a cool video.I want this type video more.I wait for other video.

Waow. The greeting of the video is the coolest part of the hole video. Thanks and keep it up. @joeparis

with in 21 hrs you guys got 1024 votes and 228 comments.
value is $1101.38.
i did't even get one cent from past one week..... you guys really great.

Hello @joeparys Valuable information. To know from another perspective this world, where I am now starting, for me it is very important.
The organization and planning is appreciated in the video you present.
Little, little by little I will learn every day more.
Thanks for sharing.
A big greeting and many congratulations to you and your team, who made this video possible.
Good vibes.

Ahora en español:
Hola @joeparys Valiosa información. Conocer desde otra perspectiva este mundo, donde ahora estoy iniciándome, para mi resulta muy importante.
La organización y planificación se aprecia en el video que presentas.
Poco, a poco ire aprendiendo cada día más.
Gracias por compartir.
Un gran saludo y muchas felicitaciones para ti y tu equipo, que hicieron posible este video.
Buena vibra.

Thanks for sharing the video....!

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Thank You! ⚜

Nice and good work

Where was my invitation? :)

Wish I could have attendet this awesome conference:-)

a big thank you to the creators of this beautiful platform. you guys Rock!

Nice i would love to cone out there sometime and speak to some folks about Steemit

I really liked this. It encourages some of us to wake up. This really a wake up call. To achieve, we must work for it. Great job guys. keep it up

excellent publication, I wish you success, someday I will grow as you

This kind of conferences are really too much helpful for us... I'm really happy to get to know some more informations about steemit on video ..thanks brother