A Beginner's Guide To Success on Steemit!

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In today’s video I’m going to share with you another Beginner Steemit tutorial with my number one tip and strategy! This is not a financial advice, but just a strategy that I’m currently implementing and that I’m choosing to do. I hope to inspire you to be more successful here on Steemit than ever before!


How To Buy Bitcoin For Beginners!

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You tell people to buy STEEM

That's not bad advice at all.

Then you tell them to use bots on their introductory posts.

Everyone can go ahead now, have a look. Not ONE of those trending 'introduceyourself' posts used bots, yet this guy claims everyone does it and all of the time. A bold-faced lie.

You're essentially robbing visibility from a new member who can't afford to promote their post to the top at the start with this advice. You're not giving them an edge with this advice. You're telling them to buy STEEM and invest in someone else, rather than themselves, all while making it MORE difficult for your average new member to get off the ground here.

Those posts of yours with the low value PROVE your system doesn't work. You have over 12000 followers who refuse to vote for your content now. That's what you bought with bots and you get what you paid for. That's what you get when you focus only on bot use and can't produce content that can attract an organic viewership willing to upvote your content for free. You put yourself in a situation where if you don't purchase the reward value beside your post, you see nothing. Why would you tell others to do that? "That's how I'd do it," you say, and clearly it isn't helping after ALL this time you've been doing it.

All this video was was a goddamn advertisement for bots, disguised as help.

This is sickening. No wonder you added in a verbal disclaimer every few minutes while you were talking. You knew damn well you're full of crap and don't want to take any responsibility for the drivel falling out of your face.

A Friendly Reminder to All Those Struggling or Just Starting Out

One thing I agree with is how it's wrong to blame the platform for not seeing immediate success. It's almost like you used my post (seen above) that I had published three hours before you published this, as a script or for inspiration. I hope it's only coincidence.

I agree with you @nonameslefttouse.

The average user simply doesn't have the chance to invest in Steem on that scale, and selling it as the ultimate driver to success is patronizing.

I'm sorry Joe, but you're drawing a completely wrong image of this network, telling people that they can only succeed here if they buy themselves in. You may want to consider the Steem White Paper where the Sweat Equity Principle is defined as one of the fundamental principles of Steem:

All forms of capital are equally valuable. This means that those who contribute their scarce time and attention toward producing and curating content for others are just as valuable as those who contribute their scarce cash. This is the sweat equity principle and is a concept that prior cryptocurrencies have often had trouble providing to more than a few dozen individuals.

We need to respect those who can't invest money but time.

Hence, your video is not made for all new users, but a tiny minority of blogging investors. Only few would be able to step into your shoes and follow your example which is why this here can't actually be called a beginner's guide.

You've put a lot of efforts and also money in the system @joeparys which is definitely worth to be mentioned. But please do one step back and try to look at it from the perspective of someone who doesn't have thousands of dollars in their bank accounts. Maybe you can do a real tutorial the next time that is effectively addressing the large majority of new users that join our wonderful community.

We don't want this place to become a rich-people-only-club.

Hi surfer! I appreciate your comment... you make some great points! First, I never said that the only way to succeed was to “buy in”. What I communicated was if you do buy in... you will have a significant advantage. I think you will agree with me that since MOST do no buy in, buying into steem or sbd will give you a much better chance of success here. If you want to try and create great content and just posit it from scratch and "maybe" (huge maybe) get recognized... by all means do so... there are many ways to succeed here. I was just showing what I did... because my followers and students ask me all of the time "what would you do if you had to start all over again"

You quote the white paper 📝 where it says all forms of capital are equal - the fact is this simply isn’t true. A whale with millions is Steem power can wipe away any piece of content by downvotIng if he chooses. OR a bunch of Whales can do this to a users content. This has happened to many users here actually and they have left steem.

I was also not disrespecting anyone who can’t invest... and I do think a lot about the new users experience. The fact is you don’t have to invest more than $50-100 to hit the top of the trending on the introduce yourself page. I don’t feel that that is a lot of many to a majority of users... from that small investment you can reinvest earnings and keep posting if you apply the strategies correctly. I am sorry you feel that Steem is a “rich persons club” but the reality is that Steem can only exist if NEW money comes into the platform. If it doesn’t...Steem will inflate and go to 0. I appreciate your comment and opinions! @surfermarly I hope this helps!

Hey Joe! Thanks for getting back so quickly :-)

From my own experience I can tell you that there are many different ways to succeed on Steem, and one of them is to create great content.

I am one of those who started from scratch (in July 2016), not having any money to invest, but plenty of time. My first ~25K Steem were exclusively earned by blogging, neither using any bid bots nor participating in any voting circles, but simply engaging with the community on a daily basis.

It's possible.

You probably wouldn't remember it, but the only time you commented on one of my blog posts was when I announced that I had just bought a piece of land with my Steem earnings :-)

Yes, $50-100 aren't much neither for you nor for me, but ask one of our users from Venezuela or Nigeria what value $50-100 dollars have to them. I'm just politely asking you to be a bit more open-minded and include these people in your thoughts.

I admire your journey and am really impressed how far you've come in such a short time. Your success story is a great showcase to pitch Steem to investors without any doubt.

Yet, on a top trending position the members of this community will hold you accountable for your doings, and if you present yourself as a role model then you shouldn't only do that for those who have thousands of dollars in their bank accounts.

I agree with you on the fact that Steem needs further investments to succeed, but that's not the only contribution needed to make STEEM become valuable. Without these thousands of users creating content here on a daily basis and engaging with one another, this blockchain would be nothing.

My comments were not aiming to bruise your impeccable story at all, but to inform those who watch your videos that the way presented here is not the only one.

Steem on 🤙

Respect ✊ @surfermarley and I was not aiming to take anything away from your comment above. When you joined in 2016 I am sure things were way different back then. I bet the way to earn Steem and Steem dollars 💵 was also different as well (I would actually love to hear how you were able to earn so much Steem back then!) congrats on your 25k for real! The reason I posted on your post was because I was genuinely inspired! And I think being able to turn great content into property is super cool 😎

When you try to be a role model and help others it’s going to be 💯 impossible to serve everyone. I understand your point with Steemians in other parts of the world - if you believe there is a better way to serve them I’m open to suggestions for sure. And I appreciate you holding me accountable. Steem on

Maybe we have the chance to talk about blogging strategies at Steemfest³. I am still not sure if I can make it, but I'll let you know.

Steem on and happy weekend!

Hope to see you there!!

how you reached to 72 i am still in 25 and i want to know how this number used to increase ?

This has happened to many users here actually and they have left steem.

Name ten.

Since you're so keen on spreading misinformation today, I decided to downvote your post. Majority of the downvotes on this platform have been handed out to help stop abuse, not used as a weapon.

I guess the downvote I've given you today is there to help prove people also stay after receiving them. I've received downvotes, I didn't go anywhere. You're still here as well.

Is he becoming the Jerry Benfield 2.0?


... and "this guy" is invited at Steemfest?!?! He's gonna talk about what? Bidbots?

Spot on mate. It's why I have no interest in Steemfest.

bots? this dude is a joke

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Upvote to you

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A retarded post, posted by a retard, full of retarded comments and upvoted by retarded bots. Thanks for making steemit slightly more retarted.

By the way, has anyone told you that you look like jerry dumbfield? Just slightly more retarted.

You are a winner! This is the Comment with the most use of the word retarded. You've won a 100% vote. Congrats! Keep it up.

Thanks, it's a true honor.

Funnily enough it was Jerry Scamfield who introduced Joe to the platform.

  • 1 vote, real title of the post: -1250 IQ guy trying to do a tutorial

*retarted guy

This guy managed to sell his course to a hell lot of people.. and he also has a good amount of SP.. but the community just dislike him.. well.. his posts on average makes around a dollar when he doesn't buy votes, on other occasion when he buys votes he is on trending.. beside he never votes for others, especially the people who licks his arse, i see many calling him "sir" and trying to kiss his butt, sadly he will only sell his votes.. well yeah people don't appreciate contents anymore, but people needs to pay to @appreciator to get their posts appreciated..

I do giveaways weekly... and my average posts earn more than a dollar

With 12000 followers. That's quite a shocking result. I have a little over 1000 followers and my posts earn more organically.

Ah, You are telling us that to be successful a Steem you need to be wealthy to start with. You use the wealth that you already have to leapfrog poorer Steemiens beavering away because they did not have the financial means to invest. With that wealth you buy power and friends and because of this it is not necessary to work quite as hard as your posts immediately pull in more cash.

If Facebook was a program that cost $100 to buy would all those millions people be using it?

Your guide is not egalitarian it is exclusivist. A guide to how middle class people in the developed world can make more money by investing in Steem while doing the minimal amount of work.

When people start making egalitarian guides that allow real world activities to take place (work for example) at the same time then Steem will gain mass adoption. Until then your target market will stay tiny

You make a great point sugar fix and I didn't explain this well enough in the video. You DO NOT NEED to be wealthy to start... but because of the stake weighted system in place today, naturally the more you invest the more control you have with rewards (same thing can be said for most companies for investors).

However, you can come to steemit, create really great content (I recommended a great introduce yourself post)have a few whales up-vote you, and then re-invest your earning using the voting bot system. If done correctly, you can build more STEEM, SBD, and STEEM power. This is what I have done, on top of INVESTING as well.

Investing is the "short cut" if you want to call it that... but can you really be mad at people who take their hard earn money or made good smart choices with money and now have more control on Steemit?

If you scroll down the New Introduce Yourself pages you will see that the vast majority of posts make close to zero. That includes the people that make quite impressive posts.

Just get a few whales to up-vote you.

I found that quite an amusing phrase. It's akin to joining Facebook and and being advised to get several of the original investors to give you a like. :)

Yo!!!! Mr Thiel ......dude ......do me a favor would ya.....

Investing isn't "called" the short cut it "is" the short cut. Whatever way you spin it wealth is giving you access to more wealth.

but can you really be mad at people who take their hard earn money

Ah yes the same old vanity that gets trotted out in the outside world. Your money wasn't hard earned was it? You leapfrogged over the grind that poorer people have to put in to reach the same position. If they reach your position that money will have been hard earned. Your Steem wasn't.

I also see that you are very reticent to spread your wealth around. You haven't given a single person on this thread an upvote to date. Now I don't expect you to give me an upvote as I have had quite a pop at you and not been particularly pleasant but other people? Come on you must have RC coming out of your ears. It can't hurt. Help the platform grow by helping minnows grow. Go to one of the Discord groups and actively seek out minnows and delegate some RC so they can post. Someone delegated me 50 today so that I could post and not lose touch with the community I have worked on the past couple of months. As such I won't be replying again. Us minnows are directing everything to Discord at the moment. It is Discord that is propping up Steemit at the moment. Without it Steemit would be gone and with it the value of your Steem.

I like you. Keep it up! 👍

Reminds me of my former appeals to Jerry Banfield against his bid bot budget proposal system that perpetuates the pay to play cycle. All he came up with was duplicitous excuses which seems the hallmark of people coming from the JB camp. They like to speak from both corners of their mouth but the discerning can see right through them.

What these kind want is power and they don't care how they get there. They'll dance around and act like they care about Steem, the ecosystem, and growth but, in reality, the a cleverly trying to line their coffers while degrading the platform. I hope he continues to get flak and rage quits like Jerry or repents of his sleazy ways.

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I dont give upvotes because I run an upvoting service on this account. If I gave upvotes it would mess up the voting rounds. This is why I do lots of giveaways. Please understand thank you :)

Dumb answer.

Most "promotional" service owners run their services on their alternate accounts. You are just sleazy, period.

buen punto de vista..

Great job, this post has won an award!

Thanks for the great introduction! 😉 could've used this a few months ago, but beter No the. Never right! 😉

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Don't follow Joe's advice. It won't gain you anything of value.

Why not? What do you think is wrong about his advice?

He's advising you to rely on paid votes in order to gain exposure. The only problem with this advice is that it is lacking in a couple of key areas:

  • The first being that paid votes only benefits the person selling the vote (funnily enough, Joe is a bot owner).
  • The second issue is that at no time has Joe mentioned how important it is to network on Steemit and find like minded communities of Steemit users, this is where you gain your organic votes that actually mean something.
  • The final issue is that Joe is telling blatant lies. Most people don't buy votes for their introductory posts. In fact, very few people do. And, personally, I would never advise someone to do this.

There is one important thing you need to know about Joe. He was introduced to Steemit by a very well known scammer called @jerrybanfield. Both of these characters are here to rip off anyone that they can. Which is why Joe sells a bullshit course for $9.99 which won't tell you anything that you can't already find for free right here on Steemit. In fact the information that you can find for free on Steemit is probably better quality information.

Ok, thank you for a very well-informed reply! Taking it into account (and going to visit your profile! And follow you most probably ;-) )

Welcome mate. Happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you @mazzle and @bjornb for the questions and responses. I appreciate you taking the time to write these. In response, I offer only my personal opinion. I am in no way arguing against anyone here. But lets take a deeper look at the above by @mazzle:

  1. "He's advising you to rely on paid votes in order to gain exposure. The only problem with this advice is that it is lacking in a couple of key areas:

The first being that paid votes only benefits the person selling the vote (funnily enough, Joe is a bot owner)."

Paid upvotes do benefit the bot owner but this is NOT their only benefit. Bots allow for DELEGATION by any steemian and gives steemians a way to earn passive income on their steem power. This is an incredible service... I dont know of very many other online services where you can delegate your stake and earn daily passive income (pure passive income). Bots also allow for upvotes for users to gain exposure. This post has more than 400+ upvotes and most likely has been seen by thousands of steemians because its at the top of the trending page... there is an incredible VALUE in ATTENTION and being noticed... this is all thanks to paid upvotes. Upvoting servies also KEEP MILLINOS of DOLLARS IN STEEM IN THE COMMUNITY -- because you have to have it POWERED UP! Without bots STEEM price would be WAY LOWER than it is today... I could go ON AND ON about the REAL VALUE of bots...

  1. "The second issue is that at no time has Joe mentioned how important it is to network on Steemit and find like minded communities of Steemit users, this is where you gain your organic votes that actually mean something."

This is actually a very good point. Networking is important and I should emphasize this more in my videos. However, what is MORE important is GIVING and CREATING GOOD CONTENT CONSISTENTLY. When you focus on "networking and finding a community" your focusing on trying to GET something before GIVING -- I.E. If I join this community, what you YOU give me in return? Or if I FOLLOW YOU what will YOU DO FOR ME if I FOLLOW YOU? This can work but the the results are not nearly as good and its coming from a very SCARCE and NEEDY place.

  1. The final issue is that Joe is telling blatant lies. Most people don't buy votes for their introductory posts. In fact, very few people do. And, personally, I would never advise someone to do this.

I am not telling a "lie"... all I have done in this video and all of my videos is share what I have personally done. You can take the information and do what you want with it... but I am not lying. Do I make mistakes? Am I wrong sometimes? All of the time... and I admit that openly and honestly... thats A LOT different than lying... ALSO YOU SAY - "MOST PEOPLE DON'T BUY VOTES FOR INTRODUCTORY POSTS!" YOU ARE CORRECT!!! This is why I suggest THIS! If you want to get the results most people get when they first start (which is no votes, no attention, no recognition, NOT INVESTING IN STEEM AND NOT BUYING VOTES)... COPY THEM... NOT ME. If you want to get DIFFERENT RESULTS and BUILD a FOLLOWING like I AM -- THEN COPY ME and FOLLOW ME :) use the advice I offer in my videos... it's just a choice.

To conclude its just a choice... but the RESULTS don't lie on STEEMIT. Just Look at my profile and earnings for the PROOF.

Suck a dick


Please see my reply below @bjornb

Please see my reply above @joeparysisthenewjerrydumbfield

Please see my reply below @bjornb

Very helpful article! Thanks :)

Thanks for your guide to newbie in steemit it's great from you

My flag may not be worth much Joe but you just received the full 100% value of it.

Your constant promotion of insanely bad advice is getting extremely tiring.

We all know, yourself included, that upvoting services really only benefit the owner of the bot. Not the vote purchaser. Nothing more needs to be said.

Thank you for your comments mazzle, I will be responding to your other comments below shortly and addressing the upvoting services again.

Suck a dick jerry banfield no 2

No need mate.

good info thanks

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