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RE: The Steem Creators Conference Official Video!

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This post, with over $50.00 in bidbot payouts, has received votes from the following:

postpromoter payout in the amount of $281 STU, $492 USD.
smartsteem payout in the amount of $184 STU, $322 USD.
upme payout in the amount of $113 STU, $198 USD.
buildawhale payout in the amount of $108 STU, $190 USD.
rocky1 payout in the amount of $98 STU, $171 USD.
appreciator payout in the amount of $92 STU, $161 USD.
promobot payout in the amount of $40 STU, $71 USD.
boomerang payout in the amount of $38 STU, $66 USD.
therising payout in the amount of $27 STU, $48 USD.
upmewhale payout in the amount of $26 STU, $46 USD.
jerrybanfield payout in the amount of $19 STU, $34 USD.
booster payout in the amount of $7 STU, $13 USD.

For a total calculated bidbot upvote value of $1,034 STU, $1,813 USD before curation, with $258 USD curation.

This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform @joeparys and is by no means a judgement of your work.


Dude I'm telling you. Clearly display the profit/loss.

The total upvoted value was: X
The total spent on upvotes was: Y
The total in USD before curation is: Z
The total in USD after curation is: P

Also, consider leaving the comment after a few days. For one, it takes away from the author's message if the comment is upvoted too high too early and reduces discussion.

Two, the values will be more accurate the closer you get to the payout.

My 2c.

Thank you for the reply. You point is well taken.

There are MANY factors that can be difficult to ensure the accuracy of when computing profit and loss, including refunds from bots and sending bids from multiple accounts.

This message is not meant to be a P/L statements, just information on bidbot payouts.

Ok but let’s call it what it is. You’re blowing up their spot, and people’s brains are so tiny that if they see detailed info on how much was spent on upvotes, they get immediately triggered and the author’s point is diluted.

That’s fine. No problem. It’s a clever way to get people to upvote your comments. But at least make the service useful to the author as well by showing him his P/L for the upvotes. You have all that info there, might as well make it easier to understand.

THIS! This is why I have flagged your bots posts. Like I said, it's shitty to spam up an author's page, regardless of your opinions on bidbots. And he has a good point about P/L. If authors or losing money the majority of the time using bidbots, which is what you claim on another thread we were discussing, then THAT is what you should show if you want folks to stop using them.
On a side note, I only use them to promote my contest, so as to get more visibility and participation. I'm spending my own money to get the contest out there, I don't care if it's at a loss. Bidbots have been around since @randowhale in the beginning. Sucks I now have to deal with either comment thread spamming by your bot, or attempted public shaming with your report cards. Especially after being here for nearly 2 years now.

I think P/L could maybe help people understand whether the author is making money off it, then they can decide that it is for advertising rather than pure profit or vice versa?

That is a few bucks. The "advertising" blockchain is starting to take shape (page 57 of the SMT whitepaper)

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I hate to post apropos of nothing, but this post is near the top and I'm hoping a "cause bot" won't complain and can believe in the following cause:

Since the original post is about Steemit creators, I felt this would be a good place to point out @manashjyoti has been plagiarizing Andy Weir's novel "The Martian". He's already made 3 posts featuring the beginning of the novel:

The Martian Part 1
The Martian Part 2
The Martian Part 3

I've flagged them, but I don't have any juice to make an impact. If anyone would like to flag and/or comment on one or more of the above posts. You'd be helping the community. Thanks.

Quite a risky affair. This might lead to many accounts getting pulled down. But why must botting be done? People are not tired of cheating?

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