A Beginners Guide To Success on Steemit - 2.0!

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Last week I posted a Steemit Success Video that received a lot positive and negative feedback! I sincerely appreciate everyone who took the time to watch that video and comment! Today I share with you the newer updated version! I took your feedback from the last video, revised, re-recorded, and created this new 20+ minute Free Tutorial! If you were not able to see the first tutorial that is totally OK! You do not need to have seen the first post / video in order to understand the strategies I discuss in this video post.

If you want to see the first video post with comments click here: https://steemit.com/steemit/@joeparys/a-beginner-s-guide-to-success-on-steemit


I fully am aware the strategies I present in this video will not resonate with everyone in this community. I am also fully aware not everyone will be able to implement these strategies or have the means to do so. The goal of this video is to show the steps I personally took to start building a following and earning rewards on Steemit. As I say numerous times throughout the video, NOTHING IS GUARANTEED. I am only trying to help and inspire newer users who join our community. I thank you for taking the time to watch this video. If you have any suggestions on how to improve on this strategy I am open to comments below.





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Next you should make a video explaining the benefits of pushing veteran content producers away by encouraging others to buy votes so those who've been here trying to make something of this place no longer have the visibility they worked hard to earn over the span of two years.

Make a video explaining what I should do next because I don't know. Should I, as a veteran, buy votes so my work can be seen instead of these new members you're trying to "help"? I have the money. Should I just push my way to the front of the line? Should I power down and leave, like so many before me? What's the next step? Now that I know I'll never have the chance to advance or have my work reach the top of the charts, where do I go from here?

If these people you're trying to "help" last two years producing content, then want to stop buying votes, will you be around to prepare them for what's next? Will you tell them, after putting in so much time, effort and debt into this platform, they must eventually start at the bottom someday and begin to face the challenges they could have already overcome within two years? They'll have to sit and watch their work get pushed down the list into oblivion simply because there's no way out of this mess you're setting them up for.

Should those who've been working hard for two years now feel hopeless?

I've made 23300 SP through curating and posting. One would think that's a sign of success, but since I didn't buy my way up, I guess it's not success? Just dumb luck? Worked my butt off to the point of physical burnout multiple times and I'm viewed as someone who simply won a lottery?

Many people know me or know of me. I don't see those who've had an opportunity to support my work at some point but didn't vote over the past two years having a sudden change of heart and begin supporting my work simply because I buy a vote or two. I don't see how that makes sense. If they weren't interested before, placing $100 beside my post won't help.

I don't expect everyone to enjoy my work; never did, never will. That's life, especially in my field. I prefer a genuine response. I don't really trust people if I have to pay them to be my friend, fan or follower. Maybe on the surface, if I was purchasing votes, I'd look like I'm having a great time and doing a good job; but inside I'd be a mess.

I can't turn actual art into advertisements and buy laughs if I feel like being funny. The arts and entertainment industry generates billions of views and dollars every year. We come here and can't even compete with a picture of corn on the cob? I still don't see how sacrificing those billions is wise. Music for instance; huge draw. There were hundreds of musicians here eager to perform. Look at Youtube trending page. There's always a music video. These independent artists here are just as talented. Instead of that gracing the front page, we have your advertisement, Joe. "How to get rich quick online in three easy steps" nonsense. The ad people skip so they can hear the music. The infomercial nobody watches at 3 am. That's success? Pushing talent away puts smiles on faces these days? I guess I need to get out more. I had no idea the world has come to this.

My biggest concern though isn't about me or the countless individuals being pushed out. It's those new members, the majority of them, who won't know those OTHER posts at the top have FAKE rewards. How they will feel as if they've failed because their post only made a buck. How they'll compare their effort to the lackluster effort we see in promoted posts and think, after all that work, they're still not good enough. Will they stick around long enough to find out the truth or will they give up after feeling defeated? I think about THOSE people, Joe. The ones you don't realize exist. That's what I meant in your last post when I said you're actually making it more difficult for people. That comment received around 50 organic votes. Do you know how rare that is?

P.S. Please don't respond with more of your sales pitch. I've heard enough.

Vote bots help drive Steem's economy but also significantly reduce the quality of front page content.

I think you drank the bot Kool-Aid. Drive our economy?

That's what they want you to believe. More like destroy it. Have you ever take a look at how much abuse bid bots are sponsoring towards accounts that siphon Steem /SBD, power down and move the value as quickly as possible to fiat. For lower and lower cuz they don't give a shit about Steem or it's future. Cheat to win is in.

This is instead of sticking around, participating, making this place somewhere where people WANT to be that they would even invest. With less and less community and more and more meaningful votes going to the sellers, gonna see less and less money come in unless something drastic happens. Guaranteed.

You think that is good for our economy? Hell to the no.

"Vote bots help drive Steem's economy..." Where did you hear that? A vote bot advertisement perhaps?

If I sold votes, you bought steem, then gave it to me for a vote, and I sold it; we're right back where we started.

I don't have anything against promoting our post(s) (some let's say more special ones) here and there if for some reason we want to reach a wider audience for the particular topic, occasion, event or what so ever. But, I'll repeat - here and there - not constantly, not as default. And completely putting aside profitability of boosts through the bots on Steemit which is whole another story with quite an ugly face if we want to be honest.
(Besides and apart from Steemit, even Coca-Cola doesn't run their advertisements all the time on the same media or even in the same area. And allegedly they are the ones who invest 90% of their earnings into promotion and only 10% into the product.)

Never the less, what triggered me the most to write this reply is the following sentence.

I don't really trust people if I have to pay them to be my friend, fan or follower.

I feel exactly the same regarding this matter! I have been around (Steemit) approximately the same amount of time as you did @nonameslefttouse and I didn't manage to collect even 10% of the SP that you did, but I still feel good!

But the fact is that not all people are capable to face with their true popularity or better to say unpopularity, and they would rather pay no matter to whom, why and how much (at least as long as they have some fresh funds for that) or even kiss (no matter how dirty somebody else's filthy rich) asses, just to keep living in their fantasy world. Unfortunately, that's how it is!

I agree with you 100% on this. Here:

I basically wrote a response to this whole mess and there I say everything I really needed to say.

Oh... now I'm really curious. Going to read it.
Thank you for letting me know!

Good post! Def make some good points here about the system, doubt it'll be around long term working like this but we shall see. Thanks! By the way, feel good about your Steem power, at least for now it's still worth something!

I'm proud of my accomplishments whether these folks like it or not. I'm proof the system works as intended and I'm not the only one. I know of quite of few people who've done as good if not better than I have without ever buying into this sales pitch that it's "hard to get noticed". It's hard to get noticed everywhere. The moment someone comes along, creates a problem, then offers what they call a "solution" for a fee, you know they're just feeding you a line of BS. They're also using a tactic big tobacco used long ago. They say things like "once you're ready and have confidence in your work, promote it." So if you're not buying votes, does that mean you're not confident? Is it a sign of weakness? They used to say smoking was cool. You're not cool unless you smoke. That made people feel inferior to smokers, so they started smoking. These are old tricks but I'm not surprised people still fall for it. They're weak, they need a crutch, they hear someone say something like "this makes you look confident", and they jump all over that shit.

Much like a smoker, they'll spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on these bots and have nothing to show for it. 23333 SP now. That's what you get for working, discipline (even though I'm a freaking nutcase on my blog), and not handing out your hard earned tokens to pay for the toll road leading over a cliff just because someone said you can fly.

The biggest threat to those who are here for passive income generation, are those with an actual product to sell. As the pond grew wider, your circle didn't matter as much. Clearly, you guys are really threatened. I suggest you calm down and try to work on your posts. It won't be like back in the day when all of you circle-jerked each other and good content never got noticed or never earned anything here. Now, people are going to trend with their hard earned investment - some may lose, others will win. But the days of passive circle jerking are always numbered. Just get used to it and stop pathetic whining - it's embarrassing

Now, I will save all of you the effort - yes, I'm a newb who doesn't understand anything. No problem, I still have my self respect and my confidence. This post is a good post. Well promoted. Good luck to all the winners in this thread.

Do you feel better now?

I've handed out 287 votes to 129 different accounts in the past seven days. I can usually do better than that. Many of those accounts have far less SP than mine, some have more, and I certainly didn't vote for all of those people you just insulted so I get something in return. If I could help more people, I most certainly would. I nearly made the top 100 on this list of the most effective curators last week. I'm there quite often. I guess I made this list. Top 250 in all of Steemit for one day.

I've pressed that button manually 21492 times. You could spend all the money you have to get yourself on trending. You still need someone like me to come along and vote for your post in order to make any money.

I read your comment below as well. You're the guy who said, " I prefer paying my ticket to get to the top to jerking people in a circle. I value my freedom and I don't do anyone any favors." You value your freedom so you're willing to become dependent on a middleman to get to the imaginary top? That's interesting.

In your other comment you also displayed how you've fallen for the sales pitch "believe in yourself first then come to us and give us your money" line so I'm not surprised to see you come here to tell everyone how confident you are.

A lot of what you said proves you're new, especially the "back in the day" stuff you speak of, as if you were here to see someone like me start at the bottom and work their way up. I didn't know anyone, started with nothing, and I don't appreciate you downplaying my efforts and making it sound like earning 23300 SP as writer/artist/entertainer on Steemit is a bad thing or insinuating I did something wrong.

Anyway, thanks for, nothing. And don't forget to tighten up that helmet before you go out today.


I don't have time to read your entire content. Please forgive me for that. I read your first line - to answer, yes. I feel great. Always do. If you want my attention, produce good content, I will read it. Thanks for reading mine.

AND fuck you again.

As eloquent as always - at least it's a short comment this time.

I appreciate hard work and dedication, I am going to follow you and hope to learn some stuff on what it takes to at least swim with the dolphins one day.

It's hard to get noticed everywhere.

I think @joeparys is preying on newbs who's never created content and don't know what it's like doing these kinds of things.

He knows perfectly well what you said but well, whatever gets upvotes right? One look and you can see he's doing exactly what Tai Lopez did, "teaching" people how to be a millionaire and only then become a millionaire from the lies he sold.

For sure yea. Depends on what kind of content people want to see. And of course if that content ever shows up on their feed

LOL, Read this... The Flintstones knew more about money than these crypto crazies do...


Would be funny if I got his damn bot to upvote this but I don't self bid so there's that.

Just tried. He doesn't do comments. lmao.

That's a cool picture but I didn't come here to get mixed up with the trolling stuff. I get the humor but I'm sure, since I'm not praising this stuff or kissing anyone's ass, I already look bad enough.

Not trolling. I earnestly believe he is a parasite and want to ridicule him accordingly.

I want him to question himself everyday about his gains being direct result of being a manipulative toolbag.

Look at your wallet and look at his. I know you. I know you are genuine and not a pretentious asshole.

If someone wanted me to paint their house and said they'd give me $1000 but I only get $100 while the other $900 goes to someone else who did absolutely nothing, just some random dude; I'd tell them they could shove that contract up their ass.

Why should someone else earn that much money for doing nothing, and the only way it's possible for them to see that cash is if I do all the work.

So we have promoters here, which is fine. Promoters take a cut; that's normal. If they start acting like the famous promoter Don King though, you fire their ass.

This Joe guy is leading people to believe that painting contract I mentioned above is a good deal and in so many words claiming Don King was a good guy. Anyone in business knows you can't be successful if you make stupid business decisions like that. I can see why so many are hostile towards him. I think I'll leave it at that.

That's where we would agree to disagree. Suggesting vote selling is mere promotion is a gross oversimplification. How do I know that? Ask them to decline rewards and you'll find our real quick.

See you around @nonameslefttouse. We may differ in views slightly but I think we at least at least agree on the important point. That this fella is a deceptive weasely marketer. Always a pleasure seeing you rip into him.

Don't think you "look bad" to honest folk. You're just calling bullshit where you see it. That's a virtue way I see it. Peace out.

I salute you sir, for making one of the best comments i have seen in recent times. I don't have much more to add as you have hit the nail on the head.

He is literally a bid bot. Of course he's going to encourage people a buy votes. That's sleazy marketing 101 @nonameslefttouse.

Guess our kind is just on the wrong side of Steem history. Maybe, we should all just sell votes and say fuck it.

BRB going to photoshop Joe's face onto a tape worm cuz that's pretty much what he is...

Dude I get what you have to say. But a few months ago for example @berniesanders downvoted this account's reputation to 1. So what did I do to get back on my feet? I paid for upvotes. Nobody was willing to help me. I think my reputation is at 18 now, but if it wasn't for joeparys's bot which is one of the few bots that allows people with low reputations to upvote their own posts, then I would've been able to recover. I want people to read my stuff and if my reputation is 1 then most of my posts are hidden on the steemit frontend.

What did you do to get flagged?

You did say this:

I really just don't care though, so berniesanders do what you want. I don't care about my reputation on steem

So I guess, in the end, unfortunately, you're still responsible for your own decisions.

I was flagged early on by a much larger account than his. Instead of going off and trying to make the flagger look bad, I simply wrote a couple of posts that made sense, didn't include insults or any of that stuff, I ended up making money. That was way back when before I even knew anyone. Before I had even 100SP. I guess it's all in the delivery.

Well I didnt care about my rep back then. But yeah he did run a fake anti abuse service and I thinl everything I wrote about him makes sense. All Im just getting accross is that there are bigger villians out there than @joeparys and i dont consider him a villian to be honest. Also you assume this whole system isnt rigged to begin with. Look at some of the earliest posts by the steemit dev (cant remember what his name is) where he gave himself only the ability to "mine" while other people couldnt. This whole thing is rigged to begin with.

Joe made you give him money to get you out of a jam. He could have done that for free. He made money off your shitty situation. If bernie flagged more people, I'm sure joe would love to bail them out.

If you think the place is rigged, why are you here caring about reputation and stuff?

You do make a good point about the buying votes thing.

"If this place is rigged , why are you here...?"
Um good question. Maybe I think I'm one of the first million users of steemit so this might apply:

Just kidding. There are things I like about steemit, the API's, the good info on here, the stuff I learn on here, the potential I see here etc. I have mixed feelings. Will be following you. Thanks for an interesting conversation :)

Forgot to mention thanks to @freespeach:

Besides that had some friends helping me along the way and yes upvote bots.

Excelente comentario!!!!!

please vote this comment to make my first cents :D

this is real capitalism where of you have the money to get ahead or are willing to spend to win then you will but if you let monnows outspend you on the resources then you will lose out. the system was designed to be build upon and that includes vote buying which is how you promote the post. earnings are of course not gauranteed because of the fluid dynamics of this platform.

this platform is a prototypr for folks to use and figure out where they stand, it will likely never be some new phenomenon because the large accounts unfairly control most of the value on the chain. As a small holder I know my potential here is limited unless i invest huge sums of extra income. its a good place to earn more that what facebook pays you to post but it wont replae facebook because that application is actually useful on the greater internet not to mention constantly under development by a team with direction and a plan. steemits devs have themselves in mind and adding new members not supporting the existing ones.

im not an expert on the system but in my time here i have seen how it will likely five way to another chain that will outdo it. i partially think a social media platform like facebook secured with blockchain would be a great tool. although you would have to overcome the potential of it being used as an attack vector in "elections" lol.

This model of promotion is a joke. There are only a handful of top slots and if thousands of people tried to promote their posts in this fashion, all they do is end up blending back in with the crowd; making this more pointless than it ever was. The business model is one big flop. If it becomes successful it becomes useless at the same time. That's not capitalism, it's stupidity.

Content producers come first. The ads and promoted posts should be tucked nicely inside posts as banner ads. That would give those who wish to promote their posts a much larger potential viewership, and the content producers would be able to produce content that can reach top slots organically. There are literally thousands of posts published daily. The ads should be inside those posts and the content producers should take center stage to attract eyes to the platform.

The content producers should have to select a maximum of two ads they'd like to include in their blog from a market. In other words, content producers would curate ads and look for something people might want to click because the content producer would be earning a piece of the ad revenue. That click should function like the vote button, voting for the post before the consumer takes off to visit the ad. Those promoting would have to spend more and more to jockey for position within this market tab. If they wanted the top slot there, with the hopes a lazy blogger wouldn't look hard, they'd have to buy STEEM and spend more to boost it to the top. This creates a huge demand for STEEM this current model can't even come close to.

That promotion, on payday, then gets split between the promoters, content producers who hosted the ad, and if there's any profit left that goes to the one who published the promotion.

Everyone then works together. Content producers can earn ad revenue on top of their votes, those promoting have far more potential slots and far more potential eyes on their ads, those selling votes for the ads within the market would earn less per post but far more in bulk. There wouldn't even be enough of them, which creates more demand to buy STEEM on top of all this. Content producers with more stake earn higher percentages of the ad reward pool, creating even more demand to buy steem and power up earnings.

Right now everyone works against each other and the promotion system is a joke. These people could be making far more money but they don't have any experience in the entertainment industry to be able to understand their roles. They want the most money and they currently depend on the next sucker who walks in the door. Everything about their system means, eventually, it falls in on itself.

you have made such valid points here my friend. shit if we could find a developer alone this comment could be turned into the basis for a whitepaper.

Steemit will likely never change like that but it takes smart folks like you who have thought so deeply on the issue to drive us in a positive direction for growth elsewhere.

I'm pretty sure I said this creates demand for STEEM.

The root cause of the whole vote selling issue was STEEM's linear reward curve which made vote value predictable. Essentially turning votes and rshares commodity which can be sold as a service.

One way to destroy this whole market is to change the reward curve and making it impossible to know how much one's vote is worth exactly. @kevingwong detailed how this could be done in his post some time ago and it's something i recommend anyone and everyone to read.


Now that @kevinwong is a witness on Steem, i'm confident enough that when he has what it takes to make a real change to the way Steem works when he has enough influence. If you haven't voted for him, you should!

That's such an interesting concept. I wonder how it would play out.

I love Steemit... except for how much people complain about how it "isn't fair" or how others decide to act on the site. That will happen any and every time there's any sort of money involved, even if in most cases we're talking about pennies.

Have you ever seen how people act on Facebook? How about how people act under a Youtube video?

Shift your focus and you'll see a lot of good people here. Amazing people.

One of the best comments I have seen

Hi @nonameslefttouse
I agree with you wholeheartedly. Bidbots are against what steemit is supposed to be, namely good content will be rewarded. Now people buy vote and reward themselves. They also buy reputation. I am on steemit for the same time as you and have a rep of 69 and you have 71, by posting almost daily and some days more than one post, and also commenting on posts. Now people who are on steemit for about six months has a bought (not earned) rep of more than 70!! This is just not how it is supposed to be. I thought the new RC system will help to reduce the bidbots, but it did not have an effect, because the guys in charge just gave in and multiplied every-bodies RC by 10!!
Keep on fighting the good fight!!

Nice to see you, @rynow. These things bother a lot of people. A lot of us worked hard and as honestly as we could. It's not easy to see the place turn into what it is now. What else can I really say...

You have to invest a bit in your own content. If it's good, buy some votes from high reputation bid-bots. This is the same as any other business, you have to show your readers you have faith in your product. Alternatively, you can leech on the whiners' who want to keep the rewards coming to their own circles, (for whom fighting any means of a level playing field is in their game plan). One can hope they like the way one assists them to bad-mouth, downvote and generally troll on their behalf, perhaps they will throw some crumbs down your way one day. I personally, will never be able to do that.

The point I am making is, interaction will not come simply 'organically'. That dogma is punted by people who collude inside communities to gain each others' support. They are not playing fairly, when all honesty and decorum go out the window when they are in a thread. Notice how the dogma reads: be nice, be positive, interaction will come organically.. blah blah. But take a look at the way they comment here in this post.. You see my point?

Have a look at how you're commenting. Nothing but insults thrown my way. I hope you're proud of yourself. You see my point?

If the shoe fits. Let me disappoint you, you are one of a type, not one of a kind.. everything is not always about you.

Did you forget about the part where you called me @noideaslefttowriteabout? Pretty sure you're talking about me, man. Using your other account, you tried to say I don't even produce content. Anyone can look at my blog, dude. They'll see 636 different posts. Now you're here again, with your lies, baseless accusations, and some strange form of character assassination. I'm sure by now, anyone with a brain reading what you're saying can see what you're up to.

Please stop trolling. Thanks.

It's one thing to buy votes, but 800 dollars in votes is fucking obscene

You need to understand - invest 50 dollars, gain reputation from high votes and some attention by hitting trending. You will get about $40 of that back when the post payout comes, the rest is a cost to you. If you have $500 to spend, good for you. You may lose the same percentage in the short term, but in the long term, you would have gained far more visibility.

The objective is not to make a profit off the post, but to gain brand visibility and to get a message out there. It costs money to promote any product. If you approach this platform to get passive income, then you will need to get the attention of accounts who have @noideaslefttowriteabout and they will upvote you for trolling for their campaigns to keep this platform working for them, not for everyone else.

My advice is to work on your product - your message - spend a bit, take risks. Success comes slowly, it is a hard game to play, but never be a pathetic whiner along with this lot who flag posts out of spite.

As you're trolling, I'd just like you to know, I'm reading everything you say.

Needless to say, the way you're acting is a bit strange. You're trying a little too hard to discredit me while pushing your own agenda onto others. That's a bit suspicious. Something isn't right about you.

Everything you say; it's bullshit. I have reason to believe envy is clouding your judgement.

I've done nothing wrong. I suppose if I flagged these comments for trolling and harassment, you'd play the victim card? You seem like that kind of guy.

If I bother you so much, stop paying attention to me.

Thank you.

What a strange take on things you have. I bet it would cost a lot to get inside and figure all of that out.. I wish you the best of luck though. But a word of advice, cracks are like wrinkles.. they show as the story gets older, and hurling abuses at others for engaging in conversation instead of staying quiet like an obedient boy should, will not buy you real reputation. I have taken note of what you wrote this time, because you are quite an interesting foul mouthed person.. I must say, i am intrigued to figure out what makes everything always be about you.

You must have a short memory.

You said:

then you will need to get the attention of accounts who have @noideaslefttowriteabout and they will upvote you for trolling for their campaigns to keep this platform working for them, not for everyone else.

I don't think everything is about me. You're straight up being a dickhead. Simple stuff, my friend.

Please stop trolling. Check this out when you have time:

You're included in there.

Wow - I must be famous now. Is your likeableness now turning into vindictiveness, threats, aggression perhaps?

You started trolling this thread by attacking the OP. I am simply expressing my opinion. If you want to call it any namesyouhaveleft, go ahead. Choose the name Troll for all I care. All I am seeing is a frantic display of aggression and attempts to censor any meaningful discussion here.

Have it your way.

You're drunk.


wow amazing

Wow, this comment is so full of emotions. It seems like You do work really hard and your hockey story reminded me of the movie Goon, were you a Goon too?

Really i appreciate you on behalf of this message.

On behalf of this message I would like to say thank you to this message.

I discovered you because this #comment. I had no idea that here is some people that genuinly grind. GRIND GRIND GRIND. You motivated me to write again))

There are plenty of us out there. Just look beyond the fakes you'll find thousands of us somewhere near the bottom having fun.

I see that you are relatively success from start.

My earliest posts don't show up on my blog anymore I don't think. My first 20 or so posts only gave me about 18 cents. I worked months before I earned $500.

in your other post, you speak about promoting intro posts with bidbots. In this post, you received a minus 8.75% ROI by using 70 steem. That doesn't sound like a good way to success.

You are practically Jerry Benfield 2.0.

What happened to Jerry Benfield anyways?

I wonder how long it will be before jerry dumbfield no 2 posts a video about self fellatio

Sadly he caught some whale votes like @kpine His ROI worked on this one.

Screenshot_2018-10-08 SteemWorld ~ erodedthoughts.png

It's sad that @kpine is seemingly autovoting Joe's advertisements.

It's whatever, I guess if he needs the money it's easy to upvote those who buy votes for larger curation.

He doesn't vote for many users based on his stake weight.

Screenshot_2018-10-09 View Voting Activity Statistics For kpine Steem Ocean.png

Sometimes you cannot control the ROIS for every bit bot @littleboy -- I just received multiple 10%+ POSITIVE ROI examples along with a 4% and many more positive ROIDS. Please see below for examples: This combined ROI is worth around $50 in rewards value on this post alone. This is the power of using the upvoting services correctly. I would be happy to teach you more.


Didn't even need his courses scams.

And sometimes you can suck your own dick, like your mentor jerry dumbfield does.

I gave up on bots unless I really want to promote something. Cheers, this one really stirred the pot....so for that.....
Upvote gif meme.gif

i don't usually make any comments in posts that are in trending page but i think i need to say a few words here while i have checked your previous post and read almost all the comments that were there.

First of all that statement at least for me isn't true.

a lot positive and negative feedback!

The vast majority of the comments were negative except if you consider positive the spam ones that don't even check your video and wrote a generic response in order to gain some upvotes.

Also in your video you pretty much say the same things as before while once again promoting your 9.99$ courses that i think don't worth at all as you can learn everything that is there through the platform. (we are living in a free world though so you can say whatever you want and use your marketing strategies as you wish)

I don't think you learned a thing from the comments nor you took anything at all into consideration while at the same time you did the exact same thing with the bots. It's pointless for me to explain why you are harming this platform with your ways because people already mentioned it and either you didn't understand it or you don't wanna understand it

To me Steemit inc should have done already something about the bots and if you use services like that to promote your content it only should be showed in the promoted page which now has no meaning at all. Then i would be a little bit more ok with what are you doing cause anyone would know how you achieve these numbers even the people who haven't joined the platform and then the whole user experience would be more realistic

Finally, in around the first minute you said i just like to give and share. I think you not even close are doing that if you wanted you could have delegate some of your sp to communities that actually helping both people in the platform and others in need. Also you could manually upvote people especially newbies and give them that visibility you are talking about and sp without the need of promoting their posts and waste money (how easy is this?)

Giving the time you are here i think if you wanted you could have easily being one of the top people that the majority of users would have as a role model but because of certain choices the majority actually hates you!

Take a look for example at @berniesanders a person who always fought about a better Steemit. Even though his rep at a time went -1000 because he "pissed off" some abusers and scammers he is one of the legendary and iconic figures of steemit and people love him.

Or take @fulltimegeek another Steemian who could easily use his power for self again and earning quite a lot of money but he uses it in everyway possible to help the community and people praise him for it, he is somehow a "saint" in steemit.

You could easily be like them too but i guess you don't like to. At the very least for me please stop saying how much you wanna help others while each obvious that you don't. Keep uploading whatever you wish still earning without the use of bots quite a bit like 15$-20$ even 70$ and continue with your life not causing problems!

I will still give an upvote to your post if though i have never upvoted you or flagged you, given my sp there is no point in doing so and i hope you change for the best and make a positive change that will help the platform and sorry for the long comment!

I hope you don't get any Boos in the Steemfest!

Thanks for your comment and opinions!

You say

Finally, in around the first minute you said i just like to give and share. I think you not even close are doing that if you wanted you could have delegate some of your sp to communities that actually helping both people in the platform and others in need. Also you could manually upvote people especially newbies and give them that visibility you are talking about and sp without the need of promoting their posts and waste money (how easy is this?)

I delegated to STEEM-UA (I have a tutorial showing how to actually delegate to this community) and many others for months (before I turned my account into a bot) I decided to pull back because of the cooldown time incase I ever wanted to power down. I do weekly giveaways (which include steem, sbd, steem monsters cards ect) -- because if I manually upvote my upvoting service will go out of turn and people who bid using the service will lose out or be delayed.

Giving the time you are here i think if you wanted you could have easily being one of the top people that the majority of users would have as a role model but because of certain choices the majority actually hates you!

I understand I will not be liked by everyone (or most) and am happy creating content and doing the best I can. I can't control others opinions of me. No hard feelings. I appreciate your feelings, post, and comment!

Suck a dick jerry scamfield no. 2

You are my idol

Wow, your post has attracted a lot of losers downvoting you LOL. Just keep at it mate. Don't be distracted by the whiners.

The only way is you invest.
That's it

Now its almost impossible to get success on steemit by a newbie

Badlie is a shameless leecher and is bad for the community because he is getting all the money from the reward pool whereas I can't get any... with all said and sone badlie is definitely making a killer here.. Who gives a damn what others are saying.. at the end of the day its all about how much money one is able to extract from the reward pool.. nice post badlie... however I won't upvote it.. unless you pay me to do so.. well you are doing the same so you should be treated the same.

vote bots wont last forever, rc delegation will do better im sure.

Another flag from me for you Jerry/ Joe. Your shameless self promotion, encouragement of bot use, and only offering advice to new comers if they pay you for it is an abomination on the Steemit platform.

And to make matters even worse; you're poorly informed. You give shockingly bad advice and even give incorrect advice from time to time. Remember that time you told people to use the DTube tag in their DTube videos to increase the likelihood of a DTube upvote? I remember that. You're pretty ignorant for a supposed expert.

Please stop promoting your shitty course and pumping your crappy posts to trending. You're just another Banfield and we don't need that type of shit here.

Holy shit. You get-rich-quick, self-help bullshitters haven’t fucked off yet? Do you need some help with that? I have a course you can purchase.

@joeparys If I were you I would seriously consider using SteemAX as an alternative to bid bots, which are obviously a) not a favorable choice and b) not really working out for you.

Here's my guide to success using a much more ethical tactic.

nice! thank you for the advice!

Anytime! Hope it helps :)

Great video, thanks for the tips

Thank you for sharing informative information.
Btw, I have a question..
Is it problem to self vote my comments?
I’m really curious about it!

Depends if you put effort into creating your comments. If you're only upvoting your comments for the sole purpose of earning Steem then it will be viewed poorly.

If you're using your vote to get your comment read as a result of putting in a lot of effort to craft your comment then it will be looked upon more favourably.

Remember growth is a work in progress! Great video!

25 Uses for Duct Tape on your next Camping Trip is better. This guy is a total skammer.

"Use number 1: Put it over your mouth, shut the hell up and stop selling shitty course online"

SIR i am new in steemit.... i hope you all will support me here

Downvoted for not having sufficient knowledge to train people how to be successful on this platform. Buying votes to the top of trending is insane advice.


Learn more about Steem first before trying to offer advice.

we need to face the fact , number of people can upvote or would upvote is limited . Plus we have the other 2 factor already putting us in a disadvantage .

vote selling
The vote selling have cause most steemian do be less interact . It is consider smart to sell upvote than to upvote someone post because when you sell upvote , you get SBD as well.

7 days payout limit
The 7 days payout is not easy before vote selling happen . Now with vote selling , this just make recovering cost even harder.

If you are covering subject that is not everyone cup of tea like me in numismatic , it will be risky especially if your content involve cost to create . It is like gambling in a unfavorable position by going all in.

Thank you for sharing your opinion!

My observation is that if you are listed in the circle jerkers' book, you will get a lot of interaction. I don't believe it is the vote selling which caused less interaction. The interaction one sees in some posts, is far from 'organic' as they would have you believe. It is a lobbying of support within a group or community. It isn't at all about the quality - it's about belonging to a circle.

I believe the bid bot system has equalised a very unfair and sneaky system of collusion. It has allowed everyone to at least gain some more visibility and potentially convert some of their fiat into a bit more of the SP or SBD. But it does take some investment of your own money like any other project. The propaganda about bid-bots being the worst enemy of the minnows is punted by the real enemies of all minnows here - the trolls you find on posts like this one trying to distract and confuse the newcomers.

You are right - it is a risky approach but the only approach (except to hang around trying to get the noideastowriteabout types of accounts to let you into their group. If you promote their viewspoint, you may get further than investing in your content - but in truth, it takes a lot more to do that for someone with integrity.

Here you are again taking shots. You must really like me, or you're trying really hard to prevent others from liking me. That's interesting. Isn't poetsunited a social circle? I bet you'll say, "but that's different."

If you prefer to give a group of people $100 just so you can earn $10, do it. They make more money off of your work than you do, and will continue to do so. I vote for many minnows, dolphins, everyone. I try to hit up at least one introduceyourself post each day. I give them a vote and some starting advice explaining Resource Credits. I do my best. It's more than what you do for anyone. Way more. By the way, all of what I said can be proven by looking at my history. This is a blockchain, don't forget that. Being a bullshitter here is a waste of time.

Good luck with your hate.

How do I say this nicely, you are not so important that I would be here taking shots at you. What I am doing is engaging in a conversation with @tomdickorharrynamesleft

Why so frantic? Can you guys stop whining about YOUR reward pool and the QUALITY you imagine all of you produce? Stop suggesting other people are scammers and bullshitters. If you dish it out, expect to receive some yourself. This is how it works. It is no longer YOUR reward pool. You are not the only ones who work hard here. What an entitled position you take.. don't you see it? Sure, I am the one talking bullshit according to you..

The fact is the reward pool is accessible to anyone with the willingness to risk their own time, effort, creativity and money to make things happen. Of course, it comes with risks and the video clearly explains that.

Try to get to grips with the way things are and stop complaining for heavens sakes. This is a discussion with grown ups. You are losing it to say this to me...

Here you are again...

Well, sorry for being here sir. Would you like me to leave?

You've taken plenty of shots at me. It's all on the blockchain now, forever. You're in denial.

You're obviously frantic. I never said it was my reward pool.

I don't see why you're criticizing the quality of my work. I already stated I don't expect everyone to like what I do.

I didn't dish anything out. I simply spoke my mind. You came at me, I gave it back. That's all the blockchain, with timestamps, forever.

Again, I never said it was my reward pool. I don't see why you're even speaking like that. You're taking things out of context and I think it's because you're upset and would prefer I look like a villain in order to make yourself look better. I don't really care though.

You're talking about risking money. I have nearly 20k in my wallet invested here. You don't.

It's strange how you're not noticing in nearly every comment you mock me directly and stamp a label on everyone else calling them the type like me. You don't know me, you simply think you know me, and you're clearly upset about something.

The role of the vote buyer is to purchase Steem, work hard, buy votes, and enrich those of us with many tokens. So go ahead and buy your votes. You won't get anywhere, far more people will make more money off of your work than you will, and you're fine with that, so deal with it.

You don't need to throw me under the bus with nearly every comment you've made here with your two accounts to make your point. Those people you think you're talking to aren't even responding to you. You're in la-la land having a mental fit about nothing.

You've accused me of so much bullshit, that's why I call you a bullshitter. Deal with it. Why don't you go look into my voting habits and everything else, then come and try to say the shit you're saying with proof. You're just a whiny little bitch having a nervous breakdown so fuck off.

Yes, I know. You have more money invested here than me so I had better be quiet. I know who you are. It is you who doesn't know me. (oops I'm so inferior, I have to ask before I say anything.. is it ok I spoke just now?)

Maybe I should have put my head down and been quiet am I right? Sorry so sorry sir. I promise to be quiet - I am averting my eyes now

You're acting like a child. MUTED.

I promise to always acknowledge that you are more likeable than I am if I ever I say anything that you may feel is a shot at you... How about "He is the most high, most likeable and I am the most lowly scum of the earth" .. then may I express an opinion after saying that? But how do I know when you think the opinion I am expressing, is a shoe meant for you?

Here you go again, wasting my time with your inferiority complex. How many times do you have to be told to fuck off before you actually fuck off? Twelve?

Please stop trolling. If you don't have anything worthwhile to say me, please stop talking. Fair? Good.

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new social media platform is coming soon... register before the others... with this platform you will earn what you don't earn with facebook or twitter... please help me ...register by my link... https://www.webtalk.co/be/profile/mohammed.dif … see you...waiting you

I'm very impressed by ur post sir ,and it is very very helpful for bigginer in steemit.
And I'm very thankful for your help and support.

i agree... it is helpful.

It's not. Do more reading before taking advice from this douche.

Great post and thank you. as a person relatively new to steemit I find this helpful and I hope I become successful.

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Is the URL that we put on the Steem Account from Blocktrades (or SteemBot) the URL to our recent Steem post that we want to be Upvoted?

Insert images by dragging & dropping, pasting from the clipboard, or by selecting them.

every group have to make it community and that particulars in this community have to upvote each other

my look for bots is you will pay more than earn

my opinion


I’ve been having trouble trying to upload to Dtube since January 😌 but that is because I am not uploading from a laptop... it just simply takes FOREVER to upload and then drops out last minute.

Really great video Joe, I've given you a Upvote!

I post regularly myself on Steemit and have just hit
that $60 mark a few times, so based on what you've
just covered in this video I am super happy.

The only thing I would say is I did not actually invest
any money in, I've just been constantly trying to put
up good content around Bitcoin education, so I'd
really appreciate an an upvote from you on my latest
video out on Steemit today if you'd be so kind.

Thanks again I really did enjoy the video though Joe
Thank You2.jpg

Thats amazing ukbitcoinmaster ! Congrats on your success and I would love to hear more about your story and how you were able to achieve your results!

Hi Joe and thanks for replying.

Joe I really can't tell you how I did it. I just started posting videos on Steemit through DTube and have been posting for maybe 8 months now, but several months in I realised I had my branding all wrong so took the decision to start new Steemit and DTube accounts and go again, but this time with the correct UKBitcoinMaster branding and it has just gone from there really.

What I DO do though is once my video is uploaded I post a link on Twitter and ask people to watch, like and Upvote my if they are on Steemit, so maybe that has something to do with it, but honestly, I have no idea why I've got up to the $60 mark without paying any money - I really don't!

All I know is around my other business (That takes lots of my time) I will continue posting 2 videos a week every Monday and Thursday and we will see where it ultimately takes me!


Thank you for sharing Brian! The key takeaways are you create great videos that add real value and you have niched yourself! This is fantastic! We never know when we will get a big vote or not, all we can control is our actions and content. That is my focus and I am glad to see you have taken a similar approach as well. Cheers!

Likewise Joe.
I really got into your tutorial as it had some great insights, so keep on doing what you are doing... and I will likewise.
Have a great day!

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@upmewhale i am a blogger i llove natural beauties and i make related bloggs can i become a successfull here in steem.and for that waht i have to do.can you help me with basic strategies...

Thanks for sharing! Great video :)

Super cool info! thank you for sharing! check out this link for crypto movies and series to binge watch while steeming :)

You're welcome! Glad it was helpful and you enjoyed!

There is no success in steemit. There never has been there never will be. These people you see with high payouts are developers or insiders. It's a circle jerk.

Thanks for providing information to the beginner. I am also new on steemit. I need much support from steemers like U.

good video. looking forward in the future.

thanks for your post @joeparys , I think your strategy can help minnows like me in the difficult initial task of gathering followers and at the same time trying to have a little positive ROI (it gives some confidence and motivation to go on)

Whatever you do, don't use bots, I beg you.

Great post, It is great to see you posting again, mate!

Please could you take a quick second to check out my latest blog post, here and see if you would like to get involved in the opportunity I have to share!

Thank you! :)

It is always good to keep learning and see what other people is doing and learn what is best for you in the end of the day. But it is exciting to see so many people interested in learning.

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Yes I agree! I think why I have been able to teach is because I was first a learner of steemit and steem! And I am still a very active learner!!

We all are. If I was a fast learner I would probably be doing much better lol but I guess I am just a slow learner ehehe but I will get there lol

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Yes you will! Keep the good vibes coming - I enjoy your dtube videos you have a great personality ease on camera!

Aww thanks. That means a lot man. I am just me. but I will keep working on new and fresh stuff. Working hard is the most important part

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Love to see this awesome post. Thanks for sharing @joeparys your experience and insight. Great video!

I think Growing in steem through bot voting is not the best way. Botvoting is not profitable all the time and for it quality of content is not important. For any kind if post one can pay and buy votes from bots. It's difficult to grow unless steem community supports.

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Impressive! Thank you for the info.

hank you for this post-upvoted and resteemed. Please take a look at my new post and let me know what you think. I am new so I am looking for some feedback-https://steemit.com/steem/@kirstenboic/the-vainglory-effect-why-we-actually-need-to-love-ourselves-too

Nice post and write up, but i think that those who have always been around for a while should always be encouraged in one way or the other so as to motivate them to have that sense of belonging

How do you get so much traction on your posts? I have been creating videos that are dedicated to help people learn about Steemit and am not having much luck with them. I started the @steemitvideos account to post them but haven't in a while.

Currently, I'm only posting them on YouTube.

Good point! could be a powerful asset when used the right way.

really cool video and content, you have an upvote and a follower.

Truly your videos are very interesting

joeparys ! Hi

Really great video Joe, I've given you a Upvote!

I post regularly myself on Steemit and have just hit
that $60 mark a few times, so based on what you've
just covered in this video I am super happy.

Congrats!! Love hearing others getting Success here! Steem on :D

welcome ! joeparys
my knowledge more increase your blog

Thanks alot maybe with your help I will climb all the way to the top